Results 16th Decemeber 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11 h10 Mishani Bullitt 2. h1 Doubt Defying 3. h3 Eminent 4. h16 Cabin Fever

Eminent 2nd/$2.15

B R 2 1.h8 Mystical Renegade 2. h4 No Annimosity 3. h14 Aqua Vite 4. h2 Lauterbrunnen

Aqua Vite 1st sp($4.60)/place$1.85, Mystical Renegade(1.4L) 3rd/$3.30

B R 3 1h1 Ef Troop 2. h2 Crocckett 3.h3 Rains Aplenty 4. h4 Commisioner

Ef Troop 1st sp($2.10)/place$1.28, Crockett 2nd/$1.35, Commisioner 3rd(n.t.d.); Trifecta; Vic.$7.30,N.S.W.$5.50,Qld.$6.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$2.20/$3.80;N.S.W.$2.10/$3.10,Qld.$2/$3

B R 4 1. h6 Granny Red Shoes 2. 14 Snicki Minaj 3. h18 The Art Of The Bar 4. h9 Witherspoon

Granny Two Shoes (0.4L) 2nd/$5.50, Witherspoon 3rd/$1.50

B R 5 1h3 Emphasis 2. h1 Rudy 3. h 2 Long Time Ago 4. h5 Outraged

Emphasis 1st sp($5)/place$1.45, Rudy 2nd/$2.35, Long Time Ago 3rd/$1.12, Outraged 4th ($8); First Four; Vic.$267.80,N.S.W.$254.90,Qld.$232.80; Trifecta; Vic.$72.10,N.S.W.$71.70,Qld.$57.60; Q/Ex; Vic.$20.10/$36.40,N.S.W.$20.90/$38.90,Qld.$18.70/$38.20

B R 6 1.h7 All Over Bosanova 2. h1 Pinch River 3. h9 Tarzan 4. h4 Straturbo

Pinch River 1st sp($9)/place$1.40, All Over Bosanova(0.4L) 2nd/$1.40; Q/Ex; Vic.$14.50/$29.30,N.S.W.$10.90/$32.60,Qld.$13/$32

B R 7 1.h9 Cellargirl 2. h3 Pierata 3. h2 Bring It Home Pop 4. h4 Shogun Sun

Pierata 2nd/$1.28, Shogun Sun 3rd/$2.70

B R 8 1. h3 Most Important 2. h2 Monsieur Gustave 3. h7 Snoopy 4. h11 Brooklyn Storm

Most Important 1st sp($5.50)/place$2

B R 91. h9 Ringo’s A Rockstar 2. h4 Backslapper 3. h18 Nilette 4. h13 Deep Image

Deep Image 4th ($60

Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h5 Awesome Pluck 2. h1 Calculated 3. h4 Savtiano 4. h8

Royal Myth

Savatiano 1st sp($6)/place$2.40, Calculated 2nd/$2.15, Awesome Pluck(2.3L) 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; Vic.$47.80,N.S.W.$36.60,Qld.$43; Q/Ex;Vic.$11.40/$27.80,N.S.W.$10.90/$24.20,Qld.$11.30/$22.60

S R 2 1.h9 Takookacod 2. h1 All Stand 3. h6 Victorem 4. h11 Elle’s Nel

Victorem 1st sp($2.15)/place$1.26, All Stand 2nd/$2.80, Elle’s Nel 4th($16); Q/Ex; Vic.$9.60/$11.60,N.S.W.$9.90/$11.90,Qld.$10/$11

S R 3 1. hh3 Prince Cheri 2. h1 Broadside 3. h4 Vassal 4. h5 Last Wish

Vassal 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.20, Broadside 2nd/$1.28, Prince Cheri(2L) 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta; Vic.$40.20,N.S.W.$39,Qld.$38; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.50/$12.30,N.S.W.$3.20/$11.70,Qld.$4.20/$10.50

S R 4 1. h4 Cosimo 2. h3 Logan River 3. h11 Let Me Sleep On It 4. h5 Irish Bet

Irish Bet 1st sp($5)/place41.95, Let Me Sleep On It 4th10)

S R 51.h3 Secret Trail 2. h4 In Times Of War 3. h7 Anatola 4. h10 Purrari

Anatola 1st sp($6)/place$2.25

EARLY QUADDIE;Victorem/Vassal/Irish Bet/Anatola; divis.$872.60

S R 6 1.h2 Sedanzer 2. h15 Magicalise 3. h3 Dreamcare 4. h6 Chatelard

Sedanzer 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.35

S R 7 1. h7 Crack Me Up 2. h4 Testashadow 3. h2 Red Excitement 4. h3 Hopfgarten, h8 Interlocuter

