Tips 8th July 2023

Doomben Track Soft6 upgrade likely , Randwick Track Soft 5, Caulfield Track Soft

Doomben Races


1. h1 Transatlantic 2. h2 Power Of Love 3. h6 Showdra 4. h7 Jack’s Boom

Power Of Love 1st/$4.30/$2.20, Transatlantic 2nd/$1.30, Showdra 4th; Quinella/$2.90; Exacta/$7

BR2. 1. h8 Ella Te Ama 2. h7 Aqua Alta 3. h10 O’miss Behaving 4. h1 Akihiro

Aqua Alta 3rd/$2.10, Ella Te Ama 4th

BR3. 1. h8 Colleagues  2. H1 Readily Avaiabull 3. h9 Carbonetti 4. h2 Our Rebel

Carbonetti(0.85L) 2nd/$1.30, Colleagues 3rd/$1.30; READILY AVAILABULL L. SCR.

BR4. 1. h2 Star Spirit 2. h1 Self Indulgent 3. h14 Skidamarink 4. h6 Amity Gal

Skidamarink 1st/$4.10/$1.90, Amity Gal 3rd/$3.60


1. h1 Sailor’s Secret 2. h2 Count Da Beans 3. h3 Pocket Full 4. h8 Spooky Spirit

Count Da Beans 1st/$3.60/$2, Pocket Full 2nd/$1.50, Sailor’s Secret 4th; Quinella/$4.10; Exacta/$9.80


1. h7 Blaze A Trail 2. h6 Arentee 3. h1 Azzareach 4. h4 Sir Warwick

Blaze A Trail 1st/$2.40/$1.30, Sir Warwick 2nd/$2.30, Arentee 4th; Quinella/$9.80; Exacta/$15.60


1. h2 Dragonstone 2. h4 Goldsborough 3. h5 Snowzone 4. h8 Sneaky Five

Sneaky Five 1st/$3.70/$1.30, Snowzone 2nd/$3, Dragonstone 3rd/$1.20, Goldsborough 4th; First4/$160.60; Trifecta/$92.10; Quinella/$22.70; Exacta/$48.30

BR8. 1. h5 Mississippi Prince 2. h6 Don’t Stop 3. h2 Linthorpe Lad 4. h1 Hasabro,  h10 Hype

Don’t Stop 3rd/$2.70, Mississippi Prince 4th


1. h12 Hatchet 2. h1 Kanazawa 3. h9 Release The Beans 4. h14 Zarastro

Hatchet 1st/$3.30/$1.30, Zarastro 2nd/$1.20, Kanazawa 3rd/$1.70, Release The Beans 4th; First4/$59.60; Trifecta/$21.30; Quinella/$2.90; Exacta/$7.80

Randwick Races


1.h1 Epic Proportions 2. h2 Cigar Flick 

Cigar Flick 1st/$2.50/$1.40, Epic Proportions 2nd/n.p.p.; Quinella/$1.60; Exacta/$2.90

SR2. 1. h3 Little Beginnings 2. h4 Step Aside 3. h6 Bat Out Of Hell 4. h2 Token Capitalist

Token Capitalist 1st/$5.50/$2.90, Bat Out Of Hell 3rd/n.t.d.

SR3. 1. h5 Salute Again 2. h4 Swift Charm 3. h6 Chase My Crown 4. h9 Binkou 

Chase My Crown 1st/$7/$2.40

SR4. 1. h5 Diamond Deisel 2. h3 Crosscheck 3. h11 Star Impact 4. h8 Amathuba

Diamond Diesel 1st/$4.40/$1.80, Star Impact 4th


1. h3 Resonator 2. h1 Battleton 3. h4 Turbeau 4. h9 From The Bush

Battleton 1st/$8.30/$2.40, Resonator 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$11.50; Exacta/$33.50


1. h5 Mutamanni 2. h3 Manbehindthemoney 3. h7 Touristic 4. hKirkeby

Manbehindthemoney 1st/$5.30/$2.20, Kirkeby 2nd/$3.20, Touristic 3rd/$1.80, Mutamanni 4th; First4/$918.80; Trifecta/$262.40; Quinella/$33.90; Exacta/$62.60

EARLY QUADDIE: Chase My Crown/Diamond Diesel/Battleton/Manbehindthemoney: Divi/$1,346.80


1. h3 So Good So Cool 2. h1 Insurrection 3. h2 Brudenell 4. h6 Bend The Knee, h8 Wategos

Insurrection 1st/$2.60/$1.40, Brudenell 2nd/$2, Wategos 4th; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$8.70

SR8. 1. h2 Ucalledit 2. h5 Cisco Bay 3. h13 Brookspire 4. h14 King Of Hastings, 17 Barbie’s Fox

Ucalledit 1st/$8.10/$2.70, Barbie’s Fox 4th


1. h11 Iowna Merc 2. h4 Wewillrock 3. h1 Conscript 4. h2 Much Much Better

Wewillrock 1st/$5.50/$1.40, Much Much Better 2nd/$3.40; Quinella/$42; Exacta/$79; CONSCRIPT L. SCR.

