Tips 30th September 2023

Eagle Farm Track Good, Randwick Track Good, Mornington Track Good

Eagle Farm Races ( Rail +4M)

BR1. 1. h8 Mighty Willie 2. h2 Galiafanakis 3. h6 Khaalis 4. h3 Without Revenge

Mighty Willie(0.33L) 2nd/$1.30, Galiafanakis 4th

BR2. 1. h4 Zelezney 2. h5 Mishani Express 3. h12 Innervisions 4. h8 Territory Ash


BR3. 1. h6 Instagood 2. h2 Show Me Mercy 3. h3 Action King 4. h1 Rothgo

Show Me Mercy 1st/$5.30/$2.50, Rothgo 4th

BR4. 1.h1 Regal Pom 2. h5 Dark Harmony n3. h17 Sunset Soiree 4. h16 Mission Of Love

Regal Pom 1st/$6.30/$2.20, Dark Harmony 4th

BR5. 1.h16 Twice On Sunday 2. h3 Titanium 3. h17 Naval Trader 4. h9 Calm Seeker

Titanium(0.61L) 2nd/$4.20, Naval Trader 3rd/$1.70

BR6. 1. h3 Kokonotsu 2. h5 Sebring Girl 3. h6 Tenzing 4. h11 Satay Chicken

Satay Chicken(0.62L) 2nd/$2.90, Tenzing 3rd/$1.70


1. h3 Flaming Conquest 2. h2 Immoral 3. h6 Beast Mode 4. h7 Glorious Ruby, h11 Maximum Output

Maximum Output 1st/$11.20/$2.60, Fl;aming Conquest 2nd/$2.70, Beast Mode 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$321.90; Quinella/$42.70; Exacta/$93.40

BR8. 1. h8 Tidal Creek 2. h5 Indispensable 3. h9 Shibli 4. h10 Lasting Kiss 4. h7 Stuttering

Shibli 1st/$6/$2, Stuttering 4th

BR9. 1. h4 Zarastro 2. h5 Ekaterina 3. h12 Le Melody 4. h1 The Vowels, h7 Hell I am

Zarastro 1st$1.60/$1.30, Le Melody 4th/

Randwick Races ( Rail True)

SR1. 1. h9 Our Maryanne 2. h5 Stae Of America 3. h2 Extreme Freedom 4. h3 Go Troppo

Go Troppo 3rd/$4.80

SR2. 1. h6 Lady Of Camelot 2. h7 Lady Tassort 3. h5 Invincible Madison 4. h1 Alinea

Lady Of Camelot 4th


1. h5 Espionage 2. h6 Fearless 3. h11 Scampi 4. h12 Straight Charge

Espionage 1st/$7.90/$2.50, Straight Charge 2nd/$2, Fearless 4th; Quinella/$17.40; Exacta/$44.70

SR4. 1. h13 Altivo 2. h15 Premise 3. h11 Kiss The Bride 4. h19 Highlights

Highlights(0.27L) 2nd/$2.90, Altivo 3rd/$1.60

SR5. 1. h1 Tom Kitten 2. h4 Cafe Millenium 3. h6 Pushy 4. 10 Agita

Pushy(0.49L) 2nd/$1.80, Tom Kitten 3rd/$1.30

SR6. 1. h1 Tiz Invincible 2. h2 Kimochi 3. h7 Molly Knickers 4. h5 French Endeavour

Kimochi(0.86L) 2nd/$2, Mollyknickers 4th

SR7. 1. h2 Think About It 2. h9 Bella Nipotina 3. h8 Alcohol Free 4. h10 Zapateo

Think About It 1st/$1.90, Bella Nipotina 3rd/$2.20, Alcohol Free 4th

SR8. 1. h1 My Oberon 2. h3 The Inevitable 3. h16 Democracy Manifest 4. h10 Kovalica, h11 Nugget

Kovalica(0.07L) 2nd/$3.50


1. h4 Major Beel 2. h14 Just Fine 3. h8 Spirit Ridge 4. h3 Cleveland, h15 Al AAbir

Just Fine 1st/$1.75/$1.30, Spirit Ridge 2nd/$9.50; Quinella/$49.60; Exacta/$55

SR10. 1. h2 Recommendation 2. h1 Thalassophile 3. h8 Kibou 4. h3 Much Much Better, h18 Airman

Airman 1st/$4.20/$1.60

Mornington Races (Rail True)

MR1. 1. h3 Pride Of Sullivan 2. h7 Undisputed 3. h2 Rubicon Crossing 4. h1 Iphimedia

