Tips 9th March 2024

Gold Coast Track Soft, Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Gold Coast (Rail True)

BR1. 1.h5 Flash Prince 2.h7 Divazino 3.h10 Plaimont 4.h1 Blue Ray

Plaimont 3rd/$2.20


1.h5 Warp Speed 2.h3 Betchathecrown 3.h10 Perfect Encounter 4.h12 Goldeel

Goldeel 1st/$8.50/$2.70, Bettcha The Crown 2nd/$2; Quinella/$20.60; Exacta/$48.10

BR3. 1.h3 Chayse ‘N’ Artie 2.h4 Heleva Deel 3.h6 Uncommon Valour 4.h14 Whiskey Dream  

Chayse ‘N’ Artie 3rd/$5.40


1.h1 Daytona Bay 2.h8 Indian Dreamer 3.h11 Southern Stock 4.h13 Red Top  

Red Top 1st/$5.50/$2.20, Daytona Bay 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$7.30; Exacta/$19.10

BR5. 1.h1 Plundering 2.h2 Brookhaven 3.h4 John Rambo 4.h16 Laydownlily 

John Rambo(1.8L) 2nd/$3.40, Laydownlily 4th

BR6. 1.h2 Master Jamie 2.h7 Enterprise Pomme 3.h3 Boom Torque 4.h6 Don’t Stop 

Enterprise Pomme(1.8L) 2nd/$1.70, Boom Torque 3rd/$1.50, Master Jamie 4th


1.h2 Russian Alliance 2.h3 Chinny Boom 3.h6 Wanda Rox 4.h13 Outweighed h7 Hakkai Manu  

Chinny Boom 1st/$1.40/$1.20, Outweighed 2nd/$3.20, Russian Alliance 3rd/$4.10, Wanda Rox 4th; First4/$423.90; Trifecta/$103.30; Quinella/$8.90; Exacta/$11.60

BR8. 1.h3 Defiant Boom 2.h7 Mishani Aloha 3.h16 Sunshinyday 4.h6 Estorndo  

Mishani Aloha 1st/$8/$2.50

BR9. 1.h1 Defiant Spirit 2.h5 Highbar 3.h8 Kesalul 4.h10 Trifling, h17 Fine Shot 

Kesalul(0.2L) 2nd/$4.10, Trifling 4th

BR10. 1.h9 Hodgson 2.h10 Jamacian Rumba 3.h11 Tikka Ready 4.h13 Party Spirit  Jamaican Rumba 3rd/$4.10

Randwick (RAIL +3M)

SR1. 1.h1 Dr Evil 2.h5 Olympic Theatre 3.h4 Mountain Guest 4.h6 Satness 

Dr. Evil 3rd/$4.80

SR2. 1.h1 Too Darn Lizzie 2.h6 Extreme Diva 3.h8 Silmarillion 4.h7 Reasonable Point  

Silmarillion(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70, Too Darn Lizzie 3rd/$1.50


1.h4 Diamil 2.h5 Serpentine 3.h10 Canberra Legend 4.h3 Boi’s D’argent  

Serpentine 1st/$5.10/$2, Bois Dárgent 2nd/$1.90, Diamil 4th; Quinella/$15.80; Exacta/$28.90

SR4. 1.h2 Red Resistance 2.h7 Facile 3.h1 Corniche 4.h4 Keenan  

Corniche(0.6L) 2nd/$2.90, Keenan 4th

SR5. 1.h1 Shangri La Express 2.h5 Espionage 3.h4 Bodyguard 4.h6 Switzerland 

Switzerland 1st/$3.60/$1.50, Shangri La Express 3rd/$2.90, Bodyguard 4th

SR6. 1.h1 Private Eye 2.h3 Remarque 3.h4 Aft Cabin 4.h6 Passive Aggressive 

Passive Aggressive 1st/$8.70, Aft Cabin/n.t.d., Remarque 4th


1.h6 Espiona 2.h1 Think About It 3.h2 Pericles 4.h7 Lady Laguna  

Lady Laguna 1st/$11/$3.70, Think About It 2nd/$1.40, Espiona 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$55.20; Quinella/$9.90; Exacta/$36.40

SR8. 1.h1 Militarize 2.h4 Encap 3.h2 Tom Kitten 4.h5 Ganbare  

Militarize(0.1L) 2nd/$1.30, Tom Kitten 4th

SR9. 1.h1 Thalassophile 2.h12 Howgoodareyou 3.h18 City Of Lights 4.h4 Lekavarte  

Lekvarte 1st/$4.70/$2.10

SR10. 1.h4 Po Ka Kare 2.h1 Queen Of The Ball 3.h11 Miss Hellfire 4.h15 Rainbiel h13 Tintookie 

