Tips 11th February 2023

Doomben Track Good , Randwick Track Good, Sandown Hillside Track Good

Doomben Races


  1. h4 Rupert’s House 2. h3 Approval 3. h8 Cerared 4. h12 Queen’s Arms


  1. h1 Ashgrove 2. h7 Mr. Dudwey 3. h11 Vivenzo 4. h8 Portnoy


  1. h1 Tidal Creek 2. h5 De Manara 3. h6 Midnight Gambler 4. h10 Cheers To All


  1. h3 Major Artie 2. h5 Ocean Treaty 3. h10 Love Esteem 4. h2 Wairere Falls


  1. h8 Glitter Strip 2. h2 Tawfiq Lass 3. h3 Bold And Lucy 4. h1 Tilianam


  1. h5 Hellava Barty 2. h1 Baroque Road 3. h8 Dark Harmony 4. h2 Burnish Gold


  1. h4 Princess Bojack 2. h1 Lets Party Marty 3. h5 Queen Bellissimo 4. h15 Deepour


  1. h4 Roman Aureus 2. h11 Starvirgo 3. h5 Snowzone 4. h9 The Big Goodbye


  1. 1. h15 Neds Gully 2. h5 Swanston 3. h8 Raithlin 4. h4 Cristal Breeze, h13 Subteranean

Randwick Races


  1. h2 Don Corleone 2. hy10 Remedies 3. h3 Rousillion 4. h12 Empress Of Wonder


  1. h1 King Of Spades 2. h10 The Hungarian 3. h7 Mr. Severino 4. h3 Epic Ranger


  1. h7 Hard To Say 2. h10 Goofy Mick 3. h16 Another Cognac 4. h3 Xpresso


  1. h1 Ascension 2. 9 King Ratel 3. h4 Bold Mac 4. h6 Ruby Tuesday


  1. h3 Gravina 2. h5 Quantico 3. h10 Espiona 4. h8 Ranch Hand


  1. h8 Learning To Fly 2. h9 Facile 3. h11 Blanc De Blanc 4. h7 Saltaire


  1. h11 Sunshine In Paris 2. h1 In Secret 3. h2 Fireburn 4. h4 Madame Pommery, h12 Cinderella Days


  1. h1 Anamoe 2. hMoúnga 3. h11 Fangirl 4. h9 El Bodegon


  1. h2 Norwegian Bliss 2. h4 Jamaea 3. h7 Jump The Broom 4. h3 Larkspur Run


  1. h13 Think About It 2. h1 Vrenelli 3. h4 Waterford 4. h6 Pizarro

Sandown Hillside Races


  1. h6 So Unusual 2. h7 Wahine Toa 3. h13 Princeton Award 4. h15 Fantasising


  1. h4 Pericles 2. h9 Japanese Emperor 3. h3 The Fortune Teller 4. h5 Amenable


  1. h1 Barber 2. h3 Brave Halo 3. h4 Cornish 4. h7 Gangitano


  1. h1 Charm Stone 2. h6 Party For Two 3. h2 Du Sonic Boom 4. h5 Shaddow Fear


  1. h1 She’s Licketysplit 2. h13 Dusse 3. h7 Cythera 4. h4 Aitch Two Oh


  1. h5 Uncommon James 2. h1 Marine One 3. h4 Kemelpasa 4. h6 Chain Of Lightning


  1. h3 Tuvalu 2. h2 Mr. Brightside 3. h10 Jacquinot 4. h1 I’m Thunderstruck, h8 Nugget


  1. h5 Corner Pocket 2. h6 Sunshine Rising 3. h12 Pounding 4. h3 Crosshaven


  1. h3 Here To Shock 2. h1 Savannah Cloud 3. h12 East Indiaman 4. h13 Blow In

                                                         OUR BEST 

MR5 H1 SHE’S LICKETYSPLIT($9); she is very good fresh and the distance is ideal. She is best served on the speed or just behind itand can certainly explode at the 200m. With an ounce of luck will be hard to catch.

SR9 H2 NORWEGIAN BLISS($3.20); top class filly who is a pistol 1st up. The track and distance are perfect and she handles all conditions. We expect her to be prominent in the run and although this is not her GF she just maybe too good. 

MR9 H3 HERE TO SHOCK($7); another that likes to be forward in the run. He seems to peak 3rd up so he should be rock hardtoday. He certainly likes the track and distance and back to the 1400m today is ideal. A good run in transit he should be in the finish.

SUMMARY: good day out last week with Remarque($4) saluting in Our Best and Accobatic second $2.70 place. Big day for members and  Facebook followers as well with Aft Cabin and Right You are both saluting in our summary as well as both trifectas. Don’t forget Horses To Follow we have had some super results there and have just put in a new list of gallopers to follow. The C.F. Orr stakes G1 WFA is a race chock full of quality. Tuvalu($6.50) has the perfect gate yo lead ( if Gentleman Roy wasn’t in it) but expect him to be right on his hammer. Loves the track and distance and last prep jumped to another level and is brilliant fresh, hard to beat. Mr. Brightside ($11) top notch also and is very capable 1st up in any conditions, he will be getting home hard. Jacquinot ($3.20) top 3 year old  a pistol 1st up and track and distance no problems. He likes to sit midfield and round them up. I’m Thunderstruck ($4.60) and Nugget ($9) next best. Great race. The Light Fingers G2 for filliesand In Secret ($1.85) is a G1 filly and super tough to beat. But Sunshine In Paris ($5.50) might just spoil the party has tonnes of ability, she will get well back but will be getting home at 100mph. Fireburn ($10) ran well enough last prep but is certainly capable of winning this. Madame Pommery ($26) jumped to another level last time in to G1 staus and don’t be surprised if Cinderella Days ($41) ponces on the lead and is super tough to run down, she is a good filly especially 1st up. The champ Anamoe ($1.70) is back and Corner Pocket ($3.40) might notch another win at Sandown. All in all a cracking days racing at both Randwick and Sandown so no gimme’s just great racing. So “GOOD LUCK” to all our members and Facebook followers as we say here at Horsebuck$ “ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$