Tips 23rd March 2024

Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Good, Moonee Valley Track Good

Eagle Farm (RAIL+2.5M)


1.h4 Strapparsi 2.h15 Amathuba 3.h5 Argyle Pink 4.h13 Hoot ‘N’ Holler 

Argyle Pink 1st/$17.30/$5.10, Amathuba 2nd/$1.90, Strapparsi 4th; Quinella/$43; Exacta/$105.70

BR2. 1.h9 Who Ordered Dafish 2.h1 Connecticut 3.h11 Satashi 4.h2 Quothqan

Quothquan 4th

BR3. 1.h5 Schmoozer 2.h15 Ocean Zar 3.h1 Dark Harmony 4.h4 Persevere 

Schmoozer 3rd/$2.40


1.h1 Devine Force 2.h2 El Morzillo 3.h3 Mishani Lily 4.h4 Zouna 

Zouna 1st/$3.70/$1.50, Mishani Lily 2nd/$1.70, El Morzillo 3rd/$1.40, Devine Force 4th; First4/$64.20; Trifecta/$25; Quinella/$6.70; Exacta/$11.60

BR5. 1.h1 Outweighed 2.h4 Malaboom 3.h5 Sunny Coast 4.h7 North Of Eli

Malaboom(0.1L) 2nd/$1.50, Outweighed 3rd/$1.50

BR6. 1.h2 Hold On Honey 2.h11 Immoral 3.h4 Nashira 4.h13 Apophis



1.h1 Bubba’s Bay 2.h4 Outlawed 3.h7 Tojaki 4.h2 Mahbaby h15 Brave Maso

Bubba’s Bay 3.50/$1.80, Tojaki 4th

BR8. 1.h8 Our Magnus 2.h11 Starzam 3.h17 Liberty Steps 4.h3 Ovidius

Ovidius 1st/$44.50/$7.60, Liberty Steps 4th

BR9. 1.h2 Daytona Bay 2.h8 Red Wave 3.h12 Ostermier 4.h3 Dark Dream

Daytona Bay 1st/$2.30, Red Wave 4th

TREBLE: Bubba’s Bay/ Ovidius/ Daytona Bay Divi/$502.20

Rosehill (RAIL +2M)

SR1. No selections

SR2. 1.h7 So United 2.h8 Redstone Well 3.h11 Floating 4.h6 Torrens

Floating 4th


1.h5 Osmose 2.h11 Howgoodareyou 3.h13 Yankee Hussel 4.h1 Thalassophile

Osmose 1st/$3/$1.50, Thalassophile 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$9; Exacta/$13.70


1.h2 Brave Mead 2.h6 Schwarz 3.h8 Robrick 4.h3 Red Resistance

Brave Mead 1st/$4.40/$1.60, Schwarz 2nd/$2.10; Quinella/$11; Exacta/$26

SR5. 1.h1 Think It Over 2.h3 Buckaroo 3.h4 Zeyrek 4.h6 Via Sistince 

Via Sistance 1st/$2.30/$1.60, Buckaroo 3rd/n.t.d., Think It Over 4th

SR6. 1.h2 Riff Rocket 2.h4 Tom Kitten 3.h7 Immediacy 4.h3 Cafe Millenium 

Riff Rocket 1st/$2.70/$1.40

EARLY QUADDIE: Osmose/ Brave Mead / Via Sistince / Riff Rocket Divi/$135.60


1.h1 Think About It 2.16 Militarize 3.h15 Lady Laguna 4. h5 Golden Mile,h17 Veight 

Veight 1st/$8/$2.80, Lady Laguna 2nd/$2.90, Militarize 3rd/$2.10, Golden Mile 4th; First4/$10,428.00; Trifecta/$222.10; Quinella/$32.70; Exacta/$62


1.h14 Lady Of Camelot 2.h1 Storm Boy 3.h3 Shangri La Express 4.h7 Switzerland, h13 Hayasugi

Lady Of Camelot 1st/$7.50/$2.40, Storm Boy 3rd/$1.40


1.h11 Sunshine In Paris 2.h1 Private Eye 3.h4 Uncommon James 4.h12 Zapateo h13 Ozzmossis 

Zapateo 1st/$31.80/$7.60, Sunshine In Paris 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$96.10; Exacta/$254.40

SR10. 1.h3 Olentia 2.h6 Wee Nessy 3.h4 Ces’t Magique 4.h1 Chain Of Lightning 

Chain Of Lightning 1st/$17/$4.50, Wee Nessy 3rd/$4.20, Olentia 4th

QUADDIE: Veight/ Lady Of Camelot/ Zapateo/ Chain Of Lightning Divi/$107,547.50

TREBLE: Lady Of Camelot/ Zapateo/ Chain Of Lightning Divi/$9,207.80

Moonee Valley (RAIL TRUE)

