Tips 24th June 2023

Eagle FarmTrack Good , Randwick Track Soft (upgrade possible), Caulfield Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races


1. h1 Cap Ferrat 2. h4 Zoukerette 3. h6 Right To Party 4. h3 Kirikan

Zoukerette 1st/$3.50/$2, Right T Party 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$5.50; Exacta/$11.10


1. h2 Chinny Boom 2. h1 Ekaterina 3. h9 Six Sides 4. h6 Gnaati

Ekaterina 1st/$2.50/$1.30, Gnaati 2nd/$1.80, Six Sides 4t; Quinella/$5.80; Exacta/$9.80


1. h3 Spirit Ridge 2. h6 The Meditteranean 3. h2 Luncies 4. h1 London Banker

Luncies 1st/$2.25/$1.50, Spirit Ridge 2nd/$4.10, The Mediterranean 4th; Quinella/$8.80; Exacta/$11.50

BR4. 1. h13 Grand Palazzo 2. h3 Awahneechee 3. h10 Rollingwiththeflow 4. h5 Isis Carmelia

Isis Carmelia(1.03L) 2nd/$1.70


1.h2 Character 2. h6 Hassabro 3. h10 Ocean Treaty 4. h1 Superstorm

Character 1st/$7.80/$2.70, Ocean Treaty 2nd/$3.60; Quinella/$41.30; Exacta/$88.70


1. h1 Thalassophile 2. h13 Noah ‘N’ Deel 3. h4 Princess Rhaeyns 4. h9 Nom De Plume

Noah ‘N’ Deel 1st/$6.50/$2.60, Princess Rhaeyns 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$22.10; Exacta/$40.10

BR7. 1. h4 Foxy Frida 2. h1 Electric Girl 3. h11 Comrade Rosa 4. h3 Palaisipan, h9 Lady Of Honour

Palisipan 1st/$15.60/$4.60


1. h4 Quantico 2. h5 Ranges 3. h2 Prince Of Boom 4. h9 The Big Goodbye, h12 Contemptuous

Prince Of Boom 1st/$2.40/$1.50, The Big Goodbye 2nd/$2.40, Quantico 3rd/$2.70, Ranges 4th; First4/$436.60; Trifecta/$81.30; Quinella/$9.10; Exacta/$11.90

BR9. 1. h5 Swiss Exile 2. h16 Release The Beans 3. h1 Sea Raider 4. h3 Surreal Step, h15 Genzai The Wolf

Swiss Exile(0.93L) 2nd/$1.80, Release The Beans 4th

Randwick Races

SR1. 1. h5 I Am Brazen 2. h1 Fielding 3. h9 Super Bright 4. h2 Oakfield Duke


SR2. 1. h9 Agirlsbestfriend 2. h1 Barradas 3. h10 Allgemeine 4. h4 Marcassin

Barradas 3rd/$3.10

SR3. 1. h5 Strawberry Rock 2. h7 Wahine Toa 3. h3 Shameless Miss 4. h4 Fun Fact

Wahine Toa(1.67L) 2nd/$2, Shameful Miss 3rd/n.t.d., Strawberry Rock 4th

SR4. 1. h5 West Of Africa 2. h3 Token Capitalist 3. h1 Contemporary 4. h4 Step Aside 

Contemporary 3rd/$1.60, Step Aside 4th


1. h13 Resistable 2. h1 Aristonous 3. h11 Louisville 4. h4 African Daisy

Aristonous 1st/$11.60/$3.90, Louisville 2nd/$1.90, Resistable 3rd/$3.80; Trifecta/$563.30; Quinella/$27.20; Exacta/$73

SR6. 1. h3 Pharoah’s Reign 2. h4 Queenmaker 3. h10 Darlington Corner 4. h1 Ita

Queenmaker(1.16L) 2nd/$1.80, Ita 4th


1. h7 Mach Schnell 2. h1 Brutality 3. h2 Bold Mac 4. h4 Super Strike,  h12 Welsh Legend

Super Strike 1st/$4.40/$1.90, Mach Schnell 2nd/$2.90; Quinella/$17.30; Exacta/$37.40

SR8. 1. h16 Fox Fighter 2. h12 Waihaha Falls 3. h6 Cisco Bay 4. h13 Cotehele, h15 King Of Hastings

King Of Hastings(0.62L) 2nd/$2.70, Cisco Bay 3rd/$2.70

SR9. 1. h2 Iowna Merc h2 18 Narito 3. h12 Lady Brook 4. h3 Ruthin

Lady Brook 3rd/$5, Iowna Merc 4th

SR10. 1. h12 Stonecoat 2. h2 Battleton 3. h7 Too Much Caviar 4. h8 Yoshino

Stonecoat 1st/$8/$2.70, Battleton 3rd/$2.30, Too Much Caviar 4th

Caulfield Races


1. h1 Malaboom 2. h2 Scorcese 3. h3 Amigo 4. h10 Outback Miss

Outback Miss 1st/$3.40/$1.60, Scorces 2nd/$4.90, Malaboom 3rd/$4.10; Trifecta/$404.70; Quinella/$30.30; Exacta/$42.90


