horsebuck$ roundup 31st December 2016

Happy New Year to everyone lets all have a safe, happy and prosperous 2017. Best Bets; Loyalty Man, aided by a gun ride by Schofield, extricated him from behind the leader in the straight and although he wanted to duck in when going between Gold Ambition and Duca Valentinois proved way too good. We thought his early quote of $11 was amazing but his actual starting price of $7.50  was also  a pleasant surprise. Beau Rada ($5.50) what can we say, had a beautiful run behind the speed,travelled up behind them on the corner and just when he needed the run to appear with his 60.5kgs so he could build a full head of steam it didn’t, he drove late to just miss. New Year could have been even bigger than it was (:. Appalachian Annie ($5.70) at the top of the straight you were entitled to think she was going to win or at the very least run a place but she was swamped late to be photo finished out of third, she did try very hard tho, no complaints. Real Princess ($26) she was there at the 150m looking every possibility to run a place but weakened to be beaten 5.1L, we think the class might have been a little strong. Do not disregard her next time she steps out in a slightly easier race. War Jet ($51) our longshot, after getting a nice run just off the speed he ran well to finish 3.8L from the winner,we thought he was well weighted in this event but just keep in mind this bloke has a very good second up record.  Another 15 winners in  our top 4 selections BR4 Winning Rupert $1.20, BR5 Ours To Keep $3.60,BR6 Most Important ($2.60), BR7 Cylinder Beach ($5.20), SR1 From Within ($1.40), SR2 Spending To Win ($7), SR3 Improvement ($5.50), SR4 Atom Eve ($3), SR6 Loyalty Man ($7.50), SR9 In Her Time ($3.50), MR1 Tulip($2.30), MR2 Crystal Fountain ($8.50), MR4 Prima ($13.20), MR5 Fuhryk ($3.80) and MR6 Roman Fizz ($14.30) . FOR NEW VISITORS TO OUR WEB SITE THE REASONS FOR SHOWING THESE NUMBER OF WINNERS EACH WEEK HAS BEEN WELL DOCUMENTED ON PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF HORSEBUCK$ ROUNDUP. No quaddie, big trifectas or first fours this week but we did manage to get 4 small trifectas  BR7 Cylinder Beach, Man Of His Word, Hopfgarten Vic.$72.80,N.S.W. $63.70, Qld. $64.30, SR1 From Within, Invader, Chaffeur V. $6.50, N. $6.90, Q. $7.20, SR9 In Her Time, Raiment,Shahrazad V. $27.40, N. $23.40, Q. $26.70, MR5 Fuhryk, Widgee Turf, Gratwick V. $46.10, N. $38.10, Q. $47.50  and 6 quinellas & exactas BR7 Cylinder Beach, Man Of His Word Q/ V. $11.90, N. $10.20, Q. $11.60, E/ V. $26.70, N. $25.60, Q. $25.80, SR1 From Within, Invader $2.60, $3.20, $3.10 / $4, $3.90, $3.70, SR3 Improvement,Miss Wonderful $15.80, $14.90, $14.60/ $30.30, $30.60, $31.10, SR9 In Her Time, Raiment $3.10, $3.20, $3/ $6.80, $7.20, $5.30, MR1 Tulip, Pure Emotion $3.20, $3.30, $2.90 / $5.30, $5.80, $5.10, MR2 Crystal Fountain, Witches $29.50, $31.50, $37 / $53.40, $34.40, $76.10. The old saying that little fish are sweet is true but it is the bigger catch that we strive for each week. From next month we will be shortening up our best bets to two selections and our best each way to one and one longshot will remain. We have had some good success in this area and think that by tightening it up a notch we can deliver even better results. So until 9am on Saturday we hope everyone has a great week. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 24th December

