Tips 7th January 2017

Brisbane Races
B R 11. h6 Gypsy Miss 2. h1 Hostwin Vintage 3. h3 Good Luck Malela 4. h4 Hundred
B R 2 1.h1 Houtzen 2. h5 Never In Doubt 3. h4 Make My On Luck 4. h12 Zukaz
B R 3 1.h1 Fuerza 2. h10 Spirit Minded 3. h13 Larebil 4. h6 Scotty Be Gottie
B R 4 1 h4 Panna Rossa 2. h3 LÉntrecote 3. h9 Mukaddamah Son 4. h7 Black Jet
B R 5 1. h2 Dylan’s Luck 2. h12 Hidden Light 3. h17 I Remember You 4. h10 Just Orm
B R 6 1.h10 Timeless Prince 2. h14 Eckstein 3. h15 Royal Occasion 4. h9 Aldini
B R 7 1.h13 Ringo’s A Rockstar 2. h16 Groovy Gal 3. h19 Always Sacred 4. h18 Moss Harry
B R 8 1. h15 Volpino 2. h12 Secret Puzzle 3. h2 Umgeni 4.( h3 War Baby,h14 Slydini)
Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h1 Single Bullet 2. h4 Radiant Choice 3. h2 Callmetrouble
S R 2 1. h7 Arbeitsam 2. h2 First Approval 3. h1 Redouble 4. h5 Argent Dór
S R 3 1.h3 Magicaz 2. h4 Heartlings 3. h1 Harlem Lady 4. h5 Lycia
S R 4 1. h4 Snippety Sip 3. h2 Chosen Prayer 3. h1 Yasnat 4.h12 Lady Ionessc
S R 51h2 Song And Laughter 2. h4 Imposing Lass 3. h5 Girl Sunday 4. h3 Gold Symphony
S R 6 1.h8 Rock My Lady 2. h9 Kingsguard 3. h7 Caythens Power 4. h2 Olympic Acadamey
S R 7 1.h6 Sundance 2. h2 Mr. Manhatan 3. h4 Plateau Gold 4.( h1 Oxford Poet, Cosmic Cameo)
S R 8 1.h7 Butterboom 2. h8 Isorich 3. h13 What Could Be 4. h2 Ziggy Willy
S R 9 1.1 Star Wars 2. h13 King Darci 3. h14 He’s A Given 4. h3 King’s Officer
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1h6 Catchy 2. h1 Kedleston 3. h2 Clear Signal 4. h5 Siam
M R 2 1.h5 Mr. Dashing 2. h1 Dance With Fontien 3. h2 Amadeus 4. h4 Our Vidia
M R 3 1.h5 Crystal Dreamer 2. h6 Bon Rocket 3. h8 Cana 4. h4 Danuki
M R 4 1. h2 Invictum Domani 2. h7 No Tan Tat 3. h8 Macattack 4. h3 Alma’s Rossa
M R 5 1h2 Folk Tales 2. h10 Royal Applause 3. h4 On Wings 4. h3 Balf’s Choice
M R 6 1. h2 Lyuba 2. h6 Ameristalia 3.h7 Grey Street 4. h3 Chiavari
M R 7 1. h5 Plein Ceil 2 h10 Manhattan Boss 3.h2 Cool Chap 4. h7 Bondeiger
M R 8 1.h3 Burning Front 2. h9 Golden Mane 3. h10 The New Boy 4. h2 Mihany
M R 91. h9 Violent Snow 2. h5 Bradman 3. h10 Shocaholic 4. h4 In Fairness

SR6 H8 Rock My Lady, SR7 H6 Sundance

BR 6 H10 Timeless Prince, MR9 H9 Violent Snow

SR9 H1 Star Wars

GOLD COAST Soft, WARWICK FARM Soft, CAULFIELD Good. Best Bets; Rock My Lady SR6, this fellow never got a crack at them last start, he races better 3rd run in and flies around this circuit, loves distance and he is a deadset wet tracker. This is a good little race, but that just makes for his price to be all the more juicy, a super chance. Sundance SR 7, he is a promising horse and boy can he scoot along and from barrier 3 he will either lead or get the gun run. We think he is a natural racehorse that runs time and wet conditions no problem, this is his toughest test to date but once again that should make his price a whole lot better. Best Eachways; Timeless Prince GOLD COAST R6 ran a big race first up although a BM85, he has raced well in this class previously and has won 2nd up, there will be plenty of pace here which should suit him and the soft conditions won‘t be a problem. Violent Snow MR9, we think she can win again she should get a beautiful run behind In Fairness, although she has has gone up 2.5 kgs we don’t consider this an overly strong race and the Caulfield circuit is to her liking. A strong win last start and R. Bayliss on again (a bonus) we are really keen on her at great each way odds, she might just win easier this time. Longshots; Star Wars SR9 60kgs and all this bloke will run a great race and at his current quote of $20 is certainly worth a play, he has a great record around this course, he finished off nicely to finish just behind them, he will be there when the whips are cracking. Without a doubt three of the toughest meetings to assess for quite a while, but i think we might have nailed a couple at nice odds. Lets hope there are some nice results for exotic players, whichever way you play have a great weekend and GOOD LUCK to all horsebuck$ followers. HORSEBUCK$

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