Tips & Results 23rd of March 2019. Brisbane Track Good, Melbourne Track Good Sydney Track Soft

Brisbane Races
BR11.h3 Sizzling Babe 2.h9 Pull Anchor 3.h2 Magic Beans 4.h1 Girls Are Ready

Magic Beans(0.2L) 2nd/$2.80, Pull Anchor 3rd/$1.50

BR21.h1 Tatcee 2.h2 Mullaghmore 3.h8 Expert Reply 4.h9 Taverne

Tactee(1.3L) 2nd/$1.70

BR31.h16 Belle Roc 2.h6 Ponytales 3.h3 Park Chinois 4.h13 Francisca

Francisca(0.2L) 3rd/$2.20

BR41.h3 Defence Missile 2.h4 Macewan 3.h10 Barefoot 4.h1 Mishani Hustler

Mishani Hustler First $4.80/$1.80

BR51.h1 Jami Lady 2.h8 Pizione 3.h4 Zoom By 4.h3 Silver Melody

Pizonie(0.5L) 2nd/$1.75

BR61.h11 Jadentom 2.h6 Tycoon Ace 3.h2 From Within 4.h1 Guard Of Honour

From Within(1L) 2nd/$1.90, Tycoon Ace 3rd/$3.30

BR71.h2 Kubis 2.h12 See The Master 3.h4 Magstock (4.h5 Reiby The Red h9 Clevanice)

Kubis First $10/$3.10

BR81.h2 Order Again 2.h1 Emphasis 3.h6 Bratislava 4.h3 Sword Of Jusice

Order Again First $3.20/$1.60

BR91.h10 Tabbing 2.h4 Curdled 3.h13 Seductive Dream (4.h2 Tawfiq Boy h18 Honour ‘n’ Strength)

Seductive Dream 3rd/$16

Sydney Races
SR11.h2 Resin 2.h3 Avantage 3.h5 Sweet Scandel 4.h1 She Knows

Avantage First $5.50/$2.15, Resin 2nd/$1.80; Q/Ex; $6.50/$20.70

SR21.h1 Gem Song 2.h14 Classiquel Legend 3.h11 Poised To Strike 4.h12 Prophet Thumb

Classique Legend(0.5L) 3rd/$1.20

SR31.h1 Big Duke 2.h3 One Foot In Heaven 3.h11 Rodrico 4.h6 Big Blue

Big Duke(2L) 2nd/$2.70

SR41.h1 The Autumn Sun 2.h2 Madison County 3.h8 Chapada 4.h4 Surely Sacred

The Autumn Sun First $1.40/$1.20, Chapada 3rd/$3.60

SR51.h4 WINX 2.h2 Dream Force 3.h7 Teleplay 4.h8 Ringerdingding

WINX FIRST $1.06/$1.01, Dreamforce 3rd/$3.70

SR61.h13 Egg Tart 2.h12 Unforgotten 3.h10 Danzdanzdance (4.h1 Almadin h2 Avilius)

Avalius First $4;50/$1;80, Danzdanzdance 3rd/$1.95

SR71.h10 Pin Sec 2.h2 Microphone 3.h5 Cosmic Force (4.h1 Yes Yes Yes h9 Tenley)

Microphone(1L) 2nd/$3

SR81.h3 Pierata 2.h5 Jungle Edge 3.h1 Redzel 4.h8 Viridine

Pierata(0.1L) 2nd$3.10

SR91.h3 All Too Soon 2.h1 I’m A Princess 3.h6 Harmattan (4.h7 Smart As You Think h12 Jungle Fish)

I’m a Princess(0.5L) 2nd/$2.15, All Too Soon 3rd/$2.15

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h7 Esposit Gold 2.h3 Kaching 3.h6 Battlecamp 4.h11 Maclairey

Maclairey(0,6L) 3rd/$2.35

MR2 QUINELLA/EXACTA1.h3 Star Fall 2..h5 Redcore 3.h7 Miss Leonidas 4.h1 The Centurian

