horsebuck$ roundup 18th March 2017

Best Bets last Saturday Palentino ($5.50) and Rich Charm($5) were successful and Zebrinz ($2.90) place third. Palentino stalked his stablemate Tosen Stardom($1.80) pounced on him at the distance and won with ease. Rich Charm also won easily he sat off them until the distance then put them away very easily. Zebrinz ran his usual honest race got back ran home gamely for third. Rock Of Zariz($41) ran poorly but we found out after the race that she was coming back after a throat operation not ideal and she blew like a sou’wester. Beaudacious missed the start slightly again she likes to race much closer. Spirit of Kiowa($13) ran well for fourth after enjoying a decent run. Aurum Star an awful run. We had 15 winners in our top four selections 7 of these on top. Doomben race 1 Miss Exfactor($1.90), Rosehill race 2 Rainment($5), race 5 WINX($1.30), Flemington race1 Lake Como ($6.50), race 2 Theanswermyfriend($2),race 5 Palentino($5.50), race7 Rich Charm($5) plus 8 others Doomben race 2 Lieder($3),race3 Magnatune($6.60), race 8 Our Beebee ($5.10) Rosehill race1 Big Duke($4), race6 Gingernuts($6.50), race 8 Russian Revolution($2.90), Flemington race8 Hellova Strreet($5). We were quiet on the exotic front for the second week in a row after two outstanding weeks with some great results. WE did manage 6 quinellas and exactas and two trifectas for small divis. lets hope we can turn it around for exotic players this weekend with huge fields. Until 9am Saturday “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 11th march 2017

We said it would be a super tough day and it was, OUR BEST BETS performed very well . Tulip($4.80) our best at Rosehill won like she was the best horse in the race, she moved into it at the distance and powered away, she is not out of her depth in the Slipper. Forbidden Kisses($3.80) ran second but in all honesty she should have won, held up badly behind La Dolce Vita, by the time she was in the clear the race was over but she hit the line with great gusto to go down by a long neck. Feng Chu($21) our best longshot as we said chased hard all the way up the straight to finish third($4.10) a very good run for a maiden in a Group 2. Stratum Star($11) ran his heart out in the Australian Cup for fourth had a beautiful run behind the speed moved into the race at the 200m just found a few better on the day. The Newmarket, they dawdled for the first 600m, we thought Sheidel would zoom out and make it a fast sprint that was not the case, so the backmarkers really had no chance Terravista our best eachway one of these, but that’s racing. We had 12 winners in our top four selections 6 on top Doomben race three Pinch River($1.80), Rosehill race 4 Tulip($4.50), Foxplay($1.80), It’s Somewhat(10.80), Hogmonay($4) & Flemington I Am A Star($2) plus Aloft($9), Sircconi($11), Rocket Tommy($3.80), morendi($2.40), Sheiswhatsheis($2.90) & Siegfried($4). Exotic players a little quiet last week with only 1 trifecta Flemington race 2 Aloft/ Hursley/Dodging Bullets Vic.$274.20, N.S.W. $258.10, Qld.$250.50. QUINELLAS 6 Doomben race 1 Morendi/ Outraged Q.Vic. $6.70, N.S.W.$7.50,Qld.$5.70; Ex.$7.90, $9, $8.80; race3 Pinch River/ Divine Centauri Q Vic.$3.20, N.S.W. $3.10, Qld. $3.50; Ex. Vic. $4.20, N.S.W.$5.40,Qld$5.20; race5 Sheiswhatsheis/ Capetown Hussey Q. Vic.$8.70,N.S.W.$9.50,Qld.$9.40 Ex.$12.30, $16, $12.70;Flemington race2 Aloft/ Hursley Q. Vic.$14.20, N.S.W.$14.80, Qld.$14.90; Ex. $38.30,$37.60,$34; race5 Q.Vic.$5.50, N.S.W.$5.60,Qld.$5.50; Ex.$7.70,$8.80,$7.20;Rosehill race6 Foxplay/ Zenalicious Q.Vic.$18.70, N.S.W. $17.50, Qld.$17.70; Ex.$21.10, $20.80, $22.10; It’s all on again this weekend with the Golden Slipper a cracking race, even this early we know the tracks will be rain affected at Rosehill and the Gold Coast with a lot of rain forecast for the Coast. So on that note enjoy the rest of your week and “GOOD LUCK”to all. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 4th March 2017

