Caulfield Races 12/10/22 Track Soft (another downgrade likely still raining)

MR1. 1. h6 Ferarri Man 2. h1 Rediener 3. h4 Watadeel 4. h7 Powerful Eagle

MR2. 1. h3 Verimili 2. h8 Kissinger 3. h9 *Port Phillip 4.h5 Caboche (*Herman Hesse l.scr.)

MR3. 1. h1 ***Yonkers 2. h6 Glint Of Hope 3. h13 Gunstock 4. h9 *Paternal (*Thought Of That l.scr.)

MR4. 1. h5 Pounding 2. h4 White Marlin 3. h7 Aesop 4. h8 Cerberus

MR5. 1. h1 Kiss Me If You Can 2. h6 Drop the Mic 3. h8 Corona Lad 4. h14 Minyinga

MR6. 1. h7 Munhamek 2. h14 *So Risque 3. h2 *Tobilicious 4. h9 Paper Boy (*Nugget l.scr. *He’s Our Bonneval l.scr. Minsk Moment l. scr.))

MR7. 1. h3 Lofty Strike 2. h5 Economics 3. h8 Grand Impact 4. h1 Daumier, h6 *Shalailed (*Greece l.scr.)

MR8. 1. h4 Boogie Dancer 2. h3 She’s Licketysplit 3. h5 North Star Lass 4. h1 Russian Conquest, h10 Tajneed

MR9. 1. h2 Elusive Express 2. h1 Daisies 3.h7 Foxy Frida 4.h9 *Dynasties (*Sirileo Miss out) (Roots l.scr.)