Tips 17th February 2024

Eagle Farm Track Heavy, Randwick Track Soft, Flemington Track Good

Eagle Farm ( Rail + 5M)

BR1. 1. h5 Island Magic 2. h1 Hidden Wealth 3. h6 Apophis 4. h10 Instagood

Apophis 1st/$5/$1.90, Hidden Wealth 3rd/$1.30

BR2. 1. h4 Fleur Du Monde 2. h1 Ain’t He Grand 3. h3 Ella Te Ama4. h2 Mascaret

Fleur Du Monde 1st/$3.40/$1.30, Ain’t He Grand 3rd/$1.70, Ella Te Ama 4th

BR3. 1. h7 Uncommon Valour 2. h1 Iowa 3. h3 Chernak 4. h2 Chayse ‘N’ Charlie 

Uncommon Valour 4th


1. h 7 Sabalenka 2. h1 Bubba’s Bay 3. h5 Black On Beauty 4. h6 Blue Spinel

Blue Spinel 1st/$4.20/$1.90, Black On Beauty 2nd/$1.60, Bubba’s Bay 3rd/$1.60, Sabalenka 4th; First4/$90.80; Trifecta/$39.90; Quinella/$5; Exacta/$11.40

BR5. 1. h 7 Magic Island 2. h4 Antonito 3. h9 Pink Thunder 4. h14 Stellar Lady

Stellar Lady 3rd/$1.60

BR6. 1. h 2 Rejoiced 2. h7 Majorelle 3. h6 Plundering4. h5 Shamaton

Plundering(0.4L) 2nd/$2.20, Rejoiced 3rd/n.t.d., Majorelle 4th

BR7. 1. h 1 Captain Fenkel 2. h3 Jungle Prince 3. h9 Jealous 4. h4 Sharp Dazzler

Sharp Dazzler 1st/$11.50/$2.50, Jungle Prince 4th

BR8. 1. h 1 Moonan Me 2. h16 Petersham 3. h8 Castillian 4. h9 Schmoozer, 4 Red Top

Schmoozer(0.9L) 2nd/$2.50, Petersham 4th

BR9. 1. h 7 Warp Speed 2. h4 Betcha The Crown 3.  h5 Regal Pom 4.h2 Aussie Nugget, h9 Binding

Warp Speed 3rd/$2, Binding 4th

Randwick (RAIL + 4M)


1. h 1 Shangri La Express 2. h2 Switzerland 3. h8 Fly Fly 4. h7 Extreme Diva

Switzerland 1st/$1.70/$1.30, Shangri La Express 2nd/$1.90, Extreme Diva 3rd/n.t.d., Fly Fly 4th; First4/$86.90; Trifecta/$24.60; Quinella/$1.90; Exacta/$3.20

SR2 1. h 1 Delexo 2. h2 Cecil Street Lad 3. h11 Lady Shenanigans 4. h8 Martial Music

Martial Music 1st/$4.20/$1.90


1. h 5 Leica Storm 2. h2 Lensman 3. h1 Fay’s Angels 

Fay’s Angels 1st/$5.70/$2.50, Leica Storm 2nd/$2.90; Quinella/$26.70; Exacta/$53.40

SR4 1. h 9 Tashi 2. h4 Meritable 3. h1 Cuban Royale 4. h3 Danish Fortune

Tashi(1.7L) 2nd/$1.30, Cuban Royale 3rd/$2.50, Meritable 4th


1. h 3 Golden Mile 2. h4 Buenos Nachos 3. h1 King Of Sparta 4. h2 Coal Crusher

King Of Sparta 1st/$4/$1.90, Coal Crusher 2nd/$3.60, Buenos Nachos 4th; Quinella/$19.20; Exacta/$28.30


1.h 2 Semana 2. h6 Olentia 3. h8 Either Oar 4. h7 Penthouse

Semana 1st/$4.40/$1.40, Olentia 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$4.80; Exacta/$11.60


h 10 Militarize 2. h8 Fangirl 3. h1 Think It Over 4. h2 Cascadian

Fangirl 1st/$2.10/$1.20, Militarize 2nd/$2, Think It Over 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta/$34.50; Quinella/$5.20; Exacta/$8.10


h 3 Learning To Fly 2. h2 Tiz Invincible 3. h1 Kimochi 4. h6 Autumn Ballet

Kimochi 1st/$6.50/$2, Learning To Fly 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$11.70; Exacta/$27.60


h5 Estadio Mestallo 2. h7 Redstone Well 3. h2 Mission Phoenix 4. h15 Mahogoni

Redstone Well 1st/$7/$2.30, Estadio Mestalla 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$12.20; Exacta/$24.70

SR10 1. h 8 Time Quest 2. h7 Miss Checkoni 3. h10 Louisville 4. h3 Gracilistyla

Time Quest(0.3L) 2nd/$1.80, Gracilistyla 3rd/n.t.d., Miss Checkoni 4th

Flemington (RAIL True)