Another outstanding day for horsebucks followers. Our fantastic Group One form continued yesterday when Inference($9) won the Randwick Guineas and Hey Doc ($3.80) successful in the Australian Guineas, to follow on from Terravista($15) and Sheidel($8). Exotic players were on a roll yesterday with 2 quaddies, 2 first fours, 7 trifectas, 13 quinellas and exactas, 2extra doubles and numerous running doubles to continue on from last weeks great quaddie results. Best Bets Redzel($6) and Beaudacious($21) both ran second Redzel beaten in a photo and Beaudacious blowing the start and flying home late. Flemington we had the early quaddie Heatherly($1.80)/ Ploverset($21)/ Show A Star($11)/ Miss Turbo($8.50) dividend $5,273.90, trifecta race4 Show A Star/ Portman/ Divine Mr Artie divi. Vic. $126.60, N.S.W. $146.10, Qld. $142.80. Quinellas; race 3 Ploverset/Madeenaty(fav) Vic. $10.50, N.S.W. $9.50, Qld. $8.80; Ex.Vic.$41.30, N.S.W. $49.80, Qld. $42.20; race 4 Show A Star/ Portman(fav.) Vic. $10.10, N.S.W. $10.40, Qld. $9.90; Ex. Vic. $29.80, N.S.W. $31.40, Qld. $32; race 5 Turbo Miss/ Rising Romance Vic. $24.70, N.S.W. $23, Qld. $21.90; Ex. Vic. $37.90, N.S.W. $50, Qld. $73.50; race7 Hey Doc/ Prized Icon Vic. $10.10, N.S.W. $9.40, Qld. $9.40; Ex. Vic.$18.70, N.S.W.$17.70, Qld.$18. Seven winners in our top four selections Miss Rock($4.50), Heatherly($1.80), Ploverset ($21), Show A Star($11), Miss Turbo ($8.50), Hey Doc($3.80) & Big Memory($4.50). Randwick the early quaddie Frolic($10)/ Gunnison($8)/ Samantha($6.50)/ Rocket Commander($6) dividend $2,528.10; First four race 1 Frolic/ She Will Reign(fav)/Villa Carlotta/ She’s On Que Vic.$1,243.60, N.S.W. $1,176.60, Qld.$1,445.60; 3 trifectas race 1 Frolic/ She Will Reign/ Villa Carlotta Vic.$137.70, N.S.W.$113.50, Qld.$132.30; race 2 Gunnison/ Invader/ Veranillo Vic,$113.80, N.S.W.$111.10, Qld.$101.60; race 3 Samantha/Glenall/Super Maxi Vic.$288.10, N.S.W.$312.80, Qld.$298.40. Five quinellas race 1 Frolic/ She Will Reign(fav) Vic.$5.30, N.S.W.$5.80, Qld.$5.50; Ex. Vic.$23.20, N.S.W.$24.10, Qld.$23.80; race2 Gunnison/ Invader Vic.$13, N.S.W.$15.60, Qld.$14,70; Ex. Vic.$30.70, N.S.W.$31.90, Qld.$34.40; race3 Samantha/ Glenall Vic.$14.50, N.S.W.$14.80, Qld.$15.50; Ex. Vic.$29.40, N.S.W.$30.80, Qld.$29.50. Seven winners in our top four selections; Frolic($10), Gunnison($8), Samantha($6.50), Rocket Commander($6), Le Romain($4.50), Inference($9) & Astronomos($3.30). Eagle Farm first four race 7 Colour Charge/ Beatniks/ Hudson County/ Friendly Dragon Vic.$2,086, N.S.W.$2,826, Qld.$3,721.40. Trifectas(3) race2 Hi I’m Back/ Ice Bucket/ Manaya Vic.$25.90, N.S.W.$25.90, Qld. $26.10; race 5 Flamboyer/ Fiery Heights(fav)/ Dream Finnish Vic.$119.90, N.S.W.$101.70, Qld.$99.50; race 7 Colour Charge/ Beatniks/ Hudson County Vic.$378.40, N.S.W.$313.70, Qld.$408.40. Four quinellas; race 2 Hi I’m Back(fav)/ Ice Bucket Vic.$6.40, N.S.W.$6.70, Qld.$6.20; Ex. Vic.$10.70, N.S.W.$10.50, Qld.$8.90; race 5 Flamboyer/ Beatniks Vic.$6, N.S.W.$5.50, Qld.$5.20; Ex. Vic.$21.10, N.S.W.$19.90, Qld.$15.10; race 6 Our Bee Bee/ Beaudacious Vic.$47.10, N.S.W.$36.50, Qld.$24.50; Ex. Vic.$71.70, N.S.W.$75.10, Qld$47.80; race 7 Colour Charge/ Beatniks Vic.$19, N.S.W.$20.70, Qld.$19.80; Ex. Vic.$46.70, N.S.W.$29.40, Qld.$45.90. Five winners in our top four selections Hi I’m Back($2.80), Houtzen($1.30), Flamboyer($8.50), Our Bee Bee($5.50) & Colour Charge($13).Extra double Flemington & Randwick Qld. Divis. Flemington; race 4Show A Star($11)/ race 5 Turbo Miss($8.50) divi. $169.90; Randwick; race 4 Rocket Commander($6)/ race 5 Le Romain($4.50) divi. $36.60. To be successful in exotics you have to be prepared to box several runners, otherwise your chances of success are severely limited. All in all an outstanding weekend for and all our followers, as we have said before we do not rest on our laurels next week we hope to achieve even better results(: So until next Saturday we hope everyone has a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$.

horsebuck$ roundup 25th February 2017

It was quaddiemania on horsebuck$ this weekend, being successful in all three states. Doomben was the best play, Cylinder Beach($3.30)/ Courtza King($10)/ Tyzone($6.50)/ Craiglee Wandoo($21) Qld. tattsbet $6,011 and Ubet $7,508; Vic. n/a; N.S.W. n/a. Randwick paid extremely well considering the shorties, La Bella Diosa($9)/ The Champ WINX(1.20)/ Dixie Blossoms($3)/ Your Way(1.60) Vic; n/a; N.S.W. $186.10; Qld. $100.70; Caulfield Stratum Star($6)/ Catchy($4.80)/ Sheidel($8)/ Silent Sedition($1.90) Vic. $460.10; NS.W. $458; Qld. $478.90. Doomben treble Courtza King/ Tyzone/ Craiglee Wandoo; Qld. divis. $2,540.10; D/D $210.40. Randwick treble Winx/Dixie Blossoms/Your Way; Qld. divis. $5.50; D/D $4.20; Caulfield treble Catchy/ Sheidel/ Silent Sedition; Qld. divis. 475.40; D/D $23.90. Also 10 quinellas & exactas,3 trifectas and 2 first fours. Doomben race 4 Niccanova/ Don’t Doubt Da Wife; Q. Vic. $6.30, N.S.W.$5.40, Qld. $6; Ex. Vic. $7.90, N.S.W. $6.30, Qld. $8.70; Doomben race 5 Cylinder Beach/ Siegfried; Q. Vic. $2.60, N.S.W. $2.70, Qld. $2.90; Ex. Vic. $6.30, N.S.W. $6.70, Qld. $5.60; Doomben race 6 Courtza King/ Dreams A’plenty/ Just Orm; Trifecta Vic. $164.60, N.S.W. $135.10, Qld. $168.50; Q. Vic. $10.70, N.S.W. $9.90, Qld. $10.10; Ex. Vic. $36.80, N.S.W. $35.60, Qld. $33.10; Doomben race 7 Tyzone/ Rhyme Nor Rythm Q. Vic. $6, N.S.W. $6.50, Qld. $5.90; Ex. Vic. $18.30, N.S.W. $14.80, Qld. $30.70; Doomben race 8 Craiglee Wandoo/ Sheiswhatsheis; Q. $47.10, N.S.W. $42.90, Qld. $38.50; Ex. Vic. $136.30, N.S.W. $125.30, Qld. $131.50. Randwick race 1 Dark Eyes/ Montaulk; Q. Vic. $15.40, N.S.W. $13.80, Qld. $18.10; Ex. Vic. $34, N.S.W. $32.50, Qld. $47.50; Randwick race 6 La Bella Diosa/ Omei Sword/ Global Glamour/ Foxplay; First four Vic. $845.40, N.S.W. $723.30, Qld. $784.20; Trifecta Vic. $323.50, N.S.W $320.60, Qld. $318.80; Q. Vic. $46.60, N.S.W. $61.80, Qld. $57.10; Ex. Vic. $116.60, N.S.W. $116.70, Qld. $126.70; Randwick race 9 (4starters) Your Way($1.60)/ Kudero/ Grande Punto/ Lofty’s Menu a good result if you took the odds on fav. as a standout. F4 Vic. $13.50, N.S.W $18, Qld.  Q$13.60; Trifecta Vic. $14.90, N.S.W. $16.40, Qld. $14.60;. Vic. $4.10, N.S.W. $5.40, Qld. $4.20; Ex. Vic. $6.40, N.S.W. $6.30, Qld. $5.70; Eighteen winners in our top four again with 9 on top; Doomben race 4 Niccanova($1.90), race 7 Tyzone ($6.50); Randwick race 7 WINX ($1.20), race 8 Dixie Blossoms ($3), race 9 Your Way ($1.60). Caulfield race 3 Farson($2.30), race 5 Black Heart Bart ($1.90), race 6 Stratum Star ($6), race 8 Sheidel ($8) and 9 others Doomben; race 2 Pinch River ($12), race 5 Cylinder Beach ($3.30), race 6 Courtza King ($10) and race 8 Craiglee Wandoo ($21). Randwick race 1 Dark Eyes ($7.50), race 6 La Bella Diosa ($9). Caulfield race 2 Benz ($4.50) and race 7 Catchy ($4.80). LAST WEEK WE HAD TERRAVISTA($15) as our on top selection in the GROUP ONE LIGHTNING, and this week we had SHEIDEL($8) AS OUR ON TOP IN THE GROUP ONE OAKLEIGH PLATE, bring on the Newmarket it’s going to be a cracker. Until the next roundup giddyup! enjoy the week and “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 11th February 2017

Horsebuck$ followers who play the exotics had a great weekend especially at Caulfield and Randwick. Firstly Caulfield the quaddie 1st leg Super Cash($17) 2nd leg Black Heart Bart($3.30) 3rd leg Burning Front(3.80) 4th leg Prussian Vixen($12) for some healthy divis. Vic. $5,491, N.S.W. $5,709, Qld. $5,345.  