Tips 7th October 2023

Eagle Farm Track Good, Rosehill Track Soft, Flemington Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races ( Rail +6M)


1.h2 Hold On Honey 2.h3 Lost Of Transit 3.h6 Warrioress 4.h1 Dragon Miss 

Hold On Honey 1st/$2.10/$1.30, Lost In Transit 2nd/$1.70, Warrioress 4th; Quinella/$2.50; Exacta/$4.50

BR2. 1.h4 Moet At Midnight 2.h11 Sambuca 3.h6 Kahlisee 4.h3 Invading Jilly

 Kahlisee 1st/$4.20


1.h1 Ready For Anything 2.h4 Brocky 3.h3 Uncle Russ 4.h5 Standing Order 

Standing Order3.40/$1.80, Brocky 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$7.40; Exacta/$13.90

BR4. 1.h2 Booming Lad 2.h1 In Evidence 3.h6 Red Defcon 4.h3 All Valour

Booming Lad(0.05L) 2nd/$2.40, Red Defcon 3rd/n.t.d.


1.h5 Kronenbourg 2.h10 Blackcomb 3.h9 Menazzi 4.h2 Fifth Position

Blackcomb 1st/$4.80/$2.10, Kronenburg 2nd/$1.60, Fifth Position 4th; Quinella/$7.50; Exacta/$17.20


1.h1 Pocket Full 2.h8 Daytona 3.h11 Storm The Fortress 4.h13 Outlawed  

Pocket Full 1st/$6.80/$2.30, Outlawed 2nd/$1.80, Storm The Fortress 3rd/$3.60, Daytona 4th; First4/$270.80; Trifecta/$116.40; Quinella/$12.30; Exacta/$26.50


1.h2 Cusack 2.h9 Lolly Yeats 3.h7 Cottee 4.h12 Rock Together h3 Eagle Crag

Cottee 1st/$23.70/$5.40, Eagles Crag 2nd/$3.10; Quinella/$141.10; Exacta/$272.80

BR8. 1.h2 Desert Icon 2.h7 Military Gambler 3.h1 King Frankel 4.h12 Ostermier 

King Frankel 3rd/$2, Military Gambler 4th

BR9. 1.h3 Chatty Lady 2.h6 Briars Kingdom 3.h4 Mob Buster 4.h5 Release The Beans h12 Preach 

Preach 1st/$4.20/$1.70, Chatty Lady 3rd/$1.80, Release The Beans 4th

BR10. 1.h9 Animate 2.h13 Canadian Dancer 3.h13 Gave Us Up 4.h10 Magic Charlee

Magic Charlee 3rd/$4.40

Rosehill Races ( Rail True)

SR1. 1.h2 Crystal Chief 2.h17 The Coat Hanger 3.h11 Atmospheric Rock 4.h9 Stormy Witness 

Atmospheric Rock 4th


1.h2 Peace Officer 2.h6 Bend The Knee 3.h7 Felix Majestic 4.h11 Satness

Felix Majestic 1st/$4/$1.60, Satness 2nd/$4.80, Peace Officer 4th; Quinella/$27.30; Exacta/$40.70


1.h1 Mission Phoenix 2.h4 Gan Teorainn 3.h8 Pierossa 4.h7 Olympic Gaze

Pierossa 1st/$3/$1.40, Mission Phoenix 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$6.20; Exacta/$13.40

SR4. 1.h3 Fire 2.h8 Classy Jaybay 3.h9 Biographer 4.h10 Bandi’s Boy


SR5. 1.h1 King’s Cambit 2.h3 Ozzmosis 3.h5 Celestial Legend 4.h6 Royal Tribute 

King’s Gambit 1st/$5/$1.70, Ozzmosis 3rd/$1.40, Royal Tribute 4th

SR6. 1.h1 Encap 2.h3 Snapback 3.h13 Makarena 4.h5 The Little Pumper 

Makarena 1st/$4.40/$1.70, Snapback 3rd/$2.20


1.h6 Protagonist 2.h11 Montefilia 3.h7 Hoo Ya Mal 4.h14 Fireburn 

Montefilia 1st/$3.40/$1.60, Hoo Ya Mal 2nd/$2.10, Protagonist 3rd/$2.60; Trifecta/$64.90; Quinella/$7; Exacta/$13.40

SR8. 1.h1 Cepheus 2.h10 Detonator Jack 3.h12 Waterford 4.h3 Bandersnatch  

Cepheus 1st/$7/$2.70


1.h3 Parisal 2.h4 Queen Of The Ball 3.h5 Magic Time 4.h6 Banana Queen h9 Rainbiel 

Magic Time 1st/$2.50/$1.40, Prisal 2nd/$1.70, Queen Of The Ball 4th; Quinella/$3.80; Exacta7.80

SR10. 1.h10 Gringots2.h2 Kayobi 3.h12 Oakfield Warratah 4.h18 Bunker Hunt h9 Lafargue

Kayobi(0.41L) 2nd/$1.50, Gringotts 3rd/$1.50

Flemington Races (Rail +9m)

MR1. 1.h7 Anilla 2.h11 Boldinho 3.h16 Electric Impulse 4.h15 Bews 

Electric Impulse 1st/$13/$3.60, Anilla 3rd/$2.40, Bews 4th

MR2. 1.h2 Blue Illusion 2.h3 Bodyguard 3.h8 Wolfgang 4.h10 Immortal Joy 

Bodygaurd 1st/$3.70/$1.60

MR3. 1.h6 Riff Rocket 2.h3 Ambassadonial 3.h5 Apulia 4.h7 Sunsets 

Riff Rocket 1st/$4.40/$1.80, Sunsets 4th

MR4. 1.h7 Aprilia 2.h10 Konasana 3.h13 Poifect 4.h2 Legacies  

Aprilia(1.5L) 2nd/$3.40; KONASANA SCR.


