Tips 2nd September 2023

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, CaulfieldTrack Good

Eagle Farm Races ( Rail True)


1.h4 Planned Encounter 2. h1 Adelad 3. h6 Totspur 4. h5 Capital Cee

Adelad 1st/$4.50/$1.70, Capital Cee 2nd/$2.30, Planned Encounter 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$68.20; Quinella/$9.10; Exacta/$19.90


1.h5 Baristasista 2. h7 Jayanthi 3. h8 Kir Royale 4. h1 Avalonte

Kir Royale 1st/$1.90/$1.40, Jayanthi 2nd/$1.90, Baristasista 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$19.80; Quinella/$2.30; Exacta/$5


1. h7 Heleva Deel 2. h3 Better Not Bitter 3. h6 Full Press 4. h12 Kind Wish

Heleva Deel 1st/$3.10/$1.60, Kind Wish 2nd/$2.10, Better Not Bitter 4th; Quinella/$8; Exacta/$15.20


1.h2 Chernak 2. h4 Cash Me 3. h6 Top Boy 4. h5 Coup De Tronnerre

Chernak 1st/$4.60/$1.70, Top Boy 2nd/$1.90, Coup De Tonnerre 3rd/1.90; Trifecta/$87.70; Quinella/$10; Exacta/$19.10


1.h1 Miss Coota 2. h5 Minto’s D’oro 3. h2 Ocean’s Of Treaty 4. h9 Instagood

Minto’s D’oro 1st/$7.40/$2, Instagood 3rd/$3.80, Ocean’s Of Treaty 4th

EARLY QUADDIE: Kir Royale/ Heleva Deel/ Chernak/ Minto’s D’oro; DIVI/$397.20


1.h10 Never Say Nay 2. h4 Hold On Honey 3. h11 Nashira 4. h1 Superare, h16 Lucifer’s Loot

Nashira 1st/$2.50/$1.30, Never Say Nay 2nd/$3.40, Hold On Honey 4th; Quinella/$18.20; Exacta/$24.50


1.h2 All That Pizzazz 2. h1 Ned’s Gully 4. h10 Zarastro 4. h3 Mass Destruction

Zarastro 1st/$2.30/$1.50, All That Pizzazz 2nd/$1.60, Mass Destruction 4th; Quinella/$4.80; Exacta/$7.70

BR8. 1.h1 Cepheus 2. h7 Williamsburg 3. h9 Animate 4. h5 Fender,h6 Looks Like Elvis

Animate 3rd/$5.70, Williamsburg 4th


1.h6 Our Magnus 2. h8 Winston Smurfhill 3. h13 Star Of Gomer 4. h10 Star Of Chaos

Star Of Chaos 1st/$6.60/$2.70, Shar Of Gomer 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$22.60; Exacta/$41.20

Randwick Races ( rail + 4M)

SR1. 1. h3 Backrower 2. h1 Strait Acer 3. h7 Ningaloo Star 4. h13 Stars And Bars

Strait Acer 1st/$4.70/$1.90, Stars And Bars 3rd/$2.50, Backrower 4th

SR2. 1.h4 Sungblue 2. h9 Atmospheric Rock 3. h14 Centre Bounce 4. h7 Supido Beauty

Atmospheric Rock 4th

SR3. 1.h11 Dancing Alone 2. h10 Tintookie 3. h4 Waverider Buoy 4. h2 Rainbiel

Waverider Buoy 1st/$5.40/$1.90, Tintookie 4th

SR4. 1.h12 Tarazal 2. h4 Mission Phoenix 3. h6 Perfect Thought 4. h8 Logan Street Lion

Tazaral(2.63L) 2nd/$1.70, Logan Street Lion 3rd/$2.50

SR5. 1.h1 5 Military Mission 2. h13 Mostly Cloudy 3. h4 Serpentine 4. h10 Verona

Serpentine(2.44L) 2nd/$2.20, Verona 3rd/$2.10


1.h5 Kimochi 2. h3 Tiz Invincible 3. h2 Autumn Ballet 4. h4 Platinum Jubilee 

Tiz Invincible 1st/$5.20/$2.10, Kimochi 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$9.80; Exacta/$23.20


1.h1 Nature Strip 2. h3 Eduardo 3. h5 In Secret 4. h6 Bella Nipotina, h9 Remarque

Remarque 1st/$5/$1.70, In Secret 2nd/$1.40, Bella Nipotina 3rd/$1.80, Eduardo 4th; First4/$223.40; Trifecta/$68; Quinella/$10.60; Exacta/$21.90

SR8. 1.h1 Think It Over 2. h11 Montefillia 3. h8 Major Beel 4. h3 Knight’s Order 4. h2 Mo’unga

Major Beel(0.42L) 2nd/$5.80, Think It Over 3rd/$1.40

SR9. 1.h15 Democracy Manifest 2. h4 Pericles 3. h16 Olienta 4. h9 Zeyrek, h12 Hope In Your Heart

Pericles 1st/$4.50/$1.80, Hope In Your Heart 3rd/$2.30, Zeyrek 4th


1.h10 Pereille 2. h8 Garza Blanca 3. h4 Time To Boogie 4. h2 For Valour, h15 Saltcoats

