Tips & Results 27th April 2018; Eagle Farm Track Good; Hawkesbury Track Good; Caulfield Track Good

Brisbane Races
BR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h4 Sir Barnabus 2. h5 Coral Coast 3. h6 Oakfield Monarch 4. h7 Meteorologist

Sir Barnabus First $5.50/$2, Meteorologist 2nd/$7.50, Oklahoma Monarch 4th($8); Q/Ex; $68.10/$83.90

BR21. h7 Veladero 2. h4 The Chairman 3. h3 Le Luge 4. h8 Chillin With Dyaln

Le Luge First $2.25/$1.28, Veladero 3rd/$1.75

BR31. h12 Shogun Sun 2. h14 Mymming 3. h7 The Avenger 4. h5 Impasse

Shogun Sun(1.3L) 2nd/$1.14, The Avenger 3rd/$2.90, Impasse 4th($8.50)

BR41. h10 Veranes 2. h2 Mahis Angel 3. h7 Dreamreacher 4, h1 Rosendahl Red

Dreamreacher(0.1L) 2nd/$2.40

BR51. h2 Garibaldi 2. h11 Yutai Synergy 3. h3 Devil’s Temptation 4.h5 Deep Sea

Deep Sea(0.1L) $1.40

BR61. h5 Splitter 2. h15 Francisca 3. h17 Angel Done 4. h19 Whodunnit

Angel Done First $8/$2.70, Splitter 3rd/$2.25

BR71.h I Am Impinge 2. h12 New Horizons 3. h8 Constantine 4. h6 Happy Hooves, h17 Seahampton


BR81. h1 Gem Song 2. h15 Gem Dealer 3. h12 Belle Roc 4. h4 Napoleon Solo

Gem Song First First $1.60/$1.09, Belle Roc 3rd/$3.30, Napoleon Solo 4th($5.50)

BR91. h1 Redzel 2. h6 Winter Bride 3. h2 I’m A Rippa 4. h3 Fiery Heights

Redzel(0.8L) 2nd/$1.10, Winter Bride 4th($3.70)

BR10 TRIFECTA1. h7 Capital Connection 2. h11 Chapter And Verse 3. h3 Freddie Foxtrot 4. h2 Courtza King, h16 Cool Sequence

Chapter And Verse First $4.40/$1.80, Freddie Foxtrot 2nd/$3.30, Capital Connection 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta; $151.60; Q/Ex; $23.60/$39.70

Sydney Races
SR11. h1 Letter To Juliette 2. h4 Raqeeq 3. h9 Makdanife 4. h2 King Viv

Raqeeq 3rd/$3.60

SR21. h3 Harmattan 2. h5 Chalmers 3. h4 Bastia 4. h1 So You Win

So You Win(0.2L) 2nd/$4, Harmattan 3rd/$2, Chalmers 4th($4.60)

SR3 FIRST FOUR1. h1 Erno 2. h7 Antonio Padre 3. h4 Creator 4. h3 Brandenburg

Creator First $7.50/$2, Erno 2nd/$1.12, Brandenburg 3rd/$3.10, Antonio Padre 4th($9); First 4 $517.60; Trifecta; $166.30; Q/Ex; $6.70/$22

SR4 TRIFECTA1. h1 Pecans 2. h6 Multaja 3. h2 Manicure 4. h3 Irithea

Irithea First $3.70/$1.35, Multaja 2nd/$1.35, Manicure 3rd/$1.45; Trifecta; $29.80; Q/Ex; $5.30/$11.70

SR51. h3 Mick The Hat 2. h11 Major Danger 3. h7 Bullseye Score 4. h8 Zardoro

Major Danger First $3.50/$1.50. Mick The Hat 4th($8)

SR61. h1 Tactical Advantage 2. h2 Pinch River 3. h3 Badajoz 4. h4 Spending To Win

Tactical Advantage(0.2L) 2nd/$1.30, Badajoz 3rd/$3.70

SR71.h 2 Military Zone 2. h1 Ranier 3. h9 Kylease 4. h3 Quackerjack

Military Zone First $5.50/$1.75, Quackerjack 3rd/$2.20, Ranier 4th($12)

SR81. h4 Kaonic 2. h10 Zourkhan 3. h9 New Universe 4. h2 Tom Melbourne

Tom Melbourne0.5L) 2nd/$2.30, New Universe 4th($12)

SR91. h5 Grimoire 2. h2 Wagner 3. h1 Echo Jet 4. h12 Tim’s Principal

Wagner(2.3L) 2nd/$2.45, Grimoire 4th($10)

