Tips & Results 11th September 2021

Doomben Track Good, Kembla Grange Track Soft, Flemington Track Good

Doomben Races


  1. h3 Lasting Kiss 2. h2 Dis Dah Wun 3. h7 Shanjomi 4. h9 Mother’s Day

Lasting Kiss 1st $2.70/$1.30


  1. h4 Rapaport 2. h1 Honorable Spirit 3. h2 Hostage Of War 4. h6 Blacklog

Honorable Spirit 1st $4.80/$1.80, Hostage Of War 2nd/$2.80, Blacklog2.80; Trifecta/$382.40; Quinella/$32.10; Exacta/$55.20


  1. h1 London Banker 2. h7 Pleased 3. h2 He Runs Away 4. h5 Zigallene

London Banker 1st $2.25/$1.60, Zigallene 3rd/n.t.d., He Runs Away 4th($6.50)


  1. h3 Glorious Ruby 2. h2 Startantes 3. h1 Prince Of Boom 4. h4 Bulloo

Startantes 1st $2.25/$1.70, Bulloo 3rd/n.t.d., Prince Of Boom 4th($2.70)


  1. 9 Makedon 2. h14 Shosha 3. h13 Our Fraulein 4. h3 Kubrick

Makedon(0.75L) 2nd/$2.50, Kubrick 3rd/$2.60,Our Fraulein 4th($8)


  1. h2 Ballistic Boy 2. h5 Willo Titto 3. h1 Reloaded 4. h8 Wapiti

Ballistic Boy 1st $2.50/$2.20, Wapiti 2nd/$1.70, Reloaded 4th($6.50)


  1. h3 Rebel Salute 2. h8 Big Bad Bruce 3. h4 Blue Odyssey 4. h5 Dynamic Thinker

Rebel Salute(0.1L) 2nd/$1.60, Big Bad Bruce 3rd/$1.70, Dynamic Thinker 4th($14)


  1. h4 Racecourse Road 2. h8 Weboughtazou 3. h1 Soxagon 4. h3 Tambo’s Mate

Weboughtazou(2L) 2nd/$2.90, Soxagon 4th($3.60)


  1. h8 Acrobatic 2. h2 Peppi La Few 3. h7 Roman Aureus 4. h10 Dreamcatcher, h12 Rock Amore

Dreamreacher(0.2L) 2nd/$2, Rock Amore 4th($6)

Kembla Grange Races


  1. h6 Phillipsburg 2. h11 So Say You 3. h15 Princess De Roca 4. h5 Blaazay

Phillipsburg 1st $4/$1.90, Blaazay 2nd/$3.10, So You Say 3rd/$2.20, Princess De Roca 4th($7.50); First4/$498.90; Trifecta/$114.50; Quinella/$20; Exacta/$32.60


  1. h1 Mankayan 2. h8 Deadly Impact 3. h9 Mr. Bond 4. h7 Accountability

Accountability 1st $9.80/$2.40, Mankayan 2nd/$1.20; Quinella/$6.90; Exacta/$25.10


  1. h4 Crystal Pegasus 2. h1 Pesto 3. h3 Our Intrigue 4. h11 Bazooka

Our Intrigue 2nd/$3.10, Bazooka 4th($9)


  1. h6 Cobia 2. h5 Barossa Rosa 3. h8 Noble Soldier 4. h9 Either Oar

Barossa Rosa 3rd/$2.60


  1. h3 Royalzel 2. h1 Tiger Of Milay 3. h7 Silent Impact 4.h11 Hinged

Tiger Of Milay(0.2L) 2nd/$1.50, Royalzel 3rd/$3.30


  1. h6 Tailleur 2. h1 Entriviere 3. h9 Marboosha 4. h1 Forbidden Love

Entriviere 1st $2.60/$1.40, Marboosha 3rd/$2.80


    1. h3 Roheryn 2.h10 Big Parade 3. h6 Private Eye 4. h2 Icebath

Big Parade 3rd/$1.50


  1. h7 In The Congo 2. h2 Anamoe 3. h1 Stay Inside 4. h4 Converge, h8 Remarque

Anamoe 1st $3.50/$1.60, In The Congo 2nd/$2.40, Remarque 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$81; Quinella/$13.70; Exacta/$24.50


  1. h4 Eminate 2. h7 Zakat 3. h5 Never Talk 4. h6 Ventura Ocean. h8 Count De Rupee

Count De Rupee 1st $3.60/$2, Emanate 4th($4.40)


  1. h9 Brookspire 2. h6 Kingsheir 3. h7 Loveplanet 4. h5 Celestial Falls


Flemington Races


  1. h3 Tooradin 2. h7 Killourney 3. h1 Pondus 4. h6 Coolth

Tooradin 1st $3.10/$1.40, Killorney 4th($5); PONDUS SCR.


