Tips & Results 17th August 2019; Eagle Farm Track Good; Kensington Track Good; Caulfield Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR11.h1 Star Of Michelin 2.h4 Miss Silky 3.h7 Red Bloom 4.h2 Sizzling Babe

Red Bloom 3rd/n.t.d. , Star Of Michelin 4th($1.75)

BR2 TRIFECTA1.h2 Ilwendo 2.h4 Kariana 3.h3 Miss Shanti 4.h5 Ocean Addict

Ilwendo First $1.50/$1.10, Ocean Addict 2nd/$1.70, Miss Shanti 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; $14.60; Q/Ex; $4.70/$5.40

BR31.h9 Macewen 2.h12 Yeahnah 3.h1 Ditmas 4.h6 Rideonajetplane

Yeahnah 3rd/$1.70, Ditmas 4th($8)

BR41.h9 Hold The Line 2.h2 Coral Bay 3.h8 Epic Girl 4.h3 Tisani Magic

Epic Girl First $3.40/$1.40; Tisani Magic 3rd/$3.80, Hold The Line 45th($4.40)

BR51.h6 Dubai Tycoon 2.h8 Factory Warrior 3.h15 The Aministrator 4.h4 Six Sigma

Six Sigma 3rd/$1.80

BR61.h5 Capital Connection 2.h8 Bonsho 3.h4 Mogador 4.h2 Misery

Bonsho 4th($26)

BR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Looks Like Elvis 2.h13 Trevelyan 3.h14 Red Doultan 4.h4 Savwell

Looks Like Elvis First $3.90/$1.55, Trevelyan 2nd/$1.80; Q/Ex; $7/$15.40

BR8 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Manaya 2.h8 Auerbach 3.h2 Monsieur Gustave 4.h6 Kubis

Kubis First $15/$3, Monsieur Gustave 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; $46.70/$104.80

BR91.h4 Our Girl Silke 2.h12 Erringi Spring 3.h7 Seentoo Many 4.h2 Crystal Amor

Erringhi Spring(1.8L) 2nd/$7.50, Our Girl Silke 4th($3.70)

Sydney Races
SR11.h6 Schappose 2.h5 Assult ‘n’ Battery 3.h1 Iam Captain 4.h8 Ellegant Ellen

I Am Capitan 4th($7.50); Assault ‘n’ Battery (L.SCR.)

SR21.h2 Velocita 2.h3 Helga 3.h5 Wimlah 4.h1 Connemara

Connemara First $5/$1.80, Helga 3rd/$2.30

SR31.h6 Aussie 2.h7 All Cyinders 3.h5 Making Whoopee 4.h2 He’s Super Lucky

Making Whoopee 4th($13)

SR4 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Royal Witness 2.h4 Rebel Miss 3.h6 Natalia 4.h7 God Of Thunder

Royal Witness First $6/$2.20, God Of Thunder 2nd/$2.10; Q/Ex; $9.80/$26.70

SR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h9 Tour Down Under 2.h1 Notio 3.h6 Watch Dog 4.h5 Commander

Commander First $3.20/$1.65, Tour Down Under 2nd/$2.60, Notio 4th($7.50); Q/Ex; $7.70/$16.40

SR61.h7 So You Win 2.h2 Eastender 3.h10 Savacool 4.h4 Goodfella (h13Wolfe)

Wolfe First $2.50/$1.40, So You Win 3rd/$1.70

SR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h11 Bangkok 2.h10 Girl Tuesday 3.h3 Fabrizio 4.h8 Firsthand (h4 Seaway)

Girl Tuesday First $10/$2.80, Bangkok 2nd/$2,50; Q/Ex; $22.20/$61.60

SR81.h5 Nicochet 2.h2 Grounbreak 3.h1 Thy Kingdom Come 4.h12 Pembroke Castle

Thy Kingdom Come(0.3L) 2nd/$1.70, Nicochet 4th($10)

SR9 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h13 Tell Me 2.h1 All Too Royal 3.h5 Mister Songman 4.h7 Ranier (h9 Catesby)

All Too Royal First $15/$4, Mister Songman 2nd/$1.50, Tell Me 4th($7.50); Q/Ex; $18.40/$46

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h10 Gododdin 2.h2 Tony Nicconi 3.h12 Pippie 4.h17 Surplex City

Pippie First $3.80/$1.55, Tony Nicconi 4th($11)

MR21.h7 Collectable 2.h10 Vitani 3.h6 Paint The Town Two 4.h1 Tory Joy

Toryjpy 3rd/$1.80, Paint The Town Two 4th($6)

MR31.h9 King Of Leogrance 2.h7 Giuzot 3.h11 Snitzpeg 4.h6 New Universe

Guizot First $7/$2.35, King Of Leogrance 3rd/$3.10

MR4 TRIFECTA1.h2 Rox The Castle 2.h6 Age Of Chivalry 3.h5 Smart Ellissim 4.h3 Shot Of Irish

Age Of Rivalry First $2.40/$1.30, Rox The Castle 2nd/$3.10, Shot Of Irish 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta; $67.40; Q/Ex; $12.30/$18.70

MR5 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h1 Dubious 2.h2 Bivouac 3.h4 Star Surprise 4.h3 Sebrekate