We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas with their family and friends, with lots of laughter and good cheer it is certainly  a wonderful time of the year. Now down to business, there are lots of exotics around these days multis, parlays, quaddies, super sixes and many more, forgetting about the one that has been around forever the treble.  We tend to go for the other exotics because of the bigger payouts, but on Saturday we did get the treble at Rosehill with Ecuador winning the first leg at $15 , Louie Sea Kay the second leg at $23.10 and Suspense the last leg at $5.10 for a very impressive dividend of $ 3,479.90 not bad dosh in any one’s language, our last big treble was when we got the quaddie  also at Rosehill 30/07/2016 ($11,311.10) and that paid $3,726.40. We haven’t really kept an eye on the treble since then we might go back and have a look and check our records. The daily double also paid well with $176.30 N.S.W. and $193.60 Qld. We also got the trifecta in Rosehill race 8 with Louie Sea Kay, Hand For Above and Careless for a cool $2,323.20 Vic.,$2,169.30 N.S.W., $2302.70 Qld. the quinellas and exactas were also very healthy with Q: $139.10, $115.50, $167.20 and EX: $199.70,$263.40, $136.50. At Sandown we got the early quaddie with Fille Champagne $2.80, Pearl Congenial $9.60, Crystal Dreamer $4.40 (best bet ) and Vandancer $9.10 for a dividend of $799 Vic., $975 N.S.W. in race 2 we only had 3 selections and race 3 was one of our best bets so it could have been a nice result for a small outlay. We also got the extra double at Sandown with Crystal Dreamer $4.40 and Vandancer $9.10 Qld $34. Nine quinellas and exactas BR 1 Volpino, Realing Q: V $3.90,N $4.30 Q $4.10 E: $9.10, $9.40, $9.30, BR 7 Khaleesi, Pepperano Q: $38.40, $42.30, $34.30 E: $58.70, $110.70, $75.20, SR 1 Falconic, All Too Huiying Q: $8.90, $7.40,$8.30 E: $17.50, $16.70, $14.80, SR 7 Ecuador, Snoopy Q: $13.20, $13.70, $13.30 E: $36.80, $31.50, $23.10, SR 8 (above trifecta ), SR 9 Suspense, Ziggy Willie Q: $23.70, $19.80, $22.50 E: $34.70, $40, $35.50,MR 1 Fille Champagne Q: $4, $3.90, $3.70 E: $8.80, $7.10, $9.20, MR 2 Pearl Congenial, Invinvible Al Q: $8.80, $7.90, $12.60 E: $19, $28.10, $27.90 MR 6 Rewarding Effort, Castle Hackett(best longshot) Q: $27.60, $31.50, $31.20 E: $36.50, $40.30, $38.40. Best bets; MR4 Crystal Dreamer got a beautiful run just behind the speed got the run in the straight and proved way too good, our best longshot MR 6 Castle Hackett ($51) this horse ran extremely well after enjoying a nice run he was travelling only hampered slightly in the straight but the favourite was just a tad too good. Ring’s A Rockstar BR 4 was never really going to win but ran well for fourth, Heartlings he enjoyed a beautiful run on the fence in fourth spot, he was making some ground in the straight when tightened for room but was never going to win. Beckoning Light BR 6 this horse attracts trouble like a magnet, his racing pattern allows for it he was running on strongly again on Saturday when he was checked probably would have placed but for that. Fourteen winners in our top four, BR 1 Volpino $4.50, R2 Houtzen $1.90,R4 Sir Donald $6, R5 Binalong Road $20.90, R7 Khaleesi $17.40 SR1 Falconic $3.70, R2 Achi Baba $3.30, R7 Ecuador $15, R8 Louie Sea Kay $23.10, R9 Suspense $5.10 MR1 Fille Champagne $2.80, R2 Pearl Congenial $9.60, R3 Crystal Dreamer $4.40, R4 Vandancer $9.10, with three on top BR5,SR1,MR3 and five second selections BR1, SR2, SR7, MR1, MR2 we thought it was a pretty successful day with some nice results all over. We are always striving for better results here at so until 9am next Saturday enjoy the rest of your week and good luck from HORSEBUCK$ 

