Tips 10th June 2023

Eagle Farm Track Good , RandwickTrack Soft, Sandown Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races

BR1. 1. h11 Isthmus 2. h5 Abounding 3. h9 Queen Of Dragons 4. h4 Heman

Heman(0.02L) 2nd/$3.70, Abounding 3rd/$1.80

BR2.   TRIFECTA2.70/$1.40, Kirwan’s Lane 

1. h1 Yellow Brick 2. h8 End Assembley 3. h2 Soothsayer 4. h4 Redeiner

Redeiner 1st/$9.50/$2, Yellow Brick 2nd/$1.10, Soothsayer 3rd/$2.50; Trifecta/$79.40; Quinella/$3.60; Exacta/$20.60

BR3. 1. h2 Dark Destroyer 2. h8 Antino 3. h4 Dragon Leap 4. h1 Kirwin’s Lane

Antino 1st/$2.70/$1.40, Kirwan’s Lane 4th

BR4. 1. h9 Teofilo Star 2. h7 Al Aabir 3. h1 Kukeracha 4. h8 Warning 

Warning(0.63L) 2nd/$2.50, Kukeracha 4th

BR5. 1. h7 The Big Goodbye 2. h1 Alpine Edge 3. h15 King Kapa 4. h2 Weona Smartone

King Kapa 1st/$6/$2.50, The Big Goodbye 4th

BR6. 1. h1 Huetor 2. h2 Numerian 3. h3 Without A Fight 4. h8 Serpentine

Without A Fight 1st/$3.20/$1.80

BR7. 1. h1 Cifrado 2. h5 Congregation 3. h14 Azula 4. h2 Chryasaor, h17 Miracles Of Love

Miracle Of Love(0.91l) 2nd/$3.20


1. h9 Think About It 2. h6 Surf Dancer 3. h1 Rothfire 4. h5 Converge, h15 Aft Cabin

Think About It 1st/$3.60/$1.80, Rothfire 2nd/$4.60; Quinella/$26; Exacta/$44.60


1. h14 Comrade Rosa 2. h13 Salateen 3. h15 Opal Ridge 4. h5 Roots, h8 Tycoon Evie

Comrade Rosa 1st/$17/$3.20, Opal Ridge 2nd/$1.50; Quinella/$13.50; Exacta/$39.40

Randwick Races


1. h3 Ozzmosis 2. h1 Sovereign Fund 3. h7 Royal Tribute 4. h9 La Bouquera

Ozzmosis 1st/$1.90/$1.40, Royal Tribute 2nd/$2, Sovereign Fund 4th; Quinella/$3.20; Exacta/$5.20

SR2. 1. h6 Nosey Parker 2. h8 Diamond Diesel 3. h7 Oltillie 4. h11 Oakfield Triumph

Oakfield Triumph(0.38L) 2nd/$2.60, Diamond Diesel 3rd/$2.20, Ottilie 4th

SR3. 1. h17 Zouatica 2. h1 Cliff House 3. h12 Bootscooter 4. h10 Marcassin

Cliff House 1st/$7.60/$2.70


1. h1 Kibou 2. h9 Union Army 3. h10 O’tycoon 4. h2 Iowna Merc

Iowna Merc 1st/$3.10/$1.30, Kibou 2nd/$1.30, Union Army 4th; Quinella/$2.60; Exacta/$5.70

SR5. 1. h10 Centrestone 2. h10 Comme Bella Fille 3. h3 Pin Me Up 4. h7 Pharoah’s Reign 

Pharoah’s Reign(2.38L) 2nd/$3.10

SR6. 1. h5 No Statement 2. h11 Passegattia 3. h6 Distillate 4. h1 Boss Lady Rocks

Passegattia 1st/$1.60/$1.20


1. h6 Steely 2. h3 Brutality 3. h8 Purple Sector 4. h9 Democracy Manifest

Democracy Manifest 1st/$5.50/$2.20, Steely 2nd/$2.50; Quinella/$15.90; Exacta/$33.40


1. h5 Conscript 2. h6 Dragonstone 3. h12 Spacewalk 4. h13 Wewillrock, h14 Forzanini

Spacewalk 1st/$4.20/$1.70, Dragonstone 2nd/$3.40, Wewillrockyou 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$179.10; Quinella/$31.20; Exacta/$42.50

SR9. 1. h7 Manhood 2. h0 Pizarro 3. h6 Zoushack 4. h1 Ucalledit, h10 Spaceboy



1. h4 Phearson 2. h7 Yoshini 3. h10 Crafty Eagle 4. h3 Pascero, h12 Gundy Bridge

Pascero 1st/$34.40/$5.70, Phearson 2nd/$79.40, Exacta/$156.80

Sandown Hillside Races

MR1. 1. h1 Mafia 2. h5 Listentozou 3. h3 Altruist 4. h7 Marching

Mafia 3rd/$2.10

MR2. 1. h1 Jenny Jerome 2. h7 Extratwo 3. h8 Foreign Raider 4. h5 Vagrant

Extratwo 1st/$2/$1.30

MR3. 1. h1 Irish Butterfly 2. h9 Jaykayann 3. h4 Mimi’s Award 4. h14 Hereforagoodtime

Irish Butterfly(1L) 2nd/$2.70, Hereforagoodtime 4th

MR4. 1. h2 Arktika 2. h3 Cyclone Sally 3. h4 Frigid 4. h1 Moscow Red

Frigid 1st/$6/$2, Arktika 4th

MR5. 1. h3 Esta La Roca 2. h4 Dance To Dubai 3. h7 Sam’s Image 4. h5 Starry Legend

Starry Legend 1st/$4.10/$2.40, Esta La Roca 3rd/n.t.d.

