Tips & Results 8th April 2023

Doomben Track Soft , Randwick Track Heavy, Sandown Lakeside Track Soft

Doomben Races

BR1. 1. h5 Ringer’s Reward 2. h2 Hameji 3. h3 Spicy Legend 

Ringer’s Reward 1st/$1.95/$1.10, Spicy Legend 2nd/n.p.p., Hameji 4th

BR2. 1.h8 Silver Goddess 2. h3 Compass Rose 3. h2 Coppleson 4. h7 Think Dóro

Compass Rose 1st/$4/$1.60, Coppleson 3rd/$1.70

BR3. 1. h3 Pharoah’s Reign 2. h1 Stuck With You 3. h7 Agnelli 4. h6 Kapsali

Stuck With You 1st/$37.50/$7.50, Agnelli 4th


1. h8 Swanston 2.h2 Red Wave 3. h7 Sneak Preview 4. h9 Opacity

Opacity 1st/$5.60/$1.90, Swanston 2nd/$3, Sneaky Preview 4th; Quinella/$31; Exacta/$58.10

BR5. 1. h12 Sea Ripple 2. h9 Tenzing 3. h13 Dutch Gold 4. h6 Inuwashi

Tenzing(0.54L) 2nd/$1.80


1. h2 Chinny Boom 2. h1 Exo Lady 3. h4 Beast Mode 4. h11 Liquor

Chinny Boom 1st/$1.60/$1.50, Beast Mode 2nd/$2.60, Exo Lady 4th; Quinella/$4.90; Exacta/$4.80


1. h11 Self Indulgent 2. h15 Amore Veloce 3. h13 Beaux Rumble 4. h2 Birriecart

Birriecart 1st/$4/70/$1.90, Beaux Rumble 2nd/$2.20; Quinella/$16.30; Exacta/$33.40

BR8. 1. h3 Tumbler Ridge 2. h13 Legal Esprit 3. h10 Roman Aureus 4. h1 Hilal

Tumbler Ridge(1.75L) 2nd/$1.90, Legal Esprit

BR9. 1. h11 Nothinsweetaboutme 2. h5 Astero 3. h8 Mississippi Prince 4. h7 Mill Rosa, h15 Without Revenge

Mississippi Prince 1st/$10.30/$3.40, Astero 3rd/$1.60

Randwick Races

SR1. 1. h4 Townsend 2. h2 Inhibitions 3. h6 Make A Call 4. h5 Kintyre

Make A Call(0.29L) 2nd/$2.20, Townsend/n.t.d.

SR2. 1. h1 Hell I Am 2. h5 Midnight In Tokyo 3. h8 Atmosphere 4. h3 Kovalica

Atmosphere(1.75L) 2nd/$2.90, Kovalica 3rd/$3

SR3. 1. h1 Lazzago 2. h3 Autumn Belle 3. h2 Bossy Nic 4. h4 Ethereal Star

Bossy Nic 4th

SR4. 1. h4 True Crime 2. h1 Audette 3. h5 Kayobi 4. h12 Essonne

Kayobi 4th


1. h1 Aft Cabin 2. h12 Wee Nessy 3. h4 Kote 4. h10 Lady Laguna

Aft Cabin 1st/$2.50/$1.40, Wee Nessy 2nd/$2.30, Lady Laguna 3rd/$3.10; Trifecta/$105.70; Quinella/$10.00; Exacta/$15.40

SR6. 1. h3 Fireburn 2. h1 Pennyweka 3. h2 Pavrita 4. h6 Pierossa 

Pennyweka 1st/$4.80/$2, Fireburn 4th

SR7. 1. h13 Amade 2. h2 Knight’s Order 3. h12 High Emocean 4. h1 Gold Trip, h3 Baron Samedi

Knight’s Order 3rd/$4.60


1. h1 Anamoe 2.h2 Dubai Honour 3. h12 Montefillia 4. h5 Mo’unga

Dubai Honour 1st/$2.40/$1.40, Mo’unga 2nd/$3.30, Anamoe 3rd/1.40; Trifecta/$59.60; Quinella/$19.10; Exacta/$26.70

SR9. 1. h3 Levante 2. h1 Alcohol Free 3. h7 Sirileo Miss 4. h5 Hope In Your Heart

Hope In Your Heart(2w.49L) 2nd/$2.10

SR10. 1. h4 Zapateo 2. h3 Expat 3. h1 Princess Grace 4. h2 Kiku, h5 Sky Command 

Zapateo 1st/$3.60/$2.70, Princess Grace 3rd/$3, Expat 4th

Sandown Lakesside Races

MR1. 1. h6 Foxicon 2. h3 Duchess Of Dorset 3. h4 Galgani 4. h1 Chassis

Foxicon 1st/$3.60/$1.50

MR2. 1. h3 Kazou 2. h1 Royal Merchant 3. h7 Clarity 4. h2 Jaguar Stone

Clarity(0.1L) 2nd/$2.10, Royal Merchant 3rd/$1.80


1. I Am Unstoppable 2. h4 Lovazou 3. h5 Waimarie 4. h6 Apache Song

I Am Unstoppable 1st/$3.10/$1.90Apache Song 2nd/$2.90, Waimarie 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$69.00; Quinella/$9.50; Exacta/$16.40

