Tips & Results 21st November 2020

Sunshine Coast Track Good, Kembla Grange Track Good, Ballarat Track Good

Sunshine Coast Races

BR1 1.h4 Subterranean 2.h3 Son Of Pharoah 3.h12 Miss Piper 4.h8 Avolonte

Subterranaean 3rd/$2.40

BR2 1.h5 Cabochon Lil 2.h9 Standing Ovation 3.h12 Main De Foi 4.h14 Pexbury Avenue

Standing Ovatiion(1L) 2nd/$4.90

BR3 1.h8 Sister Elanore 2.h9 Dejanova 3.h10 Nicks 4.h5 Palladas

Palladas  3rd/$1.40

BR4 1.h1 Bold Warrior 2.h5 All Important 3.h7 Totally Charmed 4.h8 Coral Bay

Totally Charmed 1st $3.10/$1.60

BR5 1.h1 Gee Tee Tee 2.h3 Scathing 3.h4 Stylish Saga 4.h5 Applecross

Gee Tee Tee(0.1L) 2nd/$1.70

BR6 1.h2 Hancora Field 2.h1 Gotta Kiss 3.h6 Fleet Dove 4.h4 Goldsborough h8 Bleu Zebra

Fleet Dove 1st $12/$2.40, Goldsborough 3rd/$1.30, Gotta Kiss 4th($9.50)

BR7 1.h1 Tambo’s Mate 2.h3 Baccarat Baby 3.h2 Mishani Hustler 4.h7 Sugar Boom h12 Bold Style

Sugar Boom 1st $2.20/$1.40, Tambo’s Mate 3rd/$3.10

BR8 1.h8 Ballistic Boy 2.h1 Niccanova 3.h10 Reckless Choice 4.h11 Grey Missile

Ballistic Boy 1st $2.50/$1.40, Reckless Choice 4th($17)

BR9 1.h3 Ligulate 2.h8 The Sinner 3.h1 Peppi La Few 4.h5 Love Struck, h12 Starvirgo

Ligulate(0.1L) 2nd/$4.60, Starvirgo 3rd/$4

Kembla Grange Races

SR1. 1.1 Wairere Falls 2.h3 Atlantic King 3.h2 Big Boy Roy 4.5 Secretly Awesome 

Bigboyroy 1st $6.60/$1.90, Wairere Falls 4th($7.50) 

SR2. 1.8 Eva’s Deel 2.h10 She’s All In 3.h4 Kings Trust 4.h9 Boom And Zoom

She’s All In 1st $16.40/$4.20

SR3. 1.2 Stockman 2.h3 Navy Cross 3.h5 Kirwan’s Lane 4.h10 Relucent 

Relucent( protested against- upheld) 2nd/$3.10

SR4. 1.7 Destination 2.h4 Iconic Star 3.h8 Hulk 4.h11 Our Bellagio Miss  

Hulk 1st $4.80/$1.60, Our Bellagio Miss 2nd/$4.60; Quinella/$52.50; Exacta/$68.30

SR5. 1.9 Ghostly 2.h1 Pandemic 3.h2 Big Parade 4.h6 Mo’s Crown 

Mo’s Crown 1st $8.50/$2.30, Pandemic 4th($4.20)

SR6. 1.9 Macroura 2.h14 Military Magic 3.h13 Macushla 4.h2 Intrepidacious  

Macroura 3rd/$2.10, Intrepidacious 4th($4.60)

SR7. 1.1 Mister Sea Wolf 2.h14 Asiago 3.h11 Purple Sector 4.h7 Dawn Passage h3 Cascadian  

Dawn Passage(0.2L) 2nd/$2.15

SR8. 1.h1 Berdibek 2.h3 Soldier Of Love 3.h8 Elaborate 4.h9 Vegas Jewel, h11 Ulasaba 

Elaborate(0.2L) 2nd/$3.50, Vegas Jewel 4th($6)

SR9. 1.h6 Peyton Place 2.h5 Cuban Royale 3.h10 Greek Hero 4.h2 Rule The World, h11 Insensata

Greek Hero 3rd/$1.50, Cuban Royale 4th($10)

Ballarat Races

MR1 1.2 The Gauch 2.h1 Riding The Waves 3.h4 Memphis Rock 4.h12 Harlem Blues 

Riding The Waves 1st $11.20/$2.60, Harlem Blues 4th($7.50) 

MR2 1.6 Reflect The Stars 2.h12 Wahine Toa 3.h7 Blandford Lad 4.h11 Brilliant Venture

Blandford Lad 1st $9/$2.70, Reflect The Stars 2nd/$2.30, Wahine Toa 4th($3.10; Quinella/$25.40; Exacta/$50.00

MR3 1.h1 Shelby Cobra 2.h6 Tradewind 3.h8 Beau Rossa 4.h9 Sirileo Miss 

Tradewin 1st $31/$7.60, Sirileo Miss 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$68.40; Exacta/$251.20

MR4 1.h6 Butter Blonde 2.h1 Briggs 3.h5 Readily Availabull 4.h10 Lovin’ Feelin 

Readily Availabull 1st $8.30/$2.80

MR5 1.h2 All Too Royal 2.h4 Mystiko 3.h9 Wise Hero 4.h8 Enigman 

Enigman 3rd/$5, Wise Hero 4th($10)

MR6 1.2 Zabelarina 2.h8 Hint Of Mint 3.h13 Lukahorn 4.h7 Chassis  

Zabelerina 3rd/$3.30

MR7 1.3 Right You Are 2.h15 Royal Order 3.h2 Kaplumpich 4.h9 Brilliant Concept

Kaplumpich(2.3L) 2nd/$3.70

MR8 1.10 Affair To Remember 2.h3 Kings Will Dream 3.h17 Irish Flame 4.h2 Harlem, h4 Junipal 

Irish Flame 1st $21.80/$5, Affair To Remember 2nd/$2, Harlem 4th($17); Quinella/$50.10; Exacta/$135.20

MR9 1.3 The Astrologist 2.h4 Whipcracker Way 3.h7 Sisstar 4.h9 Hard Landing  

Sisstar 1st $7/$1.90, The Astrologist 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$6.40; Exacta/$17.10

MR10 1.4 Star Missile 2.h14 East Indiaman 3.h7 Yao Dash 4.h5 Titan Blinders h12 Pinyin 

Titan Blinders 1st $8/$2.80, Yao Dash 4th($3.80)

                                                                OUR BEST

MR5 H2 ALL TOO ROYAL($4.80) Sat wide through midfield last start and battled on strongly. Second up today. The distance suits. The 3kg claim is a huge bonus. From barrier 5 can get a nice sit in behind the leading bunch and be steaming over the top of them late. Huge chance!

ALL TOO ROYAL(5); 8th beaten 4.3L, no sugar coating here did nothing.

BR2 H5 CABOCHON LIL($4.80) Been racing in great form this prep. Loves track and distance. Loves good tracks and from barrier 4 can sit just behind the leaders and hopefully kick clear with a 100m to go. Huge chance at a great price. 

CABOCHON LIL($5.50); 7th beaten 6.5L, not much to say here, POOR.

BR9 H3 LIGULATE($16) Ran well first up. Then ran well second up in the Kosciuoszko when well back. Third up today and out to the 1400m is ideal. From barrier 2 hopefully can sit closer. The big straight of the sunny coast will suit big time. Huge chance and the whips will be cracking !!

LIGULATE($15); 2ND/$4.60 place beaten short half head, really put in big time thought he had it when he darted through but just missed by the proverbial, nice place divi to put some$$ back in.

MR10 H4 STAR MISSILE($7.50) Ran super first up only going down late. Second up today and stays at the 1400m which is ideal. From barrier 8 can get a sit midfield. Hates wet tracks so good track suit. His only fail in this grade was over 1800m and on a wet track. Should be steaming home at a rate of knots !! Huge chance. 

STAR MISSILE($17); 8th beaten 6.2L, blew like a hurricane in the betting due to the on pace bias. We might have to forget that effort.

SUMMARY:  We have had a few good weeks in our best so hopefully we have found a couple more this week. I’ll dive right in and talk about the Gong at Kembla Grange. We Think Mister Sea Wolf and Asagio are huge chances. Asagio loves the track and distance should of won last start after being caught wide the entire trip. Mister Sea Wolf didn’t handle the heavy track last start so back in grade and back to a good track suits. Track and distance suits. Dawn Passage can win third up stepping up in distance. Cascadian and Purple Sector are in great form and can easily figure in the finish! The Clockwise Classic at Ballarat is a good race and we think Butter Blonde can win. Won well first up and then up the Flemington straight last start got a bit lost with out a turn. From barrier 8 can lead from there and should be hard to run down. Readily Availabull has a chance been trialing well and is ready to go. Lovin’ Feelin’ ran well at it’s only start up the straight and Ranveer can run well beautifully bred. Ballarat Cup is a good field this year. We think Affair To Remember can win again and likes the distance his only run at the track he sat wide the whole trip over 1200m. Kings will Dream can run well back on to a good track. Harlem can figure in the finish dropping from group 1 company. Junipal is in great form same as Irish Flame.  Just a couple of races from Ascot and the first one is the Placid Ark Stakes and Charlton Eddie third up of a spell dropping 1.5kg can win this. The Railway Stakes and we think Kay Cee can win. In great from and won the Kingston Town classic last year. Track and distance suits and will get back but will be steaming home, also drops 1kg from last start. To Close The Sun can run well the only query is dropping back in distance. Inspirational Girl can run a huge race with Willi Pike aboard. Great days racing should be a cracking day !! Good luck on the punt and as always Enjoy Your Racing. Regards Dan and Kerry Horsebuck$