Bivouac First $3/$1.70, Sebrekate 2nd/$4.40, Dubious 4th($3.20); Q/Ex; $20.20/$27.80

MR61.h1 Lyre 2.h4 Exhilarates 3.h9 Sizzlefly 4.h6 Cheer Leader

Exhilerates First $7.30/$2.50, Lyre 4th($3.80)

MR7 FIRST41.h5 Haunted 2.h7 Behemoth 3.h9 Begoodtoyamother 4.h1 Fundamaentalist (h4 Ken’s Dream)

Begood Toya Mother First $2.90/$1.35, Haunted 2nd/$2.35, Fundamentalist 3rd/$2.20, Bdehemoth 4th($3.40); First4; $177.30; Trifecta; $74.90; Q/Ex; $10.30/$20.80

MR8 TRIFECTA1.h4 Cliff’s Edge 2.h11 Mystic Journey 3.h1 Hartnell 4.h5 Fifty Stars

Mystic Journey First $2.10/$1.20, Cliff’s Edge 2nd/$2.35, Hartnell 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta; $42.80; Q/Ex; $9.10/$13.90

MAIN QUADDIE; Exhilerates/Begood Toya Mother/Mystic Journey/Grey Shadow; Divi; $407
1.h3 Crack The Code 2.h5 Grey Shadow 3.h10 Causeway Girl 4.h6 Miss Iano (h11 Bell Vella)

Grey Shadow First $9/$3, Miss Iano 2nd/$2.80; Q/Ex; $34.50/$78.20

MR9 H3 CRACK THE CODE ($7); this is a very strong race for mares but Crack The Code is a pistol here at Caulfield, she races very well fresh and the distance suits. Whilst not ideally drawn from gate 8 she has the necessary pace to be right up on the speed. She is a quality mare and we expect her to be right in the finish.  

CRACK THE CODE($6); 8th beaten 5.1L, gone before the home turn never a possibility. 

MR6 H1 LYRE($4.40); A talented 3 year old filly who had an imprsessive first prep winning the Blue Diamond and running third in the Goldne Slipper sitting 4 wide the trip. She has drawn barrier 4 and likes to sit midfiled. She can jump well here and let the pace from the outside come across to give her a great smother in behind the leaders. Loves the track. Loves the distance.58kgs and Luke Currie aboard aswell. We have no doubt she is ready for a first up win. She is OUR BEST !!. 

LYRE($3.30); 4th beaten 3L, got hung up a little in the straight but finished the race off very nicely, good filly and definitely sticking with her.

BR9 H4 OUR GIRL SILKE($8); Ran well in her first Queensland start when well back and making good ground late !. The step up to the 1400m’s second up of a spell is ideal. From barrier 4 should be able to sit closer just in behind the leading 4 and be pouncing on the lead with 100m to go. A great EachWay chance!. 

OUR GIRL SILKE($3.70); 4th beaten 2.1L, got further back again and ran on well again. We think she could race more forward and if she did might give them the hurry up.

SR8 H5 NICOCHET($9); this galloper was out of the winners list for quite a while until last start and he should go on with it. This is his pet distance and the Kensington circuit holds no fears for him. His usual pattern is to settle midfield but Bossy might snag him a little closer to the speed at this circuit from this draw, this is pretty much his mark BM78 and drops 3kegs on his last win, excellent chance in this.

NICOCHET($10); 4th beaten 1.4L, had a great run in behind the leaders on the fence did quicken when clear, ran okay.

Another absolute belter of day her in Queensland, no wonder we are bucking our brands off come Spring time (: Caulfield track rating today could be a little up and down but having said that we think we have found a couple there. Caulfield race 8 we have put Cliff’s Edge($9) on top to beat Mystic Journey, we think he will be right on the speed or even take it up even from his gate 9. He is a very good racehorse and Group 2 is his optimum level, the mare will get a great run from her gate(2) and the old champ Hartnell will be right on their hammer, good race. Let’s go to race 2 Caulfield and Collectable($10) if she is going to win a race this time in this should give her an opportunity good price considering her consistency. Also expecting a big run from Eastender($16) in the Cup Prelude at Randwick he is a good horse (best in this race) and with 57 kegs  he just might figure in the placings. Zoustyle can’t wait for this bloke to show up down south we think some of the knockers down there will be eating humble pie after he struts his stuff. On that note have a great weekend and always ” ENJOY YOUR RACING” and ” GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$

POST RACE SUMMARY: Three 4ths in Our Best on Saturday, 2 we will follow up LYRE was a very good run behind Exilerates and a big follow up on her for sure. Our Silke Girl was a weird run once again we are waiting for the day she leads maybe over something longer. Crack The Code did absolutely nothing, second up syndrome?, not so sure. Forget Eastender went around in Sydney if he settles down and learns to handle the Sydney way of going, he will be winning races for sure. Eighteen winners in our top 4 selections for multi runner punters with Kubis($15) BR8, All Too Royal($15) SR9, Girl Tuesday($10) and Grey Shadow($9) MR9 to name a few along with the main quaddie Caulfield, first4, 4 trifectas and 12 quinella/exactas so plenty of joy in those areas.  To view all our results jump on our web site and check them out along with our weekly observations, subscribe or just follow us on Facebook. Have a great week and ” GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$

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