Tips 13th May 2023

Doomben Track Soft(upgrade likely) , SconeTrack Good, Flemington Track Good

Doomben Races


1. h1 Astero 2. h11 Self Indulgent 3. h5 Argyle Lane 4. h7 Arentee

Arentee 1st/$4.40/$1.80, Self Indulgent 2nd/$1.70, Argyle Lane 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$107.00; Quinella/$8.10; Exacta/$16.30

BR2. 1. h11 Ekaterina 2. h2 Atmosphere 3. h5 Billionair Baby 4. h8 The Racketeer

Ekaterina 1st/$4.80/$1.70, Atmosphere 3rd/$1.30

BR3. 1. h14 National Choice 2. h1 Constant Flight 3. h6 Nod Of The Head 4. h17 Argyle Pink

National Choice 1st/$6.50/$2.20, Argyle Pink 4th

BR4. 1. h8 Irish Playboy 2. h11 Alcyone 3. h13 Santero 4. h1 Sunshine Rising

Santero 3rd/$2.90

BR5. 1. h10 Appin Girl 2. h2 Sovereign Fund 3. h4 Thunderlips 4. h1 Emperor Of Japan 

Appin Girl 3rd/$1.70, Empire Of Japan 4th

BR6. 1. h8 Kalapour 2. h3 Cepheus 3. h4 Nerve Not Verve 4. h2 Yonkers

Klapour 1st/$3.80/$1.70, Cepheus 3rd/$2.50

BR7. 1. h2 The Vowels 2. h4 Waitak 3. h8 Yasuke 4. h5 Stroke Of Luck, h16 So Dazzling

The Vowels(1.5L) 2nd/$1.70, Stroke Of Luck 3rd/$1.60

BR8. 1. h8 Giga Kick 2. h3 A Case For You 3. h9 Aft Cabin 4. h6 Prince Of Boom

Giga Kick 1st/$1.70/$1.20, Aft Cabin 4th


1. h3 A Very Fine Red 2. h10 Seige 3. h9 Extremeist 4. h7 Majestic Shot, h21 Ghaanti

Majestic Shot 1st/$11/$3.70, Extremeist 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$41.70; Exacta/$74.50

Scone Races


1. h2 Dipsy Doodle 2. h4 Hip Hip Hurrah 3. h8 In My Dreams 4. h9 Miracles Of Love

Hip Hip Hurrah 1st/$9.30/$2.80, Dipsy Doodle 2nd/$1.60, Miracle Of Love 3rd/$3.50; Trifecta/$309.30; Quinella/$18.40; Exacta/$37.50

SR2. 1. h9 Smooth Esprit 2. h4 What A Peach 3. h10 Indy Rose Warrior 4. h6 Norman

What A Peach(0.08L) 2nd/$3.80

SR3. 1. h4 Wrathful 2. h7 Mydeel 3. h11 Lemaire 4. h2 Decadent Tale

Lemaire(0.68L) 2nd/$5.80, Mydeel 3rd/$8, Wrathful 4th

SR4. 1. h15 Demiana 2. h2 Spellcatcher 3. h19 Union Army 4. h12 Shipshape 

Shipshape90.02l) 2nd/$2.50, Demiana 4th


1. h2 Malkovich 2. h3 Quantico 3. h4 Athelric 4. h5 Andermatt

Athelric 1st/$7/$2.10, Quantico 2nd/$1.90, Andermatt 3rd/$2.30; Trifecta/$155.80; Quinella/$16.70; Exacta/$35.40

SR6. 1. h2 Solar Apex 2. h5 Estadio Mestalla 3. h14 Floating 4. h8 Unspoken

Unspoken(1.37L) 2nd/$2.40, Solar Apex 3rd/$5.20

SR7. 1. h1 Portray 2. h11 Penthouse 3. h16 Once Again My Girl 4. h2 Red Card

Red Card 1st/$9.40/$3, Penthouse 4th

SR8. 1. h4 Tamerlane 2. h2 Oscar Zulu 3. h7 Waihaha Falls 4. h9 Opal Ridge, h12 Rubamos

Opal Ridge 1st/$3.90/$1.70, Tamerlane 4th

SR9. 1. h13 Short Shorts 2. h15 Lekvarte 3. h5 Finepoint 4. h1 Expat, h10 Seleque

Short Shorts 3rd/$2

SR10. 1. h7 Miss Jay Fox 2. h3 With Your Blessing 3. h5 Billiondollarbaby 4. h1 Spirinac, h12 Cecelia

Billiondollarbaby(0.71L) 2nd/$3

Flemington Races

MR1. 1. h1 Scheelite 2. h11 Isthmus 3. h10 Fallen 4. h9 Nineveh

Scheelite 1st/$5/$1.60, Isthmus 3rd/$1.40

MR2. 1. h8 Private Jumbo 2. h3 Mr. Mojo Risin 3. h1 Lounge Bar Rubi 4. h2 Castillian