horsebuck$ roundup 17th December

Last week we said  it had been 2 WEEKS since our previous BIG FIRST FOUR DIVIDEND ($4,000) and we needed to rectify that, well we did just that when we landed the FIRST FOUR in Flemington race 7  when FLYING LGHT($14) upset the short priced favourite GALLIC CHIEFTAN($2.11) with PRIMA($15) holding on for third and LONDON FOG($21) right on his hammer in fourth for a very healthy DIVIDEND ;Vic. $3,580.40,N.S.W. $3,834.70 and QLD. $2,907.80 & Trifectas VIC. $382,N.S.W. $427.50 and QLD. $324.40 and exactas Vic. $38.90,N.S.W.$23.90 and Qld. $34.20. Smiles all round for the first four players. Another trifecta Doomben race 7 Most Important1st. ($2.60),Too Good To Refuse 2nd.($2.88) and Miss Cover Girl 3rd($6) paying V. $19.20, N.S.W. $19.70,Qld $16 which were the three favourites in a small field, we think this was a pretty good dividend considering.   We weren’t far off the Quaddie at Randwick with CALANDA ($5) 1st leg and SENSE OF OCCASION ($43) 2nd leg saluting, we thought SIRBIBLE 2nd ($13) in the 3rd leg was going to kick and out do The Monstar after that horse  had sat three wide for the entire trip but he dug deep and prevailed by.8L, and in the final leg we had SABINO SPEED salute at $12.20, so we got done by .8l but that’s racing, hopefully we can go one better next week. MOHER($4.80) had a gutsy win  for us in our Best Bets, he was just far too good after leading most of the way and fought on strongly when tackled by More Than Fabulous at the distance and that also gave us a nice exacta result Vic. $20.80,N.S.W. $28.40,Qld. $33.30. CYLINDER BEACH($3.50) our best at Doomben ran a great  race for second but was no match for Man Of His Word. MOSSBEAT($7.50) at Flemington had every conceivable chance and with that weight(54.5k) was entitled to finish closer than her fourth placing.  Once again we had a bundle of winners in our top four 19 to be exact 6 on top Winning Rupert $1.10 (can we claim him(:), Moher $4.80, Kinschaci $4.60, Calanda $5, Boom Time $3.70 and Kenjorwood $5.20 and second in order we had 6 Ours To Keep $2.15, Emphasis $7.70, She Will Reign $1.90, Sabino Speed $12.20, Hijack Hussey $11.70 and Miss Wonderland $1.55 PLUS 7 more Sense Of Occasion $43.90, Most Important $2.60, Champ Elect $5.50, Destiny’s Kiss $5, Free Standing $10.60, King’s Authority $4.60 and Flying Light $14. Let me reiterate that all are not our on  top selection for the race, but every horse that is in our top four, in our opinion has a chance to succeed. There are a lot of players out there that like to play more than two horses per race, and week after week we come up with horses that are great odds in our four, so there is a play there for those so inclined. All in all a pretty good day and something for most. Winning Rupert is super smart and we can’t wait for him to get amongst the better races he wins under a throttle hold and runs time. There was one that went around on Saturday you can forget ever went to the races, the horse never got a run at any stage (through no fault of the jockey) got through late and just ran to the line, will include in next Saturdays comments. In the new year our format as I have said previously we will be putting a lot of emphasis on the quaddies and changing our best segment as well. So until 9AM. next Saturday have a great week and good luck. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 10th December

Goathland flew the banner for the best bets last Saturday with a very easy win at $3.30, he sat on the speed and really never looked like loosing. Dodging Bullets ran extremely well for 2nd ($5), when he pushed through the gap at the distance I thought he was home until the gay deceiver Aurum Spirit came steaming down the outside to snatch the prize. Estaminet was a very poor run indeed never at any stage did she look likely, most disappointing. Painte tried hard with a place looking a possibility near the line but couldn’t improve on 4th. Bidii Babe, maybe the wide gate hoodoo told but she loomed as a winning chance with 100m to go and bloused late for 4th. Tiyatraloni tried her heart out she was still in front with 50m to go but was swamped late to be photo finished out of third , maybe it was one week too late for her. Once again we had  12 winners in our top 4 but only four on top this week and 5 our second pick. On top Colisimo $2.50, Chaffeur $5, Zumbelina $2.40 and Goathland $3.30 and second Rock On Ivy $5.60,Girl Sunday $6.10, High Midnight $5.50, Lyuba $4.30 and Khaki $3.70. We had 5 quinellas and 5 exactas, Rosehill races 1,2,7 and Flemington races 5 and 6 and the extra double at Flemington, Divine Mr. Artie and Goathland (our best bet) paying $16.30, only one trifecta and first four for a small dividend in a five horse field( with our top two finishing in order) $18.30 T and F4 $29 race one Rosehill. We could have had three or four trifectas with just a little more luck but that’s racing. It’s been two weeks now since our last big first four and trifecta and a few since our last quaddie we hope to rectify that this weekend, may the racing gods smile upon us, so until 9am on Saturday enjoy the rest of your week and “GOOD LUCK” to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 3rd December 2016