Rubicon Crossing 1st/$5.90/$2.90, Pride Of Sullivan 3rd


1. h7 Krakarib 2. h2 Midnight Charm 3. h4 Lempicka 4. h6 Tan Tat Magic 

Lempicka 1st/$4.20/$1.70, Midnight Charm 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$7.70; Exacta/$17.90

MR3. 1. h4 Fiasco Tess 2. h6 London Point 3. h3 Dunalley 4. h9 Needlework

Fiasco Tess 3rd/$1.60, Dunalley 4th

MR4. 1. h5 Pungo 2. h9 The Brill Building 3. h8 Rhinoceros 4. h2 Magical Land

Rhinoceros 1st/$7/$2.20, Pungo 3rd/$1.80

MR5. 1. h2 Aravene 2. h4 The King’s Gospel 3. h5 Tommy 4. h8 Solo Sacra

Tommy 3rd/$1.60, Aravene 4th


1. h9 Pantelone 2. h5 Mr. Tickles 3. h6 Prancing Spirit 4. h8 Graysong

Pantelone 1st/$3.30/$1.50, Prancing Spirit 2nd/$1.30, Graysong 3rd/$2.10; Trifecta/$42.80; Quinella/$4.20; Exacta/$9.20


1. h4 Born A King 2. h1 Regal Power 3. h3 Maserartie 4. h2 Rebel Racer, h6 Queen Takes King

Born A King 1st/$3.10/$1.30, Regal Power 2nd/$2, Rebel Racer 3rd/5.80, Queen Takes King 4th; First4/$1,505.80; Trifecta/$287.80; Quinella/$8.30; Exacta/$14.60

MR8. 1. h3 Miss Galore 2. h1 Extreme Step 3. h5 Fearless Writer 4. h7 Discerning

Extrme Step 1st/$3.30/$1.90, Discerning 3rd/n.t.d., Fearless Writer 4th; MISS GALORE L.SCR.

                                                         OUR BEST

BR5 H16 TWICE ON SUNDAY($7.50); good run last start 2nd up with 58kgs. Up against a better field today but drops a whopping 7.5kegs. She will strip fitter here 3rd up and the track and distance suit and she handles all conditions. We expect her young apprentice to have her right on the speed.

TWICE ON SUNDAY($7.50); 5th beaten 2.22L, good ride settled on the speed. Every concievable chance in the straight.

SR10 H2 RECOMMENDATION($5); good horse racing as well as ever. This is his favoured distance and handles all conditions. Drawn tricky as he does relish racing forward but he has J. Allen on a bonus. We think this horse has a touch of class.

RECOMMENDATION($10); 6th beaten 3.32L, wide entire trip betting drift says it all.

SUMMARY: Big day of racing today at Randwick and the Group1 Epsom 1600m is a beauty. Eighteen runners and 14 realistic chances. My Oberon($23) is peaking 3rd run in as he did when just beaten by Mr. Brightside in the Doncaster. His last run was a good 4th with not a lot of luck in the straight. The 1600m is his favoured distance, he will get back and steam home. The Innevitable($7.50)  2nd up no problems for him and he handles all conditions. Certainly relishes the distance and remember he can race on the speed if need be. Democracy Manifest($11) this horse could be ready to produce here especially with 51.5kgs. Big win last start he will be getting home fast. Kovalica($8) good horse and loves the 1600m and 2nd up. He will race just off them here. Nugget($8) next best. They will be coming from everywhere at the distance. The Metropolitan G1 2400m is not a strong affair really and we feel Major Beel(16) can get the job done here.Derby winner here when on speed. His last 2 runs have been good he will be super fit. Handles all conditions, great price. Just Fine($1.80) will definitely go forward and might be found out the last 50m but does have 50 kegs. Spirit Ridge($31) this horse loves taking it up and is racing very well. Track and distance suit and with 52.5kgs might be hard to run down as it’s not a strong G1. Cleveland ($21) and Al Aabir($19) next best. Think About It($2.10) returns today super horse. Tread carefully today at Mornington a mid week meeting on offer there. Great day last week for top 4 players and exotics with a plethora of winners there. Only 2 in Our Best this week it’s getting tougher to find standout value with the huge fields on offer these days. But it won’t deter us here at Horsebuck$ GIDDYUP!! Being a Queenslander go the Lions and the Broncos big weekend coming up. With excited anticipation “GOOD LUCK” to all members having a punt today and  “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$