Tips 23rd December 2023

Eagle Farm Track Soft( upgrade likely), Randwick Track Soft, Moonee Valley Track Good

Eagle Farm ( Rail + 4M)


1. h8 Contrition 2. h2 Major Artie 3. h6 Highland Rocker 4. h4 Southern Stock

Highland Rocker 1st/$3.70/$1.70, Southern Stock 2nd/$2.50, Major Artie 3rd/$3.80, Contrition 4th; First4/$1,824.00; Trifecta/$256.10; Quinella/$16.30; Exacta/$27.90

BR2. 1. h1 Winston Smurfhill 2. h6 Deep Tempest 3. h15 Ultimate Outcome 4. h2 Patros Island

Winston Smurfhill(0.7L) 2nd/$3.80


1. h1 Weigell Tiger 2. h6 Exotique Miss 3. h3 Victory Win 4. h5 Trifling

Trifling 1st/$5.30/$2, Weigell Tiger 2nd/$1.20, Exotique Miss 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$27.80; Quinella/$2.30; Exacta/$7.20

BR4. 1. h3 Highbar 2. h4 Femme Ftale 3. h6 Bossed Up 4. h1 Mishani Gangster

Bossed Up 1st/$2.20/$1.50, Highbar 3rd/n.t.d., Femme Fatale 4th

BR5. 1. h16 Dhakuri 2. h12 Always On Show 3. h1 Manbehindthemoney 4. h6 So Dapper 

Manbehindthemoney 3rd/$2.50


1. h1 Storm Boy 2. h2 Astopar 3. h6 Mishani Aloha 4. h7 Poster Girl

Storm Boy 1st/$1.40/$1.10, Poster Girl 2nd/$3.40, Astopar 4th; Quinella/$4.50; Exacta/$6

BR7. 1. h1 Acquitted 2. h7 Tarazal 3. h6 Jetty 4. h3 The Vowels 

Acquitted 1st/$2.50/$1.30, The Vowels 3rd/$1.50


1. h1 Spacewalk 2. h6 Zarastro 3. h4 Nettuno 4. h5 Rubiquitous , h10 Legal Esprit

Zarastro 1st/$3/$1.60, Nettuno 2nd/$2.30, Legal Esprit 3rd/$4.40, Spacewalk 4th; First4/$501.10; Trifecta/$178.70; Quinella/$9.90; Exacta/$17.40

BR9. 1. h5 Boom Shot 2. h9 Tribeca Star 3. h10 Bezique 4. h1 Commodus 

Bezique 1st/$1.60/$1.20, Boom Shot 3rd/$3.10


1. h1 Go Wandji 2. h12 Freedom Rally 3. h13 Willinga Freefall  4. h14 Light Of Boom 

Freedom Rally 1st/$3.30/$1.50, Willinga Freefall 2nd/$1.60, Light Of Boom 3rd/$2.90; Trifecta/$40.20; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$8.60

Randwick Races (Rail 8M 1600M to WP, 6M rest)


1. h3 Straight Charge 2. h1 Pisces 3. hErno’s Cube 4. h4 Tarpaulin

Straight Charge 1st/$1.60/$1.30, Erno’s Cube 2nd/$2.20, Pisces 3rd/n.t.d., Tarpaulin 4th; First4/$14.60; Trifecta/$9.20; Quinella/$3.50; Exacta/$5


1. h2 Father’s Day 2. h5 Auspicious Cloud 3. h4 First Light 4. h1 I’m A Dirty Rascal 

First Light 1st/$6.30/$2.10, I’m A Dirty Rascal 2nd/$1.70, Auspicious Cloud 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$78.80; Quinella/$11.40; Exacta/$25.20

SR3. 1. h5 Mazita 2. h6 Final Comment 3. h8 Dorami 4. h4 Sharp Shock

Dorami(0.4L) 2nd/$5.90, Final Comment 3rd/$7.60


1. h7 Ningaloo Star 2. h13 Romeo’s Choice 3. h6 Dodi 4. h5 Cripps Tonito

Cripp’s Tonito 1st/$8/$3, Romeo’s Choice 2nd/$2.50; Quinella/$29.80; Exacta/$61.80


1. h4 Built 2. h9 Mistress 3. h5 Belleistic Kids 4. h2 Clear Choice

Belleistic Kids 1st/$13.10/$2.80, Built 2nd/$2.10, Clear Choice 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$260.10; Quinella/$39.50; Exacta/$95.20

SR6 1. h8 Valiancy 2. h1 Miss Hellfire 3. h3 Amnesty 4. h2 Principessa

Miss Hellfire 1st/$4.90/$1.90

SR7 1.h2 Meritable 2. h8 Va Via 3. h10 Waverider Buoy 4. h5 With Your Blessing

With Your Blessing(0.2L) 2nd/$2.10, Va Via 4th

SR8 1. h6 Conscript 2. h4 Waihaha Falls 3. h2 Sinawann 4. h12 Battleton 

Wiahaha Falls 1st/$7/$2.10, Sinawann 3rd/$2.30, Battleton 4th

SR9 1. h4 Aristonous 2. h3 Rogue Bear 3. h8 State Of America 4. h11 Bowery Breeze, h6 Too Much Caviar

Rogue Bear(1.7L) 2nd/$2.80, State Of America 4th


1. h 3 Robusto 2. 2 Danaustar 3. h1 Seleque 4. h10 Ceolwulf, h14 Cadetship

Robusto 1st/$12/$3.20, Danaustar 2nd/$2.10; Quinella/$21.30; Exacta/$47.10

Moonee Valley (Rail TRUE)