1. h 3 Aramco 2. h2 El Soleado 3. h5 Akrotiri 4. h7 Star Vega

El Soleado 1st/$5.10/$2.10, Aramco 2nd/$1.40, Star Vega 3rd/n.t.d., Akrotiri 4th; First4/$31.70; Trifecta/$15.60; Quinella/$3.20; Exacta/$10.40

MR2. 1. h 8 Wiggum 2. h1 Ouroboros 3. h4 Chester Warrior 4. h2 Squad

Ouroboros(0.3L) 2nd/$2.50

MR3. 1. h 2 Counteroffensive 2. h1 Wolfgang 3. h3 Aardvark 4. h4 Pro Forma

Aardvark 1st/$5/$1.90, Counteroffensive 4th

MR4. 1. h 15 Circle Of Fire 2. h1 Who Dares 3. h8 Magnaspin 4. h13 Gracias Amigo

Magnaspin(0.1L) 2nd/$2, Circle Of Fire 4th

MR5. 1.h 1 Revolutionary Miss 2. h2 Foxy Frida 3. h3 Wishlor Lass 4. h5 Sparkle

Revoltionary Miss 1st/$5.50/$1.80, Foxy Frida 4th

MR6. 1. h 2 Molly Knickers 2. h7 Donegal 3. h9 Pink Chandon 4. h1 Infatuation

Mollyknickers 3rd/$2, Infatuation 4th


QUINELLA/EXACTA1. h 2 King Colorado 2. h7 Otago 3. h1 Riff Rocket 4. h4 Amur

Riff Rocket 1st/$8.40/$2.60, King Colorado 2nd/$1.90, Otago 4th; Quinella/$13.10; Exacta/$28


1. h 4 Imperatriz 2. h8 I’m Unstoppable 3. h1 Private Eye 4. h7 Cylinder

Imperatriz 1st/$1.60/$1.10, Private Eye 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta/$5.50

MR9. 1. h 11 Ka Bling 2. h10 Carini 3. h12 Jimmystar 4. h1 Not An Option, h4 Savannah Cloud

Jimmystar(0.5L) 2nd/$1.04, Savannah Cloud 3rd/$4.50, Carini 4th

MR10. 1. h 13 Punch Lane 2. h5 Lounge Bar Rubi 3. h15 Helix 4. h6 Merridius, h11 Bel Air

Lounge Bar Rubi(1.3L) 2nd/$5.10, Bel Air 3rd/$2.10

                                                         OUR BEST

BR4 H7 SABALENKA($5.50); back in form last start with a nice win over this course. She can handle all conditions and is still well weighted. Probably sit just off the pace again. This is a decent BM78 but we think she can put a couple together now she has won again

SABALENKA($5.50); 4th beaten 1.2L, over raced and sat wide from the 600M. Decent run but probably just not good enough on the day.

BR8 H1 MOONAN ME($15); this horse has ripped back into form this prep. Definitely has conditions to suit today and the track and distance ideal. Has 60 kegs but down in class but where she gets in the run more of a concern. Great each way value.

MOONAN ME($14); 11th beaten 5.7L, missed the start slightly but did absolutely nothing.

SR9 H5 ESTADIO MESTALLA($4.60); nice win last start and is very consistent. Track and distance perfect and he relishes soft conditions. Hoping he sits right up on the speed again and zips past them at the distance.

ESTADIO MESTALLA($4.60); 2nd/$1.80 place beaten 0.5L, perfrect ride every con cievable chance. Ran well though.

SUMMARY: ended up a super day last week after looking brutal early. Our Best Viminele saluted r10 Bris. Vegas and some super results in the big races so ending up a cracking day for all players. The Expressway stakes Randwick G2 is a decent race and we think Golden Mile($11ge ) is a great chance fresh. He is a genuine Group horse and fires fresh. Relishes soft tracks sit off the speed a tad here. Buenos Nachos($1.85) this galloper will get back  but gets home hard and the conditions suit. King Of Sparta($2.90) is in great form this time in and will be just off here. Distance is his best. Coal Crusher($12) will probably give them something to catch. Golden Mile is obviously heading for bigger but WFA first up with the pace on. Militarize($4.40) race 7 Randwick is a top class colt. We think he actually has a lot going for him today first up. Track, distance and conditions, he will get back BUT he zips home fast. Fangirl($2.30) top mare with similar racing pattern to her stablemate and certainly likes this course. She will be powering home. We expect Lindermann to set a nice tempo here. Think It Over($7) and Cascadian($13) both top notch Group horses next best. Imperatriz ($1.80) a super mare and will  probably be on speed here with The Astrologist and I’ m Unstoppable it is difficult to actually sort out a leader. But if they go lickety split Private Eye($5) will zoom home over the top of them. Anyway a super days racing down south, great races with plenty of chances. Once again the old adage comes to the fore if it ain’t broke don’t fix it meaning horses show winning form racing one way then all of a sudden it is turned upside down. Wot the!!!!! We are super pumped about today’s races hopefully there is some nice bonuses there for us so on that note“GOOD LUCK” to all members having a crack today and we all know racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$