Tips 21st January 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11h1 Paradis Imperial 2. h6 Zukaz 3. h4 The Bank Manager 4. h3 South Of France
B R 2 1h12 Morendi 2. h4 Scottie Be Gotti 3. h13 Walwa 4. h10 Game Pie
B R 3 1.h1 War Jet 2. h7 Khaleesi 3. h5 Fiery Heights 4. h2 Profiler
pB R 4 1. h8 Espiritu 2. h9 Lady Jetsetter3. h4 Whiskey Allround 4. h5 El Sasso
B R 5 1.h16 Tempete Rouge 2. h6 Motion Granted 3. h3 Drumbeats Choice 4. h8 Pajados
B R 6 1.h1 Ringo’s A Rockstar 2. h4 After Call 3. h2 Mishani Sleuth 4, h3 Spring Tycoon
B R 7 1h3 Léntrecot 2. h11 Yoho 3. h7 Ruling Force 4. h4 Bodega Negra
B R 8 1.h19 Princess Charm 2. h10 Hotel Drive 3.h8 Uno Best 4. h1 Beatniks
Sydney Races
S R 1 1h6 Ultramarine 2. h2 Eden Roc 3. h1 Mr Grumpy 4. h9 Exceeds
S R 2 1. h1 Guard Of Honour 2. h5 Spending To Win 3. h3 Tactical Advantage 4. h6 Star Crossed
S R 3 1.h7 Shutter Bug 2. h6 Via Napoli 3. h1 Harlem Lady 4. h3 Jaqui’s Joy
S R 4 1h9 Snowbrook 2. h5 And There Is More 3. h6 Clipper 4. h14 Za I’m Youthful c
S R 51h2 Burning Energy 2. h5 Unbiased 3. h1 Multifacets 4. h6 More Than Fabulous
S R 6 1.h8 Rock Mylady 2. h1 Cauthens Power 3. h5 King’s Officer 4. h9 Liapari
S R 7 1h1 Ecuador 2. h2 Ninth Legion 3. h4 Oxford Heart 4. h5 Wouldn’t It Be Nice
S R 8 1. h5 King Darci 2. h6 Louie Sea Kay 3. h4 Got Unders 4. h3 Hogmanay
S R 9 1.h3 Got The Goss 2. h12 Noble Joey 3. h6 Deploy 4. h8 Roaring To Win
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h1 Invincible Al 2. h6 Strictly Legit 3. h3 Gratwick 4. h8 Sergovia
M R 2 1.h3 Aurora Glow 2. h6 La Speciale 3. h4 Sensation Ally 4. h2 Kiss Me Ketut
M R 3 1. h1 Atlantic Express 2. h6 Prescott 3. h3 Kamindu 4. h9 Wheal Leisure
M R 4 1.h1 Burning Front 2. h9 Ballybrit 3. h4 Hokkaido 4. h8 Cosmics Delight
M R 5 1. h4 In Fairness 2, h8 See What I Bring 3. h5 Domino Vitale 4. h9 Sword Of Justice
M R 6 1. h3 Shikarpour 2. h6 Big Duke 3. h1 Cool Chap 4. h11 Morning Sunshine
M R 7 1. h2 Crystal Dreamer 2. h3 Runsati 3. h7 Lady Espirit 4. h4 Sunday Escape
M R 8 11 It Is Written 2. h7 Bon Rocket 3. h4 Keivann 4. h6 Rock N’Gold
M R 91.h10 Sullivan Bay 2. h1 Andrassy 3. h6 Cheeky Babe 4. h5 Must Be Mink

SR 3 H7 Shutter Bug, MR8 H1 It Is Written

BR2 H12 Morendi, BR4 H8 Espiritu

SR 9 H3 Got The Goss

Eagle Farm Good Track, Randwick Good Track, Moonee Valley Good Track. Best bets; Randwick race 3 only a small field but we think Shutter Bug($7) is a serious chance here, although up in class she is way down in the weights here on 51kgs. Last start she was unable to secure a clear run in the straight, getting back is her caper and the small field will suit and the track and distance are a plus. We expect to be doing the Shutter Bug after the race. At Moonee Valley It Is Written($7.50), the old boy is well in here with 58kgs after the claim, originally we had Bon Rocket on top but on reflection decided the weight and his affinity for the track was hard to ignore. He will possie up from the draw and the small field will suit he will be there when the whips are cracking. Eagle Farm we have Morendi($16) , is very consistent third run in and beyond, expect him to settle mid field or worse but he will be getting home strongly, his jockey A. Spinks is in good form at the moment, we expect that combo. to be looming large at the 100m. Sullivan Bay ($11) at Moonee Valley, this mare is in form and another that is up in grade but has the ability to cope with it. She gave Extra Olives a touch up last start and that horse came out and won on Wednesday, she will go forward from gate 8 and give herself every chance in a hard race. A great each way bet. Our longshot is Got The Goss Randwick race 9, this horse is a knob fresh, last prep he raced out of his class 1st up and then encountered two soft tracks(no like), down significantly in class to start this prep we are expecting a super run from him at this distance on a dry track $17 is good value. We want results from race one so the whips will be cracking early, our adrenalin rush is getting results for our members. The humidity in Brisbane today is 100%, thats right, so we could have an early storm hopefully it is after the last. On that note have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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