Tips Results 24th September 2022

Toowoomba Track Good, Rosehill Track Soft, Mornington Track Soft, Sandown Track Soft

Toowoomba Races


  1. h9 Self Indulgent 2. h5 American Saint 3. h4 Ingear 4. h3 Zaiteke

Self Indulgent 1st $1.70/$1.20, Zaiteke 3rd/$3.40


  1. h5 Uncle Russ 2, h2 Dollop 3. h6 Xerri 4. h10 Funny Money

Xerri 3rd/$4.60, Funny Money 4th


  1. h8 Bedaub 2. h3 Mishani Cruise 3. h1 Felix The Scat 4. h11 Russian Alliance

Bedaub 1st $5.70/$2.20, Russian Alliance 4th


  1. h2 Altar Boy 2. h4 Demon Delivera 3. h8 Madame Odette 4. h1 Cocobrew Express

Madame Odette 1st $4.70/$1.80, Demon Delivera 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$20.40; Exacta/$33.20

BR5.   FIRST 4

  1. h9 Goldeel 2. h1 Don’t Stop 3. h12 Sheppy 4. h2 Couldn’t Refuse

Couldn’t Refuse 1st $18.60/$4.60, Don’t Stop 2nd/$4, Goldeel 3rd/$2.30, Sheppy 4th; First4/$16,938.00; Trifecta/$866.20; Quinella/$64.50; Exacta/$134.30


  1. h3 Matowatakpe 2. h12 Ravaged Reward 3. h6 Ulysses 4. h11 Rubamos

Rubamos 1st $2.60/$1.40, Ulysses 4th


  1. h2 Seat Of Power 2. h14 Red Wave 3. h12 Welsh Legend 4. h10 Honorable Spirit

Seat Of Power 1st $4.10/$1.70, Red Wave 3rd/$3.40


  1. h2 Emerald Kingdom 2. h3 Flying Crazy 3. h8 Greyworm 4. h7 Bonaparte, h4 Garibaldi

Garibaldi 3rd/$2.30


  1. h8 Manhood 2. h5 Mill Rossa 3. h10 Maya Bay 4. h11 Smart Image , h14 Rejoiced

Maya Bay(1L) 2nd/$4.50, Manhood D.H. 3rd/$1.40

Rosehill Races


  1. h8 Mister Eighty Eight 2. h19 Syrian Star 3. h4 Airliner 4. h9 Radiohead

Mr. Eighty Eight 3rd/$3, Syrian Star 4th


  1. h6 Concocted 2. h2 Oakfield Duke 3. h11 Annulus 4. h10 Cool Lad

Cool Lad 4th


  1. h6 Wicklow 2. h1 Kiss TheBride 3. h2 Alcyone 4. h12 Quality Time

Quality Time 1st $8.10/$2.20, Alcyone 2nd/$2.10, Wicklow 4th; Quinella/$21.50; Exacta/$39


  1. h1 Cadre Du Noir 2. h4 Mohican Heights 3. h3 Groove Ferry 4. h5 Herman Hesse

Groove Ferry 1st $4.40/$2.30, Cadre Du Noir 2nd/$1.90, Herman Hesse 3rd/n.t.d., Mohican Heights 4th; First4/$81.80; Trifecta/$34.80; Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$16


  1. h8 Arctic Thunder 2. h2 Puntura 3. h14 Ita 4. h16 Finepoint

Finepoint 1st $5.20/$2.20


  1. h3 Semillion 2. h9 Opal Ridge 3. h5 Economics 4. h8 Hawaii Five O

Economics 1st $6.10/$2.20, Opal Ridge 2nd/$1.60, Hawaii Five Oh 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$59.40; Quinella/$6.10; Exacta/$14.90


  1. h1 Nimalee 2. h6 Palaisipan 3. h2 Startantes 4. h7 Mirra Vision, h8 Espiona

Nimalee 1st $8.60/$3.10, Palaisipan 2nd/$3.60, Espiona 4th; Quinella/$56.10; Exacta/$109.50


  1. h3 Jacquinot 2. h7 Golden Mile 3. h14 Fireburn 4. h10 Basquiat. h16 In Secret

Jacquinot 1st $7.40/$2.20, In Secret 2nd/$1.30, Golden Mile 4th; Quinella/$7.60; Exacta/$20


  1. h2 Ellsberg 2. h4 Pinarello 3. h11 Old Flame 4. h3 Kirwins Lane, h6 Bigboyroy

Old Flame(0.71L) 2nd/$1.60, Ellsberg 3rd/$1.60, ,Kirwin’s Lane 4th


  1. h1 Tristate 2. h4 Fire 3. h3 A Very Fine Wine 4. h5 Starman, h8 Kipsbay

Fire 4th

Sandown Races (Sunday) & 4 races Mornington Saturday (main quaddie)


  1. h4 Narvaez 2. h6 Tobaysure 3. h2 Sienna’s Express 4. h8 French Emperor

French Emperor 1st $4.80/$1.70, Tobaysure 2nd/$1.60, Narvaez 3rd/$2.50, Sienna’s Express 4th; First4/$222.30; Trifecta/$83.80; Quinella/$7.40; Exacta/$14


  1. h2 Apres Le Mer 2. h5 London Point 3. h4 Niccolite 4. h11 Patrika Gold

Apres Le Mer 1st $5.,50/$2.10


  1. h6 Saracen Knight 2. h7 Harmysian 3. h4 Tiger Tiger 4. h2 Irish Flame

Saracen KNight 1st $3.30/$1.50, Harmtsian 3rd/$1.80


  1. h4 Invincible Jet 2. h6 He’s Xceptional 3. h15 Vultan 4. h17E Rolling Moss, h1 In Tornado Storm




