Results 9th December 2017

Brisbane Races
BR11. h1 Blue Book 2. h4 Grim Reaper 3. h8 Animal Spirits 4. h2 Fullazaboot

Blue Book 1st sp($3.30)/place$1.35, Fullazaboot 2nd/$1.28, Grim Reaper 4th($12)

BR21. h9 Luna Fiore 2. h16 Marseilles En Fleur 3. h5 Chariot Of Gold 4. h3 Mehmeto

Luna Fiore(2.2L) 3rd/$3.60

BR31. h2 Zofonic Dancer 2. h4 Boom Boom Epic 3. h1 Magnufighter 4. h5 Nashville Skyline

Zofonic Dancer 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.05, Boom Boom Epic 2nd/$1.26, Magnufighter 3rd/$1.35; Trifecta; Vic.$72.70,N.S.W.$65.50,QLD.$61.20; Q/Ex;Vic.$7.20/$23.50,N.S.W.$7.70/$18.30,Qld.$6.80/$31.10

BR41. h6 Realing 2. h11 Cushion Pink 3. h3 Duke Of Christophe 4. h18 Bidzil

Realing 1st sp($3.90)/place$1.55

BR51. h9 I’m A Jet 2. h10 Ruthless Agent3. h8 Zendayne 4. h16 All That Is


BR61. h9 Monasterio 2. h14 She Goes Pop 3. h5 Karakabeel 4. h4 Sheza Lily

Sheza Lily 3rd/$1.90

BR71. h4 Zumbelina 2. h7 Our Beebee 3. h10 Of The Day 4. h3 Sheiswhatsheis

Sheiswhatsheis 3rd/$3.60

BR81. h 3 Sir Moments 2. h1 Rudy 3. h5 Frespanol 4. h4 Crack Me Up, h2 Hopfgarten

Hopfgarten 2nd/$2.25, Crack Me Up 4th($2.70)

BR91. h 5 Privlaka 2. h3 Beckham 3. h2 Steel Zip 4. h6 Feltre, h15 Marksfield

Privlaka 1st sp($2.60)/place$1.35

Sydney Races
SR11. h1 Gongs 2. h6 Carnina 3. h 4. h3 Orcein 4. h7 Cinders

Gongs 1st sp($1.45)/place$1.04, Orcein 2nd/$1.50; Q/Ex; Vic.$3/$4,N.S.W.$3.10/$3.60,Qld.$3.10/$3.30

SR21.h4 Star Sensation 2. h6 Poetic Charmer 3. h2 Heliosphere 4. h1 Colesberg

Heliosphere 2nd/$1.40, Star Sensation(2.5L) 3rd/$1.90, Colesberg 4th($41)

SR31.h2 Gitan 2. h3 Volpe 3. h4 Divine Uniocorn 4. h5 O’lordy

Gitan(0.8L) 2nd/$2.30, Divine Unicorn 4th($3)

SR41.h1 Positive Problems 2. h4 Miss Ballantine 3. h7 Queen Misty 4. h6 Fournette

Miss Balantine 2nd/$3.30, Queen Misty 3rd/$2.20, Positive Problems(3L) 4th($7.50)

SR51. h9 Lead Choreographer 2. h2 Carzoff 3.h10 Mornington 4. h6 Gambler’s Blues

Gambler’s Blues 1st sp($4.20)/place$1.75, Lead Choreographer(0.2L) 2nd/$3.40, Carzoff 3rd/$2.60, Mornington 4th($3.80); FIRST FOUR; Vic.$1,047.30,N.S.W.$1,058.30,Qld.$1,020.20; Trifecta; Vic.$266.50,N.S.W.$268.20,Qld.$256.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$25.40/$43.3,N.S.W.$25.10/$46.50,Qld.$23.90/$43.10

SR61. h9 Flow 2. h1 Invinzabeel 3. h8 Time To Torque 4. h2 First Hand

Invinzabeel 1st sp($15)/place$3.20, Flow(0.9L) 4th($2.35)

