Tips 27th May 2023

Eagle Farm Track Good , RandwickTrack Good, Sandown Track Soft

Eagle Farm Races

BR1. 1. h12 Kinetic 2. h8 Pentito 3. h13 Yasuke 4. h10 The Drover

Yaszuke 1st/$2.90/$1.40, Pentito 4th

BR2. 1. h3 Manhood 2. h1 Antino 3. h4 Palladas 4. h5 Mississippi Prince 

Antino 1st/$2.60/$1.40, Manhood 3rd/$2.10


1. h5 Kucheracha 2. h1 Fancy Man 3. h3 Serpentine 4. h4 Klapour

Kucheracha 1st/$8/$2.50, Serpentine 2nd/$1.80, Kalapour 3rd/$80; Trifecta/$73.60; Quinella/$11; Exacta/$26.40


1. h5 Bigboyroy 2. h13 Luncies 3. h4 New Mandate 4. h3 Without A Fight

Without A Fight 1st/$10.10/$3.40, Luncies 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$18.40; Exacta/$47.10


1. h2 Yellow Brick 2. h8 Hawaii Five Oh 3. h1 Fashion Legend 4. h18 Teziere

Hawaii Five Oh 1st/$4.40/$1.70, Yellow Brick 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$4.30; Exacta/$10.80

EARLY QUADDIE; Antino/ Kucheracha/ Without A Fight/ Hawaii Five Oh: DIVI/$939.70 

BR6. 1. h9 Solidify 2. h15 Zia 3. h1 Cifrado 4. h7 Armed Forces

Cifrado 1st/$12/$3.10

BR7. 1. h1 Kovalica 2. h3 Aberfeldie Boy 3. h2 The Vowels 4. h8 Special Whey, h13 The Englishman

Kovalica 1st/$1.70/$1.10

BR8. 1. h4 Rothfire 2. h11 Think About It 3. h2 A Case Of You 4. h1 Eduardo, h7 King Of Sparta

Think About It 1st/$6/$2.40, Rothfire 3rd/$2.40, King Of Sparta 4th

BR9. 1. h11 Comrade Rosa 2. h10 Extremeist 3. h4 Sneaky Five 4. h5 Hellfest, h8 Brookspire

Comrade Rosa 1st/$7.30/$2.80

MAIN QUADDIE: Cifrado/ Kovalica/ Think About It/ Comrade Rosa: DIVI/$1,257.90

Randwick Races

SR1. 1. h6 Matusalem 2. h5 Vomo Island 3. h4 Rhythm Of Love 4. h8 Tannhauser

Tannhauser 1st/$14.40/$3.70, Vomo Island 3rd/1.70


1. h5 Sungblue 2. h8 Demitasse 3. h3 Bootscooter 4. 10 Amarantz

Demitasse 1st/$5.60/$2.40, Sungblue 2nd/$4.40; Quinella/$43.80; Exacta/$67.10

SR3. 1. h2 Dimaggio 2. h1 Rhythmic Pulse 3. h8 Karedada 4. h9 Moonlight Grace


SR4. 1.  h2 Plundering 2. h6 Demiana 3. h3 Contemporary 4. h9 Scorch

Plundering(0.23L) 2nd/$3.20, Contemporary 3rd/$4

SR5. 1. h4 Kazou 2. h2 Portray 3. h11 Mirra View 4. h5 Air To Air

Mirra View 1st/$10.50/$3, Kazou 3rd/$1.60

SR6. 1. h4 Estadio Mastello 2. h19 Wrathful 3. h15 Comme Bella Fille 4. h3 Unspoken 

Wrathful 3rd/$2.20, Unspoken 4th

SR7. 1. h11 Lady Brook 2. h5 Billiondollarbaby 3. h12 Chief Conductor 4. h9 Miss Jay Fox

Billiondollarbaby 3rd/$2.30

SR8. 1. h4 Dragonstone 2. h10 Conscript 3. h6 Spaceboy 4. h5 Fox Fighter, h13 Dehorned Unicorn

Conscript 1st/$8/$2.90

SR9. 1. h4 Tamerlane 2. h3 Art Cadeau 3. h14 Democracy Manifest 4. h7 My Sugar, h5 Irish Sequel 



1. h7 Phearson 2. h13 Shipshape 3. h12 Green Shadows 4. h9 Super Effort

Phearson 1st/$3.80/$1.60, Green Shadows 2nd/$1.70, Suoer Effort 4th; Quinella/$9; Exacta/$15.10

