Tips 6th May 2023

Sunshine Coast Track Good , Gosford Track Good, Sandown Hillside Track Soft(showers downgrade likely)

Sunshine Coast Races


1.h5 Archer’s Paradox 2.h6 The Move 3.h7 Superare 4.h1 Le Palmier

The Move 4th


1.h6 Applications 2.h3 Al Aabir 3.h13 The Driller 4.h7 Clyde

Al Aabir(0.1L) 2nd/$1.50


1.h4 Street Gossip 2.h1 Wolverine 3.h8 Compass Rose 4.h10 Sequestered 

Street Gossip 3rd/$1.60, Wolverine 4th


1.h3 Rothgo 2.h13 Russian Alliance 3.h10 Influential 4.h16 Abounding

Russian Alliance 1st/$4.30/$1.60, Abounding 2nd/$3.30; Quinella/$32.90; Exacta/$56.30


1.h1 Tycoon Evie 2.h9 Essonne 3.h16 Ravaged Award 4.h12 Tick Tock Boom

Essonne 1st/$9.10/$3, Tycoon Evie 3rd/$1.40, Tick Tock Queen 4th 


1.h2 Yellow Brick 2.h3 Swiss Exile 3.h5 Spacewalk 4.h8 Lubrication h7 End Assembly 

Yellow Brick 1st/$2.50/$1.40


1.h1 Zaaki 2.h14 Atishu 3.h9 Bankers Choice 4.h2 No Compromise  

Zaaki 1st/$1.70/$1.20, No Compromise 4th


1.h5 Far Too Easy 2.h10 The Big Goodbye 3.h13 Brigantine 4.h17 Salateen 

The Big Goodbye 4th


1.h3 Aussie Nugget 2.h7 Mississippi Prince 3.h5 Alburq 4.h11 Without Revenge h14 Atlantic Eagle

Alburq 1st/$8/$2.20, Mississippi Prince 3rd/$2.70

Gosford Races


1.h2 Namesake 2.h8 Matusalem 3.h4 Snapback 4.h6 Champer’s Girl 

Namesake(1.3L) 2nd/$2, Snapback 3rd/$1.50, Matusalem 4th


1.h2 Super Extreme 2.h8 Demitasse 3.h5 Remlaps Commander 4.h14 Taketheshot 

Remlaps Commander 1st/$4.60/$1.90, Denitasse 2nd/$3.70; Quinella/$21.70; Exacta/$34.30


1.h2 Turning 2.h3 Broken Arrows 3.h12 Diamond Diesel 4.h4 Jacquine Reward 

Turning 1st/$5/$1.60, Diamnd Diesel 2nd/$1.90, Broken Arrows 4th; Quinella/$14.70; Exacta/$29.20


1.h4 Miss Madison 2.h5 Toesonthenose 3.h8 Fall For Cindy 4.h9 Token Capitalist

Token Capitalist 1st/$5.50/$1.70, Toesonthenose/$2.20, Fall For Cindy 4th; Quinella/$16.80; Exacta/$30.20 


1.h8 Comme Bella Fille 2.h5 Biscayne Bay 3.h9 Home Truths 4.h10 Sir Lamorak

Home Truths 1st/$5.50/$1.90 


1.h3 Delacour 2.h2 Vow Master 3.h4 Command Approved 4.h13 Kin

Vowmaster 1st/$5.50/$1.70, Kin 2nd/$1.40; Quinella/$5.50; Exacta/$16.30 

EARLY QUADDIE: Turning/Token Capitalist/Home Truths/Vowmaster DIVI/$814.60 


1.h1 Think About It 2.h2 Shades Of Rose 3.h8 Clemenceau 4.h9 Fashion Legend

Think About It 1st/$4.40/$1.80, Clemenceau 4th  


1.h2 Military Expert 2.h1 Welwal 3.h3 Thalassophile 4.h7 Pretty Amazing h5 Palmetto 

Palmetto 1st/$6/$2.30, Welwal 2nd/$2.80, Military Expert 3rd/$1.60; Trifecta/$293.20; Quinella/$23.70; Exacta/$46.80


1.h7 Bois D’argent 2.h1 Diamil 3.h8 Quality Time 4.h11 Navajo Peak 

Navajo Peak(1.45L) 2nd/$1.50, Bois Dárgent 3rd/$2


1.h6 Mars Mission 2.h3 Short Shorts 3.h12 Flag Of Honour 4.h7 The Poacher h10 Calafornia Surreal

Flag Of Honour 1st/$5.40/$2.20, Short Shorts 2nd/$1.20; Quinella/$8.10; Exacta/$20.20

Sandown Hillside Races


1.h1 Le Zebra 2.h3 Hydrogen Power 3.h7 Victory Command 4.h5 Porter

Le Zebra 1st/$5.50/$1.80, Hydrogen Power 4th


1.h1 Bay Thirteen 2.h4 Charmed Run 3.h5 Tanto 4.h3 Birdies Galore 

Tanto(1.75L) 2nd/$1.90, Charmed Run 3rd/$1.60, Birdies Galore 4th 


1.h8 Miss Balvenie 2.h6 Senegalia 3.h2 Our Heidi 4.h9 Viviane

Our Heidi 1st/$4.40/$1.60, Viviane 3rd/$2.30, Senegalia 4th  


1.h3 Unflinching 2.h4 Bless Her 3.h8 Big Day Out 4.h7 Wolflands

Unflinching 3rd/n.t.d., Wolflands 4th 


1.h2 Belle Savoir 2.h3 Unusual Culture 3.h5 Cap De Joie 4.h10 Thought Provoking 

Unusual Culture 1st/$10.20/$2.20Thought Provoking 2nd/$2, Cap De Joie 4th; Quinella/$33.90; Exacta/$66.30


