Flemington 7/11/23 TRACK GOOD

MR1. 1. h5 Catoggio 2. h1 Admitted 3. h4 Blue Stratum 4. h2 Dublin Down

MR2. 1. h7 Mr. Maestro 2. h1 Pounding 3. h6 Lord Vladivostok 4. h8 River Cyclone

MR3. 1. h2 Aztec Star 2. h7 Warmonger 3. h4 Natural Deduction 4. h3Binotto

MR4. 1. 4 Jewel Bay 2. h1 Barber 3. h3 Stanislaus 4. h8 Revalene

MR5. 1. h7 Supagirl 2. h3 Waterville 3. h3 Wahine Toa 4. h13 Command Drift

MR6. 1. h9 Platinum Wolf 2. h3 Prince Jofra 3. h2 Glint Of Siver 4. h1 Love Tap

MR7. 1. h3 Without A Fight 2. h12 Daquiansweet Junior 3. h1 Gold Trip 4. h7 Absurde, h8 Right You Are

MR8. 1. h4 Facile 2. h10 Joliestar 3. h13 Commemorative 4. h1 Azula, h3 Kimochi 

MR9. 1. h6 Wollombi 3. h2 Skew Wiff 3. h1 Madamme Pommery 4. h3 Revolutionary Miss, h8 La Dansuese Rouge

MR10. 1. h16 Chorlton Lane 2. h15 Substantial 3. h14 Robusto 4. h3 Chicago Storm, h8 Rise Of The Masses


CUP: Without A Fight($7) this horse has acclimatised big time culminating in the Caulfield Cup win. He wintered brilliantly in Queensland and we think you will see a different finish this year at the end of the 3200m. Daquiansweet Junior($91) he can stay this horse and his run last start was promising. He ran extremely well last year after being given an absolute gut buster the start before. Gold Trip($7.50) in great form and hits the line hard primed to perfection for this. Absurde($10) good win last start and drops 7.5kgs here. Vauban did beat him by 7 but in a slowly run race they won’t be running along at that pace here.He will stay all day. Right You Are($26) good run in the Caulfield Cup left in front early. He likes to race on the speed and if he can run the 3200m just might give them some stick at the distance. Vauban($4.20) seems to be the horse they all want. Tricky fields today but let’s hope we have cracked it for a nice result. “GOOD LUCK” to all members having a crack and  cheers Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$