Saturday we thought we had a couple of serious chances labelled in our BEST section, but it wasn’t to be. Gallant Harmony ($2.80) found the lead as we thought, in hindsight probably should have been let run along and had them chasing instead of being held up, even so he was entitled to do more with 52kgs. Supreme Effort had every chance in our opinion sat back M/F for one last crack, momentarily held up in the straight but that made little difference. Big Money was most disappointing, he had a beautiful run behind Most Important (which looked the winner a fair way out) he tried to go with the winner in the straight but the weight told in the end. Puccini (2nd) this fellow ran out of his skin, if he  had a better run early in the race instead of being posted and having to make that mid race move to lead, the race might have panned out a little differently. Having said that Pilot DÉssai won easily in the end. Longshots; Atlantic Express ran ok as he was racing ungenerously for the entire race but Delightful Son did nothing probably outclassed here or that torrid run at his previous start took it all. On a brighter note once again we snared 17 winners in our top four selections from the 26 races run with   5 on top with Pipeline our best at $15 followed by Saga Miss $4.60, Brooklyn Storm $4.80, Winning Rupert (outstanding and probably picked himself) $1.50 and Mihany $2.50 . Getting a plethora of winners in our top 4 is a regular occurrence ( Saturday 12 @ $4 – $15) and some at much bigger odds other days. There is definitely an excellent pattern developing here for horsebuck$ followers , getting your top selection to salute is exciting, but that is what  our BEST section is for  and  we usually  have some very good results in that area. Narrowing a field down to 4 serious chances ,whether it be a field of 7 or a field of 20, is an art in itself and is geared more for the exotics but as we have said previously this pattern has emerged. We are not claiming on top selections but in our top four, and if you have a strategy to utilise this you should do very well. Speaking of exotics we have been having a pretty good run of late with some very good results but Saturday wasn’t one of our finest as far as dividends go. It started off ok at Rosehill with the first four in the 1st race Vic. $134.60,N.S.W. $152 Qld. $180.40 and the exacta Rosehill race 2 Pipeline(on top selection) & Bratislava Vic. $82.70, N.S.W. $90.80 Qld. $ 85.90 after that a small trifecta MR 6 in order and only three selections (on top selection 1st) Vic. $18.70, N.S.W. $20,Qld. $19.20 and the extra double Eagle Farm both on top selections successful Saga Miss ($4.60) and Winning Rupert ($1.50) paid $ 5.80 plus 5 other quinellas and exactas. Until 9am next Saturday have a great week from HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 26th November