Sandown Hillside Races

MR1. 1. h2 Herecomesthestar 2. h4 Austmarr 3. h1 Acapello Moon 4. h9 Buy Me A Birkin

Austarr(0.1L) 2nd/$2.90

MR2. 1. h4 End Journey 2. h1 Cortel 3. h6 Charmed Run 4. h8 Tanto

Tanto 3rd/$3.50

MR3. 1. h1 Good And Proper 2. h8 Sky Horse 3. h2 Lacrima 4. h3 Belle Savoir

Sky Horse 4th

MR4. 1. h3 Sandy Prince 2. h11 Tasman Park 3. h4 Scantoon 4. h1 Vasmee

Sandy Prince 4th

MR5. 1. h7 Unseen Ruler 2. h1 Dashing 3. h3 Euphoric 4. h9 Magarten

Euphoric(0.1L) 2nd/$1.90, Unseen Ruler 4th

MR6. 1. h3 Sartorial Splendor 2. h2 Esta La Roca 3. h7 Katsu 4. h6 Invincible Caviar

Katsu 3rd/$1.20, Esta La Roca 4th

MR7. 1. h7 Pascero 2. h6 He’s Our Bonneval  3. h12 Home Rule 4. h8 Prowling, h9 Tonnegrit

He’s Our Bonneval(1L) 2nd/$1.80, Tonneofgrit 3rd/$5.50


1. h7 Unusual Culture 2. h8 British Columbia 3. h6 Lucky Decision 4. h5 French Emperor, h16 Brayden Star

Brayden Star 1st/$3.90/$1.80, French Emperor 2nd/$2.90, Unusual Culture 3rd/$2.60; Trifecta/$237.40; Quinella/$19.60; Exacta/$37.70

MR9. 1. h1 Pinstriped 2. h2 Gunstock 3. h3 Not So Glorious 4. h5 D’aguilar, h18 Deep Strike

Deep Strike(1.5L) 2nd/$10.90, Pinstriped 3rd/$1.40, Gunstock 4th

                                                         OUR BEST 

MR4 H3 SANDY PRINCE($6.50); big win last start at Warnambool in the sludge. He really enjoys racing on the speed and the track and distance suit. He is still weighted pretty well on 57.5kgs after the claim. Handles all conditions but certainly likes a bit of moisture, very fit hard to beat.

SANDY PRINCE($4.60); 4th beaten 1.05L,

MR8 H7 UNUSUAL CULTURE($8); this mare is in terrific form and is also an on pacer. She is in nicely after her claim on 56.5kegs and she likes the track and distance. Soft track won’t interfere with her chances, she will give them all something to run down at the distance.

UNUSUAL Culture($9); 3rd/$2.60 place beaten 1.25L,

BR9 H11 COMRADE ROSA ($10); drier the better for this mare and her first up run was a beauty. She is drawn wide but will settle mid field and she relishes the track and distance. Second up no probs. she will be steaming home.

COMRADE ROSA($7); FIRST GIDDYUP!!! steamed home down the middle from back in the field. GIDDYUP!!!

SUMMARY: Bois Dárgent($5.90) was successful for Our Best last week and Huetor($11) for our Horses 2 Follow so nice results there. Some decent results for multi runner and exotic players but it was tough going. Massive fields are here to stay with prizemoney being distributed as far down as 10th place which makes it even more difficult just saying… (: Group1 racing at Eagle Farm today and the Queensland Derby 2400m Kavelica($1.70) great run in the Doomben Cup and deserves to be favourite short enough though. Aberfeldie Boy($15) is beautifuuly bred and we know he can stay he will be getting home hard.The Vowels($13) loves the track and is racing extremely well he will be ther when the whips are cracking. Special Swey($10) went like the wind last start from the 1000m and didn’t shirk it same tactics? The Englishman($101) nicely bred stayer and consistent in lower grade he likes to race forward. He might surprise us all. The Group1 Kingsford Smith and we think Rothfire($7) can go on with it here. He is top notch and relishes this course he might sit right on the old boy’s hammer, Eduardo($13). Think About It($5) super form this horse another level again for him here. He can sit anywhere in the run loves the distance. A Case Of You($5.50) will be steaming home, we like him in the Straddie. As mentioned Eduardo probably leads here and King Of Sparta($8) is racing well will be getting home. The Fire for us. Another massive day again with very open markets so “Discipline & Strategy” is probably the key here. As always ” GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and Facebook players having a punt today and racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan