Tips & Results 8th Of June; Eagle Farm Track Good (Showery) Randwick Track Soft and Flemington Tack Good

Brisbane Races
BR11.h1 Plague Stone 2.h10 Jami Lady 3.h3 Signore Fox 4.h4 Hostwin Supreme

Signore Fox First $6/$2.10, Jami Lady 4th($7)

BR21.h6 Con Te Partio 2.h2 Invincibella 3.h8 Outback Barbie 4.h1 Prompt Response

Invincebella First $8.50/$2.60, Prompt Response 3rd/$2.70

BR31.h2 Order Again 2.h4 Mister Sea Wolf 3.h6 Nicconova 3.h8 Redouble (h5 Cellarman)

Order Again 3rd/$2.40, Cellarman 4th($41)

BR41.h1 Tactical Advantage 2.h16 Split Lip 3.h10 Noble Boy 4.h4 Victorem

Victorem First $4.80/$1,60, Splt Lip 3rd/$10

BR51.h15 Baccarat Baby 2.h14 Pohutukawa 3.h1 Ringerdingding 4.h13 Seabrook

Baccarat Lady(0.2L) 2nd/$3.80, Pohutukawa 3rd/$1.95, Seabrook 4th($16)

BR61.h4 Garibaldi 2.h1 Accessions 3.h2 Strasbourg 4.h7 Prince Fawaz (h8 Reloaded)

Prince Fawaz First $4.20/$1.60, Reloaded 3rd/$2.30

BR71.h4 Declares War 2.h5 Savvy Oak 3.h13 Cariff 4.h2 Mr Quckie (h17 Re Edit)

Mr. Quickie First $2.80/$1.60

BR81.h1 The Bostonian 2.h3 Despatch 3.h12 Deploy 4.h15 Princess Posh (h2 Home Of The Brave)

NIL Princess Posh (L.SCR.)

BR91.h6 Exoteric 2.h5 Haripour 3.h7 The Candy Man 4.h4 Grey Lion, h3 Sixties Groove

Sixties Groove First $4/$1.65, Grey Lion 2nd/$3.50; Q/Ex; $17.90/$35.90

Sydney Races
SR11.h3 Lanigera 2.h7 Yitai Synergy 3.h2 Covert Ops 4.h1 Roman Wolf

Covert Ops 3rd/$2.20, Roman Wolf 4th($13)

SR2 QU9INELLA/EXACTA1.h2 Itz Lily 2.h5 Statuesquey 3.h11 Think It Over 4.h8 Dundee Lee

Itz Lily First $6/$2.25, Statuesquely 2nd/$2.40, Think It Over 4th($6.50); Q/Ex; $10.60/$29.60

SR31.h3 Irish Songs 2.h15 Pisa My Heart 3.h6 Ibini 4.h4 Dream Of Delago

Irish Songs 3rd/$1.70

SR41.h2 Free To Fly 2.h12 Terwilliker 3.h7 Tunero 4.h10 Californa Longbow

Terwilliker(1L) 2nd/$2.20, Free To Fly 3rd/$3, California Longbow 4th($10)

SR51.h6 Call Me Royal 2.h9 Koonunga 3.h4 Taniko 4.h11 Jen Rules


SR61.h2 Southern Lad 2.h8 Simply Optimistic 3.h4 Bring It Home Pop 4.h3 Ronstar

Simply Optimistic First $10/$3, Southern Lad(0.8L) 2nd/$2; Q/Ex; $27.50/$60.40

SR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h9 Deprive 2.h10 Heart Conquered 3.h3 Ithought So 4.h4 Bon Amis (1 Kaepernick)

Deprive First $2.40/$1.30, Bon Amis 2nd/$2.30; Q/Ex; $8.20/$13.80; Kaepernick (L.SCR.)

SR81.h5 Star Of The Seas 2.h11 Zourkhan 3.h9 Another Dollar 4.h8 New Universe (h10 Gresham)

Star Of The Seas First $2.60/$1.40, New Universe 3rd/$2.60, Gresham 4th($5.50)

SR9 MAIN QUADDIE; Simply Optimistic/Deprive/Star Of The Seas/Quackerjack; Divi;$171.001.h13 Occupy 2.h11 Semper Fidelis 3.h2 Quackerjack 4.h19 No Escape (h4 Mushaireb)

Quackerjack First $2/$1.40, No Escape 4th($41)

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h4 Witchfulthinking 2.h10 Zoujea 3.h3 St Edward’s Crown 4.h1 Champagne Boom

St. Edwards Crown First $8.90/$1.90, Witchful Thinking 3rd/$1.20, Zoujea 4th($15)

MR21.h7 Josephine Sea 2.h4 Kings Brook 3.h1 Flying Krupt 4.h6 Deep Euphoria

King’s Brook First $2.40/$1.35, Flying Krupt 4th($8)

MR31.h1 Our Luca 2.h4 Miss Norway 3.h3 Prezado 4.h2 Tonsor

Miss Norway(0.1L) 2nd/$1.60, tonsor 4th($3.50)

MR4 TRIFECTA1.h2 Not Enough Effort 2.h1 Gytrash 3.h3 Halvorsen 4.h7 Leiter

Gytrash First $5.50/$1.70, Halvorsen 2nd/$1.80, Leiter $1.40; Trifecta; $70.60; Q/Ex; $10.60/$27.10

MR51.h3 Five Kingdom 2.h4 Sirius Suspect 3.h10 Debt Collector 4.h8 Angelic Spirit

Debt Collector(0.4L) 2nd/$2.15, Five Kingdom 3rd/$2.80, Sirius Suspect 4th($9)

MR61.h5 Last Week 2.h9 Chouxting The Mob 3.h4 Rock On 4.h11 Arty Lucas

Chouxting The Mob First $14/$3.70, Last Week 2nd/$1.35; Q/Ex; $13.50/$42.50

MR7 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h6 One More Try 2.h12 Dr Drill 3.h10 Sir Pippin 4.h13 Sam’s Slick

Dr. Drill First $1.85/$1.14, One More Try 2nd/$1.95, Sir Pippin 4th($8.50); Q/Ex; $4/$6.20

MR81.h4 Iconclasm 2.h9 First Hand 3.h14 Shoko 4.h3 Hellova Street (h1 Streets Of Avalon)


MR91.h4 Sure Knee 2.h8 Vanuata 3.h13 Neighbourhood 4.h10 Thunderdome (6Orcein)


SR2 H2 ITZ LILY($5.50); She ran a great race in the group 2 Roses in Brisbane over 2000m, only beaten 1.4 lengths. Drops back to benchmark 78 grade with a a 1kg drop from last start from 56.5 to 55.5kg. The drop back to the 1800m is ideal. She is our best!!

ITZ LILY($6); FIRST, this filly had a good run until passing the 1200m, then she was pratted 3 deep and to her credit she just kept grinding away  in the straight to prevail. GIDDYUP!!!

SR6 H2 SOUTHERN LAD($6); This horse sat 6 wide last start and should of finished last but ran 3rd huge run. Has had a 4 week break and a trial leading into this race. So should be a bit fresh. Likes to get back in his races but from barrier 1 hopefully he can sit a touch closer and the jockey can get him to the middle of the track and blouse them late !. Likes wet tracks and the distance suits. Whips will be cracking in the straight.

SOUTHERN LAD($5); 2ND/$2 PLACE beaten 0.8L, tried hard all the way to the line.

MR7 H6 ONE MORE TRY($4.80); Jumped fairly last start sat wide and made up late ground. The step up to the 1800m is a plus has won over 1700m and at Flemington. Drop in class and a 2kg claim all looks to suit him nicely here. Should sit midfield and from barrier 3 he shouldn’t be sitting wide. He will be coming home with a flurry. Huge Chance.

ONE MORE TRY($6.50); 2ND/ $1.95 PLACE beaten 2.8L, had a good sit behind Dr. Drill, tried to reel him in but Dr. Drill gave them a galloping lesson.

BR5 H15 BACCARAT BABY($16); What a great run last start only beaten 1 length. The step up to the 1600m is ideal. Carries same weight. Likes the track. Everyone seems to forget she was only beaten o.8lengths in a group 1 last prep. She ran behind the likes Oohood and Nakeeta Jane who have come out and won more group 1’s. Should get a good run from barrier 10 hopefully midfield or a touch worse. She has a great turn of foot she will be steaming home and hopefully getting up to grab the cash. Best Value !!.

BACCARAT LADY($14); 2ND/$3.80 PLACE beaten o.5L, she had a great run in transit and at the 300m she was absolutely jogtrotting, swept to the lead only to be run down late by the Waller horse Koding. 

MR2 H7 JOSEPHINE SEA($11); I know what your thinking “does he feel lucky” (: she was beaten 3 lengths by King’s Brook last start but does meet that horse on a 5 kilo turnaround this time. She should get conditions to suit her this time with some give in the track she is a very consistent mare and with 52.5kgs we feel this is her best opportunity yet to win a BM84. 

JOSEPHINE SEA($7); 7TH beaten 3.9L, her jockey was outsmarted by King’s Brook’s rider at a crucial stage and trapped her wide, she fought on okay.

Let’s dive straight into “FLUTTER CORNER” and the Group2 Brisbane Cup is where we are, EXOTERIC($81) we had this horse in this section at his last start and he ran a great race at massive odds. We are definitely following up here and actually have him on top of our first four, he is a solid stayer that runs very well into a prep, handles all types of conditions. We feel he will race closer to the lead here from his good gate and J. MAC is on. Group 1 Stradbroke it is hard to past The Bostonian($4.60) he is in super form and 57kgs is no problems main dangers the rest of the field. Race 3 Eagle Farm Order Again($4) will be super hard to beat here but I would just like to mention 2 horses firstly: Cellarman($41) this horse races best into a prep and his last run just forget he ever went around raced wide the entire race, he will improve here and secondly: Niccanova($12) we have highlighted this horse twice since a spell and he is a definite chance in this race, he finished just up behind the placegetters at his last 2 starts from well back. There is an apprentice in Sydney that is not riding to their full ability and is actually on one today that we really fancy so we are hoping for a big form reversal from this hoop. Cloudy here in the Sunshine State this morning but nothing can dampen our spirits for another exciting days racing GOUGUDTHINGS!!! On that note have a great weekend and above all “ENJOY YOUR RACING” and “GOOD LUCK” to all players.

POST RACE SUMMARY; ITZ LILY($6) provided Our Best followers with another great result when she dug deep to win after enduring a torrid run from the 1100m sitting 3 deep, Our Best value Baccarat Lady 2nd ($14/ $3.80 a place) was absolutely humming at the distance where she pounced on the lead only to be run down by Koding in the shadows. Southern Lad ($2 place) and One More Try($1.95 place) also ran second to round off proceedings. We are SUPER CONSISTENT in OUR BEST and it is definitely a must for those punters that like to restrict their action to a few plays. Horsebuck$ limits this area between 2 to 5 selections every Saturday, no more no less. DISCIPLINE and STRATEGY are the key here. Exotics were as scarce as hen’s teeth on Saturday but we had  16 winners in our top 4 selections with some nice value available for multi runner punters with Chouxting The Breeze($14), Simply Optimistic($10), St. Edward’s Crown($8.50) and Invincebella($8.50) the best. To review all our results past and present go to our web site and check them out. Have a great week always “ENJOY YOUR RACING”and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$. 

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