  1. h1 Artorious 2. h3 He’s Xceptional 3. h4 Tutukaka 4. h7 Hilal

Artorious(0.2L) 2nd/$1.20, Hilal 3rd/$1.80, He’s Xceptional 4th($8.50)


  1. h2 Ingratiating 2. h3 Finance Tycoon 3. h4 Jigsaw 4. h5 Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand 1st $14/$3.90, Ingratiating 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$10.20; Exacta/$31.20


  1. h5 Crystal Bound 2. h1 Dosh 3. h4 Seradess 4. h10 All About Eve

Crystal Bound 1st $3.30/$1.80, Dosh 3rd/$2.80


  1. h2 Ayrton 2. h5 Cherry Tortoni 3. h1 Crosshaven 4. h8 King Magnus

Cherry Tortoni(0.1L) 2nd/$2.30, Ayrton 3rd/$1.10, King Magnus 4th($14)


  1. h5 Still A Star 2. h1 Instant Celebrity 3. h8 Zou Dancer 4. h2 Mystic Journey, h14 Turaath

Turaath 1st $5.50/$2.30, Mystic Journey 2nd/$4.10, Still A Star 3rd/$2.70; Trifecta/$379.30; Quinella/$36.80; Exacta/$56.30


  1. h9 Away Game 2. h1 Zoutori 3. hT5 The Astrologist 4. h2 Jonker

Away Game(0.2L) 2nd/$2.10, The Astrologist 3rd/$2.80, Zoutori 4th($6.50)


  1. h12 Toffane 2. h10 Mo’unga 3. h2 Fifty Stars 4. h6 Incentivise

Incentivise 1st/$4.30/$2.10, Mo’unga 2nd/$1.80, Tofane 4th($3.80); Quinella/$13.40; Exacta/$21.80


  1. h14 Skyman 2. h9 Furrion 3. h4 Defibrillate 4. h6 Young Werther, h16 Longarm

Defibrillate(0.75L) 2nd/$2.90, Skyman 4th($2.70)


MR6 H5 STILL A STAR($6); what a great record this mare has and she is definitely up to this class. This race should be right up her ally, from the good gate should be able to possie up just behind the speed. chiming in big time at the distance.

STILL A STAR($6); 3rd/$2.70 place beaten 1.55L, great run behind the leaders always struggling i the straight but to her credit fought on right to the line. She will improve big time from that run.

MR7 H9 AWAY GAME($6); okay she can be unlucky in some of her races but she is all quality. The distance is her best and she loves a dry surface. Could be a master stroke sending her down the straight for the first time could just take luck out of the equation. With 53kegs she will be zipping home.

AWAY GAME($5); 2nd/$2.10 place beaten 0.2L, what can we say about her she tries her heart out every time. She just doesn’t possess an explosive turn of foot that can put races away. Could there be something in the offing for her to let her wander into the race.

MR8 H12 TOFANE($5); another mare in great form and second up no probs. Drawn well enough for Williams to get her into a good spot and be ready to pounce. You know the saying “mares in form” she will be fighting out the finish.

TOFANE($3.80); 4th beaten 1.15L, sat on Incentivise’s hammer all the way but the big fella broke her heart. She will need a little time to get over that run and there certainly is another Group 1 in her.

SR9 H4 EMENATE($4.40); forget her first up run when never in clear running in a Group 3 back to a BM 88 today. Her second up form is exemplary and the distance is ideal. JMAC will have her possied up just off the pace turning and she should do the rest.

EMANATE($4.40); 4th beaten 2.2L, sat 3 wide no cover all the way no chance.

BR9 H8 ACROBATIC($11); just bloused by Catesby last start and that horse has come out and bolted in since. Drops 4.5 kgs on his last run and is drawn perfectly in one. This is a decent field hence the good odds his young rider should have him perfectly placed and ready to ping as they turn.

ACROBATIC($15); 7th beaten 2.1L, great run in transit was still there at the distance and looked likely to at least run the place until stiffened by Deep Sceiva at the 50m mark.

SUMMARY: big day again last week when Don’t Doubt Dory($11 – $5.50) was a great result for Our Best bets and Elephant was pipped on the post at $2.50 the place. Plenty of winners in our top 4 for the multi runner players and a great day all round. Nature Strip and Zaaki both bolted in and Zaaki was super impressive. Lots of great action down south today Race 5 at Flemington sees Ayrton($1.65) back he is a pretty good galloper and be hard to hold out, if the track had a little moisture in it Cherry Tortoni($8) would be hard to hold out with only 54.5kgs. Crosshaven($10) will definitely improve on his first up run and Regardsmaree($8.50) and King Magnus($13) next best. The Theo Marks Quality G2 at Kembla and Big Parade($2.60) should get the perfect run here and be hard to hold out Private Eye($3.80) will be steaming home but the one they should all be frightened of is Roheryn($6.50) he will be mid field here and his first up record is unblemished very hard to hold out. We cant talk about the 3 big ones today at Flemington as they are in Our Best bets except to say it is a “mareathon” The big news today is that our full list of selections are available now for free all you have to do is become a Horsebuck$ member and you will receive them every week by email. Just go to our web site and sign up no strings attached. Make sure you read ABOUT US first you can like and follow us on Facebook as well. On that note all those having punt today “GOOD LUCK” and as always ” ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers Kerry & Dan Hosebuck$