Garza Blanca 1st/$2.80/$1.70, Pereille 2nd/$1.70, Time To Boogie 4th; Quinella/$5.80; Exacta/$9.80

Caulfield Races (Rail True)


1.H5 Boh Rhap 2.h2 Aspen Colorado 2. h6 Eye Of The Eagle 4. h8 Seb Song

Seb Song 1st/$13/$3.50, Aspen Colorado 2nd/$2, Boh Rhap 4th; Quinella/$31.50; Exacta/$73.20

MR2. 1.h2 Chorlton Lane 2. h13 Maktoob 3. h16 Presser 4. h10 Blow In

Chorlton Lane(0.1L) 2nd/$1.80, Presser 4th

MR3. 1.h5 Beour Bay 2. h2 Belle Et Riche 3. h1 Reo 4. h8 Nunthorpe

Nunthorpe 1st/$3.70/$1.50, Beour Bay 3rd/$2.30, Belle Et Riche 4th

MR4. 1.h2 Court Deep 2. h11 Affordable 3. h3 The Nephew 4. h12 Chandon Burj

Chandon Burj(4.5L) 2nd/$3.10, Affordable 4th


1.h1 Little Brose 2. h3 Veight 3. h12 Legacies 4. h7 Coincide

Veight 1st/$5.50/$2, Legacies 2nd/$1.80, Little Brose 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$69.70; Quinella/$12.90; Exacta/$26.30

MR6. 1.h5 Buster Bash 2. h2 Emissary 3. h17 Junipal 4. h11 Sir Lucan



1.h2 Parisal 2. h3 Papillon Club 3. h7 Benedetta 4. h9 Cest Magique

Benedetta 1st/$3.20/$1.40, Parisal 2nd/$1.30, C’est Magique 4th; Quinella/$2.50; Exacta/$5.80

MR8. 1.h2 Kallos 2. h1 Ingratiating 3. h12 Sigh 4. h5 Masked Crusader, h6 Asfoora

Asfoora 1st/$2.80/$1.50, Ingratiating 3rd/$3.50


1.h13 Princess Grace 2.h2 I Wish I Win 3. h3 Alligator Blood 4. h1 Mr. Brightside, h5 Aegon

Mr. Brightside 1st/$2.70/$1.40, Princess Grace 2nd/$2.10, I Wish I Win 3rd/$1.70, Alligator Blood 4th; First4/$168.40; Trifecta/$49; Quinella/$8.70; Exacta/$15.30

MR10. 1.h14 Devoted 2. h7 Kalino 3. h15 Let’srollthedice 4. h6 Ascension

Devoted 1st/$2.80/$1.40, Kalino 3rd/$2.60

                                                         OUR BEST

BR4 H2 CHERNAK($5.50): one thing we know about this horse is he is fit. This track and distance is no issue and he handles Good and Soft tracks. Up 4 kegs here but the same class as last start and this is an average race. Will get back but winding up strongly.

CHERNAK($4.60); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! beautiful ride this one. He settled back and saved every blade of grass on the fence challenged at thye distance. Bolted in GIDDYUP!!!

BR7 H2 ALL THAT PIZZAZZ($4.80): Had a great prep last time with 2 wins and seems to have come back in the same vein. He enjoys the track and distance and handles all conditions. From gate 1 he should be able to sit right on the speed. Will be there when the whips are cracking.

ALL THAT PIZZAZZ($4.80); 2nd/$1.60 place beaten 2L,nice drop[ behind the leader. Made a play in the straight but found winner too good on the day.

SR9 H15 DEMOCRACY MANIFEST($26): this horse is a pistol first up. He improved last prep class wise and certainly relishes the track. To Group 2 now but the Tramway is a race that will suit this horse. He will rally midfield and steam home late. Good each way chance.

DEMOCRACY MANIFEST($26); 10th beaten 3.29L, got a long way back and made some nice ground late. We will follow.

SUMMARY: Huge day of racing with the Group1 Memsie WFA over 1400M what a race with most of the big guns on parade. We have settled for Princess Grace($7.50) her first up run in the Winx G1 was a beauty and she is unbeaten 2nd up. Drawn to get a beaut run just off the pace, she is quality and will be chiming in big time at the distance. I Wish IWin($4.60) came on big time last prep and he will be getting home hard from well back. Races extremely well fresh. Alligator Blood($5) if he had drawn a gate would have been our first pick but he might have to do a bit from 14. But if he gets an easy lead they will find it hard to run him down. Mr. Brightside($3) brilliant first up but he too has drawn wide. Likes to possie just off. Aegon ($31) is a Group horse in his own right excels 2nd up nice 1st 4’s chance. What a great race. The Concorde G2 and Nature Strip ($2.30) is back he will probably take a sit behind the other old boy in Eduardo($5) and they just might fight it out. Bella Nipotina($8.50) is good fresh and handles all conditions. She does race closer to the speed fresh could be the one. In Secret($4) and Remarque($6) next best. Super day of racing down south and races are loaded with chances so some nice value will be on offer. To members from next week our tips on site will be available every Saturday at 9.30am Queensland time. “GOOD LUCK” to all members having a punt today and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$