Tips 17th June 2023

Ipswich Track Good , RosehillTrack Good, Flemington Track Soft

Ipswich Races

BR1. 1. h1 Golden Decade 2. h3 Defiant Spirit 3. h2 Torque I Tee 4. h4 Payline

Defiant Spirit(0.3L) 2nd/$1.50, Golden Decade 3rd/$1.70

BR2. 1. h10 Sailor’s Secret 2. h12 To Love Somebody 3. h2 Pivotal Motion 4. h3 Rejoiced ( h1 Magic Charlee)

Sailor’s Secret 1st/$3.10/$1.50, Rejoiced 3rd/$2.10


1. h3 Sir Barnabus 2. h10 Pentito 3. h7 Sunfall 4. h1 Mississippi Prince

Mississippi Prince 1st/$13.80/$3.90, Pentito 2nd/$1.90, Sunfall 3rd/$1.40; Trifecta/$216.40; Quinella/$34.80; Exacta/$88

BR4. 1.h9 Hillview Avenue 2. h1 Ready Availabull 3. h4 Flensburg 4. h2 Savvy Legend

Flensburg 3rd/$2.30, Ready Availabull 4th; HILLVIEW AVENUE L.SCR.

BR5. 1.h3 Deepour 2. h5 Orbisyn 3. h1 Goldsborough 4. h7 Grey Defence

Deepour 1st/$4.10/$1.70, Goldsborough 3rd/$3.40

BR6. 1. h9 Stroll 2. h2 Swiss Exile 3. h3 Count Da Beans 4. h1 Fashion Legend

Swiss Exile(0.5L) 2nd/$1.60, Fashion Legend 3rd/$1.70, Stroll 4th

BR7. 1. h2 Dark Destroyer 2. h3 Desert Icon 3. h1 Numerian 4. h4 Berdibek, h14 Fearless One

Desert Icon(0.2L) 2nd/$1.80, Berdibek 4th

BR8. 1. h1 Holyfield 2. h12 Blaze A Trail 3. h2 Cepheus 4. h6 Fifteen Rounds, h13 Sir Warwick

Blaze A Trail 3rd/$2.10, Cepheus 4th

BR9. 1. h11 Snapped 2. h1 Sneaky Five 3. h2 Better Get Set 4. h15 Russian Conquest, h19 Billiondollarbaby

Better Get Set(1L) 2nd/$3.90

Rosehill Races

SR1. 1. h3 Tutta La Vita 2. h1 Flying Trapeze 3. h5 Mogwai 4. h7 Gelatin

Tutta La Vita 1st/$1.90/$1.10, Gelatin 3rd/$3.10, Mogwai 4th

SR2. 1. h13 Sweet Mercy 2. h17 Oakfield Waratah 3. h10 Burning Need 4. h19 Deep Opinions

Oakfield Waratah 1st/$9/$3.50

SR3. 1. h6 Our Boy Ollie 2. h2 Unravel 3. h7 Goomeri 4. h9 Sussi



1. h5 Grebeni 2. h2 Manbehindthemoney 3. h10 Tradition 4. h4 Touristic

Grebeni 1st/$3/$1.40, Manbehindthemoney 2nd/$1.60, Touristic 3rd/$1.50; Trifecta/$34.80; Quinella/$4.70; Exacta/$9.40


1. h7 Fawkner Park 2. h1 Naval College 3. h5 Miracle Spin 4. h2 Tony Be

Fawkner Park 1st/$3.30/$1.50, Miracle Spin 2nd/$1.70, Naval College 3rd/$1.80; Trifecta/$28.40; Quinella/$5.90; Exacta/$12.10

SR6. 1. h6 Smashing Eagle 2. h1 Brudenil 3. h12 Tintookie 4. h2 Sneaky Shark

Brudenell 1st/$4.90/$1.80, Tintookie 3rd/$2.50


1. h2 Bois D’ argent 2. h9 Steely 3. h12 Zouman 4. h10 Bold Mac

Zouman 1st/$2.90/$1.50, Bold Mac 2nd/$1.80; Quinella/$6.70; Exacta/$12.80

SR8. 1. h3 Mirra View 2. h6 Ringerosa 3. h8 Either Oar 4. h14 Anagain

Either Oar(1.96L) 3, Mirra View 4th

SR9. 1. h1 Robusto 2. h13 Vintage Choice 3. h4 Space Tracker 4. h8 Anythink Goes

Space Tracker(1.16L) 2nd/$1.40, Robusto 3rd/$1.90, Vintage Choice 4th

SR10. 1. h9 Plundering 2. h12 Connie Minerva 3.6 Gracilistyla 4. h3 Danish Prince, h5 Two Big Fari

