Tips 4th February 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 1h2 Courts Star h3 Morendi h9 Walwa h12 Charles The Third
B R 2 h1 Beraht h3 Pinstryke h4 Citrain h7 Trestrail
B R 3 h1 Just A Bullet h6 Quatronic h7 Vienna Royale h11 All Troops
pB R 4 h1 Beckham h3 Upstart Pride h10 Divine Service h12 Billy Da Boss
B R 5 h4 bTime To Torque h6 Mystic Opal h13 Dee Nine Elle h14 Princess Charm
B R 6 h3 Keep On Rocking h4 Rolling Roman h8 Mr Chaplin h9 Naranja h10 Shaftesbury
B R 7 h1 Transporter h2 Léntrcote h8 Hudson County h10 Hi Son
B R 8 hi Ring”s A Rockstar h2 Oink h4 Tyzone h7 St Hilary
Sydney Races
S R 1 h4 Montauk h5 Shalmaneser h6 Vassal h7 King’s Officer
S R 2 h1 Veranillo h2 Ace High h4 Eden Roc h11 Exceeds
S R 3 h2 Religify h3 Strawberry Boy h4 Testashadow,
S R 4 h1 Straturbo h3 His Majesty h5 Dal Cielo h7 agean Sea
S R 5h2 Nic’s Vendetta h6 Super Star Bob h8 Supreme Lad h13 Clipper
S R 6 h1 Comin’Through h2 Guard Of Honour h4 Bezel h7 Spending To Win
S R 7 h1 French Emotion h2 Tsaritsa h4 Egyptian Symbol h6 I Am Zelady
S R 8 h2 Classic Uniform h4 Invincible Knight h5 Zaukonig h11 Chestnut Road
S R 9 h1 Deploy h5 Got Unders h6 Roaring To Win h8 Disgraceful
Melbourne Races
M R 1 h2 Zasorceress h3 Gingie h6 Primeiro h7 Are The Bungs In
M R 2 h1 Cadillac Mountain h2 Dodging Bullets h3 Hursley h7 Sir Prospector
M R 3 h1 Big Memory h2 Chance To Dance h4 Oncidium Ruler h7 Hardern
M R 4 h1 Jukebox h2 Perast h5 Captivator h9 Falling Waters
M R 5 h1 Aspect h2 Feng Chu h3 Spoils h5 Formality
M R 6 h2 Glenrowan Prince h3 Danuki h9 Cool Snitzel H10 Chat To Maggie
M R 7 h1 Morton’s Fork h2 Hey Doc h5 Legles Veuve h6 Derryn
M R 8 h1 Faatinah h3 Miss Promiscuity h7 Grane h8 Lady Espirit h10 Sunday Escape
M R 9h3 Longeron h4 Smart Dart h5 Duke Of Brunswick h7 Self Sense

BR8 H1 Ringo’s A Rockstar, SR8 H2 Classic Uniform, MR6 H3 Danuki,

MR9 H7 Self Sense,SR9 H8 Disgraceful

MR1 MH3 Gingie

Eagle Farm Good Track, Randwick Good Track, Caulfield Good Track. BEST BETS; Brisbane race 8 Ringo’s A Rockstar($5) should get a sweet run from his alley (8), should come in a couple after scratchings. This fellow is ultra consistent and in our opinion he is weighted to win after his claim and you just know that if he is within 2 lengths of them with 200 to go, it just might be game over. Randwick race 8 Classic Uniform($5.50) this horse is in great form and has been placed to perfection by Moore, with his claim he carries the same weight as last time, fitness and consistency count for a lot and this bloke has that. His gate is the only part of this equation that could be tricky as he likes to roll forward but if Adkins can get him there quick enough, we think it will be a repeat of his last run. Caulfield race 6 Danuki($5.50) up a kilo on last run but down in grade and he will get a gun run from that draw (2), this is his distance we expect him to strike the lead half way up the straight, that should be enough. BEST EACHWAY; Randwick race 9, Disgraceful($10), forget his last run he never wins second up (only 1.9 L off them), it was a strong BM83 last start. he does perform third run in, will settle mid field he will be flashing at them late, hopefully he can arrive in time. Caufield race 9 Self Sense($17) it would be wise not to underestimate this horse first up, he is a super fresh horse and ticks a lot of boxes here, likes to possie up behind the leaders will be there when the whips are cracking. BEST LONGSHOT; Gingie($26), yes we had it last week and it ran last, blew the start and never a chance after that, 5.5L from winner, if she jumps she could just finish over the top of them, N.Hall on this time and it is not the strongest BM84 (F&M) around. Remember the rails are out a fair way at each venue EF 8mtrs, Rand. 6mtrs, Caul. 9mtrs when they are out that far the fence is not always the place to be early in the day, in our opinion. We are hoping for some big exotics today there a couple of races that could deliver just that like BR6 and SR5 lets hope they are our selections. We no longer put our top four sections in suggested finishing order but in horse number order. Best Bets followers have to wait for later in the day but it could just be worth the wait, so on that note enjoy your weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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