horsebuck$ roundup 4th March 2017

Another outstanding day for horsebucks followers. Our fantastic Group One form continued yesterday when Inference($9) won the Randwick Guineas and Hey Doc ($3.80) successful in the Australian Guineas, to follow on from Terravista($15) and Sheidel($8). Exotic players were on a roll yesterday with 2 quaddies, 2 first fours, 7 trifectas, 13 quinellas and exactas, 2extra doubles and numerous running doubles to continue on from last weeks great quaddie results. Best Bets Redzel($6) and Beaudacious($21) both ran second Redzel beaten in a photo and Beaudacious blowing the start and flying home late. Flemington we had the early quaddie Heatherly($1.80)/ Ploverset($21)/ Show A Star($11)/ Miss Turbo($8.50) dividend $5,273.90, trifecta race4 Show A Star/ Portman/ Divine Mr Artie divi. Vic. $126.60, N.S.W. $146.10, Qld. $142.80. Quinellas; race 3 Ploverset/Madeenaty(fav) Vic. $10.50, N.S.W. $9.50, Qld. $8.80; Ex.Vic.$41.30, N.S.W. $49.80, Qld. $42.20; race 4 Show A Star/ Portman(fav.) Vic. $10.10, N.S.W. $10.40, Qld. $9.90; Ex. Vic. $29.80, N.S.W. $31.40, Qld. $32; race 5 Turbo Miss/ Rising Romance Vic. $24.70, N.S.W. $23, Qld. $21.90; Ex. Vic. $37.90, N.S.W. $50, Qld. $73.50; race7 Hey Doc/ Prized Icon Vic. $10.10, N.S.W. $9.40, Qld. $9.40; Ex. Vic.$18.70, N.S.W.$17.70, Qld.$18. Seven winners in our top four selections Miss Rock($4.50), Heatherly($1.80), Ploverset ($21), Show A Star($11), Miss Turbo ($8.50), Hey Doc($3.80) & Big Memory($4.50). Randwick the early quaddie Frolic($10)/ Gunnison($8)/ Samantha($6.50)/ Rocket Commander($6) dividend $2,528.10; First four race 1 Frolic/ She Will Reign(fav)/Villa Carlotta/ She’s On Que Vic.$1,243.60, N.S.W. $1,176.60, Qld.$1,445.60; 3 trifectas race 1 Frolic/ She Will Reign/ Villa Carlotta Vic.$137.70, N.S.W.$113.50, Qld.$132.30; race 2 Gunnison/ Invader/ Veranillo Vic,$113.80, N.S.W.$111.10, Qld.$101.60; race 3 Samantha/Glenall/Super Maxi Vic.$288.10, N.S.W.$312.80, Qld.$298.40. Five quinellas race 1 Frolic/ She Will Reign(fav) Vic.$5.30, N.S.W.$5.80, Qld.$5.50; Ex. Vic.$23.20, N.S.W.$24.10, Qld.$23.80; race2 Gunnison/ Invader Vic.$13, N.S.W.$15.60, Qld.$14,70; Ex. Vic.$30.70, N.S.W.$31.90, Qld.$34.40; race3 Samantha/ Glenall Vic.$14.50, N.S.W.$14.80, Qld.$15.50; Ex. Vic.$29.40, N.S.W.$30.80, Qld.$29.50. Seven winners in our top four selections; Frolic($10), Gunnison($8), Samantha($6.50), Rocket Commander($6), Le Romain($4.50), Inference($9) & Astronomos($3.30). Eagle Farm first four race 7 Colour Charge/ Beatniks/ Hudson County/ Friendly Dragon Vic.$2,086, N.S.W.$2,826, Qld.$3,721.40. Trifectas(3) race2 Hi I’m Back/ Ice Bucket/ Manaya Vic.$25.90, N.S.W.$25.90, Qld. $26.10; race 5 Flamboyer/ Fiery Heights(fav)/ Dream Finnish Vic.$119.90, N.S.W.$101.70, Qld.$99.50; race 7 Colour Charge/ Beatniks/ Hudson County Vic.$378.40, N.S.W.$313.70, Qld.$408.40. Four quinellas; race 2 Hi I’m Back(fav)/ Ice Bucket Vic.$6.40, N.S.W.$6.70, Qld.$6.20; Ex. Vic.$10.70, N.S.W.$10.50, Qld.$8.90; race 5 Flamboyer/ Beatniks Vic.$6, N.S.W.$5.50, Qld.$5.20; Ex. Vic.$21.10, N.S.W.$19.90, Qld.$15.10; race 6 Our Bee Bee/ Beaudacious Vic.$47.10, N.S.W.$36.50, Qld.$24.50; Ex. Vic.$71.70, N.S.W.$75.10, Qld$47.80; race 7 Colour Charge/ Beatniks Vic.$19, N.S.W.$20.70, Qld.$19.80; Ex. Vic.$46.70, N.S.W.$29.40, Qld.$45.90. Five winners in our top four selections Hi I’m Back($2.80), Houtzen($1.30), Flamboyer($8.50), Our Bee Bee($5.50) & Colour Charge($13).Extra double Flemington & Randwick Qld. Divis. Flemington; race 4Show A Star($11)/ race 5 Turbo Miss($8.50) divi. $169.90; Randwick; race 4 Rocket Commander($6)/ race 5 Le Romain($4.50) divi. $36.60. To be successful in exotics you have to be prepared to box several runners, otherwise your chances of success are severely limited. All in all an outstanding weekend for and all our followers, as we have said before we do not rest on our laurels next week we hope to achieve even better results(: So until next Saturday we hope everyone has a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all. HORSEBUCK$.