Tips 22nd July 2023

Doomben Track Soft 5 drying conditions, Rosehill Track Good, Caulfield Track Good

Doomben Races

BR1. 1.h4 Star Act 2. h6 Rich Minx 3. h5 Five Star Vixen 4. h3 Kitri

Kitri 1st/$23/$3.70, Star Act 4th

BR2. 1.h8 Chayse ‘N’ Artie 2. h3 Master Marko 3. h4 Tea Leaves 4. h9 Piraeus

Chayse ‘N’ Artie 1st/$2.80/$1.30

BR3. 1.h7 Atlantic Eagle 2. h3 Otyrar 3. h1 Mississippi Prince 4. h4 Stuck With You

Stuck With You 1st/$8.90/$3.80, Mississippi Prince 3rd/n.t.d., Otyrar 4th

BR4. 1. h6 Inasec 2. h3 Reliable Ruby 3. h5 Miss Barty 4. h10 Field Wiri

Inasec 1st/$2.40/$1.70, Reliable Ruby 3rd/$1.90, Field Wiri 4th

BR5. 1.h3 Seleque 2. h10 Aqua Alta3. h2 Ashgrove 4. h8 Kaiberry

Seleque 1st/$4.70/$1.90, Ashgrove 3rd/$1.60

EARLY QUADDIE; Chayse ‘N’ Artie/Stuck With You/Inasec/Seleque; DIVI/$384.20


1. h7 Vodka Martini 2. h3 Matilly 3. h1 Jemeldi 4. h10 Simbu, h4 Redzoust

Vodka Martini 1st/$1.70/$1.20, Jemeldi 2nd/$4.90, Matilly 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$145.60; Quinella/$29.20; Exacta/$32.30


1. h16 Uncle Russ 2. hOrbisyn 3. h12 Ready For Anything 4. h13 Sidearm, h14 Thelwell

Orbisyn 1st/$6.80/$3.10, Thelwell 2nd/$3.50; Quinella/$47.60; Exacta/$80.40

BR8. 1.h3 Boneparte 2. h10 Sir Warwick 3. h6 Snowzone 4. h2 Roman Aureus, h7 Salateen

Boneparte 1st/$24.60/$4.40, Salateen 3rd/$1.90, Snwzne 4th


BR9. 1.h17 Wolf Moon 2. h14 Enterprise Mia 3. h2 Release The Beans 4. h15 Hokakey

Release The Beans 1st/$4.40/$2, Enterprise Mia 3rd/$4.80

MAIN QUADDIE; Vodka Martini/ Orbisyn/Boneparte/Release The Beans; DIVI/$2,287.50

Rosehill Races

SR1. 1.h13 Tinka’s Lad 2. h2 Soami 3. h10 Sumo Star 4. h5 Different Strokes

Soami 1`st/$8.90/$2.90, Different Strokes 3rd/$5.40


1.h3 Fukubana 2. h1 Inhibitions 3. h10 Taormina 4. h7 Le Chocolat

Taorima 1st/$2.80/$1.40, Fukubana 2nd/$1.80, Inhibitions 3rd/$1.40, Le Chocolat 4th; First4/$ 178.40; Trifecta/$23.80; Quinella/$6.80; Exacta/$12

SR3. 1.h3 Seahaven 2. h8 Barradas 3. h7 Burradana 4. h15 Allgemeine

Burrandana(0.49L) 2nd/$1.50, Barradas 4th

SR4. 1.h4 Wahine Toa 2. h1 Manbehindthemoney 3. h3 So United 4. h8 Whangaehu

So United(0.2L) 2nd/$1.80, Whangaehu 4th

SR5. 1.h2 Brudenell 2. h4 Huon 3. h7 Givara 4. h2 So Good So Cool

Brudenell(0.14L) 2nd/$1.50, Givara 3rd/n.t.d.

SR6. 1.h2 Waverider Buoy 2. h6 Acappella Sun 3.h5 Xtra Gear 4. h3 Lady Brook

Waverider Buoy(0.22L) 2nd/$1.90, Acappella Sun 4th

SR7. 1.h2 Chorlton Lane 2. h13 Howgoodareyou3. h1 Token Capitalist 4. h8 Sweysive

Howgoodareyou(0.25L) 2nd/$2.70, Token Capitalist 3rd/$2.40, Chorlton Lane 4th


1.h4 Bonny Ezra 2. h3 Hosier 3. h4 Resonator 4. h12 Barbie’s Fox, h15 Semana

Barbie’s Fox 1st/$6.20/$2.20, Hosier 2nd/$4.20; Quinella/$47.70; Exacta/$95.30


1. h1 Zethus 2. h6 Conscript 3. h4 Dragonstne 4. h8 Omni Man

Omni Man 1st/$1.80/$1.20, Dragonstone 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$5.90; Exacta/$7.10