Melbourne Races
MR1 QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h14 Propelle 2. h2 William Thomas 3. h5 Sam’s Image 4. h12 Definia

Propelle First $3.20/$1.40, Delfinia 2nd/$10, William Thomas 4th($3.80)

MR21. h5 Call It A Day 2. h1 Mandela Effect 3. h10 Ocean Deep 4. h2 Bel Sonic

Ocean Deep First $6.50/$2.05, Call It A Day 3rd/$2.40

MR31. h1 Twitchy Frank 2. h5 Think I’m Dreaming 3. h2 Truly Discreet 4. h6 Amastryker

Twitchy Frank First $2.90/$1.60, Think I’m Dreaming 4th($5.50)

MR41. h3 Tarwin 2. h4 Candescence 3. h2 Ligulate 4. h13 Shandy

Tarwin First $2,20/$1.40, Shandy 4th($8.50)

MR5 EARLY QUADDIE; Divis; $265.301. h2 Columbus Circle 2. h7 Spielberg 3. h9 Thine Is The Power 4. h1 Halvorsen (Enbihaar)

Halvorsen First $4.60?/$1.70

MR61. h8 Sartorial Splendour 2. h11 Flostar 3. h3 Lucifer’s Reward 4. h2 Prince Of Sussex. h5 Groot

Prince Of Sussex First $3.60/$1.45

MR71. h8 Mr. Quickie 2. h1 Mahamedes 3. h7 Street Spun 4. h6 Remember The Name

Mr. Quickie First $1.65/$1.06, Remember The Name 3rd/$2.60

MR81. h2 Waging War 2. h1 Widgee Turf 3. h9 Think Bleue 4. h10 Indiana Lilly

Widgee Turf First $1.80/$1.07, Indianna Lily 4th($51)

MR9 MAIN QUADDIE; Divis; $36.201. h1 Ashlor 2. h3 Iconoclasm 3. h10 Miss Leonidas 4. h5 Late Charge

Iconoclasm First $2.90/$1.24, Miss Leonidas 3rd/$1.20

SR4 H1 PECANS($6); This mare is the epitome of consistency, flies first up and her record at the track and distance is first class. We think she is nicely weighted here under the set weights and penalties, there is enough speed in the race to bring her into it at the distance and once there she will be super hard to hold out.

Pecans($6 – $7.50); 5th beaten 4.6L; appeared to have every chance.

MR8 H2 WAGING WAR($4.80); Forget this horse went around last start. Wide no cover the entire race and it was a second up run for the horse which he does nothing, 6 goes for 2 placings. The step up to the 1600m is ideal. 3 goes for 2 wins. Likes the track. 3rd up is a bonus. From barrier 2 this will ensure that he gets a great run in behind the leaders. 58kgs with Craig Williams aboard we can see him beating the odds on favourite here!. Giddy Up.

Waging War($4.80 – $3.60); 5th beaten 3,5L, didn’t settle early on and under pressure on the home turn finished the race off strongly. Needs further (2000m)

As followers of this site know we are all about value but today there are a lot of shorter priced gallopers going around and the biggest majority look like being successful. For those that like to play all the races there a lot of horses around the $3 – $6 mark in our selections this week. Having said all that we are going to throw ourselves in the deep end at ” FLUTTER CORNER” this week and have a flutter in Hawksbury race 1 BM75 Letter To Juliette($8.50) and Raqeeq($12) we found it hard to split these two so we are taking the quinella here and having a little flutter on each at nice odds, high fives after this race or straight to the bar (: Last week was a very successful day with plenty of winners in our top 4 and Our Best and a host of exotics including 16 quinellas, 4 trifectas and 3 first fours so a fun day all round. A race that was abandoned from Saturday was run on Sunday at the Sunnie Coast we did fancy Light Up The Room($13) she ran well on the heavy track looming at the distance and peaking on her run so we will certainly be waiting for her back at Doomben. As followers know we here at Horsebuck$ are big on stats and horses racing in their comfort zone(which they like) but every now and then one will slip through the cracks and on Anzac Day Observational saluted at $21 should have been $51 in my humble opinion. If you found him congrats but his stats were abysmal to say the least but that’s racing. A cracking day here in Queensland and good tracks everywhere so there should be some great racing. On that note have a great weekend, aalways “ENJOY YOUR RACING”  and “GOOD LUCK” to all from HORSEBUCK$

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