Tips 15th JUNE 2024

Eagle FarmTrack Good, RosehillTrack Soft, Sandown- Hillside Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races

BR1. 1.h5 Iknowastar 2. h1 Freedom Rally 3. h6 Master Jamie 4. h3 Charterhouse

Freedom Rally 1st/$2/$1.20, Iknowastar 3rd/$1.80

BR2. 1.h5 Pereille 2. h6 Go Wandji 3. h1 Irish Songs 4. h10 Midnight In Tokyo

Pereille(0.7L) 2nd/$1.20, Midnight In Tokyo 3rd/$3

BR3. 1.h1 Embassy 2. h5 Depth Of Character 3. h13 Tehina 4. h11 Henious

Embassy(0.2L) 2nd/$1.50, Depth Of Character 3rd/$5.40

BR4. 1.h3 Selino 2. h2 Amade 3. h7 Mostly Cloudy 4. h4 Goldman

Mostly Cloudy(1.3L) 2nd/$1.40

BR5. 1.h3 Razors 2. h9 Geriatrix 3. h1 Chrysaor 4. h5 Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded 1st/$7.80/$2.50, Razors 4th


1. h1 Broadsiding 2. h10 Mr. Artemisia 3. h3 Bittercreek 4. h5 Imperialist

Broadsiding 1st/$1.60/$1.10, Bittercreek 2nd/$2.40; Quinella/$5.40; Exacta/$7.20

BR7. 1.h3 Couer Volante 2. h9 Chinny Boom 3. h3 Comrade Rosa 4. h5 Banana Queen, h12 Cést Magique

C’est Magique 1st/$6/$2.40

BR8. 1.h3 Antino 2. h14 Semana 3. h11 Prince Of Boom 4. h4 Benedetta, h10 Amenable

BLOWOUT!!! Antino missed the start badly game over for him. Prince Of Boom worked hard early to be on speed, challenged at the distance but not good enough. Amenable tried really hard. Benedetta and Semana every chance really.

BR9. 1.h15 Fawkner Park 2. h18 Amokura 3. h2 Huetor 4. h5 Kovalica, h14 Naval College

Fawkner Park 1st/$4.20/$1.65

Rosehill Races

SR1. 1. h5 Goodlucktome 2. h1 Sovereign Hill 3. h4 Swift Falcon 4. h6 Shanwah

Swift Falcon 1st/$6.70/$2, Sovereign Hill 3rd/$1.30



SR4. 1.h3 For Victory 2. h11 Gulf Of Mexico 3. h7 Perfect Play 4. h12 Marsabit

Gulf Of Mexico(3.6L) 2nd/$2.70, Perfect Play 3rd/$2.20

SR5. 1. h5 Captain Furai 2. h7 Runwiththetide 3. h4 Little Cointreau 4. h3 Silvanito (h15 Ivan’s Hero nominated in 4 races. We thought he was a huge chance race9 but here he is multi’s maybe)

Captain Furai 1st/$2.35/$1.30, Silvanito 2nd/$2.70, Little Cointreau 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$69.40; Quinella/$9; Exacta/$14.30 IVAN’S HERO L.SCR.

SR6. 1.h4 Demiana 2. h6 Left Field 3. h11 Miss Jennifer 4. h8 Anagain

Miss Jennifer 4th

SR7. 1.h9 Hi Dubai 2. h2 Passeggiata 3. h5 Hanau 4. h13 Cinematic Star, h14 In Flight 

In Flight 1st/$7.10/$2.20, Cinematic Star 4th; Hi Dubai L.SCR.,

SR8. 1.h4 Torrens 2. h5 Bonny Ezra 3. h2 Hopeful 4. h14 Funambulist

Hopeful(1.7L) 2nd/$1.80


1.h1 I’mintowin 2. h6 Franz Josef 3. h15 Allpercanto 4. h11 The Dramatist, h13 Danish Prince

Franz Josef 1st/$1.90/$1.10, I’mintowin 2nd/$2.80, Danish Prince 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$39.80; Quinella/$6.10; Exacta/$9.50

SR10. 1. h14 Step Aside 2. h10 Elson Bay 3. h4 Sandpaper 4. 1 Ang Pow, h6 Peace Officer

Elson Bay 1st/$7.80/$2.70, Ang Pow 3rd/$3.60

Sandown-Hillside Races


1.h2 Blue Renegade 2. h1 Interest Point 3. h4 Husk 4. h3 I’m Kenough

Blue Renegade 1st/$3.70/$2.10, Interest Point 2nd/$2.10, Husk 4th; Quinella/$5.30; Exacta/$11.70

