Tips 13th April 2024

DoombenTrack Soft, Randwick Track Soft, Bendigo Track Good

Doomben Races


1.h1 Mishani Lily 2. h4 Alpha Bravo 3. h14 Useapin 4. h11 Heart And Spirit

Mishani Lily 1st/$2.60/$1.30, Alpha Bravo 2nd/$2.90; Quinella/$14.10; Exacta/$19


1.h1 Ichiban 2. h2 Moszu 3. h3 Subaqua 4. h7 Elle Magic

Moszu 1st/$3/$1.30, Ichiban 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$2; Exacta/$4.50

BR3. 1.h7 Disputed River 2. h3 Chayse ‘N’  Artie 3. h10 Shezadandi 4. h8 Bak Da Man

Disputed River 3rd/$1.80

BR4. 1.h3 Chinny Boom 2. h6 Ned’s Gully 3. h7 Cicularity 4. h8 Bring Me Kash

Ned’s Gully(0.3L) 2nd/$5, Chinny Boom 3rd/n.t.d., Nashira 4th

BR5. 1.h11 Blazen Boots 2. h1 Commodus 3. h14 Simply Refuse 4. h4 Swanston

Blazen Boots(0.7L) 2nd/$2.10, Swanston 3rd/$8.60

BR6. 1.h7 Xtravagant Star 2. h9 Immoral 3. h12 Apohis 4. h4 Easy Single

Xtravagant Star 1st/$1.80/$1.20, Immoral 2nd/$2, Apophis 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta/$24.40; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$6.10

BR7. 1.h4 Miss Chesney 2. h2 Red Defcon 3. h10 Torabella 4. h1 Miss Joelene

Miss Joelene(0.7L) 2nd/$1.80, Torabella 3rd/$1.40

BR8. 1.h4 Dune Forty Five 2. h6 Ranch Hand 3. h10 At Witz End 4. h1 Oscar Zulu

AtWitz End(1.1L) 2nd/$1.60, Ranch Hand 3rd/$1.80, Oscar Zulu 4th

BR9. 1. h4 Patton 2. h10 Evocator 3. h123 Argle Pink 4. H11 Mayfair Spirit, h21 Demon Delivera


Randwick Races

SR1. 1.h3 Broadsiding 2. h1 Just Party 3. h2 Miss Busslinger 4. h6 Killcare Beachgirl

Broadsiding 1st/$2.30/$1.30, Just Party 3rd/$1.40

SR2. 1.h1 Butch Cassidy 2. h4 Robrick 3. h5 Razors 4. h16 Kadavar

Razors(0.2L) 1.80, Butch Cassidy(0.4L) 4th


1.h4 Ausbred Flirt 2. h1 Tavi Time 3. h2 Strait Acer 4. h8 Territory Express

Territory Express 1st/$4.40/$1.60, Strait Acer 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$16.05; Exacta/$38

SR4. 1.h1 Lady Of Camelot 2. h3 Drifting 3. h5 Castanya 4. h12 Ameena

Lady Of Camelot(0.8L) 2nd/$1.55

SR5. 1. h2 Arkansaw Kid 2. h4 Corniche 3. h1 Ozzmosis 4. h13 Mumbai Muse

Corniche 4th


1.h1 Orchestral 2. h2 Quintessa 3. h3 Zardozi 4. h5 Autumn Angel

Autumn Angel 1st/$6.10/$1.60, Zardozi 2nd/$1.50, Orchestral 3rd/1.05, Quintessa 4th; First4/$256.20; Trifecta/$66.80; Quinella/$18.90; Exacta/$39.50


  1.h2 Mahrajaan 2. h9 Amade 3. h6 Selino 4.h1 Military Mission, h3 Ashrun, h12 Circle Of Fire (we have included 6 today in a tough race)

Circle Of Fire 1st/$5.40/$2.10; MAHRAJAAN PULLED UP LAME & AMADE missed the start by 10 lengths.


1.h10 Place Du Carrousel 2. h2 Cascadian 3. h8 Via Sistina 4. H7 Pride Of Jenni

Pride Of Jenni 1st/$7/$1.65, Via Sistina 2nd/$1.05, Cascadian 4th; Quinella/$4.95; Exacta/$13.70


1.h1 Atishu 2. h2 Zougotcha 3. h14 Tropical Squall 4. h3 Campionessa, h5 Semana

Zougotcha 1st/$3.50/$1.50, Atishu 2nd/$1.40, Semana 3rd/$2.90; Trifecta/$63.80; Quinella/$4.55; Exacta/$11.40


1.h1 Red Card 2. h3 Wee Nessy 3. h4 Tashi 4. h14 Saltaire, h15 Ballroom Bella

Wee Nessy 1st/$5.20/$2, Ballroom Bella 2nd/$4.90; Quinella/$53.65; Exacta/$97.90

MAIN QUADDIE/ Circle Of Fire/ Pride Of Jenni/ Zougotcha/ Wee Nessy Divi/$528.80

Bendigo Races

MR1. 1.h16 Samuel Lainghorne 2. h14 Divus Romulus 3. h4 Nordic Pride 4. h2 Claim The Crown

