Tips & Results 28th January 2023

Sunshine Coast Track Good , Rosehill Track Soft, Moonee Valley Track Soft

Sunshine Coast Races


  1. h1 Mishani Raider 2. h2 Adelad 3. h3 Trifling 4. h8 Lucky Leni

Trifling 1st $3.30/$1.50, Mishani Raider 3rd/$1.40, Adelad 4th


  1. h5 A Deel Of Humour 2. h6 Let’s Torque A Deel 3. h2 First In Line 4. h1 Greek Hero

First In Light 1st $2.40/$1.30, Greek Hero 2nd/$2.30; Quinella/$5.10; Exacta/$8.70


  1. h2 Sailor 2. h1 Brilliant Concept 3. h9 Very Intoxicating 4. h8 Finsceal

Very Intoxicating(0.2L) 2nd/$1.60, Sailor 3rd/$1.60, Brilliant Concept 4th


  1. h1 Awe 2. h2 Bold Halo 3. h12 Atlantic Eagle 4. h14 Tranquil Bay

Atlantic Eagle(0.5L) 2nd/$1.60


  1. h1 Steady Ready 2. h15 Mouette 3. h4 Spooky Spirit 4. h7 Extreme Belief

Steady Ready 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. 8 You’ll Be Mist 2. h4 The Bopper 3. h6 Mo’s Crown 4. h1 Remlap’s Gem

You’ll Be Mist 4th: Th Bopper L.SCR.


  1. h2 Affigato Girl 2. h7 Dianne’s Affair 3. h8 Porky 4. h3 The Vowels

The Vowels 1st $8.20/$2.70, Porky 2nd/$1.70; Quinella/$14.40; Exacta/$39


  1. h7 Derulo 2. h5 Roman Aureus 3. h1 Tumbler Ridge 4. h4 Sea Raider, h8 Star Of Michelin

Roman Aureus 3rd/$2.40, Tumbler Ridge 4th


  1. h3 Starvirgo 2. h9 Fastconi 3.h11 Bundyandcoke 4. h5 Perseids,  h17 Vetta Velocita

Fastconi 1st $2.20/$1.30, Perseida 2nd/$1.80, Starvirgo 4th; Quin ella/$5.20; Exacta/$10.50

Rosehill Races


  1. h4 King Of Spades 2. h7 Olakauátu 3. h19 Eastern Glow 4. h16 Amarantz

Eastern Glow 1st $7.50/$2.40, King Of Spades 2nd/$1.90; Quinella/$15; Exacta/$31.10


  1. h1 King’s Gambit 2. h2 Red Resistance 3. h3 Shinzo

Red Resistance 1st $6.20/$1.80, King’s Gambit 2nd/$1.10, Shinzo 3rd/n.t.d.; Trifecta/$19.20; Quinella/$2.10; Exacta/$9.50


  1. h2 Cosmic Minerva 2. h7 Wineglass Bay 3. h4 Resonator 4 h8 Wategos

Cosmic Minerva 3rd/$1.40, Wineglass Bay 4th


  1. h9 Handsome 2. h6 Tip Of The Spear 3. h1 Worthily 4. h5 First Light

Tip Of The Spear 4th


  1. h9 Perfect Persuasion 2. h3 Divine Glory 3. h6 Learning To Fly 4. h11 Steely

Learning To Fly 1st $5.10/$1.70, Steel City 2nd/$1.60; Quinella/$7.30; Exacta/$17.50


  1. h2 Byron 2. H1 Erno 3. h13 Jolie Fille 4. h8 Kibosh

Byron 4th


  1. h2 Kalino 2. h10 Spacewalk 3. h7 Noble Soldier 4. h1 Mystery Shot

Spacewalk 1st $2.70/$1.20, Kalino 3rd/$1.40


  1. h9 Golden Mile 2. h3 Pizarro 3. h1 Nicolini Vito 4. h5 Mariamia

Mariamia 1st $5.20/$1.90, Golden Mile 2nd/$1.20, Nicolini Vito 3rd/$3.90; Trifecta/$115.60; Quinella/$4.20; Exacta/$11.50


  1. h2 Major Artie 2. h7 Niffler 3. h4 Bold Mac 4. h1 Super Strike

Bold Mac 1st $3.20/$1.50, Major Artie 3rd/$1.30


  1. h11Think About It 2. h3 Contributingfactor 3. h4 Soami 4. h7 Gracilistyla

Think About It 1st $2.05/$1.20, Gracilistyla 4th

QUADDIE: Spacewalk/Mariamia/Bold Mac/Think About It Divi/$87.80

Moonee Valley Races


  1. h7 Sous Les Nuages 2. h2 Swords Drawn 3. h5 Princess Rhaenys 4. h4 See Marie

Swords Drawn(5L) 2nd/$1.50, Princess Rhaenys 3rd/$2.10, Sous Les Nages 4th


  1. 5 Accuse 2. h10 Uniquely 3. h6 Fighting Arrow 4. h11 Black Queen

Fighting Arrow 1st $4.80/$1.80, Accuse 4th


  1. h2 Tubby Two Tucks 2. h9 Dane On Tour 3. h8 No Secret 4. h1 Electric Belle

No Secret 1st $7.50/$3.80, Electric Belle 3rd/n.t.d.