The Centaurian First $21/$460, Miss Leonidas 2nd/$1.55; Q/Ex; $68.30/$188.80

MR3 TRIFECTA1.h4 Island Daze 2.hi Engiman 3.h3 Call It Day 4.h8 Toorak Cowboy

Enigman First $5.50/$1.95, Island Daze 2nd/$1.70, Call It A Day 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta; $69.10; Q/Ex; $7.30/$17.10

MR41.h1 Private Lounge 2.h3 Music Bay 3.h3 Call It A Day 4.h5 Jentico

Music Bay(0.1L) $1.40

MR51.h6 Really Discreet 2.h8 Pierro Rose 3.h2 Power Scheme 4.h5 Serengetti

Power Scheme(0.2L) 2nd/$1.70, Really Discreet $1.30

MR6 TRIFECTA1.h6 Thunder Cloud 2.h3 Andrea Mantegna 3.h5 Steel Prince 4.h11 Mistrust

Steel Prince First $2.60/$1.30, Mistrust 2nd/$4.60, Thunder Cloud 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; $104.20; Q/Ex; $31.20/$43.60

MR71.h8 High Bridge 2.h1 Trap For Fools 3.h5 Stars Of Carrum (4.h7 Sin To Win h11 Mr Clarify)

Trap For Fools(0.9L) 3rd/$1.80

MR8 TRIFECTA1.h13 Moon Lover 2.h3 Bons Away 3.h9 Streets Of Avalon (4.h11 Snitzcraft h12 Mystyko)

Streets Of Avalon First $5.50/$2.15, Bons Away 2nd/$2.25, Snitzkraft 3rd/$4.60; Trifecta; $467.80; Q/Ex; $16.20/$33.70

MR9 TRIFECTA1.h12 Sizzle Me 2.h1 Mr Quickie 3.h5 Star Missile (4.h3 Starouz h7 Esthetic)

Mr. Quickie First $1.95/$1.20, Sizzleme 2nd/$2.45, Starouz 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta; $51.50; Q/Ex; $8.10/$10.20

BR 8 H2 ORDER AGAIN($4.40); Good run first up. Great second up Likes the track and distance.Gets back in his races but he will be steaming home and hopefully getting the cash for us !!. 

ORDER AGAIN(4.40 – $3,20); FIRST joined in at the distance and proved too strong 

Goldmarket is on at the coast leftover from last weeks abandoned meeting. We have switched our selections around a fraction here.

Gold Coast R8 1. h1 Tyzone 2. h5 Mr. Marbellouz 3. h2 Cannyescent 4. h7 Manaya, h9 Malverne Star

TYZONE($9) FIRST proved once again how much he likes the track coming home hard to get up in the last few bounds

SR 6 H13 EGG TART($13);Forget her second up run had to cart up the field to the tear away leader. Loves third up Track and the step up in distance suits. This is her grand final and we expect her to be there when the whips are cracking !!.

EGG TART($13 – $5.50); 8th beaten 9L, perfect run in transit and heavy track as welL, did nothing in the straight.

  SR3 H1 BIG DUKE($10); Great first up run. Doesn’t do anything second up and then he peaks again third up. The step up to the 2400m is ideal. HE gets back in his races but he needs all the room he can get to wind up and finish strong and over the top of them in this race!. He likes the wet so no problems there. Expecting a bold effort. Just a heads up with this favorite in this race. Shraaoh. He did run well last start, But he has failed on three occasions on wet tracks and has never won at the distance after 4 goes. At a price of $3.10 is ridiculous considering the form this horse has. Just be wary.

BIG DUKE($10 – $8); 2ND BEATEN 2L, steadily made ground in the conditions, we might look at him for the Sydney Cup.

MR 8 H13 MOON LOVER ($31); this mare loves to roll along and drawn to do so. She loves this circuit which is a huge bonus and she does perform third up. This is a fairly good race but we think she will give us something to crow about.

MOON LOVER($31 – $21); 9th beaten 9.8L, never got anywhere near the lead and raced 3wide entire journey back in 6th place.