MR4. 1. h17 Our Lone Star 2. h3 Sandy Prince 3. h15 General Firepower 4. h11 Good And Proper

Sandy Prince(0.75L) 2nd/$2, General Firepower 4th

MR5. 1. h12 Our Heidi 2. h6 Hello Broadcast 4. h7 Whipcracker Bay 4. h10 Lord Domino

Our Heidi(0.4L 2nd/$2


1. h6 Red Sun Sensation 2. h2 Dashing 3. h4 Gringotts 4. h7 Loco, h9 Simeon

Gringotts 1st/$3.80/$1.60, Loco 2nd/$1.40, Dashing 3rd/$2.40; Trifecta/$49.40; Quinella/$4.40; Exacta/$10.50

MR7. 1. h5 Lady Of Honour 2. h4 Frankie Pinot 3. h2 Ayrton 4. h8 Pinstriped

Frankie Pinot(2.25L) 2nd/$3.40, Lady Of Honour 3rd/$3.20, Pinstriped 4th


1. h5 Lunar Flare 2. h3 Right You Are 3. h8 White Marlin 4. h4 Mankanyan

White Marlin 1st/$2.10/$1.30, Right You Are 2nd/$1.60, Lunar Flare 3rd/$1.80, Mankanyan 4th; First4/$74.60; Trifecta/$22.30; Quinella/$3.60; Exacta/$5.40

MR9. 1. h5 Daytona Bay 2. h9 Alverdun 3. h12 Serious Liaison 4. h11 Monarch Of Egypt

Alverdun 1st/$5.80/$2, Daytona Bay 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$13.60; Exacta/$28

                                                         OUR BEST 

BR7 H11 SELF INDULGENT($4.20); this mare relishes the track and distance and has won first up. From the good gate she should obtain a cushy run 0n speed. The softish conditions will suit.

SELF INDULGENT($);  8th beaten 4.17L, ran fair but never a chance.

BR8 H3 TUMBLER RIDGE($5); good galloper ready to peak here 3rd up. Has a very good record this track and distance and the soft conditions suit but no issue if track dries out. Whereto in the run from his gate shoudn’t matter, we expect him to be driving hard the last 50m.

TUMBLER RIDGE($4.80); 2nd/$1.90 place beaten 1.75L, outside the leader got to the front in th estraight but winner too good.

MR8 H5 LUNAR FLARE($8.50); this mare was desperately unlucky in the Australian Cup. This a decent field but she is up for it being a G2 winner. Track and distance ideal and being 3rd up ready to roll big time. She will probably get well back but she will be steaming home.

LUNAR FLARE($7); 3rd/$1.80 place beaten 2.65L, great run held up for a bit in the straight. Best horse won the race.

SR9 H3 LEVANTE($8); class act and we expect her to give the favourite a lot to think about at the distance. She is a 4 time Group1 winner and the distance perfect. Great run in the George Ryder G1 open last start when running home nicely. This track could be a glue pot by this race and she will be well back. We envisage her rocketing down the outside like a freight train and nab them late.

LEVANTE($); 6th beaten 5.41L, up the backside of everything in the straight, when looked like getting the run at the distance she was checked . Wish she was going to the races one more time.

SUMMARY: Randwick last week was a minefield what the!! but we muscled up at Horsebuck$ and came home with Mr Brightside($6) Our Best and Parisal 2nd $2.50 place. Also the quinella in the T.J. and a nice little first4 in the last at $1,800 bucks. Other venues some nice results and as usual plenty of action for everyone. Could be more of the same at Randwick today and the rail is out 4m could be scouting super wide late. Group 1 Oaks and Fireburn($6) is the one here as we feel Portelli has had one race in mind for her from the start f her prep. She ran on nicely last start and the wet conditions will suit big time surprised if she isn’t fighting out the finish. The Kiwi Pennyweka($6.50) will setlle mid field, also partial to wet conditions and thwe distance suits. Pierossa($10) got home nicely in the Vinery G1 and maybe Pavrita ($3.40) might take it up here, heavy track only query with her. Group1 Sydney Cup and seriously there are a lot of chances but we have opted for one here at succulent odds in Amade($41). Huge run in the Adelaide Cup when wide the entire and ran 3rd huge run. Loves the distance and with only 51kegs and wet track !! Knights Order($14) straight to the front here will be super hard to run down. He ticks a lot of boxes and will be super fit. High Emocean($11) great 3rd in the CUP last year with only 1kilo less. Gold Trip($7.50) CUP champ and Baron Samedi($12) rouind out our top 5. Anamoe($2.90) is back in town great price really Dubai Honour($2.30) will be hard to beat but the champ for us. Great race. Rail is out 5.5M at Doomben so anything is possible(:  Blake Macdougall’s number 1 fan (you know who you are) turned up at the Wentworth canines during the week super effort that (: A cracking Autumn day here on the Goldie and we are loaded for action. On that note to all our members having a punt today “GOOD LUCK”  racing is entertainment so “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$