Tips 16th September 2023

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Eagle Farm Races ( Rail +2M)

BR1. 1. h9 Lolly Yeats 2. h12 Bedford Square 3. h13 Kind Wish 4. h7 Tenzing

Lolly Yeats(0.3L) 2nd/$1.90, Tenzing 3rd/$1.70


1. h2 Chernak 2. h4 Ostermeier 3. h6 Mighty Willie 4. h1 Galifianakis

Ostermeier 1st/$10.80/$4.30, Chernak 2nd/$1.50, Mighty Willie 3rd/n.t.d., Galifianakis 4th; First4/$312.90; Trifecta/$82; Quinella/$9; Exacta/$30.80


1. h9 Poetic Drama 2. h11 Simply Refuse 3. h1 Chickertartie 4. h6 Twice On Sunday

Poetic Drama 1st/$3.80/$1.50, Twice On Sunday 2nd/$3.70, Simply Refuse 4th; Quinella/$30.90; Exacta/$47.40


1.h8 Naval Trader 2. h9 Dark Harmony 3. h7 Cusack 4. h4 Gaius

Dark Harmony 1st/$5.10/$1.70, Naval Trader 2nd/$2.20, Cusack 3rd/$3.30; Trifecta/$55.90; Quinella/$4.10; Exacta/$13.10

BR5. 1.h 4 Holstein 2. h7 Menazzi 3. h8 Aqua Alta 4. h2 Wairere Falls

Menazzi 3rd/$2.50, Aqua Alta 4th


1. h12 Uno Artie 2. h7 Baristasista 3. h2 Dragon Miss 4. h4 Le Melody

Le Melody 1st/$5.10/$2.10, Gragon Miss 2nd/$4.50, Baristasista 4th; Quinella/$51.70; Exacta/$82.30

BR7. 1. h2 Rothgo 2. h3 Show Me Mercy 3. h11 Instagood 4. h1 Miss Coota, h4 Minto D’oro

Instagood 1st/$15/$2.40, Show No Mercy 3rd/$1.20, Royhgo 4th


1. h2 Gemelon Bolt 2. h7 Hold On Honey 3. h3 Hard To Say 4. h8 Nashira

Hard To Say 1st/$3,30/$1.40, Hold On Honey 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$5.80; Exacta/$9.20


1. h9 Star Of Chaos 2. h5 Canadian Dancer 3. h11 Vinimile 4. h1 Indespensable, h3 The Ritz

Canadian Dancer 1st/$8.30/$2.20, Indespensable 2nd/$3.90, Star Of Chaos 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta/$568.20; Quinella/$89.80; Exacta/$163.20

MAIN QUADDIE: Le Melody/ Instagood/ Hard To Say/ Canadian Dancer: DIVI/$1,712.40

Randwick Races ( Rail + 7M)

SR1. 1. h3 Go Troppo 2. h4 Patrika Mist 3. h6 Socrates 4. h7 Oakfield Redgum



1. h6 Salire 2. h2 Derry Grove 3. h13 Once Again Girl 4. h4 Zaru

Derry Grove 1st/$4.40/$1.80, Once Again Girl 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$11.80

SR3. 1. h9 Gan Teorainn 2. h6 Mystery Shot 3. h10 Strait Acer 4. h7 Kiss The Bride

Strait Acer $2.20/$1.70, Gan Teorainn 3rd/n.t.d.

SR4. 1. h10 Ivan’s Hero 2. h1 Altivo 3. h4 Holymanz 4. h7 Strombus

Ivan’s Hero(0.88L) 2nd/$3.90

SR5. 1.h4 Montefilia 2. h2 Major Beel 3. h7 Protagonist 4. h16 Just Fine

Just Fine 1st/$3.30/$1.80, Montefilia 3rd/$1.80, Protagonist 4th


1.h1 Tiz Invincible 2. h3 Kimochi 3. h7 August Bloom 4. h5 Platinum Jubilee

Tiz Invincible 1st/$3.20/$1.60, Kimochi 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$4.40; Exacta/$9.60


1.h1 Think It Over 2. h2 Zaaki 3. h9 Fangirl 4. h4 My Oberon, h11 Hinged

Think It Over 1st/$5.20/$1.80, Zaaki 2nd/$1.40, Fangirl 3rd/$1.40, My Oberon 4th; First4/$454.40; Trifecta/$34.20; Quinella/$7.50; Exacta/$17.20

SR8. 1.h7 Remarque 2. h5 In Secret 3. h9 Hawaii Five Oh 4. h1 Private Eye, h3 Lost And Running

Private Eye 1st/$12.40/$3.80, In Secret 4th

SR9. 1.h8 Tamerlane 2. h11 Olienta 3. h1 Converge 4. h5 Irish Songs, h16 Rediener

Rediener 1st/$8.50/$2.70, Converge 4th


1.h17 Pioneer River 2. h6 Kibou 3. h9 Kayobi 4. h2 Pizarro, h20 Garza Blanca 

Kibou 1st/$2.30/$1.40, Garza Blanca 2nd/$1.80, Kayobi 3rd/$2.90, Pioneer River 4th; First4/$336.60; Trifecta/$46.70,; Quinella/$4; Exacta/$7.60

MAIN QUADDIE: Think It Over/ Private Eye/ Rediener/ Kibou: DIVI/$1,441.80

Flemington Races (Rail True)

MR1. 1. h5 Our Last Cash 2. h2 Cause For Concern 3. h11 For Real Life 4. h7 Colsridge (h18 Skidamarink)

Our Last Cash 1st/$9/$3, Cause For Concern 3rd/$2.70, Colsridge 4th

MR2. 1.h10 United Nations 2. h8 Shaijhar 3. h1 Serpentine 4. h2 Interpretation

United Nations 3rd/$2.20, Serpentine 4th

MR3. 1.h2 Antino 2. h4 Kalino 3. h3 Detonator Jack 4. h5 Nicolino Vito

Kalino 1st/$7/$1.90, Detonator Jack 3rd/$1.50, Antino 4th

MR4. 1.h1 I Am Unstoppable 2. h3 King’s Gambit 3. h5 Maharba 4. h7 Lakota Fire

I Am Unstoppable(0.5L) 2nd/$2.10, King’s Gambit 3rd/$1.30

MR5. 1.h15 Legacies 2. h5 Gangitano 3. h1 Le Zebra 4. h3 Introducing


MR6. 1.h 3 Skirt The Law 2. h15 Estriella 3. h5 Appin Girl 4. h8 Stretan Angel

Stretan Angel(0.2l) 2nd/$2.30, Skirt The Law 3rd/$1.80


1.h2 Alligator Blood 2. h1 Mr. Brightside 3. h7 Princess Grace 4. h5 Francesco Guardi

Mr.Brightside 1st/$1.85/$1.30, Alligator Blood 2nd/$1.80, Princess Grace 4th; Quinella/$2.40; Exacta/$4.20

MR8. 1.h6 Wrote To Arataki 2. h1 Amelia’s Jewel  3. h2 See You In Heaven 4. h5 Foxy Frida, h7Papillion Club

Amelia’s Jewel 1st/$1.95/$1.40, See You In Heaven 4th


1.h8 Benedetta 2. h1 King Of Sparta 3. h5 Star Patrol 4. h4 It’sourtime, h10 Najem Suhail

Star Patrol 1st/$4.60/$1.90, King Of sparta 2nd/$1.90, Benedetta 3rd/$1.40, It’sourtime First4/$239.90; Trifecta/$54.50; Quinella/$12; Exacta/$24.30

MR10. 1.h9 Flash Flood 2. h10 Devoted 3. h3 Makram 4. h11 Suizuiro, h16 Carini

Carini 1st/$2.90/$1.50. FLASH FLOOD SCR.

MAIN QUADDIE/ Mr. Brightside/ Amelia’s Jewel/ Star Patrol/ Carini: DIVI/$119.90

                                                         OUR BEST

BR5 H4 HOLSTEIN($4); this horse is in great form in and around BM class. He does prefer to race on the speed and from gate 3 one would think he could achieve that. The distance is his forte and the track no issue. Good chance again.

HOLSTEIN($5); 6th beaten 2.98L, thought he had a beaut run in transit. Presented in the straight but just idled to the line. Every chance.

BR8 H2 GEMELON BOLT($17); third run in now for this horse and will be ready to roll. He loves to race right on the speed and drops a kilo from last start in the same grade. Track and distance ideal and the drier the better. Great odds.

GEMELON BOLT($17-$41); last beaten 6.88L, blew like a Sou’wester in the betting and ran accordingly. Nothing in the Stewards report but was eased down last 50m.


SR10 H17 PIONEER RIVER($10); great draw (4) to be up humming along behind the leaders. He really relishes dry conditions and the distance perfect. Very consistent without winning but today might just be his time. A very fit racehorse.

PIONEER RIVER($10 – $19); 4th beaten 1.73L, also got the wobbly boot in the betting but led and certainly looked a realistic place chance until the last 5om.

SUMMARY: the Makybe Diva Group1 WFA and Alligator Blood ($3.80) will be hard to run down here. He is super tough to beat when allowed to dictate terms and has an almighty kick at the distance. Mr. Brightside ($1.80) will be lurking just off the pace and we know what he can do the last 50m. Princess Grace ($4.80) was a tad unlucky last start when probably in the wrong part of the track (inside) she will be getting home hard. Francesco Guardi ($31) is a chance to power home here off a good speed. Race 7 Randwick the WFA 7 Stakes and think It Over ($5.50) gets his turn today. He should sit in the top 4 in running and get home over them. Zaaki ($3.60) great horse who is always a chance on speed. Fangirl ($2.70) huge win last start from well back and she will race the same today . My Oberon ($23) is a chance here second up and will be getting home hard here from well back. Hinged ($10) could lead them here and is always competetive. Huge day of racing once again down south so plenty to look for going for the future.  “GOOD LUCK” to all members having a punt today and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$