Results 2nd June 2018

Brisbane Races
BR11.h5 Love Me Baby 2.h9 Wudang Blade 3.h6 Lucy Rose 4.h12 Spending To

Spending To Win 1st sp($1.90)/place$1.20

BR21.h1 Prom Queen 2.h2 Bring Me Home Pop 3.h6 Basara 4.h4 Another Sin

Basara 3rd/$2.60, Prom Queen 4th($5.50)

BR31.h2 Sokudo 2.h10 Miss Sara 3.h8 Patsys Lass 4.h1 Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper(2L) 2nd/$2.50, Miss Sara 4th($14)

BR41.h7 Pennino 2.h9 Clockwise 3.h3 Perfect Aim 4.h13 Spirits Choice

Spirits Choice 3rd/$4.20, Perfect Aim 4th($51)

BR51.h1 One Foot In Heaven 2.h7 Egg Tart 3.h9 Karavali 4.h2 Gallic Cheiftan

Egg Tart 1st sp($2.30)/place$1.26; ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN (L.SCR.

BR61.h2 Nieta 2.h6 Tarzan 3..h7 Tumbler 4.h5 Prompt Return

Tarzan 1ST SP($16)/place$3.90, Tumbler 2nd/$1.40, Nieta 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta; Vic.$205,N.S.W.177.90,Qld.$208.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$19.10/$69,N.S.W.$22.90,Qld.$19.80/$50.10

BR71.h2 The Monstar 2.h3 Calanda 3.h7 Irish Constabulary 4.h8 Ringos A Rockstar ( h11 Plantinum Angel)

The Monstar 1st sp($6.50)/place$2.30, Platinum Angel 2nd/$1.60, Calanda 3rd/$2.50, Irish Constabulary 4th($10); First Four; Vic.822.20,N.S.W.$670.40,Qld.$944,20; Trifecta; Vic.$139.30,N.S.W.$114.70,Qld.$117.10; Q/Ex; Vic.$12.40/$30.80,N.S.W.$12.90/$31,Qld.$12.40/$29.50

BR81.h7 Test The World 2.h13 Crystal Fountain 3.h18 Epidemic 4.h9 River Racer h21 Sheika

Epidemic 1st sp($10)/place$3.10

BR91.h10 Privlaka 2.h9 Dreams Aplenty 3.h19 Bushy 4.h3 Spectroscope

Spectroscope 3rd/$4.20

Sydney Races
SR11.h2 Ronstar 2.h9 Galina 3.h1 Irish Bet 4.h6 River Bird

Ronstar 1st sp($5)/place$1.65, Irish Bet 3rd/$2, Galina 4th ($3.70)

SR21.h2 Gresham 2.h1 Reflectivity 3.h4 Organza 4.h6 Chalmers

Gresham 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.35, Chalmers 2nd/$2.70, Reflectivity 4th($4.20); Q/Ex; Vic.$12.30/$20.40,N.S.W.$12.40/$22.70,Qld.$13.70/$18.70

SR31.h4 Charlayne 2.h5 Siam 3.h9 Dawn Dawn 4.h8 Brabinger

Dawn Dawn 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.05

SR41.h8 Doctor On Ice 2.h2 Hemmerle 3.h3 Vinyard 4.h1 Radiant Choice

Radiant Choice 1st sp($7)place$2.35, Hemmerle 2nd/$1.50, Doctor On Ice 4th($5); Q/Ex; Vic.$11.80/$18.60,N.S.W.$10.60/$20.90,Qld.$7.40/$23.30

SR51.h6 Black on Gold 2.h10 Dagny 3.h5 Sayed 4.h1 New Tipperary

Dagny 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.65, Black On Gold 3rd/$3.60;

EARLY QUADDIE; Gresham/Dawn Dawn/Radiant Choice/Dagny; DIVIS;$578.80

SR61.h9 Hay Now 2.h10 La Chica Bella 3.h3 Princess Posh 4.h7 Levee Bank

Princess Posh 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.10, La Chica Bella 3rd/$1.90, Levee Bank 4th ($19)

SR71.h2 I’am Serious 2. h1 Our Gravano 3.h12 Volpe 4.h9 Intueri

Volpe 1st sp($10)/place$2.60, I Am Serious 2nd/$1.22; Q/Ex;Vic.$8.40/$27.10,N.S.W.$8.50/$30.90,Qld.$24.90/$50.50

SR81.h2 Grande Rosso 2.h13 Passage Of Time 3.h3 Mighty Lucky 4.h4 Mister Sea Wolf (h5 Invinzabeel)