Caulfield race 4, first 4 Property 1st, Pariah 2nd, Wait For No One 3rd and Azazel 4th F4; Vic. $952.30, N.S.W. $1,079.50, Qld. $932.20, Trifecta; Vic. $220.20, N.S.W. $247.20,Qld. $210.60. Q. Vic. $6.80, N.S.W. $6.20, Qld. $6.60. EX. Vic. $17, N.S.W. $15.90, Qld. $13.40. Caulfield race 6 Trifecta; Super Cash 1st, I Am A Star 2nd, Chautauqua 3rd Vic. $379.10, N.S.W. $331.40, Qld. $389. Q. Vic. $64.80, N.S.W. $56.10, Qld. $ 53.80. EX. Vic. $144.30, N.S.W. $164.30, Qld. $124. Caulfield race 8 Burning Front/ Humidor Q Vic. $8.10, N.S.W. $8.20 Qld. $ 7.70. EX. Vic. $17.30, N.S.W. $18.70, Qld. $15.80. Caulfield race 9 Prussian Vixen/ Silent Sedition Q. Vic. $16.70, N.S.W. $15.90, Qld. $13.50. EX. Vic. $41.40, N.S.W. $46.30, Qld. $49.70. Treble Qld divis. $302.70, DD $110, we can”t leave out Caulfield race 3 we did get the F4 in this race also Catchy 1st, Limestone 2nd, Artic Angel 3rd, Roomooz 4th (in order) albeit a small divi but we put them all in no matter, Vic. $.22.30, N.S.W. $22.70, Qld. $20.80 Trifecta, V. $12.70, N.S.W. $14.50, Qld. $12.50. So a great day at Caulfield,throw in 7 winners in our top four selections with 3 on top Catchy $2.50, Property $5, Fuhryk $2.40 and 4 others Super Cash $17, Black Heart Bart $3.30, Burning Front $3.80 and Prussian Vixen $12 it was  a pretty good day all round. Randwick which was moved to Monday we also had a good day firstly; race 5 the F4 Le Romain 1st ( our best bet ), Big Money 2nd, Snippets Land 3rd, Dothraki 4th Vic. $1,300.90, N.S.W. $868.60, Qld. $937.40. Trifecta Vic. $359.70, N.S.W. $361.80, Qld. $389.60. Q Vic. $27.20, N.SW. $26.80, Qld. $22.20. EX. Vic. $44.50, N.S.W.$46.20, Qld. $38.60. Randwick race 7 Trifecta Global Glamour 1st, Foxplay 2nd, Spright 3rd Vic. $50.10, N.S.W. $42.10, Qld. $44.80. Q Vic. $9.90, N.S.W. $10.20, Qld. $10.50. EX. Vic.$14.30, N.S.W. $14.40, Qld. $15.40. Randwick race4 Frolic/ Sweet Deal Q. Vic. $10.30, N.S.W. $9.70, Qld. $7.40. EX. Vic. $24.30, N.S.W. $26.80, Qld. $14.50. Randwick race 8 the mighty WINX/ Hartnell really a no brainer maybe the $2.70 quinella was a gimme, a pretty good day with 8 winners in our top 4 selections with 5 on top Le Romain BEST BET, Liapari $3.80, Bills A Goodie $10, Global Glamour $ 2.30 and of course the great mare Winx along with Frolic $7, Invincible Gem $3.80 and Zestful $4.30. Doomben we had  a  race 4 Trifecta with Andhras 1st, Don’t Doubt Mama 2nd , Up The Tempo 3rd Vic. $108.70, N.S.W. $84.40, Qld. $90.60. Q. Vic $9.70, N.S.W. $11.10, Qld. $12.10. EX. Vic. $16.20, N.S.W. $16.90, Qld. $17.80. Doomben race 1 Ruby Red Heart/ Lady Lark Q. Vic. $2.90, N.S.W. $2.90, Qld. $2.80. EX. Vic. $4.20, N.S.W. $4.30, Qld. $4.30. Doomben race 2 Arkie/ Yoho Q. Vic. $11.30, N.S.W. $8.30, Qld. $10.30, EX. Vic. $11.50,N.S.W. $9.60, Qld. $12.30. Doomben race 7 Q. Vic. $7.50, N.S.W. $7.50, Qld. $7.60. EX.Vic. $23.10, N.S.W. $24.30 Qld $22.10. D/D $10.70 and Treble $123.10 Qld divis. Also 6 winners in our top 4 selections 1 on top Marksfield $8.50 along with Ruby Red Heart $2.30, Arkie $1.90, Andhras $2.80, Siegfried $3.50 and Fiery Heights $2.80. Our Best Eachway  Jopa ran 3rd at $17 & $3.80 place. Definitely a good day all round, something for everyone but we will be striving to improve on that as always. On that note enjoy your week and until 9am Saturday “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 4th February 2017

A plethora of winners once again in our top four, 16 in total BR1 Morendi $5, BR3 Quatronic $3.60, Br4 Divine Service $3.60, Br5 Dee Nine Elle $3.80, BR8 Oink $4.60, SR1 Montauk $3.80, SR2 Veranillo $3.70, SR3 Religify $3.20, SR4 Dal Cielo $2.50, SR9 Deploy $3.70, MR3 Chance To Dance $////, MR4 Jukebox $2.70, MR5 Formality $2.50, MR6 Glenrowan Prince $14.10, MR7 Legless Veuve $19.40, MR9 Duke Of Brunswick $2.50. Caulfield race 8 cost us the quaddie when Sunday Escape finished third although every chance. We did have 8 quinellas and three trifectas MR3 Chance To Dance/ Big Memory Q Vic. $9.30, N.S.W. $10, Qld. $10.90; E Vic. $14.90, N.S.W. $13.20, Qld. $15.60; MR6 Glenrowan Prince/ Kievann Q Vic. $88.70, N.S.W. $77.30, Qld. $80.70; E Vic. $197.10, N.S.W. $144.50, Qld. $152.30; MR9 Q Vic. $8.60, N.S.W. $8.40, Qld. $8.40; E Vic. $12.30, N.S.W. $12.90, Qld. $12.70; BR4 Divine Service/Upstart Pride Q Vic. $12.70, N.S.W. $11.60, Qld. $13; E Vic. $20.30, N.S.W. $22.20, Qld. $ 21.70;  BR5 Dee Nine Elle/ Mystic Opal Q Vic. $6, N.S.W. $5.70, Qld. $5.40; E Vic. $11.50, N.S.W. $11.80, Qld. $12.80; BR8 Oink/ Ringo’s A Rockstar Q Vic. $5.80, N.S.W. $4.70, Qld. $6.10; E Vic. $11.20, N.S.W. $13.60, Qld. $10.90; SR2 