MR1. 1. h2 Our Cracklin Rosie 2. h1 Gitalong 3. h3 Dark Hero

Gitalong 1st/$3.50/$2.30, Our Cracklin Rosie 3rd/n.t.d., Dark Halo 4th

MR2. 1. h4 Hydro Star 2. h13 Rhettorical 3. h5 Keane Enuff 4. h8 Greyt Mumma

Keane Enuff(0.1L) 2nd/$1.80, Greyt Mumma 3rd/$1.60

MR3. 1. h8 Raetihi 2. h4 Akotiri 3. h3 Harbin 4. h9 Regal Zeus

Raetihi 1st/$4.90/$1.90, Harbin 3rd/$1.70

MR4. 1. h1 Northern Barrage 2. h5 Staunch 3. h7 Simeon 4. h10 Call The Union 

Call The Union 1st/$4.50/$1.90

MR5. 1. h1 Twin Perfection 2. h9 Lloyd’s Crown 3. h8 It’s A Kind Of Magic 4. h6 Philosopher 

Philosopher 1st/$3.20/$1.50, Twin Perfection 3rd/$1.60

MR6. 1. h8 Yellow Sam 2. h5 Starlight Valley 3. h6 Son Of Houston 4. h7 Prairie Flower

Prairie Flower(0.5L) 2nd/$2, Yellow Sam 3rd/$1.60

MR7. 1. h2 Kettle Hill 2. h9 Riverina Cclone 3. h3 Samedi 4. h5 Flying Basil

Kettle hill 1st/$4.80/$1.70, Samedi 3rd/$2.30, Riverina Cyclone 4th


1. h5 Fire Glo Too 2. h3 Cadmus 3. h11 Our Last Kiss 4. h1 Glintaneous, h8 The Genius

Glentaneous 1st/$3.30/$1.60, One Last Kiss 2nd/$2.20, Cadmus 3rd/$2.30; Trifecta/$84.50; Quinella/$10.80; Exacta/$17.80

MR9. 1. h8 Awash 2. h5 Captain Britain 3. h10 Fearless Writer 4. h3 Golden Crusader

Awash(0.2L) 2nd/$2.10, Golden Crusader 4th

MR10. 1. h8 Private Jumbo 2. h6 Veloce Carro 3. h1 Sandy Prince 4. h12 Cantina

Cantina(0.8L) 2nd/$7.80, Private Jumbo 4th

                                                         OUR BEST

SR4 H7 NINGALOO STAR($4); could be this gallopers race. Ticks a few boxes here track, distance and handles all conditions. We would expect him to be on speed again (comfort zone) and might just put a space on them at the distance.

NINGALOO STAR($3.80); 6th beaten 4.7L, making a run in the straight stopped in his tracks at the distance. Balanced up and ran on strongly the last 100M.

MR9 H8 AWASH($7.50); this horse has a nice record and he certainly relishes this course. He can mix his racing pattern and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him from gate 1 to be right on the speed.  If he is watch out.

AWASH($7.50); DH 2nd/$2.10 place beaten 0.2L, probably should have won thats racing.

BR10 H1 GO WANDJI($4.80); third time to the well for this galloper but geez you would have to suggest he was unlucky both times. He needs to be out of traffic and a full head of steam at the distance. Maybe a little closer this time.

GO WANDJI($5); 6th beaten 4.9L, not good enough at 3rd run . Nice run in transit pulled wider to avoid traffic but only ran on fairly. Fresh hoes in our opinion.

SR10 H3 ROBUSTO($8.50); it has been a scratchathon with this horse. Likes the give in the ground and this is his distance. He will probably sit just off the pace here for one last fling. Tommy Berry on a plus.

ROBUSTO($12); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! pretty good ride this one, caught 3 wide early just allowed to drift one back until one off . On the move just before the turn with a full head of steam as they straightened. GIDDYUP!!!

SUMMARY: disappointed in Our Best last week but still a good day all round for other players. Down South today are all Benchmark races so it will be tough going with very even fields. So price should be no deterrent today. We will have a look at the Falvelon Quality over 1200M. at Eagle Fram. Spacewalk($4) looks a very good chance here with 59kgs. The distance is ideal and the track should be Good by the time this race comes around (he handles soft). Shinn will have him right on  Zarastro’s  hammer here ready to pounce big time at the distance. Speaking of Zarastro($3.20) this horse has gone to another level since he has lobbed in Brisbane. Straight to the front again and hard to run down even with 3 kgs more. Nettuno($6.50) won well first up and okay 2nd up. Likely to nestle mid field nice horse will be hitting the line hard. Rubiquitous($14) will roll up on the speed and certainly won’t lay down at the business end. Very fit. Legal Esprit($13) consistent horse always a chance when ridden closer to the speed. Spacewalk might just be too good today. As we know the dynamics of racing has changed big time the last few years. Huge fields mainly due to the fact they pay up to 10th place. With anything up to 8 emergencies so the fields stay huge unlike past days with a maximum of 3. Dual acceptors all over the shop and some entered in anything up to 4 races. Big stables dominating and suppressed markets. It’s all happening and we will be back Magic Million day 13th January 2024. An absolute cracker here on the Goldie today. On that note have a  Merry Xmas and a Happy safe and healthy New Year. ” GOOD LUCK” to all members today and remember racing is great entertainment so ” ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” CHEERS from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$