horsebuck$ roundup 24th December

We hope everyone had a very merry Christmas with their family and friends, with lots of laughter and good cheer it is certainly  a wonderful time of the year. Now down to business, there are lots of exotics around these days multis, parlays, quaddies, super sixes and many more, forgetting about the one that has been around forever the treble.  We tend to go for the other exotics because of the bigger payouts, but on Saturday we did get the treble at Rosehill with Ecuador winning the first leg at $15 , Louie Sea Kay the second leg at $23.10 and Suspense the last leg at $5.10 for a very impressive dividend of $ 3,479.90 not bad dosh in any one’s language, our last big treble was when we got the quaddie  also at Rosehill 30/07/2016 ($11,311.10) and that paid $3,726.40. We haven’t really kept an eye on the treble since then we might go back and have a look and check our records. The daily double also paid well with $176.30 N.S.W. and $193.60 Qld. We also got the trifecta in Rosehill race 8 with Louie Sea Kay, Hand For Above and Careless for a cool $2,323.20 Vic.,$2,169.30 N.S.W., $2302.70 Qld. the quinellas and exactas were also very healthy with Q: $139.10, $115.50, $167.20 and EX: $199.70,$263.40, $136.50. At Sandown we got the early quaddie with Fille Champagne $2.80, Pearl Congenial $9.60, Crystal Dreamer $4.40 (best bet ) and Vandancer $9.10 for a dividend of $799 Vic., $975 N.S.W. in race 2 we only had 3 selections and race 3 was one of our best bets so it could have been a nice result for a small outlay. We also got the extra double at Sandown with Crystal Dreamer $4.40 and Vandancer $9.10 Qld $34. Nine quinellas and exactas BR 1 Volpino, Realing Q: V $3.90,N $4.30 Q $4.10 E: $9.10, $9.40, $9.30, BR 7 Khaleesi, Pepperano Q: $38.40, $42.30, $34.30 E: $58.70, $110.70, $75.20, SR 1 Falconic, All Too Huiying Q: $8.90, $7.40,$8.30 E: $17.50, $16.70, $14.80, SR 7 Ecuador, Snoopy Q: $13.20, $13.70, $13.30 E: $36.80, $31.50, $23.10, SR 8 (above trifecta ), SR 9 Suspense, Ziggy Willie Q: $23.70, $19.80, $22.50 E: $34.70, $40, $35.50,MR 1 Fille Champagne Q: $4, $3.90, $3.70 E: $8.80, $7.10, $9.20, MR 2 Pearl Congenial, Invinvible Al Q: $8.80, $7.90, $12.60 E: $19, $28.10, $27.90 MR 6 Rewarding Effort, Castle Hackett(best longshot) Q: $27.60, $31.50, $31.20 E: $36.50, $40.30, $38.40. Best bets; MR4 Crystal Dreamer got a beautiful run just behind the speed got the run in the straight and proved way too good, our best longshot MR 6 Castle Hackett ($51) this horse ran extremely well after enjoying a nice run he was travelling only hampered slightly in the straight but the favourite was just a tad too good. Ring’s A Rockstar BR 4 was never really going to win but ran well for fourth, Heartlings he enjoyed a beautiful run on the fence in fourth spot, he was making some ground in the straight when tightened for room but was never going to win. Beckoning Light BR 6 this horse attracts trouble like a magnet, his racing pattern allows for it he was running on strongly again on Saturday when he was checked probably would have placed but for that. Fourteen winners in our top four, BR 1 Volpino $4.50, R2 Houtzen $1.90,R4 Sir Donald $6, R5 Binalong Road $20.90, R7 Khaleesi $17.40 SR1 Falconic $3.70, R2 Achi Baba $3.30, R7 Ecuador $15, R8 Louie Sea Kay $23.10, R9 Suspense $5.10 MR1 Fille Champagne $2.80, R2 Pearl Congenial $9.60, R3 Crystal Dreamer $4.40, R4 Vandancer $9.10, with three on top BR5,SR1,MR3 and five second selections BR1, SR2, SR7, MR1, MR2 we thought it was a pretty successful day with some nice results all over. We are always striving for better results here at so until 9am next Saturday enjoy the rest of your week and good luck from HORSEBUCK$