Veranillo/ Exceeds Q Vic. $6.50, N.S.W. $6, Qld. $7.30; E Vic. $11.90, N.S.W. $8.40, Qld. $9.50; SR9 Deploy/ Got Unders Q Vic. $41.10, N.S.W. $32.40, Qld. $33.10; E Vic. $67.30, N.S.W. $38.20, Qld. $53.40; Trifecta SR2 Veranillo/ Exceeds/ Eden Roc, Vic. $25.60, N.S.W. $18.20, Qld. $21.30; BR4 Divine Service/ Upstart Pride/ Billy Da Boss, Vic. $162, N.S.W. $192.50, Qld $160.30; MR 3 Chance To Dance/ Big Memory/ Oncidium Ruler, Vic. $47.80, N.S.W. $44.50, Qld. $46.60; Best Bets; BR8 Ringo’s A Rockstar($3.50) got further back than we thought he would, while the winner Oink($4.50) enjoyed a beaut run just behind the speed, he found the leeway a tad too much and finished a game second. SR 8 Classic Uniform($6) given a gun ride by Adkins, he drifted across from his wide gate to get an uncontested lead and everything was going to plan, he kicked on the corner but collared the last 20m to finish third. MR6 Danuki($6.50) missed the kick slightly hustled through to lead on the fence where he stayed till well into the straight and gave in without a yelp when challenged, disappointing. Best Longshot Gingie($21) she was backing up from the week before, didn’t miss the kick this time, Bayliss had her on the fence in the straight and she was going nowhere he reefed  her out a few off the fence and she  started to make ground immediately to finish off for a game third. Best Eachway; firstly Self Sense($31) MR9 this bloke enjoyed a nice run and looked a place chance with a hundred to go just wilted a tad to finish just behind the placegetters, we think there is a race in him very soon. SR9 Disgraceful not sure about this one he had every chance. Mauru Daze our longshot from the previous week, we suggested there was a win in him very soon, we didn’t have to wait long he turned up on Sunday at the Sunny Coast and duly saluted at the good odds of $4.60. The racing is about to get insane from this week onwards, with all the game changers coming out to play, that means juicy odds in some races lets hope horsebuck$ followers can get amongst them. On that note enjoy the rest of your week and “GOOD LUCK”to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 28th January 2017

Another winning day in our Best Bet and Best Eachway firstly Sr8 Scarlet Rain ($6.50) jumped straight to the front and was taken on by Ice Bucket to the turn which dropped off and it was  left to  Badajoz ($2.30 fav) to take her on but she fought on like a tiger and was way too good. Secondly Br7 Sir Moments  ($7) aided by a beautiful ride by Damian Browne who saved every inch of ground along the fence from the jump, it was obvious a fair way from home that he was going to figure in the finish. Hit the front with about 100m to go and hung on for a good win under his big weight. MR3 Widgee Turf ($3) was a tad unlucky in his race , looked like he was playing tag team for a while in the straight, if not for that probably wins instead of running second. Mr6 Barthelona($7) what was that all about?  Long shots MR2 Gingie ($34)blew the start and that was the end of the section, Br3 Marau Daze ($67)he ran extremely well under his big weight for 7th, and there is definitely  a win in him very soon. We had 15 winners amongst our top four selections including San Telmo$2.30,Snitzcraft $1.50, Arkie $4.30, Sir Moments $7, Oberland $9, Pariah $5.50, Teaspoon $8.20, Dylan’s Rojo $4.40, Madame De Ban $3, Music Magnate $1.95, Embley $3.80, Scarlet Rain $6.50, Navagio $13.20, Portman $2.35, Tivaci $17 , a great result indeed, we get excited about our Best of section as our results over our short existence are outstanding. Our exotics this week were miniscule compared to some of our previous weeks with only four quinellas and one trifecta (MR4) , we did manage to secure the treble at the Sunny Coast Arkie, Sir Moments and Oberland with the middle leg being our best each way of the day paying $225.10 and the DD paying $58.10 and just missing the quaddie when The Ambassadore was edged out in the first leg. Entre Nous one of  our selections in MR8 at $21 ran second but was very unlucky he will win in the near future. Until 9am Saturday enjoy your and “GOOD LUCK ” to all. HORSEBUCK$