SR10. 1.h6 Glint Of Silver 2. h10 Garrison 3. h12 He’s Our Bonneval 4. h1 Much Much Better, h14 Kingsheir

Much Much Better(0.39L) 2nd/$1.80, He’s Our Bonneval 3rd/$1.70

Caulfield Races


1.h9 Sensical 2. h10 Wolfy 3. h4 Ouroboros 4. h1 Gangitano

Ouuroboros 1st/$8.30/$3, Wolfy 2nd/$1.90, Sensical 4th; Quinella/$22.30; Exacta/$51

MR2. 1.h3 Moreforlex 2. h2 King’s Crossing 3. h2 Gottabesavvy 4. h7 Daddy Frank

Moveforalex 1st/$3.50/$1.50, Gottabesavvy 3rd/$2

MR3. 1. h7 Royal Crown 2. h4 Ferago 3. h1 Rolls 4. h3 Teewaters

Teewaters 1st/$4.80/$2.70, Ferago 3rd/n.t.d., Rolls 4th

MR4. 1. 8 Mollynickers 2. h1 Eugenius 3. h4 Inexorable 4. h9 Balgowan 

Mollynickers 1st/$1.70/$1.20, Eugenius 3rd/$1.80

MR5. 1.h10 Morvader 2. h1 Beour Boy 3. h8 Versillia 4. h16 Impending Shadow

Beour Boy(0.2L) 2nd/$2.30, Impending Shadow 4th

MR6. 1.h1 Kin 2. h3 Charmed Run 3. h2 Cotel 4. h9 Tycoon Jenny

Tycoon Jenny(1L) 2nd/$2.40, Cotel 3rd/$1.60, Kin 4th

MR7. 1.h6 Va Via 2. h2 Validated 3. h10 Immortality 4. h4 Angry Skies

Va Via 1st/$2.80/$1.50, Immortality 4th

MR8. 1. h5 Mnementh 2. h7 Nicolini Vito 3. h4 Ingratiating 4. 6 It’sourtime, h8 Windstorm

Ingratiating 1st/$4.40/$1.70, It’sourtime 3rd/$1.70, Nicolini Vito 4th


1.h1 St. Lawrence 2. h5 Polanco 3. h11 Scantoon 4. h17 First Mate

St. Lawrence 1st/$1.80/$1.20, Scantoon 2nd/$1.70, First Mate 4th; Quinella/$4.20; Exacta/$6.60

                                                         OUR BEST

MR8 H5 MNEMENTH($6); good win last start when he led all the way. Could do the same here or take a sit behind  Starlight Scope if she takes it up. This is his best distance and he handles all conditions. Williams will have him humming at the distance.

MNEMENTH($7); 6th beaten 3.2L), sat 3 wide on leaders hammer and never looked like winning.

SR8 H1 ZETHUS($6.50); this horse runs his best races when ridden just on the speed. He is in pretty well here after the claim and relishes the track and the distance. Handles good and soft tracks. Should be extremely fit 4th run back hard to beat.

ZETHUS($5); 6th beaten 3.67L, as we said this horse races best on speed. Eased at the start never clear at any stage no momentum. Choices?

SR10 H6 GLINT OF SILVER($10); good filly who was in great form last prep winning a Group 2. She certainly relishes racing on the speed and the distance should be ideal 1st up. 

GLINT OF SILVER($14); 6th beaten 3.39L, she sat just behind the leaders and looked a place chance at the distance. Condition gave out but she tried hard.

SUMMARY: one placing in Our Best last week with all having their chance. Only the one race this week ,race 8 at Rosehill the Winter Stakes and Bonny Ezra($19) might be the smokey here. He ran super first up for 4th behind Ucalledit beaten less than a length, usually goes better 2nd up. He will be getting home hard. Hosier($16) from gate 3 will probably take it up and had no luck 1st up. Prefers soft but it is a winter track and might just be hard to run down. Resonator($5) racing well in BM races and also likes to be on the speed. Barbie’s Fox($5.50) was a decent run last start when 4th in the same grade and the same weight, she will get back. Semana($3.70) next best. This race is a lottery but Bonny might just steam home over the top. The rail was out 11M at Randwick last week and it’s a railathon again today with Rosehill out 7M, Caulfield 6M and Doomben 3M. We don’t second guess how the track will play with the rail out and usually have a bo- peep at the first couple of races to get some sort of profile. Only the 3 in Our Best this week with plenty of value. An absolute cracking winters day her on the Goldie so on that note “GOOD LUCK” to all Members and Followers having a punt today and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$