SR71.h12 Single Bullet 2. h11 Test The World 3. h13 Bon Amis 4. h4 To Excess

Test The World 1st sp($3.90)/place$1.35, Bon Amis 2nd/$1.20, To Excess 3rd/$2.35; Trifecta; Vic.$52.30, N.S.W.$57.20,Qld.$48.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$3.80/$11,N.S.W.$4.2/$10.70,Qld.$4/$10.30

SR81.h9 Pipeline 2. h6 Drachenfels 3. h4 Waitandwatch 4. h1 Grande Punto

Drachenfels 1st sp($4.80)/place$1.80, Pipeline(0.1L) 2nd/$2.80; Q/Ex; Vic.$15.50/$37.90,N.S.W.$12.80/$33.40,Qld.$12.60/$25.70

SR91. h5 Cellarman 2. h6 Magical Stance 3. h1 King Darci 4 h12 Carluca

King Darci 1st sp($7.50)/place$2.35, Cellarman(0.3L) 3rd/$195;

QUADDIE: Invinzabeel/$Test The World/Drachenfels/King Darci; Vic. Divis.$2,748.40, Qld. Divis. $2,980.40

Melbourne Races
MR11. 2. h4 Je Suis Tycoon 2. h8 Boom Chicka Boom 3 h12 Zoology 4. h7 Belsonic

Belsonic 1st sp($11)/place$3.50

MR21.h8 Evil Lil 2. h9 Macattack 3. h3 Stormsabrewing 4. h5 Soho Ruby

Evil Lil 1st sp($31)/place$7, Mackattack 4th(7.50)

MR31.h7 Fontein Lad 2. h6 Get The Picture 3. h9 Casta 4. h11 Stormy Shore

Casta 2nd/$1.85, Fontein Lad 4th($4.60)

MR41.h1 Leodoro 2. h3 Invincible Al 3. h2 Labuan Star 4. h8 Angry Gee

Leodoro 3rd/$2.80, Angry Gee 4th($10)

MR51h1 Jungle Edge 2. h8 Proud Wolf 3.h4 Stella Collision 4. h5 Tried And Tired

Tried And Tired 1st sp($9.50)/place$2.25, Proud Wolf 2nd/$1.65, Jungle Edge(0.6L) 3rd/$1.12; Trifecta; Vic.$114.20, N.S.W.$104.30, Qld.$111.70; Q/Ex; Vic.$26.40/$55.80,N.S.W.$23.70/$56,Qld.$25/$63.50

MR61.h3 Jaquinot Bay 2. h7 Riyadh 3. h9 Carraig Aonair 4. hOur Bottino , h11 Silvera

Jacquinot Bay(3.3L) 2nd/$2.60, Our Bottino 4th($11)

MR71. h2 Grey Lion 2. h9 Goodwood Zodiac 3. h5 Instrumentalist 4. h3 Oncidium Ruler

Oncidium Ruler 3rd/$1.75

MR81. h1 Burning Front 2. h5 Hokkaido 3. h3 Grande Rosso 4. h7 Willi Willi

Willi Willi 2nd/$2.10, Burning Front(2.5L) 3rd/$1.80

MR91. h10 Wimborne 2. h1 Imperator Augustus 3. h11 Star Major 4. h7 Hell On Earth, h8 Siga La Vaca

Star Major 4th($4.40)

S R 7 H12 Single Bullet, S R8 H9 Pipeline

Single Bullet; (11L) 10th ($4.80-$7.50); Poleaxed after the start from then on never in it. Heard trainers interview pre race certainly didn’t have us brimming with confidence, market reflected same.

Pipeline;(0.1L) 2nd ($8-$8.50); rolled forward from the start and sat on the leaders hammer, got to the front early in the straight then wanted to wander about a bit once he got there, fought on like a caged lion to go down by a flared nostril .