horsebuck$ roundup 21st January 2017

MORENDI was a great result for us in our best each way saluting at (SP $18.10 ), he was always back in the ruck but travelling sweetly, coming to the corner and he WAS looming large at the 100m and went on to record a good win, might get away with another one  of those types of races. It Is Written, Sullivan Bay and Espiritu were just disappointing after enjoying good runs but the blinkers on Shutter Bug didn’t do that horse’s chances any favours, she pulled hard and was beaten early. It should have been a winning day for BEST of followers, we have a lot of success in this area which leads me into an area where we do have a lot of winners in  our top four selections (14 again this week), I have spoken about this before and suits those punters that like to play more than one horse per race, but these races were geared towards the exotics and not on top selections (they are in our BEST of SECTION) so we are going to make a change to that area and our four best selections per race will be  just that, no one can predict each race in finishing order, one maybe not 27, that is why we have boxed exotics or select every winner of every race that is why we break it down to our BEST, we have had some great success in both areas since we started full operation 7 months ago and will continue to do so, there has been a lull in our big exotics but we don’t expect that to last. We are not in a habit of putting favourites in, just to build up the number of winners in our 4, if we don’t think it can win or place it doesn’t go in ( our regular followers will already know this). This is just a clarification a couple of  areas so it is clear for everyone that joins Horsebuck$. (: Fourteen winners again last weekend ; Paradis Imperial $6.30, Morendi $18.10, Exceeds $21, Tactical Advantage $7, Via Napoli $8.50, Ecuador $6, Got Unders $6.50, Deploy $3.80,Gratwick $6, Wheal Leisure $5.60, Burning Front $1.60, Domino Vitale $2.80, Big Duke $1.80, Lady Espirit $5.50. Four trifectas Eagle farm R1 Paradis Imperial 1st, South Of France 2nd, The Bank Manager 3rd Vic $252, N.S.W. $192.10, Qld. $179.50; Randwick R2 Tactically Advantage 1st $7, Spending To Win 2nd, Guard Of Honour 3rd Vic. $48, N.S.W. $28, Qld, 434.60, R9 Deploy 1st $3.80, Noble Joey 2nd, Roaring To Win 3rd Vic. $ 132.10, N.S.W. $ 182.50, Qld. $ 148.20; Moonee Valley R7 Lady Espirit 1st $5.50, Sunday Escape 2nd, Runsati 3rd Vic. 427.20, N.S.W. $372.40, Qld. $371.30; 9 quinellas & exactas;BR1 Paradis Imperial/ South Of France; Vic.Q $17,N.S.W. $17.30, Qld. $19.60; E. VIC. $26.70, N.S.W. $28.20, Qld. $36.70; SR1 Exceeds/ Eden Roc Q. Vic. $11.40, N.S.W. $11.10, Qld. $9.70; E. Vic. $35.20, N.S.W. $29.80, Qld.30.60; R2 Tactically Advantaged Q. Vic. $7.80, N.S.W. $8.70, Qld. $7.80; E. Vic. $19.80, N.S.W. $22.70, Qld. $28.90; R8 Got Unders/ Louie Sea Kaye Q. Vic.$18.60, N.S.W. $14.90, Qld. $15.60; E.Vic. $31.90, N.S.W. $29.10, Qld. $25.80; R9 Deploy/ Noble Joey Q. Vic. $11.30, N.S.W. $12.20,Qld. $11; E. Vic. $21.60, N.S.W. $21.90, Qld. $19.40;Moonee Valley R3 Wheal Leisure/ Prescott Q. Vic. $25.70, N.S.W. $28.50, Qld, $32.10; E.Vic. $32, N.S.W. $64.90, Qld. $55.50; R4 Burning Front/ Cosmic Lights Q. Vic. $9.10, N.S.W. $8.70, Qld. $7.40; E. Vic. $11.90, N.S.W. $10.60, Qld $9.60; R6 Big Duke/ Cool Chap Q. Vic. $3.80, N.S.W. $3.90, Qld. $4, E. Vic. $5.60, N.S.W. $6.10, Qld. $5.20; R7 Lady Espirit/ Sunday Escape Q. Vic. $38.50, N.S.W. $41.20, Qld. $43.50, E. Vic. $75.20, N.S.W. $64.40, Qld. $68.60,some good results all round. There has been a small glitch in our subscribe and login area, but that has now been fixed. Once you have subscribed and become a member , to manage your own account; you simply click login on the top bar on the home page, it will stay on the home page, then you click manage accounts on the top bar on the home page and your account page will come up with settings on the left hand side with 6 choices regarding your membership, we are going to create a page on our site in the near future giving all details regarding subscription and the like. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We hope you enjoy the rest of your week and until 9am on Saturday “GOOD LUCK” from HORSEBUCK$

