Tips 26th August 2023

Doomben Track Good, Rosehill Track Good, Moonee Valley Track Good

Doomben Races (rail out 4M)

BR1. 1.h1 Devastating 2.h7 Blue Spinel 3.h12 Liquor 4.h16 Clovelly

Devastating 3rd/$1.30, Blue Spinel 4th


1.h5 Wairere Falls 2.h7 Nikau Spur 3.h6 Mubariz

Nikau Spur 1st/$5.50/$2.20, Wairere Falls 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$6; Exacta/$16.90

BR3. 1.h8 Argyle Pink 2.h6 Telephone Booth 3.h7 Cool Encounter 4.h13 Invisible Tears 

Argyle Pink(0.86L) 2nd/$1.70, Telephone Booth 4th

BR4. 1.h4 Red Top 2.h12 City Mission 3.h6 Smytzer 4.h2 Betchathecrown

Smytzer(1.68L) 2nd/$4.70


1.h5 Release the Beans 2.h10 Prime Assest 3.h12 Viminele 4.h1 Briars Kingdom

Viminele 1st/$3.20/$1.60, Release The Beans 2nd/$1.70, Prime Asset 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta/$52.80; Quinella/$5.90; Exacta/$10.70 


1.h7 Vodka Martini 2.h2 Birriecart 3.h10 Coco Rox 4.h9 Boncassie

Vodka Martini 1st/$1.80/$1.20, Coco Rox 2nd/$2.60; Quinella/$7.50; Exacta/$10


1.h4 Shot Of Whiskey 2.h5 Deep Respect 3.h6 The Player 4.h11 Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark 1st/$13/$2.80, Deep Respect 2nd/$1.30, The Player 4th; Quinella/$14.50; Exacta/$34.30

BR8. 1.h1 Snowzone 2.h9 Don’t Stop 3.h12 Acrobatic 4.h4 Stuttering

Stuttering(2.56L) 2nd/$3.50

BR9. 1.h2 Point Counterpoint 2.h8 Canadian Dancer 3.h6 Shopping Esprit 4.h9 Hokahey

Shopping Esprit 1st/$4.90/$2, Hokahey 4th

Rosehill Races (Rail out 6m from 1500m to the winning post. 4m remainder)

SR1. 1.h7 Melody Again 2.h13 Eight Of A Kind 3.h15 Invahir 4.h1 Classic Dreamer

Melody Again 1st/$4,80/$1.80. Eight Of A Kind 4th


1.h1 Too Much Caviar 2.h2 Wineglass Bay 3.h5 Yukon 4.h6 Little Mix

Wineglass Bay 1st/$3/$1.30, Too Much Caviar 2nd/$2, Little Mix 3rd/$2.20; Trifecta/$35.80; Quinella/$4.50; Exacta/$10.10

SR3. 1.h4 Danish Prince 2.h8 Marquess 3.h6 Green Shadows 4.h9 Sweysive 

Marquess 1st/$2.70/$1.40, Danish Prince 3rd/$3.50

SR4. 1.h7 La Vesuvius 2.h15 Satness 3.h5 Elettrica 4.h3 Casual Connection 

Eletricca 1st/$5.10/$1.90

SR5. 1.h1 Delacour 2.h2 Winning Verse 3.h7 Smashing Eagle 4.h5 Xpresso

Smashing Eagle(1.15L) 2nd/$1.20, Xpresso 4th  


1.h1 Powerful Peg 2.h10 Howgoodareyou 3.h5 Call Di 4.h7 Cabaca

Howgoodareyou 1st/$3.40/$2.10, Call Di 2nd/$1.70, Cabaca 4th; Quinella/$4.50; Exacta/$8.30


1.h2 Cafe Millenium 2.h11 Les Vampires 3.h3 Caballus 4.h4 Kintyre h1 Tom Kitten

Tom Kitten 1st/$11/$2.70, Kintyre 2nd/$4.90; Quinella/$94.80; Exacta/$261.50

SR8. 1.h4 The Instructor 2.h9 Kandinsky Abstract 3.h3 Libertad 4.h1 Corniche

Libertad 1st/$9.40/$3.10

SR9. 1.h12 Glint Of Silver 2.h2 Kalino 3.h4 Mission Phoenix 4.h14 Vreneli

Vreneli 1st/$7.80/$2.80, Glint Of Silver 4th; KALINO SCR.

SR10. 1.h9 Dalaalaat 2.h8 Pioneer River 3.h12 Diamond Dealer 4.h1 Cuban Royale 

Diamond Dealer 1st/$3.60/$1.60, Pioneer River 3rd/$1.70;

MAIN QUADDIE: Tom Kitten/ Libertad/ Vreneli/ Diamond Dealer; DIVI/$3,608.50

Caulfield Races (rail out 4M)

MR1. 1.h1 Amur 2.h3 Jewel Bay 3.h4 Mansiere 4.h6 Esskay

Jewel Bay 3rd/$2.50, Amur 4th


1.h8 Social Conscience 2.h7 Lord Domino 3.h7 The Prodigal Son 4.h14 Mawallock

Mawallock 1st/$3.10/$1.60, Lord Domino 2nd/$2.60, The Prodigal Son 4th; Quinella/$18; Exacta/$30.10