Tintookie 1st/$4.40/$1.70, Rainbiel 4th

Flemington (RAIL +4M)


1.h2 Hanchi 2.h1 Zulfigar 3.h4 Hedged 4.h8 Akicita  

Hedged 1st/$2.70/$1.40, Hanchi 2nd/$2.60; Quinella/$11.80; Exacta/$16.40

MR2. 1.h7 Fawkner Park 2.h2 Young Werther 3.h6 Normandy Bridge 4.h4 Bermadez 

Young Werther 1st/$2.30/$1.60, Fawkner Park 4th

MR3. 1.h5 Vivy Air 2.h2 Scully 3.h8 Pitchouli Dream 4.h1 Scheelite 

Vivy Air(0.4L) 2nd/$3.80


1.h1 Rue De Royale 2.h4 Aardvark 3.h3 Traffic Warden 4.h7 Evaporate  

Traffic Warden 1st/$5/$1.70, Rue De Royale 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$6.70; Exacta/$14.60

MR5. 1.h1 Imperatriz 2.h6 Magic Time 3.h8 Benedetta 4.h10 Master Fay  

Imperatriz(1.3L) 2nd/$1.60, Benedetta 4th

MR6. 1.h5 Autumn Angel 2.h6 Mollynickers 3.h8 So Glamerous 4.h4 Grinzinger Belle h1 Serasana  

Autumn Angel 1st/$4.80/$1.90, Mollyknickers 3red/$1.90


  1. Savannah Cloud 2. Amendable 3.h7 Windstorm 4.h10 Von Hauke 

Von Hauke 1st/$8/$2.80, Amenable 2nd/$1.30, Savannah Cloud 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$32; Quinella/$4.80; Exacta/$15.20

MR8. 1.h5 Running By 2.h6 Foxy Cleopatra 3.h3 Unusual Culture 4.h7 Belle Savoir

Running By(0.5L) 2nd/$1.80, Foxy Cleopatra 3rd/$1.90

                                                         OUR BEST

BR5 H1 PLUNDERING($5) Been in consistent form without winning but we think today is his chance to win. Barrier 3 will go forward most likely lead. The claims is ideal. Loves the track and distance and is adept in all conditions. Huge chance. 

PLUNDERING($4.60); 13th beaten 8.5L, he sat just on speed but found nothing. The winner ran blistering time in 1.08.1 too fast for this galloper. As it was he ran 1.09.6. consistent but finds it hard to win. NO EXCUSES.

SR7 H6 ESPIONA($3.20) A great return in the Lightning when steaming home. Even better second up and the trip is ideal. Loves the track and reckon she can give the fav a bit of a scare here. J Mac aboard is a huge bonus. Will be steaming home. 

ESPIONA($2.45); 3rd/n.t.d. beaten 1.4L, gallant but she hung in again under pressure when it counted.

MR4 H1 RUE DE ROYALE($3.20) Ran home strongly in the Blue Diamond running great times. Racing like the 1400m will suit. Hopefully can sit a touch closer here from barrier 2 and with B Shinn aboard is a bonus. Well placed.  

RUE DE ROYALE($3.70); 2nd/$1.50 place beaten 1.8L, strung up for a while in the straight but the winner did win easily.

SUMMARY: One placing in our best last week so we will be trying to make up for that this week! Lets dive straight into the action and talk about the Guineas and Militirize($2.30) can get the win here. Ran well first up behind Fangirl when charging home late. Is good second up and track and distance suits. Target race and looks on track to run well again. Encap($9) has been racing against some good horses ever since his first start. Raced wide without cover and still stuck on gamely. The step up to the 1600m is ideal and looks a target race will be in it for a long way. Tom Kitten($6.50) is doing what Tom Kitten does and that’s run on. Will most likely be out the back and running home strongly again. Ganbare($19) would of benefited heaps from that first up run. Is great second up and track and distance suits. Can surprise at big odds. Imperatiz($2.50) looks the one to beat in the Newmarket with her first up win being very impressive being exposed for a long way and fighting off all challenges. Magic Time($7) loves the straight and the distance and is great first up. Is a group 1 winner and will be there when the whips are cracking. Benadetta($16) is a honest black type mare who loves the track and distance. Is great second up and will be charging home with 52kgs. Master Fay($31) is a good unbeaten kiwi sprinter who powered away last start. If he handles the straight can give the race a shake up! The races are starting at 945am AEST in Melbounre due to the insane heat and only 8 races as well. An absolute cracking days racing with the big guns out and about, going to be a great spectacle indeed! On that exciting note GOOD LUCK to all members having a crack today and we all know racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$