Invinzabeel 3rd/$8

SR91.h9 Difficult To Get 2.h1 Bolero King 3.h2 Akasaki 4.h4 Nicktok

Nicktock(0.3L) 2nd/$2.15, Difficult To Get 3rd/$1.85

Melbourne Races
MR1 1.h1 Anjana 2.h4 Cosmic Ruby 3.h2 Embrace Me 4.h5 Gregorian Chant

Anjana 1st sp($1.40)/place$1..10Cosmic Ruby 3rd/$4.20, Gregorian Chant 4th($17)

MR21.h2 Bel Sonic 2.h1 William Thomos 3.h6 I am Someone 4.h10 Crystal Spirit

Bel Sonic(0.3L) 2nd/$1.70, William Thomas 4th($2.40)

MR31.h5 Divine Quality 2.h3 Creativity 3.h9 Run Gypsy Run 4.h4 Baby Don’t Cry

Divine Quality(0.8L) 2nd/$1.40, Creativity 3rd/$1.35

MR41.h4 Belwazi 2.h15 Strykinglee 3.h1 Murphy’s Reward 4.h10 Appalachin Annie


MR51.h4 Jamaican Rain 2.h10 Evil Lil 3.h2 Hectopascal 4.h7 Fudged

Jamaican Rain 1st sp($2.20)/place$1.26, Hectopascal 2nd/$2.70; Q/Ex;Vic.$9.50/$8.40,N.S.W.$6.30/$8.90,Qld.$8.50/$11.60

MR61.h10 Magic Consol 2.h13 Rib Eye 3.h6 Tarquin (4.h2 Akavoroun h8 Riyadh)

Rib Eye(1.5L) 2nd/$3.10, Akavoroun 3rd/$2.90, Magic Consul 4th($5)

MR71.h11 My Nordic Hero 2.h5 High Church 3.h13 Prima 4. h2 Pilote D’essai

My Nordic Hero(0.8L) 2nd/$2

MR81. Iconoclasm 2.h12 Woulda Thought So 3.h6 Free Fly Too 4.h 4 Masculino

Masculino(0.5L) 2nd/$3.30, Iconoclasm 3rd/$1.22, Free To Fly 4th($20)

MR91.h10 Wise Hero 2.h3 Ashlor 3.h2 Camdus 4.(h7 Proud Wolf h1 Lord Da Vinci)

Ashlor(0.1L) 2ND/$2.40, Wise Hero 3rd/$1.35

BR8 H7 Test The World, BR 9 H10 Privlaka

Test The World;(1.2L) 5th ($7.5 – $8); nice run with cover, looming at the distance couldn’t sustain it, she tried hard.

Privlaka;(5.1L) 9th ($11 – $7.50); caught wide early but no excuses very disappointing

SR 5 H6 Black On Gold, MR4 H4 Belwazi

Black On Gold;(1L) 3rd ($14 – $14); got well back looked likely at the distance but just peaked on the run.(follow up)

Belwazi;(4.2L) last ($9.50 – $12); led, capitulated, poor.


Sunshine Coast track Soft, Rosehill track Good and Moonee Valley track Good; Doomben race 8 Test The World($7.50) this mare is ultra consistent and back to mares grade after a good run in a Group3 open sprint. She is always just on the pace and the soft conditions suit expect her to be fighting out the finish. Doomben race 9 Privlaka($11) we thought he was the run of the race last start after sitting wide and only going down by a short neck, he meets I’m A Rippa 1.5kgs better here. Third up no problems and loves soft conditions(has won on good) he puts himself into a race and when he looms large at the distance it should be “adios amigos”. Rosehill race 5 Black And Gold($14) he is a pistol third up, he is dropping significantly in class here and his second up run was okay(he seldom does anything second up) this distance is his go and JMAC on. As long as the track stays dry he just might give them the short, back and sides. Moonee Valley race4 Belwazi($9.50) simple, drawn to either lead or get the gun run and is a pistol first up and not badly in here with 56.5kgs. This is not a bad BM78 hence the great price. You will have noticed that we have Nieta on top in the Lightning purely because of the soft conditions she is a knob on these tracks, her first run on one this prep. We have gone wide in some of the main quaddie legs this week with big fields everywhere. Remember our selections cater for all punters on here from all the exotics to multi runner players to those that just like to have the three or four bets, speaking of best bets last Saturday Our Best followers cleaned up big time with Destiny’s Kiss ($21), so on that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” to all horsebuck$ followers.