1.h8 Tapa Capall 2.h1 Elkington Road 3.h3 Do It La 4.h2 Dashing  

Dashing 1st/$3.40/$1.50, Tapa Capall 3rd/$1.90, Elkington Road 4th


1.h8 Prince Of Helena 2.h13 Globe 3.h10 Daytona Bay 4.h12 Vultan 

Globe 1st/$1.80/$1.10, Daytona Bay 3rd/$1.40


1.h2 Pinstriped 2. h10 Alverdun 3. h3 Gunstock 4.h6 Marroni, h9 Lucky Decision

Gunstock 1st/$3.40/$1.60, Alverdun 4th; PINSTRIPED L. SCR.


1.h12 Our Redente 2.h5 Chassis 3.h2 He’s Our Bonneval 4.hPascero 

Chassis 1st/$18.40/$3.90, Pascero 2nd/$2.10, He’s Our Bonneval 4th; Quinella/$60.50; Exacta/$130.80

MAIN QUADDIE; Dashing/Globe/Gunstock/Chassis: DIVI/$564.10

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR5 H1 TYCOON EVIE($2.80) Has run well 2 runs back from a spell at which both have been spaced with a trial in between. Is an absolute pistol 3rd up and the extra 100m suits. Will be up on pace from barrier 6 and should get nice run in transit. Huge chance. 

TYCOON EVIE($2.25); 3rd/$1.50 beaten 1L, huge run wide entire, got to the front at the distance. Fought on.

BR8 H5 FAR TOO EASY($5.50) Was too strong first up wide with out cover and carried 60kg to boot. Two weeks between runs and he is unbeaten 2nd up loves the distance and the big track of Sunny Coast will suit this galloper. From barrier 12 should get a nice run midfield and be tough to beat once again.

FAR TOO EASY($3.50); 6th beaten 0.8L, 4 wide entire trip but still finished the race off. Big follow next time. 

SR7 H1 THINK ABOUT IT($3.10) Was on fire last prep winning every start and stepping up in grade nicely. A lot of boxes get ticked here. First up, distance, is adept in all conditions. From barrier 11 will be looking for spot midfield. If he gets a nice run in transit we would be surprised if he isn’t in the top 2.

THINK ABOUT IT($4.40); FIRST GIDDYUP!!!  this was a pretty good ride caught wide early allowed to drift back into a better position. Swung wide in the straight and simply too good in the end. 

                                                     BEST EACHWAY

MR7 H8 PRINCE OF HELENA($15) Been in fine form this prep. Has had about month off with a trial in between. The step out to the 1800m is ideal and is adept in all conditions. Will be steaming home at a rate of knots and we think he can give the fav a run for its money. 

PRINCE OF HELENA($13); 8th beaten 11.4L, no excuses good run behind the speed there if good enough weakened. Globe probably a class above them.

SUMMARY: No luck in Our Best last week. But we had a cracking day in our top 4 and some nice exotics as well. Let’s dive straight into the action and talk about Brisbane race 6 the Gold Coast Guineas and we think Yellow Brick($3.10) can get the win here. Won first up last prep against older horses and was great in Group company all prep. Loves the track and distance and is adept in all conditions. Swiss Exile($11) ran well last start when dropping back in distance. Back out to the 1200m is ideal and fourth up looks ideal. Spacewalk($6.50) ran home nicely against Opal Ridge last start. Has had about 2 months off with a nice trial in between. Likes all conditions will sit midfield and be charging home! Lubrication($13) finished off well for third last start against some of his rivals here. Likes the 1200m and is good third up. With the pace on will be steaming home and is ready to go. Race 7 Brisbane the Hollindale Stakes and looks a race in one in Zaaki($1.55) having the stats and the class to take this out. Seeing there is more than 8 runners here so some value for the eachway players is key here. Atishu($6) was impressive second up has had a month off with a trial in between and the step up to 1800m is ideal. Bankers Choice($19) just missed last start in the JRA Plate. Coming back from a handicap to a WFA race isn’t ideal but is super fit and can run into the placings here. No Compromise($31) ran well first up. Then was lame 2nd up so excuses there. Has been given 2 months off and a trial in the mean time. The 1800m is no problem and will be steaming home late!. Just like to take a look at the Group 1 Robert Sangster Stakes and we like Espiona($14). Won the Coolmoore G1 before going for a 2 month spell and a trial in between to keep her on the mark. The 1200m no problems and is adept in all conditions. Ruthless Dame($16) can run well here back in trip to the 1200m. Passive Aggresive($5.50) didn’t handle the Heavy track in Sydney. Back to a drier surface and third up is ideal. Can Bounce back. September Run($9) and Zapateo($4.60) can run well again from the back. Cracking days racing with plenty of value in all states. Just be mindful of the track in Melbourne with plenty of showers predicted through out the day. On that cautious note to all our members having a crack today “GOOD LUCK” and “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Dan & Kerry