To all our horsebuck$ followers, what a cracking weekend, our THREE BEST for the weekend saluted and plenty of action for the exotic players. Firstly; Elegant Composure was way too good (SP $8.00) the race panned out like we thought it would, with Private Secretary out the back and Elegant Composure idling up just behind the speed. The two leaders split in the straight and she darted through and it was all over, she is a high quality mare who beat another quality mare and the exacta in this race paid handsomely ($27.10). Secondly; Delightful Feeling never looked in danger he travelled up from midfield along the rails to sit just behind the leader in the straight and as soon as Heywood moved up to challenge it was game,set and match (SP $3.50). Thirdly; Black Sheep another that always looked in control peeled wide on the corner from just behind them and that was the end of the section, a very fit racehorse($2.50). Our best longshot Lopartega ran a fantastic race for second he was always up there but seemed to be floundering when they took off just before the corner, but he rallied back in the home run, a game effort($4.80 place). Exotic players had a great day also. FIRST FOUR players, Eagle Farm race 7 Cylinder Beach1st Hopfgarten 2nd Feltre 3rd Rudy 4th for a very handsome dividend of Vic. $4,136 N.S.W. $3,040.30 Qld. $2,573 and also Rosehill race 9 Upscale1st Secret Trail 2nd Firsthand 3rd Noble Joey 4th we thought this F4 paid extremely well considering they were the four at the top of the market Vic. $277.80 N.S.W. $235.30 Qld. $228.20 HAPPY DAYS . TRIFECTA players also had a good day Eagle Farm race 7 Cylinder Beach 1st Hopfgarten 2nd Feltre 3rd for some nice dividends Vic. $875.10 N.S.W. $788.70 Qld. $931.90 Rosehill race 9 Upscale 1st Secret Trail 2nd Firsthand 3rd Vic. $81 N.S.W. $62.20 Qld $59.30. Throw in two extra doubles Rosehill (Delightful Feeling x Soviet Courage Qld.$82.20) & Moonee Valley ( Wise Hero x Black Sheep Qld.$8.30) remembering Delightful Feeling & Black Sheep were two of our best for the day. Ten quinellas and exactas and 16 winners in our top four selections ( Rock On Ivy$13,Cylinder Beach $11.20,Soviet Courage $22.30,Heavenly Descent$10.80 and King’s Command$8.20 Qld.) these are just food for thought if you like to play that way. We do get longer priced horses in our top four on a regular basis so there is something on our site for everyone. We are contemplating going a little wider in some of the legs of the quaddie next week, sometimes that horse that lobs is just outside your top four any thoughts from followers would be appreciated. So until 9am. next Saturday have a good week and take care. HORSEBUCK$.

horsebuck$ roundup 19th November

Another good day at the office sweetened with a trifecta in Eagle Farm race 6 Fiery Heights 1st Be The Magic 2nd Desert Man 3rd for a very handsome dividend Vic. $3,222.80 N.S.W. $2,525.80 Qld. $ 2,538.10 so trifecta takers had another winning day. Be The Magic which ran 2nd in this race was also our best longshot, thought he was going to salute at the 50m until Fiery Heights appeared on the scene,  paid a very healthy place dividend of $10.80 on the tote and started $81 fixed Qld. We had three good winners at Rosehill R2 Girl Sunday $5.80, R3 Littleracketeer $5.00 and R8 Choice We Had $3.10. Also had Emerald City Eagle Farm R1 , which ended up getting to a good price in $2.40 and won convincingly. A swag of placegetters in each state including Sundance $1.70,Nicconi Leggera $1.80, In His Stride $2.40, Be The Magic $10.80, Herne’s Oak $2.70, Red Excitement $2.20,Cheeky Babe $1.40, American Genius $1.20, Chapel Road $3.00, Golden Spin $ 1.50. Our best bets for the programme B R9 Lord Coconuts he was running home nicely then got held up briefly at the 100m before the gap opened up again and he ran on strongly for fourth, having said that he probably still could have won. Ballarat race 2 Mighty Like, he was never going to win as the racing pattern (leader friendly track) never suited him and finally Salmanazar maybe just a total forget run.  All in all a pretty good day but we are always looking to snare that elusive quaddie, our biggest to date was back in July $10,200 when Magnajoy saluted in the last leg at big odds. So to all horsebuck$ followers have a good week and until 9am next Saturday . HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 12th november

Hi, all horsebuck$ followers we had a mixed bag on Saturday,with plenty of action in the exotics albeit not big dividends but results just the same. Rosehill we snared the first three trifectas R1 $61 (7 runners), R2 $40.80 (5 starters) and R3 $49.70 (only 3 selections this race 8 starters) also the quaddie, treble and  D/D $89.30, $21.10 and $11.30. At Sandown we had the first four in the Sandown guineas which paid $184 and the trifecta $52.20. We also secured the D/D $57.20 and the E/D $7.10. Our best bets Silent Sedition saluted at $3.20(SP) after a superb ride from the maestro Craig Williams she stalked the leader Sweet Redemption into the straight and was simply too strong. Buderoo Knight had every conceivable chance, a beautiful run just behind the leaders pulled out in the straight, loomed to challenge but wilted to finish fourth,weight might have told in the end. O’Malley not convinced it was the greatest ride ever, probably should have been on his bike a little sooner, fast closing sectional. Don’t write Mister Booze off after that run he was heavily bumped by another runner at the start, after that was never in the hunt he is better than that and needs to be just off the speed to be a realistic chance. We had seventeen winners in our top four selections from twenty four races ( 5 on top ) so with a bit of luck? We don’t make excuses at horsebuck$ that’s racing and its onwards and upwards and next weekend’s venues are Ballarat,back to Rosehill and Eagle Farm. Good luck to all from HORSEBUCK$.