horsebuck$ roundup 14th January 2017

What a fantastic days racing at the Gold Coast the leaders were highballing it, but not going on with it as we thought they would, which makes Houtzen’s win all the more outstanding, she zoomed across from the outside gate and free wheeled in the lead from then on and Lloyd took her to the centre of the track on straightening , she kicked at the 200m and was simply too good. On that effort you would have to think she was a huge chance in the Golden Slipper. We had a good day at the Coast with 5 winners in our top 4 with 3 on top Madotti ($5.10), Hootzen ($4), Target In Sight ($8.90) and 2 others Stratum Star ($3.80), Irish Constabulary ($12.10) we also had two qinellas: race 4 Stratum Star,Feltre Vic. Q; $38.70, N.S.W., $45.10, Qld. $38.90; Vic. E; $55.90,N.S.W. $62.10,Qld. $55.40 and race 8 Hootzen,Chaffeur Vic. Q; $43.60, N.S.W. $40.70, Qld. $46.40; Vic. E; $60, N.S.W. $63.20, Qld. $67. The Daily Double Hootzen, Target In Sight (both on top selections) $36.70.  Our best there was Dee Nine Elle($26) and Snippets Land($8.50) ,we thought they would have used Dee Nine Elle’s speed in this, but they elected to ride her back which was probably the right thing to do as leaders weren’t going on with it, she made a run at them with 200 to go but couldn’t go on with it. Snippets Land last on the corner came with a barnstorming run to just fail beaten a nose by a nose into third, another hop he wins thats racing. We had 6 winners in our top four at Randwick 2 on top Badajoz($3.60), Classic Uniform ($4.40) our best of the day, and 4 others Merani ($1.90), Raiment ($2.70), Improvement ($4.80), Careless ($11.10). Two trifectas, they were in the first two races very small dividends and 4 quinellas race 1 Menari/Taking Aim Vic. Q; $4.50, N.S.W. $4.50,Qld. $5.30; Vic. E; $4.50, N.S.W. $5.60, Qld. $4.70; race2 Raiment/Sangiovese VIC. Q;$4.30, N.S.W. $4.70, Qld. $5.50; Vic. E; $7.50, N.S.W. $7.40, Qld. $9.80; race 7 Careless/ Tower Of Song VIC. Q; $67.80, N.S.W. $78.40, Qld. $67.20; Vic. E; $131.20, N.S.W. $159.20, Qld. $142.60; rae8 Badajoz/Top Striker Vic. Q; $9.10, N.S.W $8.80, Qld. $9.40; Vic. E; $15.20, N.S.W. $13.60, Qld. $17.10; Daily Double Badajoz/ Classic Uniform (both on top selections) $16.30 and the Treble Careless/ Badajoz/ Classic Uniform $139.90. Our best there was Classic Uniform ($4.40) won like the good thing he looked on paper, his 2.5kgs claim was the telling factor in the end, weight really does matter. We had 4 winners in our top four at Flemington none on top Oak door $4.90, Honey Cara $3.10, Campanello $3.60, Kourkham $20.90. Three trifectas race 1 Oak Door/ Widgee Turf/ Fudged $Vic. $129, N.S.W. $125.30, Qld. $151.50; race 2 Honey Cara/ Vandancer/ Hell Or Highwater Vic. $17.30, N.S.W. $18.60, Qld. $17.10; race4 Campanello/Barthelona/Invincible Al Vic. $27.70, N.S.W. $31.20, Qld. $29.10; Three quinellas and exactas race 1 Oak Door/ Widgee Turf V.Q; 3.90, N.S.W. $3.90, Q. $4.20; V.E; $10, N.S.W.$11, Q. $11.90; race2 Honey Cara/ Vandancer V.Q; $3.80, N.S.W.$4, Q. $3.70; V.E; $7.40, N.S.W.$ 7.40, Q. $7.40; race 4 Campanello/ Barthelona V.Q; $7, N.S.W. $7, Q. $6.10; V.E; $11.20, N.S.W. $13.70, Q. $13.60; Our best at this venue was Flying Light he was disappointing, led them up till well into the straight then compounded, the race was won by our second selection Kourkham ($20) in a blanket finish over the top of them. He had a 4kilo turnaround on Flying Light which normally would have him on top (as we have said before weight really does count) we just thought the other horse was really flying and might be hard to run down,”we won’t make that mistake again”. Rich Charm,he raced erratically as