Tips 19th August 2023

Doomben Track Good, Randwick Track Soft, CaulfieldTrack Good

Doomben Races (rail out .5M)

BR1. 1.h9 Apophis 2. h5 Muschaialli 3. h15 It’s Gerry 4. h6 Immoral

Immoral 1st/$8.10/$2.40, Apophis 3rd/$1.40, Muschialli 4th


1.h9 Sebring Girl 2. h3 Ayahuasca 3. h7 Drammatica 4. h6 Star Of Chaos

Star Of Chaos 1st/$3.80/$1.70, Sebring Girl 2nd/$3.90; Quinella/$42.60; Exacta/$69.40

BR3. 1.h1 Acres Away 2. h7 Aristella 3. h5 Crimson Warning 4. h9 Surreal Ascot

Surreal Ascot(0.65L) 2nd/$3, Acres Away 3rd/$1.50

BR4. 1.h6 Prime Impact 2. h12 Wegobam 3. h1 Bollente 4. h10 Lucky Exchange

Bollente 1st/$19.80/$5.40


1.h1 Galifiankis 2. h8 So Bene 3. h6 Cash Me 4. h3 Coup De Tonnerre

Cash Me 1st/$3.70/$1.60, Galifiankis 2nd/$1.80, So Bene 4th; Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$17.30

BR6. 1.h5 Preach 2. h6 Rainbow Connection 3. h2 Pocket Full, h14 Thelwell

Preach(1.56L) 2nd/$1.90, Thelwel 3rd/$2


1.h5 Situation Room 2. h1 Orbisyn 3. h6 All That Pizzazz 4. h3 Dalavin

Orbisyn 1st/$10/$2.60, All That Pizzazz 2nd/$1.40, Situation Room 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta/$146.50; Quinella/$15.30; Exacta/$38.20

BR8. 1.13 Lasting Kiss 2. h1 Irish Songs 3. h2 Boneparte 4. h6 Animate, h11 Palladas 


BR9. 1.h10 Our Magnus 2. h5 Olympic Legend 3. h11 Uncle Russ 4. h18 Sha Of Gomer

Our Magnus(0.14L) 2nd/$2.10, Sha Of Gomer 3rd/$2.20

Randwick Races ( rail True)

SR1. 1.h4 Vindication 2. h11 Field Wiri 3. h3 Backrower 4. h14 Twice As Special 

Twice As Special 3rd/$6, Vindication 4th

SR2. 1.h2 Sungblue 2. h5 Star Of Kings 3. h12 Rumours Abound 4. h9 Cropduster


SR3. 1.h1 Kirkeby 2. h2 Martial Eagle 3. h5 Pachino 4. h11 Awesome Wonder  

Awesome Wonder 1st/$5/$1.60, Kirkeby 3rd/$1.70, Pachino 4th

SR4. 1.h1 Casino Kid 2. h9 Queenmaker 3. h12 Hollywood Hero 4. h15 For Victory

Queenmaker 3rd/$2.90

SR5. 1.h9 Kalino 2.h3 Rocketing By 3. h7 Dragonstone 4. h2 Ucalledit 

Dragonstone 3rd/$1.90

SR6. 1.h5 Bois Dárgent 2. h4 Desert Icon 3. h14 Fawkner Park 4. h15 Born A King 

Bois D’argent 3rd/$3.70


1.h8 Queen Of The Ball 2. h5 Cinderella Days 3. h7 Parisal 4. h1 Zougotcha, h3 Mileva 

Parisal 1st/$3.70/$1.70, Queen Of The Ball 2nd/$2.40, Cinderella Days 4th; Quinella/$15; Exacta/$24.90

SR8. 1.h13 Moúnga 2. h1 Think It’s Over 3. h2 Zaaki 4. h5 Francesco Guardi, h10 Major Beel 

Zaaki 3rd/$2.40; MO’UNGA last beaten 7.66L

SR9. 1.h7 Zadozi 2. h2 Kristilli 3. h3 Platinum Jubilee 4. h5 Kimochi, h11 Estriella

Estriells(0.13L) 2nd/$1.80, Kimochi 3rd/$2.20; ZARDOZI and KRISTILLI beaten 12.5L & 19.32L respectively

SR10. 1. h4 King Of Naples 2.h3 Pacific Ruby  3. h7 Time To Boogie 4. h8 Huon, h14 Kattegat

King Of Naples(0.17L) 2nd/$2, Time To Boogie 3rd/$1.30, Huon 4th

Caulfield Races (rail out 9M)