horsebuck$ roundup 10/9/2016


Horsebuck$ had a good day at the office last Saturday from a total of 23 races we had 8 on top selections successful. Flemington was our top venue with four winners they were Kentucky Miss @$4,Saracino @ $6,Palentino @ $9 and Royal Rapture @ $7.50, we also found it hard to separate Badiwiya and Don’t Doubt Mama,in hindsight we should have made them a bracket selection instead of our best quinella as the latter won very impressively (hindsight is a wonderful thing). Doomben was washed out after five races  we had two winners here Ringo’s A Rockstar @ $2 and Anton En Avant @ $6.70. Rosehill we had two winners Quatronic @ $2.60 and Astern @ $3.30 so Rosehill was our worst venue. All win followers would have had a winning day and for the first four tragics we only had the one result and  that was Flemington race three ,1st Detective 2nd Tessera 3rd Throssell 4th Zunbaqa for a very healthy dividend Vic $3,700,N.S.W.$ 3,000 and Qld $2,880. So taking the 1st four every race for a full unit you would have ended the day with a very handsome profit. We had three best bets two were successful Ringo’s A Rockstar and Kentucky Miss,we missed with Bullrush who we feel was disappointing, but will definitely improve as he was a bit up himself.  Our best each way,there were four of them and three ran fourth Fabrizio, Zunbaqa and Under The Louvre, these three had every conceivable chance and ran well but Rebel Dane, normally we wouldn’t tip this horse but we thought this was  a good race for him,thinking he would get a gun run just behind the leaders it didn’t eventuate and once again he disappointed. All in all it was a good day for us, until next week good luck to all horsebuck$ followers.

horsebuck$ roundup 24th September 2016

Horsebuck$ had a pretty good day last Saturday, Best Bets: firstly Royal Rapture $3.40, a great price considering his form, did the right thing and duly saluted got the gun run( as we suggested ) just behind the speed and proved too good, secondly Sheidel $4.80 led from her wide gate and halfway down the straight looked to have it at her mercy,then Hellbent joined in as if he had just started the race and bolted in, she held on for second, we will stick with her and thirdly Anton En Avant $6.5 had every possible and just could not quicken at the business end on a dry track ran fourth did his best. Best Each Way: firstly Big Tree at $16 ran 2nd he is a good horse who relishes good tracks and was always going to be competitive in this race ,we will also be sticking with him secondly Entirely Platinum got out to $10,after being hustled up to share the lead early (inside) then eased, game over after that,thought this was a winnable race for a horse that hadn’t won for awhile but obviously not going well thirdly Tivaci one comment disappointing. Horsebuck$ win followers would have had a profitable day (level stake) at Eagle Farm we had Nicconi Leggria $7.50 and Magic I Am $6.00 Rosehill we had Distinctive Look $9.00 and Impending $2.80 Caulfield we had Portion Control $12 and Royal Rapture $3.40 so a rewarding day for those buckster$.In Brisbane we also had two seconds at double figure odds Beau Jet $13 and Big Tree $16 Sydney we had three  seconds Junoob, Invincibella and Bullrush and two thirds Four Carat and Prized Icon so with a little bit of luck the day could have been a cracker. Also at Rosehill two trifectas race 3 trifecta paid $782 race five trifecta paid  only paid $11.70 and the first four paid$69.60 we picked both races in order. We had the quaddie going at Caulfield only to finish second in the last leg with Sheidel.Next week is Epsom day at Randwick and we will be doing the form for the Sunday meeting in Melbourne at Flemington.So until next week when the spring really starts to rev up with two great days of racing and lets not forget the footy with two great games GF day so good luck to all supporters and good luck to all HORSEBUCK$ followers.