MR2. 1. h7 La Fracas 2. h3 Mislead 3.h10 Ten Deep 4. h8 Justadeel

Ten Deep 1st/$5.50/$1.70, Justadeel 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$13.10; Exacta/$24

MR3. 1.h4 El Rocko 2. h5 Outa Compton 3. h6 Vail Mountain 4. h16 Name Dropper

Name Dropper 1st/$7/$2.40, El Rocko 3rd/$2.20, Vail Mountain 4th

MR4. 1.h5 Batrana 2. h4 Herecome’sthestar 3. h3 Donegal 4. h11 Matawai


MR5. 1.h4 Miss Tarzy 2. h10 Great Taste 3. h14 Arqana 4. h12 Princess Rayaa

Arqana 1st/$4.60/$2, Great Taste 4th

MR6. 1.h1 Hard To Cross 2. h7 Crackerjack Prince 3. h13 Jabbawockeez 4. h16 Big Brew

Hard To Cross 1st/$3.80/$1.50, Crackerjack Prince 3rd/$2.70, Jabbawockeez 4th

MR7. 1.h1 Scissor Step 2. h2 Viviane 3. h12 Etienne 4. h6 Home Rule, h14 Squad

Eyienne 4th


1.h13 So Risque 2. h2 Showmanship 3. h8 Windstorm 4. h1 Gentleman Roy, h4 Nicolini Vito

Gentleman Roy 1st/$13/$3.90, Nicolini Vito 2nd/$1.80, So Risque 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$197.40; Quinella/$27.60; Exacta/$72.30

MR9. 1.h8 Pudding 2. h4 Jimmy The Bear 3. h7 Dashing 4. h1 Smokin’ Romans, h17 Deepstrike

Dashing 3rd/$2.10, Smokin’ Romans 4th

                                                         OUR BEST

MR5 H4 MISS TARZY($6.50); this mare was in superb form last prep. She races well fresh and the distance is ideal first up. Ideally she should possie up right behind the speed from gate (1). This mare handles all conditions so she possesses all the attributes to suit a soft Sandown circuit. She is ultra consistent and provided she has come back in top order we expect her to be chiming in big time at the distance.

MISS TARZY(9); 5th beaten 1.8L, nice run behind the speed went for rails run and battled on. We will follow her.

MR6 H1 HARD TO CROSS($4.60); this galloper is in great form and loves this circuit. He races up behind the speed also and is super fit. He handles all conditions. Up in weight here but down in class, he can handle this weight. We expect him to be lurking behind the leader at the 400m ready to fire up big time.

HARD TO CROSS($3.60); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! perfect ride behind leader pulled out before the distance too good.

MR9 H8 PUDDING($15); another horse that ticks a few boxes here. This is his pet distance and won at the track last start. He loves to roll along and is only up a kilo and also has a great record into a prep. You would envisage similar tactics as his last start and if so they will struggle to run him down.

PUDDING($11); 9th beaten 5.4L, and on the other side of the coin a slaughterfest. Sat the horse 3 wide entire on speed probably could have led them. That’s all I have to say about that.

SUMMARY: If you backed the winner of the Oaks last week then its your shout (: Our best produced last week when Veloce Carro($5) saluted at nice odds and some nice action for all players. Group1 Stradbroke handicap is on today and as always a cracking race. Antino($8) this Queenslander is top shelf and he loves the track and distance. He is actually very well in here and his wide gate(16) won’t deter him as likes to get back. Forget his last run as it was a fantastic run on, he will be steaming home like a locomotive late. Semana($21) this horse races very good fresh and relishes the distance. She also has a wide gate to contend with but the 1400m is not such a problem at Eagle Farm. If shets a nice trail mid field look for her diving late with only 52kegs. Prince Of Boom($26) is a geunine Group horse particularly with this weight 52.5kgs. We think he is being trained a tad different this time in and has had a few excuses the few times he has been over this trip. Remember he loves the track and CAN TAKE A SIT. Benedetta($12) top class mare also well in here. The distance might be a small query but her racing suggests it shoudn’t be. Amenable($9.50) rounds out our 5 he is a well bred galloper that just needs a little luck G 1’s to show his class. Super tough race as always and deserves it’s GROUP1 status big time. Food for thought Prince Of Boom was 100/1 in early markets( got a small piece of the action) Race 1 at Sandown and Blue Renegade($5) is weighted to turn the tables here some 2.5kegs. Might be overs. Broken record time but once again a rugged day with huge fields, dual acceptors and the big 4 stables dominating so discipline and startegy should keep us ahead. Our Best today are all at Sandown  we are hoping for a track that suits on pace runners if so we might get some sheckles to fill the coffers. On that confident note GOOD LUCK” to all our members having a crack today and as we all know racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$