Private Jumbo(0.3L) 2nd/$2.30, Castillian 4th

MR3. 1. h6 Rumbled Again 2. h5 Fortunate Kiss 3. h1 Good And Proper 4. h13 Arktika

Fortunate Kiss(1.75L) 2nd/$3.70, Good And Proper 3rd/$4.40, Artika 4th


1. h17 Altivo 2. h3 Flash Feeling 3. h6 Typhoon Harmony 4. h2 French Emperor

Altivo 1st/$1.80/$1.20, French Emperor 2nd/$3, Typhoon Harmony 3rd/$3.60; Trifecta/$74.90; Quinella/$7.90; Exacta/$10.30

MR5. 1. h1 Russian Dancer 2. h2 Lethal Thoughts 3. h5 Tass 4. h4 El Soleado

Russian Dancer 3rd/$2.50


1. h4 D’jumbuck 2. h5 It’s Ourtime 3. h2 She’s All Class 4. h11 Brereton

It’sourtime 1st/$4.80, D’jumbuck 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$5.30; Exacta/$14


1. h2 Selino 2. h10 White Marlin 3. h3 Hezashocka 4. h17 Lunar Flare

Lunar Flare 1st/$5.80/$1.90, White Marlin 2nd/$1.50, Selino 5th; Quinella/$6.70; Exacta/$19.10


1. h7 Outlaw’s Revenge 2. h8 Morvada 3. h4 King Magnus 4. h4 Crosshaven 

King Magnus 1st/$6.20/$2.30, Crosshaven 2nd/$2.70, Morvada 4th; Quinella/$24; Exacta/$53.40

MR9. 1.h2 Airman 2. h8 Kaygeebee 3. h9 Midnight Boss 4. h5 Redzoust

Airman 1st/$3.50/$1.90, Midtown Boss 3rd/$1.90

MAIN QUADDIE; It’sourtime/Lunar Flare/King Magnus/Airman; DIVI/$663.70 

                                                         OUR BEST 

SR5 H1 MALKOVICH($4.40); good winner 1st up when leading all the way. Good sprinter over this distance and goes better 2nd up. He can take a sit if neccessary and only up half a kilo here. Ran great time last start on a soft track super hard to beat again.

MALKOVICH($4); 5th beaten 2.94L, led them easily really challenged at the distance battled on okay.

MR5 H1 RUSSIAN DANCER($6); this horse is racing in super form at this level and thrives over this distance. He handles good and soft conditions and likes to possie up just behind the speed. Same weight as last time with the claim should be ready to pounce at the distance.

RUSSIAN DANCER($8.50); 3rd/$2.50 place beaten 1.65L, looked a danger at the distance but just battled.

BR9 H3 A VERY FINE RED($6.50); tad unlucky last start in Malkovich’s race dropping back in class here. She handles all going and relishes this distance her best races seem to be when she settle mid field and get home. Big chance.

A VERY FINE RED($5); 6th beaten 2.1L,

MISS JAY FOX($18); nice win 2nd up over 1000m up to the 1100m here is perfect. She is better 3rd up and the beauty with her is she can possie any where in the run even lead especially from gate 1. Handles all types of going and drops 2 kegs on her last start. Ticks a lot of boxes you would have to think she would be hard to beat at good odds.

MISS JAY FOX($16); 5ht beaten 1.87L, nice run in transit but given a lot of room to get home in the straight. Follow.

SUMMARY: top day last Saturday for members and Facebook followers when Think About It ($4.40) saluted for Our Best and Yellow Brick ($3) and Zaaki ($1.60) scored in the features followed up with  (top2) Ruthless Dame ($18) in the Sangster so happy days all round. Plethora of winners in our top 4 for multi players and exotics as well so plenty of action for everyone. Doomben 10,000 and Giga Kick($1.65) is the class act here and being WFA makes it “nearly ” impossible to beat him. A Case Of You ($41) has run on nicely his only 2 OZ runs handles all conditions especially give he will be running home. Aft Cabin($6) is up in class here but seems to be heading in the right direction likes the distance and all conditions. Prince Of Boom ($19) local much fitter now he can go super fast if need. Take Giga Kick out and it becomes a super tough race but it’s racing and…. Rough Habit G3 and The Vowels($3.40) looks very hard to beat here will settle back but get home hard. Waitak($16) Kiwi galloper ran home okay last start enough to suggest the 2000m will suit better.  Chris Waller’s other horse Yasuke($13) ran a nice race last start in lower grade but just might improve enough, So Dazzling($6.50) Oaks placed so certainly has some class. Just have a look at The Ramsden and White Marlin($2.20) loves to lead and will be hard to beat but Selino ($61) is an interesting runner here. He doesn’t do a great deal until his 5th run in and he could prove hard here especially with a drying surface. Lunar Flare($6) and Hezashocka($4.20) are obvious dangers. Tough day again with insanely large fields but there are no gimme’s so we will muscle up again and get some nice results for all players. Don’t forget our Horses 2 Follow we have 2 new runners just go to the web site and check them out. As always ” GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and Facebook players having a punt today racing is great entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan