Tips & Results 14th March 2020; Gold Coast Track Heavy(10), Rosehill Track Soft(upgrade likely), Caulfield Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h12 Three Stripes 2.h2 Mountbatten 3.h3 Paua 4. h10 Double Em

Muntbatten 1st $4.90/$1.90, Three Stripes 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; $9.70/$20.10; DOUBLE EM failed to finish

BR21.h14 Keep On Loving You 2.h17 Parko 3.h3 Fuji Flyer 4.h2 All Pluck

Fuji Flyer(2L) 2nd/$2.60, Parko 4th($10)

BR31.h2 Jardin Rouge 2.h14 Trails Of Glory 3.h5 Gracie Belle 4.h9 Kitty D’Amour

Gracie Belle(2.5L) 2nd/$2.40, Jardin Rouge 3rd/$3.90

BR41.h3 Mr Garcia 2.h11 Eric The Eel 3.h2 New Universe 4.h1 Hallelujah Boy

Eric The Eel 3rd/$2.20, Mr. Garcia 4th($11)

BR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Rothfire 2.h6 Kisukano 3.h8 Hancora Field 4.h2 Mishani Fraudster

Kisukano 1st $7.30/$1.40, Rothfire 2nd/$1, Mishani Fraudster 4th($31); Q/Ex; $1.90/$10

BR6 TRIFECTA1.h3 Tycoon Ace 2.h6 Boom Chicka Boom 3.h9 Removal 4.h14 Usmanov

Usmanov 1st $4/$1.80, Boom Chicka Boom 2nd/$1.80, Removal 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta; $94.90; Q/Ex; $14.30/$22.80

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h14 Gem Of Scotland 2.h4 Stampe 3.h1 The Odyssey 4.h9 Baby Boomer

The Odyssey 1st $4/$1.70, Stampe 2nd/$7.60; Q/Ex; $87.70/$155.00; GEM OF SCOTLAND PULLED UP

BR81.h1 Chapter And Verse 2.h6 Oink 3.h3 Freddie Foxtrot 4.h10 Grey Missile

Grey Missile(0.1L) 2nd/$1.40, Chapter And Verse 4th($4.40)

BR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h11 Exclusive 2.h9 Tokoriki Lad 3.h13 Seentomany 4.h12 Peppie Le Few

Peppi La Few 1st $3.50/$1.70, Tokoriki Lad 2nd/$1.70, Seentoomany 4th($5); Q/Ex; $14.20/$30.80

Sydney Races
SR1 1.h3 Dylan’s Romance 2.h10 Zoffany’s Lad 3.h5 Cyber Intervention 4.h7 Yonkers

Zoffany’s Lad 1st $13.30/$4.10, Yonkers 4th($4.80)

SR21.h3 Ilove Myself 2.h1 Aim 3.h9 Argenteus 4.h4 Osamu

Aim 4th($4.20); Disappointing race

SR31.h3 Time Is Precious 2.h8 Kaakit Akit 3.h1 Stellar Pauline 4.h2 Philizzy

Time Is Precious(0.4L) 2nd/$2.60, Philizzy 4th($12)

SR41.h4 Soothing 2.h2 Greyworm 3.h5 Zoustyle 4.h3 Star Of The Seas

Star Of The Seas 1st $5.70/$1.80, Greyworm 4th($3.20); SOOTHING L./SCR.

SR5 TRIFECTA1.h1 Kubrick 2.h5 Probabeel 3.h6 Funstar 4.h3 Quick Thinker

Funstar 1st $1.50/$1, Probabeel 2nd/$1.60, Quick Thinker 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta; $8.10; Q/Ex; $1.50/$2
track conditions were deteriorating fast from here on in and turning into a real sludgefest

SR61.h2 Quackerjack 2.h4 Cascadian 3.h10 I am Superman 4.h9 Vegadaze (h8 Rock)

Cascadian 3rd/$2.10, Quackerjack 4th($4.40); ROCK SCR.

SR71.h11 Spanish Whispers 2.h3 Dawn Dawn 3.h7 Sylvias Mother 4.h14 Sweet Scandal


SR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 Life Less Ordinary 2.h10 Master Of Wine 3.h1 Danceteria 4.h9 Mustajeer (h2 Come Play With Me)

Master Of Wine 1st $2.10/$1.40, Mustajeer 3rd1.50, Life Less Ordinary 4th($8.50); Q/Ex; $3.20/$3.30

SR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Something Fast 2.h7 Accession 3.h6 Positive Peace 4.h8 Royal Celebration

Positive Peace 1st $5.50/$1.90, Royal Celebration 2nd/$1.60; Q/Ex; $9.30/$23.50; this race was run on a bottomless track

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h7 Skiddaw 2.h3 Seberate 3.h1 Exasperate 4.h6 Rainbow Thief

Exasperate 1st $7.90/$2.10, Rainbow Thief 3rd/$1.20, Skiddaw 4th($3.50)

MR21.h3 Grand Promenade 2.h10 Chica Mala 3.h6 Igniter 4.h7 Ignored

Grand Promenade 1st $2.80/$1.30, Ignored 4th($12)

MR3 FIRST41.h2 Celestial Sol 2.h5 River Night 3.h1 Destination 4.h6 Masseuse

River Night 1st $3.40/$1.70, Masseuese 2nd/$1.60, Celestial Sol 3rd/n.t.d., Destination 4th($10); FIRST4; $23; Trifecta; $16.20; Q/Ex; $3.80/$7.30

MR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h4 Western Sun 2.h3 Imperial Lad 3.h7 Parmie 4.h2 Cassius

Western Sun 1st $6.70/$2.10, Parmie 2nd/$1.40, Cassius 4th($10); Q/Ex; $9.40/$30.60

1.h3 Vaucluse Bay 2.h2 Odeon 3.h4 Secret Blaze 4.h6 Inveroch

Inverloch 1st $11.50/$2.70, Secret Blaze 2nd/$1.20, Odeon 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; $133.30; Q/Ex; $13.90/$42.80

MR61.h6 Wayupinthesky 2.h4 Born A Warrior 3.h1 Sartorial Splendour 4.h7 Salome

Wayupinthesky(1.25L) 2nd/$1.50

MR71.h11 Alligator Blood 2.h9 Melody Belle 3.h15 Flit 4.h3 Fierce Impact (h4 Regal Power)

Regal Power 1st $12/$3.10, Melody Belle 3rd/$1.80, Fierce Impact 4th($12)

MR81.h2 Admiral’s Joker 2.h1 Hellova Street 3.h9 Polanco 4.h4 Guizot

Guizot 1st $8.40/$2.10, Hellova Street 3rd/$1.80, Admiral’s Joker 4th($2)


1.h3 Street Life 2.h10 Gododdin 3.h6 Leiter 4. h18 Phoenix Global

Gododdin 1st $7.90/$2.30, Leiter 2nd/$2.30; Q/Ex; $26.70/$68.30

BR8 H1 CHAPTER AND VERSE($6.50)  Won the Group3 George Moore Stakes at Doomben a few starts back so should find this assignment easier. The Last two runs before a spell were a bit flat but he retruns off a 7 week break and has won a trial in the meantime. Loves the track and distance and is adept in all condtions and from barrier two should let the speed cross here and sit midfield hopefully pulling out and steaming home over the top of them. Great chance.

CHAPTER AND VERSE($4.40); 4th beaten 2.5L, same possie the whole way just battled on. 

SR9 H2 SOMETHING FAST($5.50) Was in great form last prep winning two of three and placing the other. First up today and over the 1400m suggest to us that he is ready for a first up assignement with a nice a trial as well. Loves the distance, track and from barrier 7 could roll forward or take a sit in behind the leaders and getting the upper hand in the final stages. The claim from Overmiere to 57.5kg is a a bonus. Huge chance. 

SOMETHING FAST($$7.50); 7th beaten 17.25L, never got into it the track was a sludgefest and he didn’t handle the conditions. on pace controlled. 

MR6 H6 WAYUPINTHESKY($4) Was in great form last prep with a win in the Listed Cap D’Antibes Stakes. First up today and has had two trials and judging by those trails he looks ready to go. This doesnt look like a strong race on paper and he is definitely up to this class and should appreciate the Caulfield track if it is “playing right”. The speed should suit this horse who likes to sit midfield and be steaming over the top of them. Likes the distance and Damian Lane from barrier 4 should have the pick of where he will sit. He is Our Best.

WAYUPINTHESKY($3.10); 2ND/$1.50 place beaten 1.25L, on the pace the whole way tried hard but winner too good.

SR7 H11 SPANISH WHISPER($13) Ran super first up only beaten 1.1 lengths and was held up for most of the straight. Has a great second up record and the extra 100m will suit perfectly. Has placed in group company before so no problems with the step up to group 1 company. Won the Group 2 Lets Elope stakes second up last prep. Has won on soft condtions before but the track should dry out nicely before this race also drops 4.5kgs from last run. Should sit midfield from barrier 3 getting a nice cart into the race and getting home over the top of them. Great each way chance. 

SPANISH WHISPER($18); 6th beaten 7.5L, she ran out of her skin on a track that definitely did suit we will be definitely on her next start in the right conditions.

Our Best were very disappointing last week but we are hoping for a return to form with them this week. Very tough this time of year to find value. A couple of good races at the Gold Coast this week, firstly we will talk about the Handicap race over the 900m, Tycoon Ace($8) drawn wide but settles back anyway in his races and could get the last crack at them at the distance. Loves the track and distance and the 3kg claim to 56kgs will be super beneficial, hoping the pace is really on for him. Boom Chicka Boom($4.60) will go to the front and be hard to run down if he gets it his own way. The next race is the Jewel 3 Y O Plate and Gem Of Scotland($4) looks hard to beat here. Loves the track and distance and from barrier 13 she will go straight to the lead or sit just behind the leader. She is adept in all condtions and would be surprised if  she is not in the finish. Stampe($26) and The Odyssey($4.40) have great chances too. If the pace is really on Stampe($26) could steam roll them at the disance. Lets Talk about The All Star Mile and yet again we think Alligator Blood ($2.90) will win and from barrier 10 he can jump quick head toward the lead but can take a sit if need be. When this horse races against the best he becomes even tougher to beat, always for his last 600m he runs 33+ seconds. With this field being the best he has ever faced he will probably have to run the last 600m in 32.8 to beat them and is certainly capable of that. Melody Belle($5) will be steaming home and it wouldn’t surprise us if Flit($16) runs in the top 4 with a better ride. On to the Phar Lap Stakes and my colleague thinks Probabeel($2.70)will win this and it is hard to beat, but I am looking at Kubrick($14) in this race. He had excuses last start when wide the whole race and still only finished 5.5 lengths from the winner and it was heavily leader biased that day. Second up he steps out to the 1500m which is ideal, he has won on a soft track before and from barrier 4 should sit behind the leaders and be rattling home hitting the front at the 100m but a big watch on Probabeel and Funstar which are both group 1 winning horses. Great racing today and hopefully some great results and  fair playing tracks all over Australia. Hopefully we will be singing the “Crocodile Rock” after the Blood salutes. On that exciting note have a great day and good luck on the punt and enjoy your racing….. Kerry & Daniel Horsebuck$