MR1. 1.h1 Marquess 2.h4 Magnaspin 3.h2 Flossing 4.h3 Up And Under

Magnaspin 1st/$3.20, Flossing 3rd/$2.40


1.h1 Spywire 2.h5 Growing Empire 3.h4 Bittercreek 4.h6 Sassy Jenni

Growing Empire 1st/$4.20/$2.50, Bittercreek 2nd/$4.70, Sassy Jenni 3rd/$n.t.d., Spywire 4th; First4/$599.50; Trifecta/$274.90; Quinella/$28.70; Exacta/$44.60


1.h1 Strawberry Rock 2.h5 Akrotiri 3.h8 Haaland 4.h10 Jennivamoose

Strawberry Rock 1st/$4.60/$1.90, Jenni9vamoose v2nd/$2.80, Haaland 3rd/$2.60; Trifecta/$260.40; Quinella/$23.40; Exacta/$40.10

MR4. 1.h5 Imperial Lad 2.h12 Frigid 3.h10 Regal Amazon 4.h7 For Valour 

Regal Azmo 4th

MR5. 1.h1 Campionessa 2.h2 Wishlor Lass 3.h7 Eternal Flame 4.h9 Roll On High 

Eternal Flame 1st/$10.70/$2.70, Campionessa 3rd/$1.50, Roll On High 4th

MR6. 1.h2 Certainly 2.h4 Mollynickers 3.h5 Socks Nation 4.h6 Vivy Air 

Vivy Air 3rd/$n.t.d., Socks Nation 4th

MR7. 1.h2 Zipaway 2.h6 Snow Patrol 3.h8 Rise Of Dawn 4.h12 Quintessa 

Quintessa(0.01L) 2nd/$1.90, Zipaway 3rd/$4.30


1.h5 Imperatriz 2.h7 I am Me 3.h9 Hypothetical 4.h10 Cylinder 

Imperatriz 1st/$1.70/$1.10, I Am Me 3rd/$1.80

MR9. 1.h4 Gumdrops 2.h6 Inhibitions 3.h5 Hip Hip Hurah 4.h13 Isthmus

Gumdrops 1st/$7.50/$2.50, Inhibitions 3rd/$1.80


1.h2 Grand Impact 2.h15 Extra Two 3.h8 Papillion Club 4.h3 Boldinho

Extra Two 1st/$4/$1.80, Papillon Club 2nd/$2.20, Boldhino 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$95.70; Quinella/$14; Exacta/$28.50

TREBLE: Imperatriz/ Gumdrops/ Extra Two Divi/$55.60

                                                         OUR BEST

BR6 H2 HOLDONHONEY($5) Was good first up when lead all the way and bolted in. Jumps well and from barrier 7 will do the same. Loves the track and distance and will be hard to run down the claim is ideal. 

HOLD ON HONEY($9): 12th beaten 6.5L, blew in the betting significantly and ran accordingly. Usually goes well 2nd up but poor here.

SR4 H2 BRAVEMEAD($5) Was impressive from the front first up. Jumped awkwardly last start and ran home solidly. Has a better barrier today same weight so expecting it to be right up on pace here(ideally). Distance ideal and would be surprised if not in the finish.  

BRAVE MEAD($4.40): FIRST GIDDYUP!!! beautiful run in transit stalking them pounced at the distance. Proved too strong.

SR5 H1 THINKITOVER($2.25) Know he is short, but he just picks himself. Track, distance and even better 3rd up. Small field suits and hard to see him getting beat here. 

THINK IT OVER ($3): 4th beaten 1.6L, led not his go really but he had a nice run in front. Quickened last 600M couldn’t hold them off. Won’t be dissmissing him on that run.

SUMMARY: Red Card flew the flag for Our Best last week plenty of exotics and winners in our top 4 in a very tough day indeed. This week is no exception. Let’s dive straight into the Golden Slipper and Lady of Camelot might get the win here. Will stalk a hot tempo from barrier 5. Was super in a tough day to make ground at Caulfield. Reckon she will be right on them at the 200m. Storm Boy is a deserved favorite after coming back and winning the Skyline first up and definitely looked like he needed the run too. Will be fitter and from the inside draw will be up on pace and be hard to run down. Shangri La Express was a tad unlucky last start when only getting out at 250m. Will sit just behind the tempo here from the good draw. Likes the track and distance and is adept in all conditions. Switzerland has done nothing wrong in all three starts to date. Is super professional and does everything right. J Mac aboard is a huge bonus and will be charging late. Hayasugi($13) good Diamond winner and gets home hard. Cracking Golden Slipper this year. Imperatriz this is her race to lose, meets Cylinder 6kgs better at the weights and is unbeaten at the Valley and is great 3rd up. Doubt $1.65 will available before jump time lol. You might have noticed that we haven’t done race 1 Sydney the Midway. We have decided we are not doing the midways and highways anymore. They are not good betting propositions and they usually take turns in winning each week. Not wasting our talents in those races anymore so we can focus more on the good races! Also we will be tweaking the site over a progression of time. So on that exciting note to everyone having a punt today  GOOD LUCK” and we all know racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$

Golden Slipper Lady Of Camelot($7.50) got home late over them. Storm Boy 3rd.

Imperatriz($1.70) proved what a super mare she really is way too good for them.