Tips 5th November 2016

Brisbane Races
tB R 11.h4 LaSpiaggia 2.h8 Kaiser Franz 3. h3 Emerald City 4. h2 Perplexity one
B R 2 1. h1 Acceptile 2. h3 Eminent 3. h2 Bungaree Boy 4. h 6 Champ Elect
B R 3 1. h6 Pinch Mountain 2. Downloading 3. h1 Thunder Raider 4. h3 Tivatrolani
B R 4 1.h2 Bidii Babe 2. h9 Khaleesi 3. h7 Pearly Court 4. h6 Daisy Duke
B R 5 1.h4 Big Decision 2. h10 Shipwrecked 3. h14 Silento 4. h12 Butcher Blue
B R 6 1.h8 Powerful Saga 2. h3 Denarius 3. h13 Alassak 4. h5 Fiery Heights
B R 7 1.h11 Flying Riddle 2. h7 Sony Legend 3. h9 Wicked Intent 4. h2 Hard Stride
B R 8 1. h7 Reckless Abandon 2.h13 Privlaka 3.h11 Emphasis 4. h4 Top Tone
Sydney Races
S R 1 1.h5 Milanese Girl 2. h2 Malahat 3. h4 Cool Mover 4. h1 Ipso Facto
S R 2 1. h3 Miss Ballantine
S R 3 1.h4 Painte 2. h Mr. Manhattan 3. h2 Sarajevo
S R 4 No Selection
S R 51. h2 Inz’NÓut 2. h7 Suspense 3. h 5 Gunderzeit 4. h6 Snoopy
S R 6 1. h1 Reincarnate 2. h5 Sir Plush
S R 7 1.h1 Red Excitement 2. h5 God’s In Him 3. h4 Religify
S R 8 1.h2 My Giuliano 2. h9 Be Like Dad 3. h8 Ascot Red 4. h High Opinion
S R 9 1h3 Allez Cheval 2. h5 Zin Zan Elsie 3. h2 Untamed Diamond 4. h1 Magic Alibi
Melbourne Races
M R 1 1.h1 Azazel 2. h2 Wait For No One 3. h15 Resin 4. h14 Crystal Wings
M R 2 1.h5 Hipparchus 2. h10 Thunder Teddington 3. h3 Shamkiyr 4. 13 Curragh
M R 3 1. h1 Francis Of Assisi 2. h 5 De Little Engine 3. h3 Tom Melbourne 4. h6 Second Bullet
M R 4 1. h16 Palladian 2. h4 Nicccolance 3.h6 Inside Agent 4. h11 Magnarock
M R 5 1.h3 Petrology 2. h2 Mabeel 3. h8 Lucky Paddy 4. h10 Streetwise Savoire
M R 6 1.h9 Managaress 2. h15 Sort After 3. h7 Jessy Belle 4. h8 Denmagic
M R 7 1.h12 Good Standing 2. h5 Vadamos 3. h6 Awesome Rock 4. h2 Hauraki
M R 8 1.h5 Fell Swoop 2. h3 The Quarterback 3. h6 Our Boy Malachi 4. h1 Lankan Rupee
M R 9 1. h1 Akavoroun 2. h3 Ulmann 3. h6 Lord Aspen 4. h9 Rough Justice

 BR4 H2 Bidii Babe, SR2 H3 Miss Ballantine, MR3 H1 Francis Of Assisi

 BR6 H8 Powerful Saga,SR7 H1 Red Excitement

MR4 H16 Palladian

All form done for good tracks in each venue Doomben,Canterbury and Flemington. Best bets:Doomben race 4 Bidii Babe has drawn wide here but ability wise ,we think she has the edge on her rivals. Miss Ballantine Canterbury race2 had a gutsy win on Tuesday and backs up today, marginally up in class but she should be too strong again today. Francis Of Assisi, this horse bolted in last start, can see him getting a beautiful run in behind Tom Melbourne and pouncing on him about 300 from home and all over. This bloke can stay all day, carry weight, second up no problems and likes the track conditions he ticks a lot of boxes, so giddyup. Best each way: Doomben race 6 Powerful Saga,forget he went around last start, wide the whole trip and did well to be beaten only 2lengths he should get a nice run behind them this time and if he does, will be fighting out the finish. Red Excitement race six Canterbury might just be too classy for this field, he will sit just behind Religify and just prevail in a tight go. This horse thrives on good tracks and the distance is not a problem. Best longshot we could have picked a few but have come up with Palladian Flemington race 4, he ran last at his previuos start but a lot of things were against him the track conditions, he overraced, sat wide and the valley didn’t suit him. He ran second to Niccolance and now there is a 3kilo weight turnaround albeit beaten 2 lengths, he will get a nice run just behind them from his draw and might just be too strong at the finish. Favourite in this race has drawn the car park and that is where the real edge can be found. Good Standing could spoil the party for some of the older gallopers in the Emirates has been set for this race and with his 51k will give them something to beat a great each way chance. All in all a super tough day but we think we have pinpointed a few at inflated odds. So have a good weekend and good luck to all HORSEBUCK$ followers.

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