horsebuck$ roundup 21st January 2017

MORENDI was a great result for us in our best each way saluting at (SP $18.10 ), he was always back in the ruck but travelling sweetly, coming to the corner and he WAS looming large at the 100m and went on to record a good win, might get away with another one  of those types of races. It Is Written, Sullivan Bay and Espiritu were just disappointing after enjoying good runs but the blinkers on Shutter Bug didn’t do that horse’s chances any favours, she pulled hard and was beaten early. It should have been a winning day for BEST of followers, we have a lot of success in this area which leads me into an area where we do have a lot of winners in  our top four selections (14 again this week), I have spoken about this before and suits those punters that like to play more than one horse per race, but these races were geared towards the exotics and not on top selections (they are in our BEST of SECTION) so we are going to make a change to that area and our four best selections per race will be  just that, no one can predict each race in finishing order, one maybe not 27, that is why we have boxed exotics or select every winner of every race that is why we break it down to our BEST, we have had some great success in both areas since we started full operation 7 months ago and will continue to do so, there has been a lull in our big exotics but we don’t expect that to last. We are not in a habit of putting favourites in, just to build up the number of winners in our 4, if we don’t think it can win or place it doesn’t go in ( our regular followers will already know this). This is just a clarification a couple of  areas so it is clear for everyone that joins Horsebuck$. (: Fourteen winners again last weekend ; Paradis Imperial $6.30, Morendi $18.10, Exceeds $21, Tactical Advantage $7, Via Napoli $8.50, Ecuador $6, Got Unders $6.50, Deploy $3.80,Gratwick $6, Wheal Leisure $5.60, Burning Front $1.60, Domino Vitale $2.80, Big Duke $1.80, Lady Espirit $5.50. Four trifectas Eagle farm R1 Paradis Imperial 1st, South Of France 2nd, The Bank Manager 3rd Vic $252, N.S.W. $192.10, Qld. $179.50; Randwick R2 Tactically Advantage 1st $7, Spending To Win 2nd, Guard Of Honour 3rd Vic. $48, N.S.W. $28, Qld, 434.60, R9 Deploy 1st $3.80, Noble Joey 2nd, Roaring To Win 3rd Vic. $ 132.10, N.S.W. $ 182.50, Qld. $ 148.20; Moonee Valley R7 Lady Espirit 1st $5.50, Sunday Escape 2nd, Runsati 3rd Vic. 427.20, N.S.W. $372.40, Qld. $371.30; 9 quinellas & exactas;BR1 Paradis Imperial/ South Of France; Vic.Q $17,N.S.W. $17.30, Qld. $19.60; E. VIC. $26.70, N.S.W. $28.20, Qld. $36.70; SR1 Exceeds/ Eden Roc Q. Vic. $11.40, N.S.W. $11.10, Qld. $9.70; E. Vic. $35.20, N.S.W. $29.80, Qld.30.60; R2 Tactically Advantaged Q. Vic. $7.80, N.S.W. $8.70, Qld. $7.80; E. Vic. $19.80, N.S.W. $22.70, Qld. $28.90; R8 Got Unders/ Louie Sea Kaye Q. Vic.$18.60, N.S.W. $14.90, Qld. $15.60; E.Vic. $31.90, N.S.W. $29.10, Qld. $25.80; R9 Deploy/ Noble Joey Q. Vic. $11.30, N.S.W. $12.20,Qld. $11; E. Vic. $21.60, N.S.W. $21.90, Qld. $19.40;Moonee Valley R3 Wheal Leisure/ Prescott Q. Vic. $25.70, N.S.W. $28.50, Qld, $32.10; E.Vic. $32, N.S.W. $64.90, Qld. $55.50; R4 Burning Front/ Cosmic Lights Q. Vic. $9.10, N.S.W. $8.70, Qld. $7.40; E. Vic. $11.90, N.S.W. $10.60, Qld $9.60; R6 Big Duke/ Cool Chap Q. Vic. $3.80, N.S.W. $3.90, Qld. $4, E. Vic. $5.60, N.S.W. $6.10, Qld. $5.20; R7 Lady Espirit/ Sunday Escape Q. Vic. $38.50, N.S.W. $41.20, Qld. $43.50, E. Vic. $75.20, N.S.W. $64.40, Qld. $68.60,some good results all round. There has been a small glitch in our subscribe and login area, but that has now been fixed. Once you have subscribed and become a member , to manage your own account; you simply click login on the top bar on the home page, it will stay on the home page, then you click manage accounts on the top bar on the home page and your account page will come up with settings on the left hand side with 6 choices regarding your membership, we are going to create a page on our site in the near future giving all details regarding subscription and the like. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We hope you enjoy the rest of your week and until 9am on Saturday “GOOD LUCK” from HORSEBUCK$