Crack Me Up 1st sp($6)/place$2.25, Interlocuter 3rd/$1.70

S R 8 1. h7 Calanda 2. h3 The Monstar 3. h1 Chetwood 4. h5 Big Money

Calanda(3L) 4th($8)

S R 9 1. hh8 Desert General 2. h5 Heavenly Anna 3. h4 Uptown Lad 4. h6 Level Eight

Uptown Lad 1st sp($5.50)/place$2.10

Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h11 Ennis Hill 2. h3 Fake 3. h4 Native Soldier 4. h13 Via Regina

Fake 3rd/$2.45, Ennis Hil(2.4L) 4th($4.40)

M R 2 1.h5 Don’t Blush Baby 2. h10 Trogir 3. h8 Fortify 4. h12 El Questro

Trogir 1st sp($12)/place$3.50, Don’t Blush Baby(1.8L) 2nd/$3.30; Q/Ex; Vic.$62.50/$97.90,N.S.W.$52.60/$67.60,Qld.$64.10/$112.30

M R 3 1.h11 Folk Song 2. h3 Holy Freeze 3. h5 Kasi Farasi 4. h6 Montaser

Kasi Farasi 1st sp($7)/place42.40, Monaster 3rd/$2.90, Holy Freeze 4th($4.80)

M R 4 1.h10 Atone 2. h6 Vinland 3. h1 Fudged 4. h3 Red Choux’s

Red Choux’s 2nd/$2.25, Vinland(3.2L) 4th($2)

M R 5 1. h2 Golden Mane 2. h1 Mrs. Gardenia 3. h5 Snitzelwood 4.h6 Guizot

Guizot 2nd/$2.40

M R 6 1. h5 Lycurgus 2. h6 Etah James 3. h9 Serene The Stars 4. h4 Weave

Etah James 1st sp($5)/place$1.90, Bint El Bedu 3rd/$1.90

M R 7 1h3 Hazzabeel 2. h6 Dan Zephyr 3. h8 Ozi Choice 4. h5 Mukkabir

Ozi Choice 1st sp($3.60/$1.55, Dan Zephyr 4th($11)

M R 8 1. h1 Crystal Dreamer 2. h6Got The Goss 3. h5 Glenrowan Prince 4. h2 Thermal Current

Crystal Dreamer 1st sp($3.10)/place$1.40, Thermal Current 3rd/$2.35

M R 91.h10 Strykinglee 2. h13 Creativity 3. h2 Tykiato 4. h1 Single Note, h8 Essence Of Terror

Creativity 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.35, Tykiato 2nd/$12; Q/Ex; Vic.$68.50/$95.80,N.S.W.$72.50/$94.50,Qld.$70.50/$83.40

MAIN QUADDIE; Etah James/Ozi Choice/Crystal Dreamer/Creativity; divis;Vic. $164.10, Qld.$130.20

 SR2 H9 Takookacod, BR 5 H3 Emphasis,SR7 H7 Crack Me Up, BR8 H3 Most Important

Takookacod; (0.8L) 5th ($7.50-$6.50); this filly was squeezed up at the start and dropped back to last she was travelling okay till about the 600m when crowded up again. She made a dash at them but the buffeting told in the end not far from the winner though. She is an on pacer so another time for her.

Most Important; FIRST ($6.50-$7.50-$5.50); Byrne jumped him with the leaders eased him to settle third a couple off the lead in clear racing room, pulled him out from behind the leaders  in the straight, once he got to the front is was all over too good. 

Emphasis; FIRST ($5.50-$6-$5); jumped well on the inside then let drift back in about 5th spot, was always travelling well in behind steadily made ground to claim the lead inside the distance and went on for a good win. Great ride by Lloyd. 

Crack Me Up: FIRST ($6.50-$6); We were expecting this horse to deliver yesterday and he did n bucket loads. He chased hard over the rise to wear down the tearaway leader for a vey game win. Do not underestimate this horse.

 MR6 H5 Lycurgus, SR9 H8 Desert General, BR 9 H9 Ringo’s A Rockstar

Lycurgus; (5.1L) 5th ($7.50-$10); had a good run in transit made a move at the distance along the fence but died on his run.

Desert General; (5L) 11th ($15-$26); disappointing he got well back and was never a chance.

Ringo’s A Rockstar; (2.9L) 5th ($7.50-$5.50); once again he was allowed to drift back raced with his head in the air most of the way and caught in traffic. This horse needs to be on his bike and rolling into the race by the time they corner (out wide).  

A cracking day for OUR BEST PLAYERS with 3 from 4 successful and the other could be considered a tad misfortunate. The mini drought was broken by a La Nino event and all at great prices. Documented above in Our Best. We also had 19 winners in our top four selections Main Quaddie Caulfield, Early Quaddie Randwick 1 first four, 4 Trifectas and 8 Quinella/Exactas. not big divis like we have been getting but still good enough to keep our eye in. All prices are in our results pages on There is a horse that we fancied  at Doomben on Saturday that we think will back up next week and if he does it might just be a good result for us. The two horses we mentioned at Caulfield on Saturday that were having only their third starts Folk Song and Atoned, well they ran okay and we will be very forgiving of their runs as Caulfield can be a baptism of fire with the  rail out 12 metres. As stated above we were experiencing a minor setback in OUR BEST in which we have had outstanding results over the last 18months, but we are seriously back on track now and we  here at Horsebuck$ hope that followers were well rewarded on Saturday. This week we hope to raise the bar even further and now that we have Christmas covered lets see if we can get the New Year of to a rollicking start, we have two Saturday’s to do just that. Remember  “VALUE” is the key. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all from Horsebuck$

Doomben Track Good; Randwick Track Good; Caulfield Track Good; OUR BEST;Randwick race 2 Takookacod($7.50) desperately unlucky last start as we documented in our post race summary, she is on 50kgs today after the claim and should enjoy a good run from her gate. She will sit just on the speed and finish over the top of them. Doomben race 5 Emphasis($5.50) we feel this horse is very well weighted in this contest, a very good run last start in a quality field (quick back up) this fellow gets better into his preps and loves good tracks. Make no mistake he can beat theodds on pop. Randwick race 7 Crack Me Up($6.50) we were hoping Birchley would back this horse up here, he will get a great run just off the speed from this draw and drops back to the 54.5kgs. He loves this distance and races like a horse that the big Randwick straight would suit, He is a very good racehorse and we are expecting big things from him today. Doomben race 8 Most Important($6.50) another very good horse, last start he did everything wrong, wide ,over raced and still had the audacity to finish half a length from the winner in slick time. He won this race last year with 58kgs he has a 6kgs turnaround on Monsieur Gustave from that race in which that horse finished third some 2.2L from Most Important. It’s the old cliche whatever beats him will win he is OUR BEST. Caulfield race 6 Lycurgus($7.50) does like track and distance and races best when he can be right up on the pace, soft going is not his go. Consistent galloper that will run very well here. Randwick race 9 Desert General($15) This could be a Liam Birchley masterstroke. A very capable galloper on his day and is in very good form since a spell, a good second last start over this distance in a very good form race, handles all conditions and if they decide to lead on him and he is there at the distance it could be game set and match. Doomben race 9 Ringo‘s A Rockstar($13) This bloke has drawn the perfect gate (Doomben curse?) but where are they going to ride him it has been 13 starts since his last win but I don’t think I have seen a more unlucky beast, the ideal situation for him would be to have him much closer to the speed. If he was he just might blow them away. GIDDYUP! This week we have more runners than usual in our best but we really do fancy these gallopers and we fancy a couple of others as well but we can‘t put them all in or can we(: There are two horses at Caulfield that are just getting their careers going that we think will run extremely well and they are race 3 Folk Song and race 4 Atone. Randwick has come up just in the soft range this morning but it won’t worry our selections there (no excuses) just keep an eye on it though in case it gets worse. Villiers Day at Randwick is always a good meeting we really feel that the Queenslander Crack Me Up can do the state proud. Also a very good programme at Doomben and the Lough Neagh is a belter this is the perfect race for Most Important as we have said a very good galloper. Let’s not forget the exotics we have been on fire over the last month with some great results First Fours, Trifectas and Quaddies happy days. Exciting times next year, we will be having a marketing plan put in place to get our site out there to the masses, remember it is all about VALUE anyone can tip you into short priced commodities and OUR MOTTO is STRATEGY and DISCIPLINE.Christmas is just around the corner and is a happy time for young and old and maybe a few extra presents under the tree after this weeks racing GOUGUDTHING! On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers.

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