  1. h17E Madrean 2. h10 Delicious Tycoon 3. h8 Arktika 4. h1 Rumble Again

Arktika 3rd/$3


  1. h15 Sandy Prince 2. h7 He’s The Real Deel 3. h13 Pascero 4.h10 Falls

Pascero 1st $5.50/$2.40, He’s The Real Deel 3rd/$7.80


  1. h5 Global Gift 2. h12 Groovy Kinda Love 3. h8 Yukon 4. h5 Pounding

Pounding(2L) 2nd/$2.10


  1. h4 Eliptical 2. h7 Bank Maur 3. h6 Northtern Beaches 4. h11 The Fortune Teller

Bank Maur 1st $4.40/$1.60, The Fortune Teller 2nd/$2.20, Elliptical 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta/$62.20; Quinella/$12.30; Exacta/$24.70


  1. h15 Prince Of Helena 2. h5 Glint Of Hope 3. h16 Lucky Decision 4. h8 Bermadez

Bermadez(0.75L) 2nd/$2


  1. h2 Russian Conquest 2. h5 Portray 3. h4 Waltz On By 4. h3 Clarity, h8 Typhoon Titmus

Waltz On By 1st $4/$1.70, Russian Conquest 4th


  1. h3 Alligator Blood 2. h1 Zaakti 3. h2 I’m Thunderstruck 4. h4 Mr. Brightside

Alligator Blood 1st $8.10/$3.40, Zaaki 3rd/n.t.d., I’m Thunderstruck 4th


  1. h11 Pinstriped 2. h2 Our Playboy 3. h9 Military Express 4. h6 Age Of Chivalry. 12 Gentleman Roy

Gentleman Roy 1st $8.40/$2.60, Military Express 2nd/$1.70, Pinstriped 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$87.10; Quinella/$15.10; Exacta/$36.30


  1. h1 Ayrton 2. h4 I Wish I Win 3. h6 Open Minded 4. h5 Regardsmaree, h10 Gravina

I Wish I Win 1st $1.80/$1.20, Ayrton 2nd/$1.40, Gravina 4th; Quinella/$2.50; Exacta/$3.80;

MAIN QUADDIE: Waltz On By/Alligator Blood/Gentleman Roy/I Wish I Win Divi: $652.10

                                                         OUR BEST 

SR5 H8 ARCTIC THUNDER ($7.50): no luck 1st up and 2nd up was checked in the straight when making a decent run in a very good BM 100. Track and distance suits and she handles all conditions. She will settle midfield and with a little more luck be chiming in big time at the distance.

ARCTIC THUNDER($): 5th beaten 2.09L, 

SR9 H2 ELLSBERG ($3.10): we really expect him to lead today from gate one. He relishes the track and distance and all conditions suit. He has a bit of class on his side.

MR6 H2 RUSSIAN CONQUEST ($5.50): top mnotch filly and as long as the track isn’t heavy a huge chance. Jamie Kah won’t have her too far off the speed and the distance will suit. Super hard to hold out.

RUSSIAN CONQUEST($3.80): 4th beaten 0.4L,

BR6 H3 MATOWATAKPE ($6.50): ready to fire here third up and he should possie up behind the speed again. Distance suits and although he hasn’t won for a while we expect that to change today. Hard to beat.

MATOWATAKPE($4.60): 5th Beaten 3L, just an even run.

BR8 H2 EMERALD KINGDOM ($17): this bloke has always been a good racehorse in these types of races. He is a pistolero 2nd up and distance is ideal here. Where in the run maybe just behind the speed and we love the fact Jimmy Byrne is on a maestro at these out of city tracks. Great price really.

EMERALD KINGDOM($17): LAST BEATEN 10.9l, missed the start hopelessly tacked on then raced 4 wide done and dusted by the corner.

SUMMARY: We broke our mini drought in the Our Best last week when Zuma California scraped in by the proverbial. There was plenty of action for everyone last week in our top 4 with a motza of winners and exotic action all over the place so happy days!!! This week as per our norm. each year we are only doing the last 4 races at Mornington but have the whole programme for the huge Group 1 Sandown meeting on Sunday. Let’s talk about the G1 Underwood a classic WFA contest and we are sticking to Alligator Blood ($8) here. We fully expect him to lead again over the 1800m, he was only nabbed last start right on the line. Clark will rate him to perfection here. Zaaki ($2.60) will be tracking the leader the whole way and I’m Thunderstruck ($3) will be getting home hard along with Mr. Brightside ($5) great race but the Alligator Shuffle might reappear on Sunday (: The Golden Rose for 3 year olds at Rosehill is a super race and we are going with Jacquinot ($7.50) he was ultra impressive winning 1st up and the 1400m will suit perfectly here. He will be steaming home over them at the distance. Golden Mile (6.50) and Fireburn ($8.50) will also be getting home, Golden Mile though will race a little closer than the other one.  InSecret($2.70) and Basquiat ($71) next best in a very tough event. Race 8 Sandown and there is some nice pace in this race which might just allow Pinstriped ($4.20) and Our Playboy ($15) to get over the top in a top notch G3 Quality. We will update Sandown scratchings on Sunday morning. Nimalee ($5.50) R7 Rosehill looks good, gate 16 might be the only thing that can stop her. Insane weekend of racing and Football finals go the Swans and the Rabbits upset the Panthers maybe. Some great value in Our Best this week we are excited so on that euphoric note : GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and as always ” ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$