SR10. 1. h13 Petulant 2. h5 Diamond Dealer 3. h7 Ten Bells 4. h8 Lady Brook, h12 Accapella Sun

Acapella Sun(027L) 2nd/$3.50, Diamond Dealer 4th

Caulfield Races

MR1. 1. h2 Sensical 2. h1 Links 3. h3 Pure Paradise 4. h5 It’s A Lock In

Sensical(2.25L) 2nd/$1.40, Pure Paradise 4th

MR2. 1. h1 Future History 2. h6 Aristonous 3. h9 Mayfair Spirit 4. h5 Martial Eagle

Future History(1.5L) 2nd/$2.80, Aristonous 4th

MR3. 1. h6 So Sleek 2. h2 Tokenist 3. h10 Torranzino 4.h4 Antzino

Torranzino 1st/$5/$1.80, So Sleek 4th

MR4. 1. h8 Silent Scream 2. h6 Hazel Baby 3. h9 Our Red Morning 4. h2 Born Hustler

Our Red Morning 1st/$4.30/$1.90, Hazel Baby 4th

Our Red Morning 1st/$

MR5. 1. h6 Mensa Missile 2. h3 Riverplate 3. h1 Monarch Of Egypt 4. h16 Passione

Monarch Of Egypt 3rd/$2.40, Passione 4th

MR6. 1. h2 Brigantine 2. h1 So Si Bon 3. h5 Sir Davy 4. h6 Ulysses

Ulysses 1st/$29.90/$5.20, So Si Bon 3rd/$2.10

MR7. 1. h6 Press Down 2. h3 Rain Lord 3. h11 Smile And Wave 4.h10 Bubble Palace, h13 Tapo

Rain Lord(2.25L) 2nd/$3.20, Press Down 4th


1. h1 Ingratiating 2. h9 Mileva 3. h13 Sigh 4. h2 Malkovich, h8 Katsu

Sigh 1st/$7/$2.50, Mileva 2nd/$2.50; Quinella/$25.90; Exacta/$50.70

MR9. 1. h16 Chandon Burj 2. h8 French Emperor 3. h7 Flash Flood, h10 Vitruvius, h13 The Nephew

Flash Flood 1st/$10/$2.80, Vitruvius 4th

                                                         OUR BEST 

SR8 H2 UCALLEDIT($9); back in top form last start at this level this course. Meets practically the same field here a little worse at the weights but he has a touch of class. This is his optimum distance and the drier the better for him. He needs a touch of luck in his races as he likes to race just off the speed if he sees daylight at the distance it could be all over in a twinkling.

UCALLEDIT($8.10); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! beaut run in transit presented at the distance after a couple of flicks raced away for a good win. GIDDYUP!!!

MR9 H16 CHANDON BURJ($10); looked disappointing last start but she missed the kick and ran home well late. She prefers soft tracks and is definitely a better mare 3rd run in. The distance is ideal for her today and from gate 1 we would ” expect ” her to be right on the speed. She will take some holding out here over the 1700m and the soft conditions.

CHANDON BURJ($10); 8th beaten 2.9L, she got a beaut run behind the speed on the fence. She was still there at the distance and fought on in a blanket go for 4th. We would suggest though that the middle of the track was supereior by this stage.

BR7 H2 DRAGONSTONE($2.50); short in the market but this is his opportunity to get back in the winner’s list. Distance and track conditions perfect  and he should idle up just off them in the smallish field and be ready to pounce at the distance.

DRAGONSTONE($2.15); 3rd/$1.20 place beaten 2.49L, got a long way back and made steady ground in the straight. Mayeb a perrrenial placegetter.

SUMMARY: three placegetters in Our Best last week so we were close but no cigar. Plenty of action for multi runner and exotic  players. Horses racing out of their comfort zone is a hard watch there is not a lot of joy knowing from the jump you have no chance just saying… One Group race today so we will head to Caulfield race 8 and Ingratiating($3.80) is a genuine Group horse he has always raced at the highest level so G3 no issue. He is very good fresh and the track and distance is perfect. Soft track won’t worry him huge chance. Mileva ($6.50) is brilliant first up and ticks a few boxes here. She certainly likes to be on the speed and the distance is ideal. Sigh ($6) is up another notch here but racing well. The distance and conditions no worries but the track maybe a concern. Malkovich ($7.50) is better when he can lead and will be hard to run down if he does. Race 7 at Caulfield is an interesting race with Press Down ($12) a very fit horse and drop 1.5kegs on his last start in a similar event. Just behind the speed from his good draw and soft no issue. Tapo ($41) will go very fast in this, he is very consistent and likes all conditions might be still there when the whips are cracking with 52.5kgs. Only 3 in Our Best today with a couple at juicy odds. We are due for a big quaddie which I must say have been as scarce as hen’s teeth. A lot of tight markets today which should deliver some nice value. Keep an eye on track conditions Sydney and Brisbane. Another cracking Winter’s day here on the Goldie (: On that note “GOOD LUCK” to all Members and Facebook followers having a play today. Racing is great entertainment “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$