M R4 H1 Leodoro, B R8 H3 Sir Moments

LONGSHOT; MR 9 H10 Wimborne

Leodoro;(2.6L) 3rd ($13-$9.50); had a beaut run in transit to be within striking distance at the 200m no match for the first two but to his credit fought on for a game third.

Sir Moments;(7.8L) 13th ($14-$21); He settled back as we anticipated but the race was controlled up on the pace. Having said that he did pull hard (blinkers off first time?) and as the pace slackened mid race it was game over.

Wimborne;(6.5L) 10th ($26); he got back pulled out in the straight but nothing was making any ground in this race.

Doomben Track Soft; Rosehill Track Good; Pakenham Track Soft; Our Best; Rosehill race 7 Single Bullet($4.80) this colt has 51kgs after the claim, he likes to roll up on the speed and has a very consistent record albeit one win in 9 starts but  don’t let that fool you. He has run well behind some very good horses, this is not an easy race hence we will be hoping for a better price he just might be our Christmas bonus. Rosehill race 8 Pipeline($8) first up he got too far back and made steady ground, drawn a little wide today but we expect him to roll forward and settle just off them an he handles all conditions (Jay Ford is on today) we expect him to be right in the finish. Pakenham race 4 Leodoro($13) this horse ticks a lot of boxes here in a super tough race, he loves all conditions and the track and distance, he is a pistol first up, he does get back but that is his racing pattern and with 59.5kgs after the claim in a BM 78 we think he is definitely over the odds. Doomben race 8 Sir Moments($14) this horse is always around the money at this level, he led last start after over racing which might have been a blessing in disguise (fitness wise) he is a pearler third up and the track and distance suit. He handles all conditions, today he will drift back his usual racing pattern and be moving into the race on the corner a very good chance. Crack Me Up will be hard to beat but we feel going up 2.5kgs and third up make him vulnerable here against some tough campaigners, Sir Moments could be the one at juicy odds. Packenham race 9 Wimborne($26) our longshot today this horse is an absolute gold medal swimmer he loves the track and distance. He will settle back mid field but will be steaming home to test the other serious mudder Imperator Augustus right on the line. Kingston Town Classic Perth Black Heart Bart super hard to beat but don’t forget Cosmic Storm, we thought she would run well in the Railway and she did beaten 2.8L, worth a small play at$51 each way. Remember to keep an eye on the track and weather conditions at Doomben. On that note have a great weekend and “GOOD LUCK” to all horsebuck$ followers.


QUADDIE and FIRST FOUR players were rewarded once again with the MAIN QUADDIE at Rosehill paying a handsome divi. $2,980.40 and a FIRST FOUR race 5 Rosehill paying a pleasing $1,058.20 along with 4 Trifectas and another 7 Quinella/Exactas. We thought the mini drought was over in OUR BEST when Pipeline($8.50) did everything right up until the 200m mark when in front he decided he would DANCE the rest of the way and went down by the smallest possible margin. The shillelagh’s were produced here at Horsebuck$ when he got wayward ,so close. What a torrid day at Pakenham with only 3 winners there in our top four, but we did produce Evil Lil at $31 as our top selection and also a host of placegetters. Doomben we had 4 winners and they were all on top selections Blue Book($3.30), Zofonic Dancer($7.50), Realing($3.90) and Privlaka($2.60). Rosehill was definitely our best venue with 6 winners in total Invinzabeel($15) the best, also we had the quaddie, 2 trifectas and 4 quinella/exactas so a good day all round at this venue. Also the Brisbane Handicap at Doomben there could be a few form reversals come out of this race some were caught wide and others too far back these were never a chance, we will highlight them at a later date when they turn up in a suitable race. Villiers on Saturday always a good race we have one in this providing it backs up, might just provide the Christmas turkey. We have had a great year with exotics an best bets we will be doing everything possible over the next 2 weekends to bring in the New Year with a bang. On that note have a great week and “GOOD LUCK” to all.

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