Samuel Langhorne 1st/$8.50, Divus Romulus 3rd/$1.90

MR2. 1.h4 Bold Bastille 2. h5 Herastar 3. h1 War Council 4. h8 Coastal Abbey

Bold Bastille 1st/$1.10/$1.04, War Council 4th

MR3. 1.h7 Girl 2. h5 Electric Impulse 3. h14 Brazen Lady 4. h8 Presser

Brazen Lady 1st/$11.50/$3, Electric Impulse 3rd/$3.70


1.h16 Coco Sun 2. h1 Let’sbefrankbaby 3. h4 New York Hurricane 4. h12 North Chanel 

Coco Sun 1st/$4.80/$2, New York Hurricane 2nd/$2.70, Let’sbefrankbaby 3rd/$4.30; Trifecta/$326.20; Quinella/$19.80; Exacta/$33.50

MR5. 1.h2 She’sallshenanigans 2. h10 Moby Dick 3. h1 Skybird 4. h3 Celui

Moby Dick(0.1L) 2nd/$1.20, Celui 3rd/$3.30, She’sallshenanigans 4th


1.h7 Gaza Blanca 2. h4 Senegalia 3. h12 Is It Me 4. h17 Colsridge

Senegalia 1st/$15/$4.10, Colsridge 2nd/$3.20, Is It Me 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta/$1,108.50; Quinella/$88.10; Exacta/$196.10

MR7. 1.h7 Belle Et Riche 2. h3 Papillion Club 3. h1 Sireleo Miss 4. h4 Nunthorpe, h10 Lady Jones

Lady Jones 1st/$4.70/$1.90

MR8. 1.h8 Roll On High  2. h7 Sassy Boom 3. h1 Sunshineinmypocket 4. h5 Some People Call Me, h10 Modown

Modown 3rd/$5.10, Some People Callme 4th


1.h3 Foxy Frida 2. h10 Belle Plaisir 3. h7 Frankie Pinot 4. h5 Sibaaq, h13 El Soleado

El Soleado 1st/416.50/$4.60, Sibaaq 2nd/$6.40; Quinella/$105.90; Exacta/$209.20


1.h10 Chorlton Lane 2. h15 Extratwo 3. h16 Red Phantom 4. h12 Lethal Thoughts, h19 Blow In

Chorlton Lane 1st/$3.90/$2, Extratwo 2nd/$2.30, Lethal Thoughts 4th; Quinella/$5.90; Exacta/$14.20

                                                         OUR BEST

MR5 H2 SHE’SALLSHENANIGANS($6.50): this filly flies around here and likes to ping the gates and get going. Perfect distance for her 2nd up and the drier the better. She is nicely in here as a Listed winner if they let her roll it might be game over. 

SHE’SALLSHENANIGANS($5.50); 4th beaten 1.2L, thought she would just about lead here. She ran well.

MR9 H3 FOXY FRIDA($6.50): class mare and she relishes this circuit. Third up over the 1600M is ideal and she handles all conditions. She is not harshly treated here with 58kegs being a Group3 winner. No luck last start in the G1 in Sydney. She gets back in her races and if the track isn’t leader biased will be powering home over them.

FOXY FRIDA($6.50); 5th beaten 1.3L, not  alot of room from the 300M when out ran home powerfully.

SUMMARY: last week was a tough day with some crazy resuts. Thought Belle Plaisir was going to make the day worthwhile for Our Best until bloused late. We did manage the quaddie in Bris Vegas paying $4,600 and some decent results overall for punters. Beaten in a few close goes but thats’ racing. G1’s galore at Randwick today we might have a look at the Sydney Cup. Kiwi Maharjaan($21) is a true 2 miler and is weighted nicely here, up to G1 here but…. He should park somewhere just off the pace and he will be grinding home hard. Amade($11) another that relishes the 3200M and his last start in the Adelaide cup was insane jockey lost irons. Ten years old he might be but he is racing as good as any of these. Selino($23) Waller magic here? he has had a few runs in Victoria and is ready to rock over this distance. Circle of Fire($5) good win last satrt and Ashrun($7) ran super in the Melbourne Cup last year. Military Mission($21) is better suited being ridden back in midfield and his stablemate might supply the speed for him today. Tough race but those 6 might supply us with a decent first4. Brisbane race 9 and Patton($5.50) might get another win here as he ticks a lot of boxes. We have put selections in for the Midway Final ( very good field actually) but after today we will not be putting in selections for either the Highways or Midways. We just had a fantastic week in Byron Bay with some insane weather. The senses are refreshed hoping that reflects on todays activities. On that relaxed note GOOD LUCK” to all our members having a crack today and as we all know racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$