though he had never been down the straight before in the end he did well to finish 4th. There were some huge divi’s at the Gold Coast as we predicted with some surprise results  and a massive quaddie, we wish horsebuck$ followers were able to share in the spoils, hopefully this weekend is our turn again, our last big quaddie was a tick over ($10,000). Some players also like to take horses for the place in their multi’s so we can accommodate them as well, besides the obvious results from above we also get many placings at decent prices. A few of the better results from Saturday include Jumbo Prince$4.30, Feltre $6.10, I Am Zelady $4.10, Eckstein $2.60, Chaffeur $5.30, Zuzzudio $3.80, Burning Energy $2.30, Tower Of Song $4.30, Fudged $4.70, Zupercharged $7.40, Domesday Warrior $4.70 food for thought. WE CERTAINLY DID FINISH THE DAY IN A FLOURISH WITH FOUR ON TOP SELECTIONS ,TWO AT THE  GOLD COAST AND TWO AT RANDWICK AND A SECOND SELECTION, SUCCESSFUL IN THE LAST TWO RACES AT EACH VENUE WITH 15 WINNERS IN  TOTAL IN OUR TOP FOUR. This week we hope to attract much bigger exotics, so until 9am Saturday enjoy your week and “GOOD LUCK” from HORSEBUCK$   

horsebuck$ roundup 7th January

Saturday was a tough day as we suggested in our pre race comments, but we still managed 14 winners in our top 4  with 7 on top selections successful BR2 Houtzen $1.36, BR7 Ringo’s A Rockstar $5, SR2 Arbeitsam $6.50, MR1 Catchy $1.80, MR3 Crystal Dreamer $2.80, MR7 Plein Ciel $2 and Burning Front $6.50 with 5 second selections successful BR1 Hostwin Vintage $3.80, BR6 Eckstein $3, SR4 Chosen Prayer $3.70, SR9 King Darci $4.10 and MR9 Bradman $9 plus two others SR3 Lycia $4.70 and Cauthens Power $5.10. We can’t claim Gold Symphony as there were only four starters but we did get the extra double at Warwick Farm Chosen Prayer and Gold Symphony paying $33.70 in Qld.; daily double and treble at Caulfield  Plein Ciel, Burning Front, Bradman,treble paying $91.80 and the double $37 Qld; divis. Trifecta BR1 Hostwin Vintage, Good Luck Malela Vic. $72.60,N.S.W. $70.90, Qld. $59.50; SR6 Cauthens Power, Olympic Academy, Kingsguard $ Vic. 87.10, N.S.W. $ 99.70, Qld. $ 90.80; MR7  Plein Ciel, Cool Chap, Bondeiger Vic. $29.10, N.S.W. $26.70, Qld. $27.50 also 5 quinellas  or exactas BR1 Hostwin Vintage, Good Luck Malela Q; Vic. $7.80,E.$13.40; N.S.W. $8.10, N/A, Qld. $7.30, $14.20; SR4 Chosen Prayer, Yasnat Q; V. $3.70, E; $11.40, N.S.W. $4.70,$13, Q. $5.90. $6.90; SR6 Cauthens Power, Olympic Academy Q; V. $24.20, E $34.70, N. $ 26.70, $41.90; Q. $30.10, $48.70; MR7 Plein Ciel, Cool Chap Q; V. $5, E; $7.70, N. $4.90, 7.10, Q. $4.80, $8.70; MR9 Bradman, Shockaholic Q; V.$27.10, $50.30, N. $28.60, $54.60,Q. $24.20, $47.10. No joy in our best section which is very unusual,Rock My Lady sat up outside the leader Magicaz and was beaten on the home turn small field syndrome, having to race closer to the leader than usual. Sundance what a disappointment he was he has handled soft conditions before but he never looked comfortable and was gone a long way from home, he is better than that. Violent Snow jumped with In Fairness and pushed forward but would have been posted 3 wide as two others pushed up inside him,so Bayliss eased her back, after that she never really got a clear run at them until well into the straight. Timeless Prince ran on okay but was never going to win. Star Wars was our “LONGSHOT ” he was racing wide at the back of the field, was the widest on straightening, made a run at them but really didn’t look like winning, at $8 there were a lot of other players who thought he was more than a LONGSHOT, he ran well with his big weight. Pretty good results overall, this week its the MAGIC MILLIONS  at the GOLD COAST should be an absolute cracker with Houtzen drawing the car park (can still win) and Winning Rupert drawn to win and meetings at Randwick and Flemington, we will be looking for those big results for our horsebuck$ followers. So until 9am on Saturday enjoy the rest of your week and “GOOD LUCK ” from HORSEBUCK$