Tips & Results 12th December 2020

Eagle Farm Track Soft, Randwick Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1.h5 Palladas 2. h3 Dzseniter 3. h2 Good Chat 4. h4 Jetty

Palladas 1st $2.30/$1.20, Dzsenifer 2nd/$2.80, Jetty 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta/$90.20; Quinella/$9.80; Exacta/$15.40


1. h7 Good Soize 2. h2 See Marie 3. h1 Pure Deal 4. h4 Way Beyond

Good Soize 1st $4/$1.45, Way Beyond 2nd/$2.25, See Marie 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta/$53.10; Quinella/$13.40; Exacta/$22.20


1. h3 Valario 2. h4 Roman Aureus 3. h1 Doctor Zous 4. h9 Socialising

Valario 1st $6/$2.25, Socialising 2nd/$2.50; Quinella/$18.90; Exacta/$45.10


  1. h10 Gee Tee Tee 2. h14 Rapido Gris 3. h1 Ashman 4.h2 Buffy
  2. Gee Tee Tee 1st $2.80/$1.35, Ashman 4th($5.50)


1.h2 Baby Wong 2. h1 Golden Eighty 3. h4 Rambeau 4. h7 Alpine Edge

Alpine Edge 1st $4.10/$1.50, Baby Wong 3rd/$1.20, Rambeau 4th($6);

EARLY QUADDIE; 7/3/10/7 DIVI; $320.00


1.h1 Fake Love 2. h2 Rhapsody Rose 3. h13e Summerbeel 4. h4 True Moonlight

Fake Love(0.8L) 2nd/$1.50, Rhapsody Blue 3rd/$1.95


1.h4 Usmanov 2. h5 Capital Connection 3. h7 Sugar Boom 4. h8 Boomtown Lass

Usmanov 1st $3.20/$1.40, Boomtown Lass 2nd/$2, Sugar Boom 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$42.80; Quinella/$8.50; Exacta/$15.30


1.h2 Profit 2. h4 Paniagua 3. h3 Frosty Rocks 4. h1 Master Jamie

Master Jamie 1st $9.40/$2.40, Profit 3rd/$1.40


1.h1 Exhilerates 2. h2 Baccarat Baby 3. h3 Skate To Paris 4. h6 Epic Girl, h7 River Bird

Epic Girl 4th($13)

Randwick Races


1. h10 Affinity Beyond 2. h2 Step On Fire 3. h9 Tejori 4. h6 Remlap’s Gem

Remlap Gem 1st $11/$3.20, Tejori 2nd/$1.70, Step On Fire 4th($6.50); Quinella/$15.70; Exacta/$41.30


1. h1 Toro Toro 2. h2 Halcyon House 3. h4 Crackneck 4. h10 Alchera

Crackneck 1st $5/$2, Alchera 4th($26)


1.h8 Ballistic Lover 2. h7 El Cohete 3. h13 The Face 4. h3 Miss Fox

The Face(0.2L) 2nd/$2


1. h6 Stockman 2. h9 Purrfect Deal 3. h3 He Runs Away 4. h7 Significance

Significance 1st $4.20/$1.60, He Runs Away 2nd/$2.35, Purrfect Deal 3rd/$1.55; Trifecta/$61.70; Quinella/$12.30; Exacta/$23.20


  1. h9 Contentedly 2. h3 Overmann 3. h8 Belle O’ballee 4.h4 Acrobat
  2. Acrobat 1st $4.80/$1.90, Overmann 4th($4)


1.h1 Tailleur 2. h7 Intrepidacious 3. h5 Snapdancer 4. h2 Threeood

Snapdancer 1st $3.70/$1.40, Tailleur 2nd/$1.10, Intrepidacious 4th($14); Quinella/$3; Exacta/$8


1.h7 Athiri 2. h3 Snitz 3. h8 Inanup 4. h6 Southern Lad

Athiri 1st $3.80/$1.55, Southern Lad 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$12.20; Exacta/$20.70


1.h1 Fun Fact 2. h12 Through The Cracks 3. h7 Royal Celebration 4. h5 Reloaded, h15 Criaderas

Criaderas 3rd/$1.90, Through The Cracks 4th($6)


1.h8 Soldier Of Love 2. h12 Spirit Ridge 3. h16 New Arrangement 4. h14 Regal Stage

Spirit Ridge(0.5L) 2nd/$1.60


h2 I Am Vinnie 2. h10 He’s A Hotshot 3. h11 Promotions 4. h1 Word For Word

I Am Vinnie 1st $7.50/$2.40

Flemington Races


1.h1 The Art Of Flying 2. h6 Profiteer 3. h10 Sunday Yum Cha 4. h7 Ranveer

Profiteer 1st $4/$1.50, Ranveer 2nd/$1.40, Sunday Yum Cha 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$34.30; Quinella/$4.90/$11.20; ART OF FLYING L.SCR.


1.h1 Free To Move 2. h2 Field Of Roses 3. h6 Still Be Friends 4. h9 Jacobe Queen

Field Of Roses(2L) 2nd/$2


1. h3 Chief Altony 2. h8 Hasseltoff 3. h4 Coolth 4. h5 Independent Road

Independent Road 1st $7.10/$3, Hasseltoff 2nd/$2.60, Chief Altony 4th($2.60); Quinella/$19.60/$33.30


1.h6 Reflect The Stars 2. h5 Tralee Rose 3. h1 Charossa 4. h3 Red Alto

Tralee Rose(0.5L) 2nd/$1.70, Reflect The Stars 3rd/$1.50


1.h2 Fabergino 2. h1 Prezado 3. h4 Grandview Avenue 4. h5 Shamino

Fabergino 1st $4.10/$1.60, Prezado 2nd/$2.70, Grandview Avenue 4th($3.40; Quinella/$6.90; Exacta/$16


1.h10 Aten 2. h14 Tan Tat Harmony 3. h11 Excelida 4. hy4 Memphis Rock

Memphis Rock 1st $21/$4.60, Excelida 3rd/$1.60


1.h1 Bandersnatch 2. h11 Eugene’s Forest 3. h6 Left Hand Man 4. h2 Dawson Diva

Bandersnatch 3rd/$1.40, Eugene’s Forest 4th($21)


1.h16e Caffrey 2. h3 Lamborghini 3. h11 Somerset Maugham 4. h4 Portland Jimmy

Somerset Maugham 1st $3.60/$1.70


  1. h5 Macroura 2. h3 Chassis 3. h6 Sophia’s Choice 4. h16 Standoff
  2. Macroura 3rd/$1.70


BR8 PROFIT($2.90); shorter price than we anticipated but hopefully he  gets out a little. He will get back but relishes the long straight here, second up no probs and the distance is ideal. Bred to handle all conditons and with some genuine pace here he will be steaming home over the top of them.

PROFIT($2.70); 3rd/$1.40 beaten 2.6L, missed the kick and got well back ran home well. There is definitely a race for him next start

MR9 MACROURA($4); we feel the Flemington straight will suit this filly as she likes to possie up behind the speed. Two good runs since resuming she should be cherry ripe here. She is our best.

MACROURA($3.30); 3rd/$1.70 place beaten 2.1L, she was there right behind the pace, wanted to weave around a little bit but a very good run. Could she want a little further next start?

SR10 I AM VINNIE($11); nice odds this horse and he is a pistol third up. He will settle back in the field but excels at this distance and the track is no issue. As long as it stays DRY he will give them something to think about at the distance.

I Am Vinnie($7.50); FIRST GIDDYUP!!!, this bloke filled the coffers big time. We were starting to think at the 300m he was in a precarious position but as soon as Noonan got him out into clear going he always looked the winner. GOUGUDTHING!!

BR9 EXHILERATES($4); best mare in this race and a good win last start beating 2 subsequent winners and the distance should be ideal now. Rain is anticipated for tomorrow and that will be an added bonus with the BOSS on she will be powering home late.

EXHILERATES(4.40); 5th beaten 1.2L, fair run throughout looked to be struggling at the 200m in the conditions but hit the line strongly late. Gold Coast for this mare. Bring it on!!!

SUMMARY; Plenty of action last week for all players with Our Best Sirius Suspect 4/1($5) successful and Sausedge running a very good 3rd. Twenty one winners in our top 4 selections wtih 6 on top and a stack of exotics the best being BR6 FIRST4 $3,114.00 and the 3 main quaddies not massive divis with Sydney the best at $1,279.00. HAPPY DAYS all round. TO check all our results go to our web site and all our results are there for the last 5 years. You can subscribe for 6 months or 12 months or simply follow us on Facebook. Villier stakes G2 and Fun Fact($26) will give this a shake at very good odds. He is an on pacer and if he pressures Greysful Glamour she will surrender IMO. Through The Cracks for 2nd and Royal Celebration 3rd. Eagle Farm r7 and Usmanov($4.60) is due should get a nice run up behind Sugar Boom and Boomtown Lass and with the Fraddster sooling him home might just be too good for those 2 gallopers. Wet conditions at Eagle Farm today so lets see how the surface holds up especially if there is a lot more rain this afternoon. If the track chops up it will race more like a heavy surface.The Festive season is fast approaching after the craziest year most of us have ever endured so its time to fill the coffers with some Xmas cheer. GIDDYUP!!! “GOOD LUCK” to everyone  having a punt today  and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$