Plundering(0.26L) 2nd/$2.20, Gracilistyla 4th

Flemington Races

MR1. 1. h8 Zion 2. h9 Propice 3. h11 Rain Lord 4. h1 Direct

Rain Lord 1st/$9.30/$2.60, Zion 4th

MR2. 1. h13 Dolphin Skin 2. h1 Steparty 3. h12 Unowho 4. h4 Bolted In

Steparty 1st/$2.70/$1.40, Bolted In 3rd/$2.20

MR3. 1.h2 D’aguilar 2. h1 Hopeful 3. h10 Shaiya 4. h17 Sounds Of Gannon 


MR4. 1. h7 Sigh 2. h6 Pioneer River 3. h3 Zac De Boss 4. h4 I Am Bene

Sigh 1st/$2.70/$1.70, Zac De Boss 3rd/n.t.d., Pioneer River 4th

MR5. 1. h2 Party For One 2. h3 Good And Proper 3. h5 Chandon Burj 4. h4 Seonee

Seoneee 1st/$4.80/$1.80

MR6. 1. h11 Monarch Of Egypt 2. h7 Riddle Me That 3. h9 Bullfinch 4. h10 Wicklow Town 

Bullfinch(1.25L0 2nd/$4

MR7. 1. h1 Jimmy The Bear 2. h12 Brayden Star 3. h8 French Emperor 4. h2 Bermadez, 11 Unusual Culture

Unusual Culture 1st/$6.80/$2.10, Brayden Star 2nd/$1.60,Jimmy The Bear 4th; Quinella/$

MR8. 1. h3 First Immortal 2. h2 Euphoric 3. h12 Bitcoin 4. h11 Antzino, h14 Lonfire

First Immortal 1st/$11.70/$3.70

MR9. 1. h5 Who Dares 2. h9 Kin 3. h11 Keane Enuff 4. h10 Setteveli

Kin 4th

                                                         OUR BEST 

MR7 H1 JIMMY THE BEAR($7); huge run last start behind King Magnus when wide entire trip. When this horse is pinging he likes to be a tad closer to the speed. Track and distance ideal and he handles all conditions. BM90 with 58.5kgs after the claim will help his cause, we expect him to be rolling on by at the distance.

JIMMY THE BEAR($); 4th beaten 3.45L, he was a long way back and he never a lot of clear room in the straight. Needs a strong rider.

MR8 H3 FIRST IMMORTAL($10); forget this horse went around last start was afforded no chance when kept wide entire trip with a big weight. He does like to race close to the speed and the track and distance suit. Handles good and soft conditions and in form apprentice L. Campbell on so he goes down to 57.5kegs. He certainly deserves another chance.

FIRST IMMORTAL($11.70); FIRST GIDDYUP!!!! did a little work early to get into a beaut spot one out one back. Pounced on the lead at the distance, much too good. GIDDYUP!!!

BR8 H1 HOLYFIELD($9); ran okay last week in the G1 Stradbroke but we feel G3 or Listed grade is his optimum level. Ideally from gate 2 at this track you’d think he would either lead or be right on the speed (in the real world) Actually won this race last year and certainly relishes the distance he handles good or soft tracks. He just might give them the slip at the distance.

HOLYFIELD($6.50); 7th beaten 1.9L, dwelt at the start but railed up to be 3rd on the fence. He was there when the whips were cracking, weight told in the last 50m.

BR9 H11 SNAPPED($6); good mares race and we think this mare can get the job done. Good win last start in G3 level coming from well back. We know she can roll forward and from her gate(1) it would probably be advantagious. Having said that there is a good amount of speed in the race and we know they can get home hard out wide here at Ipswich.

snapped($5.50); 8th beaten 3.2L, missed the start railed up but never a chance. Pulled up with heat stress.

SUMMARY: We were initially disappointed with a few gallopers last week until we watched the replays so maybe some nice positives for future races. As always plenty of winners in our top 4 for multi runner players and exotics as well. There is a few members that like to play our longer priced selections and have had some nice success over the years so may it continue. Of all the carnivals I have been to down the Eastern Seaboard Ipswich Cup is my favourite. The atmosphere there is insane so let’s do the Cup Dark Destroyer($8.50) we initially thought he was a chance in the Straddie 1400m but he never went there. Instead he rocked up in the Listed race the same day over 1600m and ran home okay. M. Cahill on today at this track is a bonus we would suggest he will be wound up big time as they swing. Desert Icon($4.40) has the perfect racing pattern for this track on speed and a tough customer to get past when on song. Numerian($3.60) most of this horses starts have been in the elite level and dropping back to Listed grade a bonus. On pacer as well 61 kegs a minus but class might prevail. Berdibek($6) will be getting home and The Fearless One($71) might just smoke home putting some nice value into the first4. The other two Listed races are in Our Best for members. The T.L. Cooney race 6 Ipswich and we are staying with Stroll($7) forget her first up run missed the kick and ran home nicely. She performs big time second up and handles good or soft, we would hope she was on speed today. Swiss Exile($2.60) is a Group2 winner and does prefer the bite out of the track will be getting home hard. Fashion Legend($5) will improve here lurking just behind the speed. Count Da Beans($4.60) good run last start. They might all have to run Stroll down at the distance. Ipswich is fun city on Cup day and I should know I have been to 40 of them lol. So on that nostalgic note ” GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and Facebook players having a punt today and racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan