Horsebuck$ tipping service

Horsebuck$ has a new web site up and running and off to a flying start. The first week four of our best were successful Name The Day $2.80,Kings Officer $7.30, Akavoroun $5.00 & Cruising Speed $13.00 the last two being legs of the Brisbane quaddie and just missing when we ran third in the last leg with Oberland. Then in our quaddie legs in Melbourne we included Mighty Like at $18 and Rapture at $17.oo and in Sydney we had Slots at $19.00. Then last our best of the day Rock On Zariz should have cantered in (unlucky) but that’s racing.We had a blowout in Melbourne our best Forgeress & Charmed Harmony were  unplaced,both had there chance but  weren’t good enough on the day, in Brisbane Beckham & Most Important (2nd & 4th) were our best, but in the quaddie we just missed with three winners and a second namely Shipwrecked 1st,Rhyme Nor Rhythm 2nd, River Racer 1st & Sagoronne 1st. Sydney we hit the jackpot after Akiko Gold and Rock On Zariz (2nd & 3rd) as our best , then the quaddie as you know we select four horses in each leg , if a horse is a 100/1 and we think it is a possibility it goes in the four. Last Saturday we had Pioneering Marenostro,Super Tycoon & Magnajoy for a very healthy return of $TEN THOUSAND AND THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS! We don’t profess to get the quaddie every week but if you like to play the exotics with our top four in these races we have some great results in that area as well. We are highly regarded as form students, we leave no stone unturned to find that next result and sometimes a twenty to one shot is a better chance than a three dollar favourite. Hope you are joining us soon on horsebuck$