  1. h7 Fission 2. h3 Bistro 3. h4 Command Approved

Fission 1st $5.90/$4.90


  1. h7 Jean Valjean 2. h9 Gleferrie Girl 3. h10 Aminatu 4. h4 Stay In Touch

Jean Valjea(0.75L) 2nd/$1.30


  1. h1 Danny’s St. Darci 2. h2 Quraysha 3. h6 Luna Cat 4. h5 Donna Natalia

Danny’s St. Darci 1st $6.30/$2.10, Luna Cat 2nd/$1.30; Quinella/$9.70; Exacta/$25.10


  1. h6 Snapper 2. h2 Western Empire 3. h3 Ironclad 4. h5 Jigsaw

Jigsaw 1st $3.10, Snapper 4th


  1. h1 Deep Speed 2. h5 Kentucky Casanova 3. h3 Magnus Bullet 4. h2 Extreme Step

Kentucky Casanova 1st $5.60/$1.90


  1. h7 So Risque 2. h13 Alverdun 3. h1 Worsfold 4. h10 Netanyahu, h12 Shove Over

Worsfold(1.75L) 2nd/$1.50, Netanyahu 3rd/$3

                                                         OUR BEST 

MR3 H2 TUBBY TWO TRACKS($7); should roll forward from her good gate and be right on the speed. She is in okay here against her own sex and if given a nice roll in front should get the 1600m. Handles soft tracks so no issue good chance.

TUBBY TWO TRACKS($5.50); 5th beaten 9.95L, never travelling well in front outside the second horse. Pulled up with a throat condition and certainly never handled the track.

SR6 H2 BYRON($6); this horse likes to roll forward so from gate 13 you would think he would push on. The track and distance are ideal and he handles soft. He is in pretty well after the claim with 56.5kegs and his young apprentice (who is in great form) should get the job done.

BYRON($4.60): 4th beaten 1.36L, worked early to lead then led them easily fought on. 

SR7 H2 KALINO($3); we think he is the best horse in the race. He relishes the track and distance and handles all conditions. Gate 1 not much of an advantage as he loves to drop out but expect JMAC to have him with a full head of steam at the distance.

KALINO($3); 3rd/$1.50 place beaten 1.91L, did his best a little disappointing though.

BR9 H1 STARVIRGO($21); this horse is consistent when in form and 1200m is his best distance. We would assume he will drop back from the outside gate (10) we also think he is over the odds here. If he is chiming in at the 200m they will find it hard to keep him out.

STARVIRGO($19); 4th beaten 3.3L, poor judgement in the straight in our opinion.

SUMMARY: three palcegetters in Our Best last week with Nothinsweetaboutme the best at $3.80 place. It was certainly another tough day but we finished off with a couple of nice winners in our top four. Let’s not sugar coat proceedings today is just as tough and we have to remember a lot of these runners go around every two weeks. Sunnie Coast Cup and we found it hard to split Derulo($9) and Roman Aureus($6.50) Derulo is definitely a fresh horse and first up- the 1400m is interesting. He will be on speed his normal pattern and he has a distinct liking for the track might be hard to run down with 54 kegs. Roman Aureus is a good galloper and from his gate (1) should be able to sit up just behind the speed. This is his ideal distance and hard to hold out. Tumbler Ridge($4.80) was in great form before a spell and has won 1st up midfield here. Sea Raider($101) this horse is always a chance and forget his last run when wide on a soft track in a good class race. Star Of Michelin($10) will get back but is back in form. We don’t have Chaillot($3.40) in, a lot of ex southern horses win up here 1st up after poor preps, but we don’t tip horses under this pretext. The Australian Stakes at The Valley and Snapper($4) is a pistolero here and its my way or the highway for him hard to catch. Western Empire($10) forget his 1st up run he will settle just up behind the pace here and second up  no issue for him. Ironclad($9) will hang off them and if they go like last weeks pay might motor over them. Jigsaw($2.90) in super form on speed. Good little race with a ton of speed. Anyone read the stewards report from Randwick last week it read like a 300 page novel. With a small essay on some horses seriously so many gallopers their form can be forgotten. One more fact riding a horse cute until the distance as if its jogtrotting then getting done because you don’t have any momentum. Really!! Only the quality gallopers possess that explosive turn of foot. We have some nice value in Our Best today for members so let’s hope the whips are cracking at the 100m. On that exhilerating note ” GOOD LUCK” to all our Members and Followers having a punt today and remember racing is great entertainment ” ALWAYS ENJOY YOUR RACING” cheers from Kerry & Dan Horsebuck$