1. h1 Katsu 2. h4 Bubble Palace 3. h5 Flying On A Limb 4. h3 Epic Centre

Flying On A Limb 1st/$6/$1.90, Katsu 2nd/$1.60, Epic Centre 3rd/$2.60, Bubble Palace 4th; First4/$411.40; Trifecta/$94.90; Quinella/$8.50; Exacta/$17.40

MR3. 1. h9 Major Key 2. h6 Silent Scream 3. h11 Doublem 4. h1 Field Of Praise

Desiah(5.25L) 2nd/$2.10, Silent Scream 4th

MR4. 1. h10 The Nephew 2. h2 Martial Eagle 3. h5 Bold Bourbon 4. h16 Sir Atlas

The Nephew(0.2L) 2nd/$3.70

MR5. 1. h2 Lounge Bar Rubi 2. h7 Eye On The Eagle 3. h6 Another Ponzi 4. h8 Hazel Baby

Lounge Bar Rubi 1st/$8.10/$2.50, Eye Of The Eagle 4th


1. h8 Tonneofgrit 2. h9 St. Lawrence 3. h14 Sonora 4. h2 St. Bathans, h4 She’s A Gift

St. Lawrence 1st/$4/$1.80, Tonneofgrit 2nd/$4.10; Quinella/$29; Exacta/$51.20

MR7. 1. h6 Senegalia 2. h3 Winning Verse 3. h5 Invincible Caviar 4.h14 Niccolite, h15 Jillette

Niccolite 3rd/$2.20


1. h2 Not Usual Glorious 2. h5 Deep Strike 3. h4 Nomandy Bridge 4. h1 Milford

Normandy Bridge 1st/$2.70/$1.40, Milford 2nd/$2.20, Not Usual Glorious 3rd/$2.30; Trifecta/$65; Quinella/$8.40; Exacta/$14

MR9. 1. h11 Skywolf 2. h12 Whipcracker Way 3. h9 Prowling 4. h5 Tijuana, h14 La Caresse

Skywolf 1st/$5.50/$1.90, Prowling 3rd/$1.70, Whipcracker Way 4th

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR4 H13 GRAND PALAZZO($6.50); this horse is in great country form, since arriving from N.S.W. she has won 8 from 17 in the bush. She likes the distance and track conditions suit. From gate 6 she should get a nice possie around midfield, we think the 53.5kgs is the key here as she is used to carrying big weights. Should be steaming home.

GRAND PALAZZO($6.50); 13th beaten 9.37L, got back tried to make ground on the inside (no go zone) but did nothing really.

SR9 H2 IOWNA MERC($3); probably going to be shorter in the market but he is racing brilliantly since his spell. Likes to race on the speed and relishes the track and distance. Track conditions no issue super hard to beat.

IOWNA MERC($2.60); 4th beaten 3L, surprised to see this one ridden back and in traffic.

MR6 H8 TONNEOFGRIT($); this galloper is what his name suggests and he relishes racing anti – clockwise. Handles all conditions and this is his pet distance. Has won at Caulfield when racing closer to the speed but from gate 14 he might settle back again. Very fit and with a decent run in transit should be rattling home.

TONNEOFGRIT($15); 2nd/$4.10 place beaten 0.1L, good ride challenged strongly at the distance settled down to a three way go. Just missed beaten a pixel.

MR8 H2 NOT USUAL GLORIOUS($); big win last start in the Swan Hill Cup over 1600m with 59kegs. Up to the 2000m( best distance) this time is ideal and he is an out and out mudder and loves to lead. Same weight here today is a bonus, he has a good gate (4) and has won at the track. If he gives them the slip swinging it will take a big effort to run him down.

NOT USUAL GLORIOUS($7); 3rd/$2.30 place beaten 2.7L, no excuses given every chance n the speed just found a couple too good on the day.

SUMMARY: First Immortal ($11.80) did the right thing last week saluting for Our Best GIDDYUP!!! on a super tough day so happy days. Race 7 at Eagle Farm is the Tatts Tiara Group 1 for mares over 1400m. There is a plethora of chances but we are opting for Foxy Frida ($11) this mare is in super form and back to the 1400m here is perfect. From gate 20 you never know but she likes to settle midfield and unleash. With a decent run in transit she will be chiming in big time. Electric Girl ($18) is no slouch and the 1400m is ideal she races best fresh and from her good gate 4 she just might take it up or at least take a sit behind Lady Of Honour ($17) who is a great price considering her good win last week. Comrade Rosa ($11) how good is she going loves the track and will be pinging late. Palaisipan ($23) what a huge run in the Stradbroke she is up to this and will give it a shake. There probably is at least 5 more chances but this our top 5. Super mares race to finish the season. Quantico ($7) in the Healy Stakes race 8 Eagle Farm should be primed here 3rd up. Gets back and should be steaming home off a solid tempo. A cracking day here on the Goldie and let’s fire up finish the day off with a bang. On that positive note ” GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and Facebook players having a punt today and racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan