Tips 1st JUNE 2024

Eagle FarmTrack Soft, RosehillTrack Soft, Caulfield Track Good

Eagle Farm Races

BR1. 1.h7 Tenzing 2. h5 Poison Chalice 3. h3 Commodus 4. h10 Basarwa

Commodus(0.1L) 2nd/$4.10, Poison Chalice 3rd/$2


1.h12 Geriatrix 2. h10 Warby 3. h3 Oughton 4. h17 Sha Of Gomer

Geriatrix 1st/$7.60/$2.80, Oughton 2nd/$5.90; Quinella/$72.20; Exacta/$102.70

BR3. 1.h5 Goldman 2. h15 Double Cherry 3. h3 Selino 4. h17 Tapildoodledo

Goldman 3rd/$2.30

BR4. 1.h1 Just Folk 2. h15 Shock Em Ova 3. h4 Luncies 4. h3 Adelaide River

Just Folk 1st/$4.60/$1.80

BR5. 1.h2 Bittersweet 2. h1 Broadsiding 3. h7 Can’t Recall One 4. h4 Althoff

Broadsiding 1st/$2.60/$1.50, Bittercreek 4th

BR6. 1. h17 Stefi Magnetico 2. h5 Amur 3. h15 Abounding 4. h4 Corniche, h3 Steparty

Stefi Magnetica 3rd/$1.75


1.h10 In Secret 2. h1 I Wish I Win 3. h2 Think About It 4. h5 Antino, h9 Bella Nipotina

I Wish I Win 1st/$3.90/$1.40, Bella Nipotina 2nd/$2.50, In Secret 3rd/$3.20; Trifecta/$97.60; Quinella/$17.30; Exacta/$26.70

BR8. 1.h2 Warmonger 2. h18 Autumn Angel 3. h1 Tanhauser 4. h12 First Innings

Warmonger 1st/$10.60/$2.75

BR9. 1.h2 Comrade Rosa 2. h4 Couer Volante 3. h3 Bubble Rock 4.h10 Facile, h18 Hip Hip Huurrah

Bubble Rock 3rd/$5.15, Couer Volante 4th

Rosehill Races ( races 6 thru 10 abandoned due to heavy rain)


SR2. 1.h1 Emirate 2. h5 Omnic 3. h6 Mr. Artemisia 4. h14 Harlem Queen

Emirate 1st/$2.70, Mr. Artemisia 3rd/$4.10, Harlem Queen 4th



1.h19 Captain Furai 2. h12 Keep Your Cool 3. h5 Fearless Writer 4. h6 Franz Josef

Franz Josef 1st/$3.70/$1.60, Captain Furai 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$5; Exacta/$14.20

SR5. 1. h10 Pisanello 2. h3 Left Field 3. h14 In Flight 4. h8 Diamond Model

Left Field(2.5L) 2nd/$2.10, Diamond Model 3rd/$6.20, Pisanello 4th

SR6. 1.h10 Molly Nails 2. h19 Valiancy 3. h4 Southern Chilli 4. h6 Dashing Lucy

SR7. 1.h3 Waterford 2. h11 Williamsburg 3. h6 Sir Lucan 4. h5 Sibaaq, h7 Star Of India

SR8. 1.h10 Holstein 2. h12 State Of America 3. h4 For Victory 4. h3 Unusual Legacy, h11 Nana’s Wish

SR9. 1.h12 The Dramatist 2. h5 Xidaki 3. h1 Hollywood Hero 4. h2 Flashing Steel, h3 Buillt

SR10. 1. h14 Cruel Summer 2. h16 Step Aside 3. h19 Ostraka 4. h8 Jedibeel, h10 Elison Bay

Caulfield Races


1.h1 Blue Renegade 2. h2 Mellifluent 3. h6 Earth God 4. h3 Interest Point

Interest Point 1st/$3.70/$2.20, Blue Renegade 2nd/$1.70, Earth God/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$29; Quinella/$4.20; Exacta/$9.80


1.h4 Ginger Sweet 2. h1 Knucklebones 3. h3 Stylish 4. h5 My Xanadu

My Xanadu 1st/$3.70/$2.10, Stylish 2nd/$3.40, Knucklebones 4th; Quinella/$11.60; Exacta/$18.70


 1.h1 Subliminal 2. h2 Episodic 3. h11 Arqana 4. h6 Princess Rayaa

Subliminal 1st/$6.50/$1.90, Episodic 2nd/$1.50, Arqana 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$70.10; Quinella/$6.90; Exacta/$20.90

MR4. 1.h9 Jewellery 2. h8 I Choose You 3. h2 Alvarinho 4. h3 Luna Cat

Jewllery 1st/$3.30/$1.40, I Choose You 3rd/$1.90

MR5. 1.h3 Is It Me 2. h12 Prancing Spirit 3. h2 Cardigan Queen 4. h15 Bews

Prancing Spirit(0.5L) 2nd/$1.80, Is It Me 3rd/$2.20

MR6. 1.h8 Twin Perfection 2. h1 Ashford Street 3. h4 Viviane 4. h2 Curran, h9 Extreme Flight

Ashford Street(1L) 2nd/$2.50, Viviane 4th

MR7. 1.h3 Jimmy The Bear 2. h7 SWt. Lawrence 3. h4 First Accused 4. h9 Highlights

Highlights(0.1L) 2nd/$2.10, St. Lawrence 4th

MR8. 1.h1 She’sallshenanigans 2. h2 Pivot City 3. h7 Bons To Riches 4. h3 Heuristic, h4 Diamond Decorator


MR9. 1.h12 Trosettee 2. h18 Dschingis Prestige 3. h11 Savoir Faire 4. h1 Gregolimo, h15 Mirzann

Trosettee 3rd/$3

                                                         OUR BEST

SR6 H10 MOLLY NAILS($7.50); great price this mare over this distance fresh. In the real world she should be up just behind the speed from gate 3. She loves the distance and the track holds no fears for her. The only provisio is if the track gets too soft, good or heavy are her preference. She might give them the short back and sides down past the 200. (RACE ABANDONED)

MR7 H3 JIMMY THE BEAR($5.50); 3rd up The Bear should be cherry ripe. We think he is in pretty well here with 58.5 kegs. He should possie up somewhere on speed from 5 and Harry Coffee is riding at his best. Tough to beat at the distance.

JIMMY THE BEAR($6); 6th beaten 1.6L, got a long way back ran on fairly. Really think this horse needs to be ridden closer to the speed.

BR9 H2 COMRADE ROSA($6); 2nd up no issue and she loves the track and distance. Her first up run was good in Group2 open against gun sprinter Antino. She will likely possie up a tad closer here in the run. Soft conditions will suit and back to Listed grade aginst her own is a bonus. Right hoop on.

COMRADE ROSA($13); 6th beaten 5.5L, blew like a gale in the betting. Beaten a long way winner won by 3.5L. Battled on.

Le Ferrari($10.80) got us back on track in Our Best last week scoring at juicy odds. May it continue!!! Group 1’s in Bris. Vegas today starting with race 7 the Kingsford Smith 1300M.It is a very strong race with at least 9 genuine chances. In Secret($6) is very strong fresh and  is of the highest quality. She likes to settle back and rolling into it big time on the corner. The 1300 is new to her but certainly her racing pattern would suggest its not a problem. Handles all conditions entered for the Tatts Tiara at the end of the month. I Wish I Win($3.80) top sprinter just nabbed last start in theTen Thousand. All quality and the distance is ideal now also handles all conditions. He will be back with the mare as they swing. Think About It($6.50) we won’t be selling this star short. He loves the track and the distance is perfect. He will stalk the speed and if he strolls to the front at the distance will be hard to run down. Bella Nipotina($7) can’t do any more than what she has and if it gets to heavy watch out. She will be steaming home from the back. Antino($11) this Queenslander is top shelf and will be getting home fast. He actually ticks a lot of boxes here loves the track, relishes soft conditions and is a pistol second up. SCARY!! as we said a super race. Th Derby over 2400M is a lottery so you would think the favoured two Autumn Angel($2.60) and Tanhauser($4.20) would fight it out. Both have similar racing patterns. War Monger($9) might have something to say about that. He will probably be just in front of the other 2 in running and we know he can finish off strongly. First Innings($17) Kiwi that can sit on the speed and a nice win last start at Ipswich. Outside of these anything could win, Warmonger might be a nice each way play. Looks rainy up here on the Goldy so we will keep an eye on the track at Eagle Farm. Massive fields everywhere but with a bit of discipline we might come out on top. So on that challenging note GOOD LUCK” to all our members having a crack today and as we all know racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$