Tips & Results 5th August 2023

Eagle Farm Track Soft, Rosehill Track Good, Flemington Track Good

Eagle Farm Races


1. h8 Rainbow Connection 2. h1 Maximum Vortex 3. h2 Nashira 4. h6 Devastating

Devestating 1st/$5.60/$1.70, Maximum Vortex 2nd/$2.60, Rainbow Connection 3rd/$1.20; Trifecta/$89.40; Quinella/$23.20; Exacta/$52.50


1. h5 Shameless Miss 2. h4 Otyrar 3. h1 Bartholomew Dias 4. h7 Mubariz

Otyrar 1st/$2.90/$1.50, Mubariz 2nd/$3.10, Shameless Miss 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$31.90; Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$15.20


1. h3 Tango Fever 2. h1 Acres Away 3. h2 Kitri 4. h8 Torque About Magic

Acres Away 1st/$4.10/$2, Kitri 2nd/$4.80, Tango Fever 4th; Quinella/$25.50; Exacta/$41.20

BR4. 1. h6 Hold On Honey 2. h4 Shamrock Lu 3. h8 Jemeldi 4. h7 Kasinova Kid 

Hold On Honey(0.68L) 2nd/$1.60, Jemeldi 3rd/$1.90


1. h5 Field Wiri 2. h8 Bubba’s Bay 3. h11 Amathuba 4. h2 Xtra Gear

Bubba’s Bay 1st/$3.60/$1.70, Field Wiri 2nd/$2, Amathuba 4th; Quinella/$9.30; Exacta/$17.20

BR6. 1. h8 Our Magnus 2. h1 Northern Express 3. h2 Zarastro 4. h5 Office Jim, h13 Oriabent

Zarastro 1st/$1.70/$1.10, Our Magnus 3rd/$2.70, Oriabent 4th

BR7. 1. h4 Bean Foggy 2. h8 Smytzer 3. h16 11 Brentwood 4. h16 Heleva Deel

Heleva Deel(0.83L) 2nd/$2.70, Smytzer 4th 

BR8. 1. h5 Better Get Set 2, h1 Roman Aureus 3. h7 Lasting Kiss 4. h6 Bollente

Roman Aureus(0.17L) 2nd/$2.40, Better Get Set 3rd/$1.40, Lasting Kiss 4th

BR9. 1. h1 Rejoiced 2. h10 Wegobam 3. h7 Redwood Shadow 4. h12 Aqua Alta 

Aqua Alta 1st/$6.80/$2.30, Wegobam 3rd/$2

Rosehill Races

SR1. 1. h9 Burrandana 2. h13 Amarantz 3. h11 Binkou 4. h10 Competition

Burrandana(4.88L) 2nd/$1.20, Amarantz 3rd/$3.70

SR2. 1. h18 Oakfield Mahogany 2. h3 Xpresso 3. h17 Ocean’s One 4. h16 Undivided

Xpresso(0.54L) 2nd/$3.20

SR3. 1. h3 Kirkeby 2. h5 Aristonous 3. h4 So United 4. h2 United Nations

Kirkeby(3.94L) 2nd/$2.50, Aristonous 3rd/n.t.d., So United 4th


1. h5 Ivan’s Hero 2. h1 Hollywood Hero 3. h4 Tashi 4. h10 Nana’s Wish

Ivan’s Hero 1st/$7.80/$2.30, Hollywood Hero 2nd/$2.60, Nana’s Wish 3rd/$1.60, Tashi 4th; First4/$1,043.50; Trifecta/$272.90; Quinella/$25,60; Exacta/$47.70


1. h3 Petulant 2. h2 Waverider Buoy 3. h7 Smart Little Miss 4. h9 Lovero

Petulant 1st/$5.90/$1.80, Waverider Buoy 2nd/$1.30, Lovero 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$56.60; Quinella/$6; Exacta/$15.90


1. h2 Soami 2. h3 King Of Naples 3. h6 Wategos 4. h5 Regal Pom

Wategos 1st/$3.60/$1.50, King Of Naples 2nd/$1.50, Soami 4th; Quinella/$5.10; E3xacta/$13.60


1.h5 Legio Ten 2. h1 Brudenell 3. h2 Pegasi 4. h7 Time To Boogie

Brudenell 1st/$6.70/$2, Time To Boogie 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$11.20; Exacta/$28.50


1. h4 Big Parade 2. h11 I Am Me 3. h1 Golden Mile 4. h6 Dragonstone

I Am Me 1st/$2.60/$1.30, Dragonstone 2nd/$5.40; Quinella/$38.80; Exacta/$55.30


1. h11 Fawkner Park 2. h8 Bold Mac 3. h12 Raging Bull 4. h3 Kalapour, h5 Bonny Ezra

Bold Mac 1st/$8/$2.20, Fawkner Park 2nd/$2.80, Klapour 3rd/$2.80; Trifecta/$129.10; Quinella/$8.30; Exacta/$22.90

SR10. 1. h2 Space Tracker 2. h6 Gracilistyla 3. h7 Ausbred Rising Sun 4. h7 Knight

Gracilistyla(1.3L) 2nd/$1.60, Pace Tracker 4th

Flemington Races

MR1. 1. h8 River Noire 2. h1 Anilla 3. h10 Smile And Wave 4. h12 Starlea

Anilla(2.75L) 2nd/$2.10, Starlea 3rd/$2.50

MR2. 1. h4 Cosmic Rhapsody 2. h17 Jet Jitsu 3. h8 In Her Stride 4. h3 Rockribbed


MR3. 1. h2 Flying Concello 2. h4 Gawnski 3. h6 Warlords 4. h3 Gangitano

Gangitano 3rd/$2.10, Gawnski 4th


1. h9 Beour Bay 2. h3 Good And Proper 3. h10 Cuban Link 4. h6 Starlight Scope

Starlight Scope 1st/$14.70/$4.40, Beour Bay 2nd/$2.30, Cuban Link 4th; Quinella/$47.20; Exacta/$98.50

MR5. 1. h1 Mimi’s Award 2. h4 Alhambra Lad 3. h7 Mostly Cloudy 4. h2 Teewaters

Alhambra Lad(0.1L) 2nd/$1.80, Mostly Cloudy 3rd/$1.60


1. h4 Court Deep 2. h3 Shaijhar 3. h10 Martial Eagle 4. h1 Djukon

Shaijhar 1st/$5/$2.30, Martial Eagle 2nd/$5.20, Court Deep 3rd/$4.10; Trifecta/$539; Quinella/$44.10; Exacta/$96.80

MR7. 1. h4 It’sourtime 2. h5 Zethus 3. h6 Chassis 4. h11 Cause For Concern, h8 Dance To Dubai

It’s Ourtime 1st/$4.10/$1.60, Chassis 3rd/$4.80


1. h14 Presser 2. h2 Arran Bay 3. h3 Brayden Star 4. h6 French Emperor, h10 Hennessey Lad

Brayden Star 1st/$3.60/$1.50, Hennessey Lad 2nd/$1.90, Presser 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$59.90; Quinella/$11.30; Exacta/$22.90

MR9. 1. h14 Devoted 2. h3 Berkeley Square 3. h9 Poland 4. h15 Tijuana, h3 Flying Mascot

Tijuana(1.5L) 2nd/$2.50, Berkeley Square 4th; DEVOTED L.SCR.

MR10. 1. h2 Benedetta 2. h19 Jack Of It 3. h9 Pioneer River 4. h1 Zac De Boss, h16 Arbitration

Benedetta 1st/$1.95/$1.40, Pioneer River 3rd/$3.60, Zac De Boss 4th

                                                         OUR BEST

SR4 H5 IVAN’S HERO($8); Waller trained galloper that has done all his racing in Victoria. He is consistent and he relishes this distance. He seemingly likes to park just off the pace and get home over them. He is up a tad in grade but a BM72 is certainly within his grasp. We expect JMAC to be winding him up big time at the distance.

IVAN’S HERO($7.80); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! positined right behind the leader driven to the lead at the distance. Never going to lose. GIDDYUP!!!

BR5 H5 FIELD WIRI($6.50); this mare seems to run her best races closer to the speed. Forget her last start at Doomben when she didn’t seem to be a happy camper. Her run to finish 4th was a good effort, she likes this track and the distance ideal. We expect her to be there when the whips are cracking.

FIELD WIRI($5.50); 2nd/$2 place beaten 2.05L, missed the start and held up before the turn. Made good ground late possibly one more for her…

SR8 H4 BIG PARADE($2.80); top class galloper that hasn’t raced for some time. We know he will ping the gates and be right on the speed and if he takes it up could just be a bridge too far for the others. Been trialling brilliantly and Parr is his number one hoop and Joe Pride new trainer a bonus.

BIG PARADE($4); failed to finish. 

BR7 H4 BEAN FOGGY($6); third up today and cherry ripe, he certainly has good enough form for a race of this ilk. He can race on speed or settle mid field and with 52 kegs after the claim is in pretty well. He might give them the short back and sides.

BEAN FOGGY($6); 7th beaten 4.44L, ridden just off pace, every possible. Dissappointing.

SUMMARY: We have been experiencing a mini El Nino in Our Best lately, today could be the day to break the drought.  The rail is out 10M at Flemington so anything is possible there. We are starting to eke out of the winter racing with the G3 Aurie’s Star at Flemington and It’sourtime($3.90) might be the key here. He certainly likes the straight and he is very fit. Back to 55.5kgs might just be a winnable weight. Zethus($10) we thought was ridden upside down last start we expect him to be closer to the lead here. Goes okay down the straight. Chassis($16) went like a pistol in Brisbane and her form here is very good. Been racing on the speed and handles all conditions. Certainly great value. Cause For Concern($4.20) in good form lower grades. Dance To Dubai($15) will go fast and the drier the better. Race 9 at Flemington the BM100 and Devoted($8) could be way over the odds here with only 51kgs as he is twice a Listed winner and races well fresh. Berkeley Square($4.60) a good racehorse with 58kgs and a Group 2 winner but the 7 kilo turnaround might be the difference. We have an Our Best in the Missile G2 for Members. Bring on the Spring racing an exciting time of year for punters so on that note “GOOD LUCK” to all Members and Followers having a punt today and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$