MR6. 1. h16 Pitchanun 2. h19 Mutamania 3. h14 Our Redente 4. h6 Denero, h18 Bigolino

Pitchanun(0.1L) 2nd/$4, Bigolino 4th


1. h1 Elkington Road 2. h5 Hard To Cross 3. h10 Golden Path 4. h4 Belthil

Hard To Cross 1st/$26/$4.70, Golden Path 2nd/$2.60; Quinella/$68.10; Exacta/$185.60


1. h4 Barbie’s Fox 2. h2 He’s Our Bonneval 3. h8 Sandy Prince 4. h1 First Accused, h12 Pacific Ruby

Pacific Ruby 1st/$5/$1.70, He’s Our Bonneval 2nd/$1.40, Barbie’s Fox 3rd/$2.60; Trifecta/$83.90; Quinella/$6.40; Exacta/$15.30


1. h9 Daytona Bay 2. h5 Normandy Bridge 3. h10 Deep Strike 4. h6 Silent Sovereign

Deep Strike 1st/$9.30/$2.90, Normandy Bridge 2nd/$1.60, Daytona Bay 3rd/$1.70; Trifecta/$102; Quinella/$13; Exacta/$33.90

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR3 H2 DARK DESTROYER($17); good Kiwi horse which we thought had a chance in the Stradbroke. Forget his first up gig definitely better suited here over 1600m. He likes the track and handles all conditions, he likes to settle just off the pace and be swinging into the action as they turn. He is a Group horse and 2nd up no issue. Disappointed if he doesn’t figure at great odds.

DARK DESTROYER($34); 6th beaten 5.38L, blew like a gale in the betting and ran accordingly. Got back plugged away in the staright definitely raced like a horse that need further.

SR8 H5 CONSCRIPT($6);  we see know reason not to be with this horse again after his last start win. Might settle a little closer to the speed here with 56kegs, track and distance the same and he handles all conditions. He is a pistol 3rd up and should be ready to pounce at the distance.

CONSCRIPT($); 8th beaten 2.69L, he seriously never had any luck in the straight.

MR7 H1 ELKINGTON ROAD($7); drops 1.5kgs on his last win in similar race conditions. Probably possie up midfield here from gate 14 and certainly relishes moisture in the track. If his young apprentice can have him humming at the distance he will be hard to hold out.

ELKINGTON ROAD($); 8th beaten 8.8L, didn’t expect him to be up outside the leader wher he stayed into the straight then gave nothing.

MR9 H9 DAYTONA BAY($4.60); this horse loves to race on the speed and gate 1 should help his cause. Up a little in class but still nicely weighted with 52kgs after the claim and handles all conditions especially wet. Let’s hope he kicks clear in the straight and they all have to run him down.

DAYTONA BAY($4.80); 3rd/$1.70 place beaten 5L, had the gun run on the fence in 3rd possie, every conceivable hope.

SUMMARY: Yulong Storm nearly bought it home for us in Our Best when run over late for 2nd/$3.10 place. He turned up yesterday at Swan Hill and saluted at $4.50 in the Topaz for those members that follow Our Best at their next starts. Massive day at Eagle Farm today with the Group1 Stradbroke and Think About It($3) great win last start and the harder they go the better he will like it. He is a very good racehorse and the 54kegs is a bonus. Gai and Adrian’s horse Surf Dancer($41) is way over the odds he has been building momentum for 6 months and delivered big time last start. The 1400m is perfect for him and this bloke can be right on the speed. Rothfire($18) if he had drawn a gate instead of 23 he would be a lot shorter in the market. Genuine Group horse with a ton of pace if he gets a decent possie on speed he will be hard to run down. Aft Cabin($14) also drawn wide in 21 but he tends to drift back he will get home hard. Converge($8.50) great run last start for an unlucky second, this horse loves dry tracks and is drawn to be right on the speed. Great race as always. J.J.Atkins Group 1 for 2 year olds we can’t see why Cifrado($11) can’t go on with it, he will get back again and the 1600m seems the logical step up. Hard to beat. Congregation($11) is in great form and drawn to receive a beaut run just behind the speed. Beautifully bred horse. Azula($5.50) loves to be on the speed or lead will be hard to run down. Chrysaor($15) and Miracle Of Love($9) next best. Manhood($4.40) race 9 Randwick what a consistent horse,great run behind Antino last start. Drops 3.5kgs on his last run and loves to be on the speed the 1300m could be ideal. Remember the bookies love a good “SPRUIK” horse we don’t (: Welcome to our New Zealand members hope you enjoy your stay with us here at A cracking day here on the Goldie so on that loquacious note  ” GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and Facebook players having a punt today and racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan