Tips 1st July 2023

Sunshine CoastTrack Good , Rosehill Track Good, Flemington Track Soft

Sunshine Coast Races


1.h1 Defiant Spirit 2.h4 Femme Fatale 3.h6 Mishani Ambitious 4.h2 De Sonic Boom 

Defiant Spirit 1st/$1.60/$1.20, De Sonic Boom 2nd/$2.80; Quinella/$4.10; Exacta/$6

BR2. 1.h1 Stuck With You 2. h2 So Dapper 3.h4 Warp Speed 4.h9 Mishani Missile

Warp Speed(0.2L) 2nd/$2, Mishani Missile 4th

BR3. 1.h1 Be Water My Friend 2.h5 Cossie 3.h9 Uncle Russ 4.h13 Zingalong

Zingalong(0.2L) 2nd/$5.40, Uncle Russ 4th; COSSIE F/F

BR4. 1.h1 Golden Boom 2.h4 Bring Me Kash 3.h13 Vodka Martini 4.h5 Mr Galazi  

Golden Boom(0.1L) 2nd/$1.20, Vodka Martini 3rd/$1.80; MR. GALAZI SCR.

BR5. 1.h1 Mix 2.h2 Tick Tock Queen 3.h11 Ancient Girl 4.h14 Atlantic Eagle

Ancient Girl 1st/$5/$2.40; TICK TOCK QUEEN L.SCR.

BR6. 1.h1 Lunacies 2.h2 Desert Icon 3.h12 The Fearless One 4. h5 Irish Sequel, h8 Zoumon 

Zoumon 1st/$4.20/$1.90, Desert Icon 4th

BR7. 1h.2 Soothsayer 2.h3 Robusto 3.h4 Grebeni 4.h16 Stroll, h9 Red Top 

Grebeni 3rd/$2.10; SOOTHSAYER ( eased down pulled up with cardiac arythmia)

BR8. 1.h1 Cepheus 2.h3 Munhamek 3.h14 Aureus Angel 4.h11 Chassis 

Cepheus(0.8L) 2nd/$3.70, Aureus Angel 3rd/$2.70, Chassis 4th


1.h1 Goldsborough 2.h3 Rubiquitos 3.h7 Red Rubi 4.h13 Reliable Ruby h14 You’ll Be Mist

Rubiquitous 1st/$2.70/$1.70, Goldsborough 2nd/$2.90, Reliable Ruby 4th; Quinella/$12.10; Exacta/$18.80

Rosehill Races


1.h1 Plundering 2.h4 Powerful Peg 3.h6 Chorlton Lane 4.h7 Amor Victorious

Chorlton Lane 1st/$3.30/$2, Plundering 2nd/$2, Amor Victorious 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$51.50; Quinella/$4.60; Exacta/$8

SR2. 1.h1 Semana 2.h3 Mascaret 3.h9 Ellenmac 4.h4 One Aye

Semana 1st/$1.70/$1.04, Ellenmac 4th


1.h6 Oakfield Waratah 2.h2 Gracilistyle 3.h10 Bat Out Of Hell 4.h1 Resonator 

Resonator 1st/$3.40/$1.60, Gracilistyla 2nd/$1.40, Oakfield Waratah 3rd/$1.80, Bat Out Of Hell 4th; First4/$100.10; Trifecta/$32.30; Quinella/$5.20; Exacta/$12.30

SR4. 1.h9 Lemaire 2.h11 Eletrica 3.h13 Smart Legend 4.h18 Miss Faberge 

Elettrica(0.9L) 2nd/$3.90

SR5. 1.h3 Mogo Magic 2.h4 Remember Jack 3.h2 Emperor 4.h11 Brief Statement

Mogo Magic 1st/$1.60/$1.20

SR6. 1.h1 Amnesty 2.h3 Deep Expectation 3.h4 Waverider Bouy 4.h5 Tin Tookie

Waverider Buoy 1st/$5.70/$2, Tintookie 3rd/$1.90


1.h2 Fawkner Park 2.h3 Naval College 3.h5 Miracle Spin 4.h1 Mostly Cloudy  

Fawkner Park 1st/$2.70, Naval College 2nd/$1.90, Mostly Cloudy 3rd/$3.80; Trifecta/$82.70; Quinella/$6.10; Exacta/$11

SR8. 1.h2 Logan Street Lion 2.h13 Vienna Princess 3.h11 Bazooka 4.h4 Pascero

Bazooka 3rd/$2.70


1.h1 Brayden Star 2.h9 Sir Rocket 3.h10 Touristic 4.h3 Kirkeby 

Touristic 1st/$4.70/$2, Brayden Star 2nd/$2.10, Kirkeby 4th; Quinella/$11.80; Exacta/$22.30


1.h5 Either Oar 2.h8 Windshadow 3.h6 Cosmic Minerva 4.h2 Danish Prince

Windshadow 1st/$4.60/$1.60, Cosmic Minerva 2nd/$1.60, Either Oar 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$51.20; Quinella/$7.10; Exacta/$16.10

Flemington Races

MR1. 1.h1 Extreme Spirit 2.h2 Mafia 3.h6 Yeronga Songbird 4.h3 Spring Eagle

Extreme Spirit 3rd/n.t.d., Spring Eagle 4th


1.h1 Seonee 2.h2 Pacific Ruby 3.h3 Good And Proper 4.h8 Dazzling Lucy 

Seonee 1st/$4/$1.70, Good And Proper 2nd/$3.90, Dazzling Lucy 3rd/$1.90; Trifecta/$218.30; Quinella/$33.90; Exacta/$54.70


1.h2 Line Em Up Loui 2.h4 Acierto 3.h3 Sunsource 4.h6 Dolphin Skin

Dolphin Skin 1st/$9/$3.30, Line Ém Up Loui 2nd/$2, Sunsource 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$76.30; Quinella/$13.30; Exacta/$33.30

MR4. 1.h2 Rolls 2.h8 Irish Butterfly 3.h11 French Moon 4.h12 Dodgy One

Rolls(2.75L) 2nd/$2.30


1.h3 Renosu 2.h1 Tijuana 3.h5 Legio Ten 4.h4 Cause For Concern 

Renosu 1st/$5.10/$2, Cause For Concern 2nd/$1.90, Legio Ten 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$81.70; Quinella/$13.70; Exacta/$28.30

MR6. 1.h1 First Immortal 2.h8 Gorgeous Zara 3.h4 My Brothers Keeper 4.h6 Wakamana h10 Midnight Lady 

First Immortal 1st/$6/$2.50

MR7. 1.h3 It’s Ourtime 2.h4 Nicolini Vito 3.h9 Pizzaro 4.h12 Invincible Cavier h8 Pal D’oro

It’s Ourtime(0.75L) 2nd/$1.80

MR8. 1.h7 Jimmy The Bear 2.h3 Charterhouse 3.h12 Unusual Culture 4.h1 King Magnus h8 Bullfinch 

Charterhouse(1.25L) 2nd/$2.20, Unusual Culture 4th


1.h2 Lounge Bar Rubi 2.h4 Brung King 3.h9 Golden Path 4.h11 Superstock

Golden Path 1st/$3.60/$1.80, Lounge Bar Rubi 2nd/$3.10; Quinella/$18.80; Exacta/$32.70

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR7 H2 SOOTHSAYER($3.90) Only beaten a neck last start and has been in terrific form this prep. Heading back to the Sunny Coast is ideal and staying at 1600m is ideal. Super fit and 4th up today is ideal. Will be just behind the speed here and will have the run of the race. The big straight will benefit this gelding. Hard to beat. 

SOOTHSAYER($2.10); last beaten 18.1L, eased up, pulled up with cardiac arythmia

SR3 H6 OAKFIELD WARATAH($4.80) In terrific form this prep and building and impressive record. Won really well last start when got clear running and steamed home. Can envisage him getting the same run in transit this time in also just behind the speed. Small field suits also. Track and distance suits and good ground also. Looks the goods. 

OAKFIELD WARATAH($4.60); 3rd/$1.80 place beaten 1.56L, he seemed to have every chance sitting just behind the leaders.

SR9 H1 BRAYDEN STAR($4.60) Has been in great form this prep. Ran into a horse that has been in terrific form this prep and the form lines read well for this race. Dropping in grade which incurs a weight rise but has a claimer on board. The extra 200m suits. Will sit behind speed and will be charging home!

BRAYDEN STAR($4.80); 2nd/$2.10 place beaten 0.42L, was left with a lot to do coming from last on the corner under his 60.5 kegs. Finished strongly will atone.

MR7 H3 IT’S OURTIME($6.50) Tried hard over the 1400m last start only beaten 1.5lengths. Has had a month off after that run and drops back to the 1200m which is ideal. Likes Flemington and the pace will be on so he can be just behind the speed here and be charging at the 100m. 

IT’S OURTIME($4); 2nd/$1.80 place beaten 0.75L, sat just behind the speed challenged strongly at the distance. Battled on.

MR8 H7 JIMMY THE BEAR($6.50) Has been racing well without winning this prep. Been getting way too far back in its runs and hopefully from the better draw can sit closer and be near pace. Senior jockey aboard is a huge bonus. Drops massively in weight. Loves the track and distance. This is his chance to win 4th up!

JIMMY THE BEAR($2.80); 5th beaten 3.15L, right up on the leaders hammer ran to the front at the distance couldn’t go on with it.

SUMMARY:  Tonneofgrit missed by a pixel for Our Best last week paying $4.10 the place and Not Usual Glorious 3rd at $2.30 the place. We are in the depths of winter racing now and horses that have a slight class edge tend to win even though the stats might say otherwise. The Sunshine Coast today and race 6 the Caloundra Cup is a decent race and Luncies($4.40) easy winner last start and he should settle up just behind the speed here. He is up 4kgs here but his win last week suggests he has improved big time might be a horse to follow early Spring races. Desert Icon($7.50) he is a tough on pacer and he will be right on their hammer at the distance hard to hold out. Zoumon ($3.60) will lead for a long way the last 50m might tell here at the Sunnie Coast he will be there when the whips are cracking. The Fearless One ($51) we thought his Ipswich Cup run was super. He just might frighten them all late. Irish Sequel ($23) rounds out our five. The Glasshouse sprint race 8 and Cepheus ($7) just might be the class horse here and has the right form line for this race. His last start was a beauty got a long way back and came home like a train. He will be closer in the run here we would assume, hard to beat. Munhamek ($4.20) has been in great form up here in the Winter sun. The drier the better for him, he will get a long way back but will be getting home like a steam train. Aureus Angel ($6) this mare is racing well in mares races and although up in class she is still on the limit. Will be midfield thereabouts. Chassis ($10) has been in great form this time in and her last start win was a beauty. We expect her to keep on improving here. Goldsborough ($8) race 9 Sunnie Coast this horse relishes this course and has conditions to suit today. Distance ideal and in okay here with 59kgs after the claim, could be a touch overs. We finished off strongly again last week so let’s keep the vibe going. On that note “GOOD LUCK” to all Members having a play today and racing is great entertainment and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry Horsebuck$