MR3. 1.h9 El Poder Sol 2.h3 Robrick 3.h1 Sunsource 4.h6 Riproar

Robrick(0.4L) 2nd/$1.40, Sunsource 4th

MR4. 1.h1 I’ma Shelby 2.h6 Crackerjack Prince 3.h7 Hennessy Lad 4.h14 He’ll Rip

Hennessey Lad 1st/$3/$1.50, Ima Shelby 3rd/$2.40, Crackerjack Prince 4th

MR5. 1.h3 Ferago 2.h4 Bainbridge 3.h5 Wuddzz 4.h6 Pearl Rain


MR6. 1.h3 Inhibitions 2.h5 Aprilia 3.h7 Right To Party 4.h9 Beauty Rising 

Inhibitions 1st/$2.70/$1.30, Right To Party 3rd/$2.20


1.h3 Interpretation 2.h6 Brayden Star 3.h8 Future History 

Future History 1st/$3.90/$2.10, Interpretation 2nd/$2.10, Brayden Star 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$28.40; Quinella/$7.60; Exacta/$14.20

MR8. 1.h8 Omni Man.h7 Acromantula 3.h1 Sweet Ride 4.h3 Ashford Street

Acromantula 1st/$3.70, Ashford Street 3rd/$4

MR9. 1.h7 St Lawrence 2.h5 Regardsmaree 3.h10 Conqueror 4.h6 Deny Knowledge

Deny Knowledge 1st/$5.10/$1.70, Regardsmaree 4th

MR10. 1.h4 Najem Suhail 2.h5 Red Hot Nicc 3.h5 Maximillius 4.h11 Gringotts

Najem Suhail 1st/$4.40/$1.70, Gringotts 3rd/$1.30;

MAIN QUADDIE: Future History/ Acrtmantula/ Deny Knowledge/ Najem Suhail; DIVI/$403.10

                                                         OUR BEST

BR5 H5 RELEASE THE BEANS($3.80) Been in great form last two starts. Back to Doomben is a bonus and going back to the 1350 is ideal. Will get a nice trail in behind the pace here form barrier 7. He will be chiming in at the 100m and the whips will be cracking.

REALEASE THE BEANS($4); 2nd/$1.70 place beaten 0.83L, surprised he was last turning for home. Ran home well nothing else to say about that.

SR9 H12 GLINT OF SILVER($7) A tough on paced effort last start when second up. From barrier 11 will go forward with good tactical early speed to overcome the wide draw. Likes the track and distance and is third up today super fit and they might find it hard to run him down at the distance.

GLINT OF SILVER($4.40); 4th beaten 0.98L, once again led and fought on a little disappointing though.

MR1 H1 AMUR($5.50) Has an unbelievable record over this track and distance. Has terrific form lines from last prep. Is great first up. Has had some great trials leading into this run. Hopefully the track isn’t biased to on paced gallopers early because he will be steaming home. Overs in our opinion.

AMUR($6); 4th beaten 0.8L,

SR5 H1 DELACOUR ($13) Raced wide the entire trip last start so no luck there. Has a fantastic second up record and loves the distance. From barrier 1 should be able to get a spot midfield and have a good run in transit. 3kg claim brings him well in the weights with 56kgs. Great chance at good each way odds. 

DELACOUR($15); 7th beaten 4.48L, led then until into the straight but was gone before the distance. 

SUMMARY: Two placings in Our Best last week. Our Magnus with another 5cms gets the bob but that’s racing sometimes. And Preach running a bold 2nd at good each way odds. Let’s dive straight into the action and talk about the Up And Coming Stakes and Cafe Millenium($21) looks a good chance. Won impressively first up last prep from the back. Then in the Todman and the Sires he hit wet tracks and never looked comfortable in the wet. Back to a dry surface here starting at the 1300m is ideal. Two great trails leading into this. Les Vampires($3.70) was green as grass first up and was an impressive 2nd up when dictating the pace and ran good time also. Will go to the front again and the step up in trip looks the logical step here. Caballus($3.30) has been unlucky in two runs this prep. Beat Estriella two back who is a good filly. From barrier 4 will get its spot midfield. Deserved fav but will need luck. Kintyre($15) ran well first up against the older horses. Then was too good for them from well back 2nd up. Didn’t have much luck last prep on wet tracks in good races. Good track today ideal. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him steaming home again. Tom Kitten($13) ran home in the Fernhill first up last prep over 1400m. I can see the same run happening here off a nice tempo with two trails leading up to this run. Cracking race. Off to the Carlyon Stakes and we think Omni Man($3.30) can reverse the result here on Sweet Ride who he meets him 1.5kgs better at the weights and has a better good track record also. The one that could also run well is Acromantula($3.90). Will go forward from the nice draw maybe just in behind the leaders. Loves the track and distance and meets both gallopers better at the weights. Sweet ride($7.50) also likes to race forward but the weight difference will be key here. Ashford Street ran well first up of a spell. Will have natural improvement 2nd up. Will be just off the pace here and will be running home hard. The races are really starting to ramp up coming into the spring now with the big guns starting there preps. We are pumped to the max. On that exhilarating note good luck to all Members and Followers having a punt today and  remember “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$