MR1. 1.h1 Hard Reality 2. h5 Rivkin 3. h11 Steel Jimmy 4. h3 Seafield Road

Rivkin 3rd/$5.20 

MR2. 1.h1 Life Lessons 2. h5 Hell Hound 3. h2 Starlight Scope 4. h7 Movader 

Hell Hound 3rd/$2.40, Life Lesson 4th

MR3. 1.h10 Va Via 2. h1 Do Ya Punk 3. h11 Anilla 4. h3 Hollymanz 

Va Via 1st/$3.70/$1.50, Anilla 3rd/$2.20


1.h1 Bound For Home 2. h4 Waverider Bouy 3. h11 River Noir  4. h3 Viviane

Viviane 1st/$9.50/$2.70, Waverider Buoy 2nd/$1.70, River Noir 3rd/$3; Trifecta/$107.20; Quinella/$16; Exacta/$37.20


1.h6 He’s Our Bonneval 2. h4 Amenable 3. h1 Devoted 4. h13 Worsfold

Amenable 1st/$5.30/$2.10, Devoted 2nd/$4.70, He’s Our Bonneval 4th; Quinella/$28.20; Exacta/$56.10

EARLY QUADDIE; Va Via/ Viviane/ Amenable/ Savannah Cloud Divi/$1,014.17

MR6. 1.h1 Bandersnatch 2. h3 It’sourtime 3. h6 Savannah Cloud 4. h7 Detonator Jack

Savannah Cloud 1st/$7/$2.40, It’sourtime 3rd/$1.40, Detonator Jack 4th


1.5 Skirt The Law 2. h8 Shennanigans 3. h7 Show Royale 4. h3 Charm Stone 

Charm Stone 1st/$4/$1.70, Skirt The Law 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/6.70; Exacta/$13.30


1.h2 Cylinder 2. h1 Little Brose 3. h4 I’m Unstoppable 4. h6 Ourboros

Cylinder 1st/$1.50/$1.20, Ouroborous 2nd/$3.90, I Am Unstoppable 3rd/n.t.d., Little Brose 4th; First4/$102.50; Trifecta/$43; Quinella/$6.50; Exacta/$7.80

MR9. 1.h1 Mr. Brightside 2. h15 Attrition 3. h9 Pounding 4. h4 Aegon, h16 Chassis

Mr. Brightside 1st/$2.40/$1.30, Aegon 3rd/$6.30

MR10. 1.h9 Berkeley Square 2. h13 Ulysses 3. h1 Right You Are 4. h7 Sibaaq

Right You Are(0.2L 2nd/$2.20, Berkeley Square 3rd/$1.70

                                                         OUR BEST

MR4 H1 BOUND FOR HOME($8); good mare lightly raced and is a Group3 winner at this course. We know she can settle up on speed fresh or take a sit midfield. She is usually a pistol first up and with her claim is in nicely in here being a BM84. Expect her to be chiming in at the distance.

BOUND FOR HOME($); 7th beaten 2.95L we will follow up on her she was definitely on the wrong part of the track (inside)

BR6 H5 PREACH($19); consistent gelding that should be cherry ripe 3rd up. From his good gate(2) he should be right on the speed (in the real world). He has been run down over this distance before but by a couple of decent horses. Loves the dry and if he could get the slip on them as they swing they will all have to run him down.

PREACH ($19 – $7); 2nd/$1.90 place beaten 1.56L, led them easy enough past by winner at the distance but fought back nicely.

BR9 H10 OUR MAGNUS($4.80); consistency seems to be our theme today and this horse is just that. Second up holds no fears for this one and he might race right on the speed today. Dry tracks are his preference and the distance is ideal. Hoop G.Geran is a massive bonus as he knows the horse very well. GIDDYUP!!

OUR MAGNUS($4.60); 2nd/$2.10 beaten 0.14L, had a good run in transit made run just before the distance one more bound and lobs. That’s racing.

SUMMARY: huge day for Our Best players last week when Sheza Firecracker ($18 – $10) got the split and saluted after Rubiquitous ($3.30) had got the nod previously for supporters so HAPPY DAYS!!! Also plenty of winners in the top 4 after a slow start a good day all round. Group 1 racing today in Sydney with the Winx stakes 1400m and Mo’unga($14) just might get back into the Group1 winners circle again while all are fresh. He is a quality galloper himself and might just steamroll them fresh. Think It Over ($10) loves Randwick and also races well 1st up Nash might have him right on the speed. This horse relishes soft conditions. Zaaki ($4.20) what can we say about him always a chance. Major Beel ($21) Derby winner but this distance no issue for him 1st up, handles all conditons and he might just take it up. Francesco Guardi ($81) can run a bit of a race here he is a good horse and our follow horse for the spring. We are interested to see how the Cummings trained Zardozi ($8) goes in the Silver Shadow G2. He is unbeaten loves the soft conditions and has interesting breeding. Let’s not sugar coat today’s racing they are super competetive races in every state, but that’s what we thrive on at Horsebuck$. I have to say it (: a cracking day here on Goldie and we are pumped for big a day so on that electrifying note “GOOD LUCK” to all Members and Followers having a punt today and  remember “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$