1.h4 Arho Narcho 2.h3 Iam Unstoppable 3.h9 Stretan Angel 4.h2 Libertad 

Stretan Angel 1st/$7.80/$2.20, I Am Unstoppable 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$12.10; Exacta/$31.40 


1.h3 Princess Grace 2.h1 Skew Wiff 3.h6 Waltz On By 4.h10  Life Lessons  

Life Lessons 1st/$6.50/$1.50, Princess Grace 2nd/$1.06, Waltz On By 4th; Quinella/$3.30; Exacta/$12.30; SKEW WIFF L. SCR.


1.h7 Athabascan 2.h15 Future History 3.h18 First Immortal 4.h1 Ashrun h3 Sheraz

Future History 1st/$10.90/$3.50, First Immortal 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$23.05; Exacta/$52.90

MR8. 1.h1 Romantic Warrior 2.h5 West Wind Blows 3.h4 Francesco Guardi 4.h7 Osipenko h9 Berkeley Square 

West Wind Blows(1.75L) 2nd/$2.20, Romantic Warrior 4th

MR9. 1.1 Jigsaw 2.h2 Star Patrol 3.h14 C’est Magique 4.h4 Showmanship

Star Patrol 1st/$2.40/$1.40, Cést Magique 3rd/$1.70

MR10. 1.h5 Tamerlane 2.h9 Umgawa  3.h15 Mystery Shot 4.h16 Von Hauke

Tamerlane 1st/$2.25/$1.30, Umgawa 3rd/$1.70

                                                         OUR BEST

BR6 H1 POCKET FULL($6) Won well at Toowoomba last start when finished off nicely. Smart 3 kilo claim down to 57kgs is ideal. Has had two starts at Eagle Farm for one third but have both been over 1400m so staying at the 1200m will suit better. Will be hard to catch if gets his way in front here from barrier 1. Huge chance. 

POCKET FULL($6.80); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! well ridden just behind the speed, pulled out around the leaders in the straight. Proved too strong in the run to the line. GIDDYUP!!!

BR9 H3  CHATTY LAD($5) Won well over the 1300m last start. Stepping out to the 1400m is ideal here third up. Loves the track and distance. Is adept in all conditions and J Orman aboard is a huge bonus. Whips will be cracking.

CHATTY LADY($4.20); 3rd/$1.80 place beaten 1.25L, ran on okay after being squeezed up a little in the straight. Seemed to having her chance though.

SR7 H6 PROTAGONIST($8) Been building up to a win if his last two runs are anything to go by. Ran well in the Kingston Town Stakes last start behind metrop winner Just fine. Has barrier 1 but will get back in his races might be able to sit a little closer to midfield. Loves the track and distance  and is good third up and has won on soft before. With a decent enough tempo he will be steaming home. 

PROTAGONIST($6.50); 3rd/$2.60 place beaten 0.87L, very good run held up a couple of times and go to the line strongly. We will be sticking with him 3rd up.

SUMMARY: It was a tough day to say the least last week but coming away with 15 winners was a great effort. Not any easier this week but a lot more good races on the cards. Lets dive straight in to Race 6 the Tapp Craig Handicap and there is no going past Encap($1.85) here. Was narrowly beaten by Militirize in the Golden Rose. Has the best form lines here and looks the one to beat. Snapback($9.50) Was out performed against his own age group last start. Big drop in class here and would not be surprised to see him back bounce here. Makerena($11) two great runs to date beaten by a good horse in Nadel first up then a solid maiden winner next start. The 1400m looks ideal and will go forward from barrier 5 will be there for a long way. The Little Pumper($7.50) had to carry 60kgs last start and the horse who won that race has gone on to run in some decent races. Had a 38 day break and a trial win since that win. Carries 55kgs and back out to the 1400m is ideal. Will lead and be hard to run down. Off to the Turnbull Stakes and Romantic Warrior($2.10) off a 4 month break and at the 2000m first up with a trial there has to be queries about it but in saying that he is a good horse and has all the stats to back it up. Will be tough to beat. West Wind Blows($8) brings some very interesting form lines from overseas. Loves the distance and is rock hard fit. Will be steaming home. Francesco Guardi($19) has had two solid runs off a spell. Is fitter now third up and is ready for the 2000m. D. Lane aboard is a huge bonus. Osipenko’s ($6.50) run in the Makybe Diva was a cracker. Fourth up and out to the 2000m is ideal he is adept in all conditions and if pace is on he will be charging late. Berkeley Square($71) has had 4 good runs this prep and should be at peak fitness now. Had a few excuses last start but he does relishe wet tracks. Will go back from barrier 14 and  be running on. Will have to run a decent race here but he can surprise. Another cracking days racing on offer and Spring is in the air. Next week is a huge weekend of racing going to be a cracker. On that exciting note to all members having a punt today Good Luck and  “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$